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Reason #5711 That Trump Was Elected

To reform the mess that Obama created in education: It’s over! Education Department rescinds controversial 2011 letter
Six years of federal Title IX policy that stripped college students and faculty members of important due process protections and sowed confusion among administrators is finally over.

Today, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights announced that the April 4, 2011 “Dear Colleague” letter and an accompanying 2014 guidance document are rescinded. The 2011 letter mandated that colleges use the low, “preponderance of the evidence” standard in adjudicating accusations of sexual misconduct on campus. It also recommended the removal of other critical elements of a fair procedure, such as the right to cross-examination and prohibitions on double jeopardy (being tried for the same accusation twice).
“The campus justice system was and is broken,” said FIRE Executive Director Robert Shibley and author of “Twisting Title IX.” “Fair outcomes are impossible without fair procedures. When the government sprang its 2011 letter on colleges and students without warning, it made it impossible for campuses to serve the needs of victims while also respecting the rights of the accused. With the end of this destructive policy, we finally have the opportunity to get it right.”

In today’s announcement, the Department of Education stated that it will develop a new approach to addressing sexual misconduct on campus that takes seriously the rights of victims and the accused. New policy will be implemented through a “notice and comment” process that responds to the input of all stakeholders, according to the department. The department did not solicit feedback for its 2011 letter, prompting a FIRE-sponsored lawsuit last year.

Rule 5 Saturday - 2017 Girl of the Summer - Bella Hadid

With the fall of Fall it's time to consider whether or not we will choose a girl to represent to summer of 2017. And the answer is yes!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the envelope please. No, not that one. The right one.

It seems like Gigi's darker little sister, Bella Hadid, was everywhere this year. Out with the Kardashian/Jenner crowd, drinking margaritas, swimming in Greece's setting sun, always in her signiture skin-tight, transparent, or both clothes. Or even nothing at all. (NSFW) Hey, flaunt it while you got, right?

Isabella Khair Hadid is an American fashion model, signed to IMG Models in 2014. In December 2016, the Industry voted her "Model of the Year" for's Model of the Year 2016 Awards.

Hadid and her siblings were originally raised on a ranch in Santa Barbara, California for ten years. As a teenager, Hadid was an equestrian and had dreams of attending the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro but had to give up competing in 2013 due to her suffering from chronic Lyme disease. It was not announced that she suffered from chronic Lyme until October 2015. She was diagnosed, along with her mother and brother, with the chronic illness in 2012.

Hadid has said she is "proud to be a Muslim" while reflecting on her father's history as an immigrant, devout Muslim, and successful US businessman when discussing her opposition to President Trump's migration policies
GOODSTUFF continues his blackout. I hope everything is OK.

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Gone Fishin'

But not quite like this. Back later with details.

I remember the mullet runs in Florida. Way cooler than the menhaden here in the Bay.

Non-Fish Pic Friday - Spiny Lobster

Brooke Thomas with a fine pair
 Something a little different, but still the same:
Spiny lobsters, also known as langustas, langouste, or rock lobsters, are a family (Palinuridae) of about 60 species of achelate crustaceans, in the Decapoda Reptantia. Spiny lobsters are also, especially in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the Bahamas, sometimes called crayfish, sea crayfish, or crawfish ("kreef" in South Africa), terms which elsewhere are reserved for freshwater crayfish.
For the first time in a while, all my regulars examples had specimens.
Although they superficially resemble true lobsters in terms of overall shape and having a hard carapace and exoskeleton, the two groups are not closely related. Spiny lobsters can be easily distinguished from true lobsters by their very long, thick, spiny antennae, by the lack of chelae (claws) on the first four pairs of walking legs, although the females of most species have a small claw on the fifth pair,  and by a particularly specialized larval phase called phyllosoma. True lobsters have much smaller antennae and claws on the first three pairs of legs, with the first being particularly enlarged.
Luiza Barros

Spiny lobsters are found in almost all warm seas, including the Caribbean and the Mediterranean Sea, but are particularly common in Australasia, where they are referred to commonly as crayfish or sea crayfish.

Spiny lobsters tend to live in crevices of rocks and coral reefs, only occasionally venturing out at night to seek snails, clams, sea-hares, crabs, or sea urchins to eat. Sometimes, they migrate in very large groups in long files of lobsters across the sea floor. These lines may be more than 50 lobsters long. Spiny lobsters navigate using the smell and taste of natural substances in the water that change in different parts of the ocean. It was recently discovered that spiny lobsters can also navigate by detecting the Earth's magnetic field. They keep together by contact, using their long antennae. Potential predators may be deterred from eating spiny lobsters by a loud screech made by the antennae of the spiny lobsters rubbing against a smooth part of the exoskeleton.  Spiny lobsters usually exhibit the social habit of being together. However recent studies indicate that healthy lobsters move away from infected ones, leaving the diseased lobsters to fend for themselves.

Like true lobsters, spiny lobsters are edible and are an economically significant food source; they are the biggest food export of the Bahamas, for instance.
Yep, got one in Baja California while skin diving, it seems like ages ago.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

NGO Sues Baltimore to Get Its Shit Together

Plan to fix chronic Baltimore sewage overflows challenged
It appears that a federal judge will have to settle a serious disagreement over whether the city of Baltimore has a credible new plan for curtailing the frequent sewage overflows and chronic leaks that have long made the harbor and urban waters unsafe for recreation. A local environmental group, Blue Water Baltimore, has asked a federal judge to reject the plan, unless it is further strengthened.

Earlier this month, federal and Maryland regulators announced that they had reached an agreement with the city on the modification of a 15-year-old consent decree that would give Baltimore another 13 years to complete a needed overhaul of its aged sewer system.

Under the agreement, the city pledged to carry out a series of upgrades that it projects should reduce overflows by 80 percent after four years, with further improvements to be completed by 2030. City officials estimate the plan would cost another $1.6 billion, on top of nearly $1 billion already spent on repairs the past 14 years that so far have failed to fix the problem. Water and sewer rates charged residents and businesses have been repeatedly raised to finance the work.

The revised plan, which was originally submitted to the U.S. District Court in Baltimore for approval in June 2016, has since been tweaked in closed-door talks over the last 14 months. Its unveiling last year drew withering criticism from environmental groups and aggrieved homeowners who’ve endured sewage backups into their homes.
13 years seems excessive. WWII was won in 6.

In other Bay news, a scientist doubts the efficacy of the ballast water treatments imposed to prevent the importation of invasive species from ballast water released by cargo ships. I suspect most of the damage to be done was already done years ago.

Ein Bisschen Obamacare Schadenfreude

I haven't had occasion to post two on back to back days for quite a while, but since it's heating up again, it seems necessary. First, via Wombat-socho's "In The Mailbox: 09.20.17" the generally sensible Megan McArdle analyzes the Graham-Cassidy bill to "reform" Obacare: How the Health-Care Debate Would Change If Graham-Cassidy Passes
If Graham-Cassidy passes, it will return us to something more like the health-care politics of yore, because the federal government will be (mostly) out of the health-care-program business (with the huge and growing exception of Medicare). Feds will provide much of the funding. But the states will be the ones in charge of deciding what the system in their state will look like.

Of course, Democrats can one day undo what Republicans are doing, just as Republicans are planning to undo the work of the Democrats. The left can pass another Obamacare, or some different, more expansive plan. But to do so, they will have to go through the whole painful process of passing Obamacare all over again: soothe or pay off all the anxious interest groups; find the extra tax dollars to fund it; reassure voters who have good insurance that they will not lose by the new plan.

This task will be immensely harder in Round 2 than it was in 2010. By the time they get around to it (in 2020, soonest), Democrats will be forced to scavenge for new sources of funding at the same time as every predator on K Street is scouring the landscape to feed our existing defense commitments and rapidly growing entitlement burden.

They will also be trying to whip up support from a public largely exhausted by the last decade of wild promises and underwhelming delivery from both sides of the aisle. Thanks to the experience of Obamacare, that public will be inclined to disbelieve any assurances about how splendid this will be for folks who already have insurance they like. And Democrats will somehow have to overcome all these political obstacles without a once-in-a-lifetime financial crisis handing them unnaturally large congressional majorities.

It is more likely that health-care politics in America will mostly move down to the states, permanently, where they will become vigorous and perennial. This will mean the end of wall-to-wall media coverage of that politics, because the media is nationalizing, while state and local outlets keep dwindling, and it is too hard to get people in California interested in the blow-by-blow details of something happening in Georgia. It will also mean the end of the Democratic dream of a national single-payer system. It will probably mean the end of the dream of single-payer, period, because the obstacles to single-payer at the state level are simply too enormous; it is too hard to control payment when people often cross state borders to seek treatment, and too hard to finance, when states have to run budgets that are at least nominally balanced.
Also from Wombat-socho's "In The Mailbox: 09.20.17", Don Surber in "Let states run health insurance again" concludes "Still, it is a half loaf."

It sounds like a worthwhile step, so why are there (at least) two Republican Senators holding out. Trump: GOP Health Bill Short of Votes Before Deadline. The two senators who will likely decide fate of ObamaCare repeal (Murkowski and McCain). Collins and Rand are assumed out. McCain just enjoys the media spotlight he gets when he obstructs other Republicans. Murkowski?
Alaska has the nation’s highest premiums and benefited from ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion. Alaska likely would lose out under the latest repeal bill, primarily because it eliminates funding for the expansion and ObamaCare subsidies in exchange for a lump sum of money through 2026.

Reason #5701 - #5710 That Trump Was Elected

Trump is making tons of progress while the media ignore it
. . . But this column is not about baneful Democrats, bashful Republicans, media dust-ups, the latest Hollywood lefty threatening to leave the country, or even the president's disinclination for politics-as-usual.

Rather, I offer an inventory of under-analyzed, unilateral U-turns undertaken during the initial stages of the Trump administration.

Illegal Immigration – Too much back and forth analysis regarding the long-promised "wall" has diverted attention from the fundamental issue: how best to restore security to our southern border. Yet, illegal border crossings are down dramatically. It appears that jawboning from the president and improved morale among border patrol officers has made a difference. Who would have thought human traffickers watch "Hannity"?

Legal Immigration – The often-vilified H1B visa program for skilled foreign workers was set up in order to fill positions left unfilled by American workers. The program has grown over the years (driven by support from U.S. technology companies) but now faces renewed scrutiny from a Trump administration serious about enforcement of our immigration laws. Recent media reports reflect an uptick in government requests for supporting documentation, especially for entry level wage applicants. All of which comports with the administration's focus on how illegal, low-skilled workers undermine U.S. labor markets.

Ballot Security – Republican-supported ballot security initiatives have sprung up around the country to much progressive angst. The most popular measure is "voter photo ID" – a ballot security measure that had been a favorite target of progressives (especially Obama's Department of Justice). Still, Democratic resistance, to what should be no-brainer measures, is ongoing. Seems that few on the left care to recognize how easy it is to obtain photo identification in today's world (just go to any DMV) or how many of our modern institutions require photo identification be supplied upon request. Fortunately, it appears that progressives' "racist" indictment against verifiable photo identification measures is losing steam. It's about time.

Housing - The Obama-era Department of Housing and Urban Development was deeply interested in pre-empting local zoning ordinances. The narrative is familiar: pick any subdivision where racial housing patterns are not to the federal government's liking, accuse the locals of discriminatory zoning practices, then negotiate a "settlement" that mandates the construction of new low-cost housing units even where there is no evidence of discrimination and the challenged local zoning laws are shown to be race-neutral. This mindset is a major departure from the notion that people should be free to live where they can afford to live. It is expected that Ben Carson's HUD will re-establish this view. Score one for common sense, restored.

Environment – In no particular order, the Trump administration has begun dismantling Obama's Clean Power Plan, reversed controversial federal monument land set-asides, withdrawn from the Paris Climate Accord, expedited pipeline construction, and championed American exports of liquefied natural gas. Trump is the anti-Obama in many respects, none more so than when it comes to energy exploration and independence.

Labor Relations – The Obama-era National Labor Relations Board had employers in its crosshairs for eight long years. That body sought to extend joint employer status to independent contractors (and franchisors), expand mandatory dues schemes, mandate disclosure demands on business owners, coerce workers into supporting union-organized elections, and double the weekly threshold for salaried workers to be exempt from overtime (a rule recently overturned by a federal judge and one that Obama's Labor Department admitted would require 2.5 million hours of additional paperwork alone). Today, Obama's job-killing machine is in the process of being shut down by a new Trump-designated Republican majority – yet another reason why employers are feeling more confident about the future these days.

Net Neutrality – Trump's new Federal Communications Commission chairman, Ajit Pai, is looking to overturn the Obama FCC's finding that the internet is more telecommunications service than information service. Few issues distinguish economic free marketers from centralized regulators more than this one. And a large segment of the public is paying close attention: the FCC received 21 million comments on Pai's proposal to reverse the Obama FCC's heavy-handed approach to telecom service. There is now solid evidence that reclassification has negatively impacted broadband build-out. Maybe, just maybe, freedom will win another round here, too.

Israel – The Jewish State again has a reliable friend in the Oval Office. The timing is perfect, as a historic coalition of the U.S., Israel, and leading Sunni Muslim allies bands together to oppose a terror-enabling Iranian regime and its chief sponsor, Russia. Out of sight and out of mind is the Obama administration's strong animus toward Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud Party. No wonder the Israeli prime minister seemed almost giddy during his initial sit-down with Trump. A bit of icing on the cake: Trump's rescission of Obama's last-second $221 million gift to the PLO.

Title IX – Obama's Department of Education used the law to significantly narrow due process rights for those accused of sexual harassment or sexual assault on campus. The changes included "guidance" requiring the lowering of a complainant's burden of proof from "clear and convincing" to a "preponderance of the evidence" standard. Of greater concern to some is the practice of discouraging accused students from cross examination of their accuser (in order to prevent the trauma of confrontation). The reliably left-leaning American Bar Association has raised concerns regarding the new, lower burden of proof, while many observers have serious concerns with a process that seeks to limit cross examination rights in these often emotional cases. Note also that dozens of wrongfully-accused students have successfully brought suit against their colleges over the past few years. New Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has promised to level the playing field – to the shock and dismay of progressive activists.

Cuba – Fewer American resources are going to prop up Raul Castro's despotic regime. The president's reversal of the Obama administration's liberalized business and tourism guidelines may have upset American businesses seeking new markets, but, in classic Trump verbiage, "This was a bad deal." In fact, in classic Obama terms, it was a one-way deal – no repatriation of wanted criminals, no relief for imprisoned human rights dissidents or persecuted prisoners of faith, no progress toward compensation for (long) aggrieved private property owners. Political note: those who perpetrated the notion that Obama's outreach would be a political winner for Hillary Clinton among Floridians of Cuban descent should check voter totals from Little Havana from Election Day.
A good start.

Tanlines Thursday

With Elle Johnson, the model behind the #freethecleavage movement:

Her "Face"book. And Instagram, when it's up: Model ‘too sexy for Instagram’ is BANNED from the social media site days after RACY boob flash pics

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About Those Crabs?

How to know if the steamed crabs and crab cakes you're eating are really from Maryland
It's been suspected for years. The Maryland crabs on area menus might not come from the Chesapeake Bay.

"The majority of the crabs in Maryland are coming out of primarily North Carolina and Louisiana and Texas,” said Lee Carrion with Coveside Crabs. “And then they're brought into the state, sold to like crab houses or middle men that sell them steamed to take home, and they're labeled as Maryland."

Carrion is a member of the Maryland Seafood Marketing Advisory Commission. She says these less expensive, imposter crustaceans drive down the price for real Maryland blue crabs.

"That's not fair,” she said. “You're buying a superior product, and the crabber and his family should benefit from going out and harvesting Maryland crabs and being paid a fair market value for their incredible hard work, and then give the public the option to make the choice."

The seafood industry contributes about $600-million to the state's economy every year. In 2016, crabs had a dockside value of $56.6-million.

However, there's little regulatory enforcement to prevent mislabeled shellfish making its way to consumers.

"If you identify crabs as Maryland, it has to be from Maryland," said Mark Powell with Maryland’s Department of Agriculture.

He’s talking about a 2011 state labeling law that's on the books. For crabs, the legislation requires businesses to have a sign saying what state they were raised or landed if they're being touted as local.
Unless you catch them yourself, or buy them off the dock from a waterman, you can't. Except for my sort annual soft crab, I don't eat many crabs, and haven't since they stopped being a perk of a hard day of sampling. If MD watermen want to compete with foreign crab, they'll have to get the price down.

A Last Gasp of Obamacare Schadenfreude?

But first, a reminder of how Obamacare is failing: CBO: In 2018 Obamacare Premiums Projected To Increase 15%Week ahead: Senators near deal to stabilize ObamaCare marketsRyan, White House To Senate: “Drawing A Red Line” At ObamaCare Bailout;

As I mentioned on the last cleanup effort, it appears the Republicans are gonna try it again, repeal/repair/replace Obamacare. Don’t Look Now, But Full Obamacare Repeal Is Back On The TableWith a deadline approaching, Republicans' last push to roll back Obamacare gains strength. Conway: We’re Getting Close To 50 On ObamaCare Repeal … Again! The deadline is the expiration of special rules that could allow it to pass with 50 votes, rather than the 60 that major measures typically require. So why can't they just extend the rule? You know the Democrats would. As clock ticks, Republicans try to move ahead on Obamacare repeal:
Vice President Mike Pence lunched with Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill to urge them to approve the legislation introduced last week by Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy. Pence said President Donald Trump backs the bill.

“Now is the time. We have 12 days” to pass it, Pence said before the lunch.
Hope dies eternal in the Republican fold: New GOP ObamaCare repeal bill gains momentumThe Last Best Hope to Euthanize Obamacare
GCHJ, which was unveiled in the Senate last Wednesday by Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Bill Cassidy (R-LA), Dean Heller (R-NV), and Ron Johnson (R-WI), is by no means perfect of course. But the legislation, more accurately an amendment “in the nature of a substitute” to the American Health Care Act of 2017, is infinitely better than the Obamacare status quo. Nonetheless, it is already drawing criticism from the usual self-serving suspects. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, for example, once again trotted out his hopelessly tired and inaccurate “Obamacare Lite” talking point in a Friday tweet.
There’s one Obamacare repeal bill left standing. Here’s what’s in it.
The Medicaid expansion and subsidy funding would be cut sharply compared to current spending, going to zero in a decade.

Cuts would hit New York, California the hardest
Bummer, dude.
Under the Cassidy-Graham plan, the mandates would be eliminated at the federal level. States could choose to keep the measure, replace it or get rid of it completely.

This bill would shift those subsidies to the state-level, so people in some states may see their subsidy scaled back or eliminated.
Senate Republicans near votes to replace Obamacare with state block grants. And some of those states might not choose to implement the policies our "betters" in Washington D.C. seek to impose on us. The new GOP health-care measure goes further than the failed one, and being WaPo, they write that like it's a bad thing.

But, Republicans being Republicans, the bill is far from certain, Via Wombat-socho's "In The Mailbox: 09.19.17", EBL asks Can Graham-Cassidy’s Obamacare Repeal & Replace Pass The Senate? New push to replace Obamacare reflects high stakes for Republicans, with the usual suspects holding it hostage. Rand Paul never ceases letting the perfect be enemy of the good, while John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins need their maverickey egos properly massaged:
McCain warned against rushing ahead. “We just need to have a regular process rather than, ‘Hey I’ve got an idea, let’s run this through the Senate and give them an up-or-down vote,’ ” he said.

Murkowski said she was trying to learn more about the proposal’s impact on Alaska and consulting with her governor. On her way to McConnell’s office Monday afternoon, she wouldn’t say whether she was leaning for or against the bill.

Collins, who is seen by many Republicans as the strongest opponent of replacing the ACA, said Monday that she worries that millions could lose coverage under the new plan.
Millions who didn't want it and had it forced on them
Adding to the challenge for Republican leaders: Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Monday that he is a firm no at this point.
WH Says Trump Will Sign Graham-Cassidy

Democrats. in the meantime, continue to show that the object of Obamacare was to fall leftward and lead to single payer. Some Democrats decide the time is ripe for single-payer
On Wednesday, Senator Bernie Sanders will introduce a new version of his long-standing proposal to provide “Medicare for All,” creating single-payer health insurance system that ends the private insurance industry as we know it.

Unlike the last time Sanders introduced similar legislation, he will have a co-sponsor. And not just one. Several potential candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination—and therefore, potential rivals to Sanders—have signed on, including Senators Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Jeff Merkley and Elizabeth Warren. (Senator Chris Murphy may as well, even though he’s shopping his own plan for letting people buy in to Medicare as a step toward Medicare for All.) Meanwhile, over in the House, single-payer legislation has, for the first time, a majority of the House Democratic Caucus on board.
Unsurprisingly, “Free” Healthcare from Government Is Very ExpensiveHow BernieCare slams working people. Somebody's got to pay for all that "free" healthcare.
BernieCare guarantees you hospital care, doctors’ visits, dental and vision care, mental health and even long-term care, all courtesy of Uncle Sam. Amazing, right? But read the fine print. You’ll get care only if it’s “medically necessary” and “appropriate.” Government bureaucrats will decide, and they’ll be under pressure to cut spending.

That’s because Sanders’ bill imposes an annual hard-and-fast dollar limit on how much health care the country can consume. He makes it sound simple — Uncle Sam will negotiate lower prices with drug companies. Voilà. But driving a hard bargain with drug makers won’t make a dent in costs. Prescription drugs comprise only 10 percent of the nation’s health expenditures.

Limiting costs will mean also limiting how many mammograms, colonoscopies, hip replacements and other procedures Americans are allowed.
As Instapundit notes, single payer means single decider. What Single-Payer Looks Like: Smokers and Obese Banned from Surgery at British Govt Hospital Thanks to Budget. At least I don't smoke.

And last, and probably least, via Wombat-socho's "In The Mailbox: 09.18.17" ‘I call bullsh*t’! Who does Alyssa Milano think she’s fooling with this claim?

followed by:

Did someone say "Boob!"?

Reason #5700 That Trump Was Elected

Universities: Anti-White Radicals Terrorize Republican Students at the University of Minnesota
You probably wouldn’t expect too much from Minnesota in the way of militant racial activism, except that it’s a bastion of liberalism. Both of the state’s U.S. Senators are Democrats, as are six of its eight U.S. Representatives. Bernie Sanders won the Democrat caucuses in Minnesota last year, and Hillary Clinton won the state in November. In the Trump Age, therefore, racial strife is to be expected in Minnesota and especially in the identity-politics bastions of academia:
Madison Faupel
The crime of being white and Republican on campus.
[Madison Faupel is] the president of the University of Minnesota’s College Republican chapter. Her group sparked controversy last fall when it reserved space and painted a mural on the Washington Avenue Bridge to promote their student group.
Her group settled on three slogans: “College Republicans, The Best Party on Campus,” “Trump Pence 2016,” and “Build the Wall.”
Within an hour, the panels had been vandalized, and protesters had surrounded the panels. Some of the vandalism included the following statements: “STOP WHITE SUPREMACY NOW” and “Hate Speech is not Free Speech.” . . .
As the protests grew, so did violent threats against the College Republicans and Madison, in particular. The group’s members were scared for their safety on campus. Madison and the rest of the executive board didn’t go out at night and tried to never be alone on campus. Many used campus security to walk home. . . .
The University of Minnesota did call for a “Campus Climate” conversation about the recent controversial events, but this, too, devolved into chaos. About 15 minutes into the event, more than 200 protesters came into the room chanting, “Hey hey, ho ho, racism has got to go,” surrounding those students who had come to the event to engage in a civil conversation.
The protesters took over the stage as the student body president stood at the front of the room with her fist in the air, leading the chants. Students took turns lamenting how their feelings were hurt, how writing “Build the Wall” amounts to hate speech, and how they want to be included in conversations on campus. At the end of the event, one of the protesters stood on stage and asked the crowd if any College Republicans had attended. Madison stood up and raised her hand.
When the “event” ended, she was swarmed by the mob. “They were completely surrounding me; I was unable to leave the event. They were screaming in my face calling me racist, xenophobic, and other unmentionable names. They were aggressive, and I just wanted to get out safely,” said Madison. “One girl was holding another girl back saying, ‘She’s not worth it. Don’t hit her.’” . . .
Members of the loosely organized far-left militant group Antifa targeted [Faupel] for promoting capitalism on campus, posting online her address, phone number, parent’s address, parent’s phone number, a photo of her, and a reference to her as an alt-right Nazi.
“I endured a lot of violent threats throughout the year, but Antifa’s attack was the scariest,” said Madison. “When I was out in public I received messages that they were watching me, that they would continue to come after me until I stopped my ‘leadership of bigotry and hate,’ and that they were ‘on my ass.’ I was very scared to be home because they knew where I lived, but I was also scared to be in public because they claimed they were watching me.”
Abeer Syedah
So much for "having a conversation." You can't reason with people like that.
The university’s student body president, Abeer Syedah, is a self-described “brown queer angry feminist” who hates capitalism, Christianity, heterosexuals and white people, not necessarily in that order.

Abeer Syedah promotes hatred at University of Minnesota.

When an ISIS jihadi attacked a gay nightclub in Orlando, Syedah took to Facebook and falsely blamed her enemies for the atrocity.
The totalitarians in charge of our nation’s universities promote “diversity,” as long as it doesn’t include Republicans. As Matt Lewis’s article makes clear, the Democrat faculty and administration at the University of Minnesota encouraged the radical hate-mongers who terrorized Madison Faupel and other Republican students.

Maybe the taxpayers in Minnesota are OK with funding universities that have become indoctrination centers for extremism. Or maybe Minnesota taxpayers have never been asked to contemplate the consequences of paying professors to teach hatred in the name of “social justice.”
And some people wonder why Republicans aren't anxious to give universities all the cash they want.

As my nephew at Berserkley wrote recently:
Sucks to see the school you go to - a school which used to be the pinnacle of free speech advocacy - act in such a shameless, spineless, and regressive manner. If you don't agree with Milo and the others, the best way to combat their ideas isn't shady bureaucratic tactics. It's to put them on a stage with someone who can reason, and show a better alternative. That's what an educational institution is supposed to do: be a host for competing opinions and ideological discourse.

Grab a shovel. What made this school great has long since festered and died.

Way Back Wednesday

Farrah Fawcett:

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Former MD Campground Owner Sues MD Over Shitty Pond

Judge denies bid by state, Eastern Shore town to dismiss claim their failure to act cost campground owner her property
A Caroline County judge has ruled that a former Maryland woman who sued the state and the Eastern Shore town of Goldsboro, blaming them for the loss of her family campground to unchecked septic pollution, will have her day in court.

In early September, Circuit Court Judge Sidney Campen denied a motion by the town and the state to dismiss the case, saying that a jury needed to decide if either bore responsibility for the pollution to Lake Bonnie, a 28-acre impoundment on the 100-acre property that Gail Litz used to own.  The judge has yet to set a trial date.

In 1996, the Caroline County Health Department closed the campground’s lake to swimming, citing unsafe fecal coliform levels in the water, which were traced to failing septic systems in nearby Goldsboro.
MDE Secretary Robert Summers and Gov. Martin O’Malley
pose at Lake Bonnie in 2012 

That same year, the town signed a consent order with the Maryland Department of the Environment acknowledging that residents’ septic systems were failing. The order outlined a schedule for the town to install a public sewer system and said Goldsboro would be fined $100 a day if it did not comply.

The town never undertook the wholesale fix, and the state didn’t enforce the order. In 2010, Litz lost her property to foreclosure and filed a lawsuit, alleging the town and county’s negligence cost her the property.  She asked for $7 million in compensation.

Campen wrote that the “most significant and overarching disputed fact” in this case is whether, and to what extent, the pollution of Lake Bonnie continued after the 1996 consent order. “This factual dispute must first be resolved by a jury before other factual or legal issues can be addressed,” the judge wrote.

For seven years, across various courtrooms, Goldsboro’s attorneys said that the town had no money to fix the problem, and that Litz had waited too long to file suit.  The state also argued that it was not legally obligated to enforce the consent order. Lawyers for the MDE contended that they could not force Goldsboro to pay.
Like any town, they had all the money of their taxpayers at their disposal. If they refused to pay to clean up their shit, they should suffer the consequences.
Those arguments prevailed in lower court hearings, but in February 2016, Maryland’s highest court said that the state’s failure to enforce the consent order could be viewed as “inverse condemnation” if Litz could prove it was the septic pollution that caused her loss. The case was sent back to Caroline County Circuit Court for a trial.
. . .
After the bank foreclosed on Litz’s property, it sold the campground and lake for $400,000 to a family that now uses the land as a private residence. Three decades after the county health department declared that Goldsboro desperately needed a wastewater treatment system, the state and federal government funded a solution. In 2015, the county broke ground on a $19 million wastewater plant on Greensboro that will connect to the 100 or so homes in Goldsboro, about 10 miles away, next year.
Too little too late.

We're All Gonna Die!

But not so soon, as the Washington Post gets around to admitting that the global warming problem isn't as bad as they've been screaming all along. New climate change calculations could buy the Earth some time — if they’re right
A group of prominent scientists on Monday created a potential whiplash moment for climate policy, suggesting that humanity could have considerably more time than previously thought to avoid a “dangerous” level of global warming.

The upward revision to the planet’s influential “carbon budget” was published by a number of researchers who have been deeply involved in studying the concept, making it all the more unexpected. But other outside researchers raised questions about the work, leaving it unclear whether the new analysis — which, if correct, would have very large implications — will stick.

In a study published in the journal Nature Geoscience, a team of 10 researchers, led by Richard Millar of the University of Oxford, recalculated the carbon budget for limiting the Earth’s warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) above temperatures seen in the late 19th century. It had been widely assumed that this stringent target would prove unachievable — but the new study would appear to give us much more time to get our act together if we want to stay below it.
The end of the 19th century is a very deceptive time to set the "baseline" temperature. Near the end of the "Little Ice Age", it was well before substantial CO2 production. A more appropriate choice might be the 1930's, a warm spell that might be more equivalent to the conditions before the Little Ices Age.
“What this paper means is that keeping warming to 1.5 degrees C still remains a geophysical possibility, contrary to quite widespread belief,” Millar said in a news briefing. He conducted the research with scientists from Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Austria, Switzerland and Norway.

But the new calculation diverged so much from what had gone before that other experts were still trying to figure out what to make of it.

“When it’s such a substantial difference, you really need to sit back and ponder what that actually means,” Glen Peters, an expert on climate and emissions trajectories at the Center for International Climate Research in Oslo, said of the paper. He was not involved in the research.
I thought the science was settled?
The recalculation emerges, said study co-author Joeri Rogelj of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Austria, because warming has been somewhat less than forecast by climate models — and because emissions have been somewhat more than expected.
So more emissions, and less warming than projected? Whoda thunk? Oh yeah, a whole bunch of people widely ignored.

All this, of course, just primes them for more claims of "you have to listen to us now do what we say now! The climate is reaching a tipping point!" They've blown right through the dates a series of climate tipping points were claimed without any consequences, and they were in danger of being disbelieved.

Reason #5699 That Trump Was Elected

Jeff Sessions Floats Idea of Administering Lie Detector Tests to All 100+ NSC Members, To Find Who Leaked the Transcripts of Trump's Calls with Foreign Leakers
No one can claim that this wasn't a serious leak. So no one can say he's overreacting.

But then, that's exactly what they're saying. Because they want those ticks to stay burrowed in deep in flesh.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions has told associates he wants to put the entire National Security Council staff through a lie detector test to root out leakers. It's unclear whether this will ever happen, but Sessions floated the idea to multiple people, as recently as last month.
Sessions' idea is to do a one-time, one-issue, polygraph test of everyone on the NSC staff. Interrogators would sit down with every single NSC staffer (there's more than 100 of them), and ask them, individually, what they know about the leaks of transcripts of the president's phone calls with foreign leaders. Sessions suspects those leaks came from within the NSC, and thinks that a polygraph test -- at the very least -- would scare them out of leaking again.
Polygraphs are widely used in the intelligence field, so, hell ya, why should the big shots at the top of the heap be immune? Even the thought that you could be polygraphed would serve as reminder not to do things you might be questioned about. They may not be terribly effective though, especially with people who grew up in the intelligence trade.

Token Conservative Canned for Questioning Clinton

Jedediah Bila Leaves “The View” — Over Hillary Interview?
Watch the first clip below from Clinton’s appearance on the show last week. Bila asks two questions, both fair and both polite. Question one: Amid all the speculation about sexism and the Comey letter and Russia sinking her chances, isn’t it true that differences on the issues led some voters to prefer Trump? Question two: If she feels she didn’t get the respect she was due from Bernie Sanders and his supporters, couldn’t that be partly due to hard feelings over the leaks showing that the DNC tried to help her win the primary? Hillary is polite in answering too. The closest Bila comes to saying something “controversial” is when she notes that Clinton’s resistance to the idea that some Americans liked Trump’s positions better than hers is a bit “tone deaf,” which it is. But Hillary takes it in stride. No biggie.

It’s hard to believe the show’s staff wouldn’t have taken it in stride too. And yet:
“There was a lot of staff who were upset about how that interview was handled,” says the source, speculating that “The View” wants the former Secretary of State to appear on the show multiple times. “They had a lot to say to Jedediah about calming things down.”
We’re told that Bila was signed on for the full season but “she left on her own accord,” the source adds. “There were some things making her uncomfortable behind the scenes, but she loves the cast. She seems to be looking forward to sharing her view in a world where there seems to be only one worldview.”…
 I can't say I've watched more than a minute of "The View," but I've always enjoyed Jedediah on "The Five."
Show reps deny Bila’s exit had anything to do with the Clinton interview, telling Page Six, “Jed asked good questions during that interview, and the producers were really pleased with how she handled it.”
If the “View” crew couldn’t handle two challenging questions to their idol without freaking out, it ain’t Bila who’s living in a world where there’s only one worldview. But maybe all of this is nonsense. It’s a tabloid item on Page Six, leaked just a few hours after Bila announced she was leaving the show abruptly. it could be a hit piece made up by staff who were miffed that she quit, leaving them in the lurch. Or it could be an excuse cooked up to justify the show’s apparent interest in Meghan McCain. Muscling out Bila to replace her with McCain would look bad unless Bila did something that would kinda sorta justify a left-leaning show pushing her out. 

But wait. Oliver Darcy of CNN noticed that about 10 minutes after the Page Six item appeared (it’s now being headlined on Drudge), Bila tweeted out a clip of her questioning Clinton. There’s no comment in the tweet itself; it’s just the clip, leaving her readership to draw their own conclusions about what it might mean. It sure feels like a hint that the Hillary interview did have something to do with her leaving. Maybe Bila got a talking-to from the producers after the show about her “tone deaf” remark to Clinton and decided that she couldn’t continue to work at a place that wouldn’t let her challenge a Democrat in terms that are even the least bit confrontational. So she walked.
I guess it's time to get back to the Fox ghetto for Jedediah!

Monday, September 18, 2017

This Would Be Bad News

Scientists locate potential magma source in Italian supervolcano
Scientists have found the first direct evidence of a so-called 'hot zone' feeding a supervolcano in southern Italy that experts say is nearing eruption conditions.

Campi Flegrei is a volcanic caldera to the west of Naples that last erupted centuries ago.
The area has been relatively quiet since the 1980s when the injection of either magma or fluids in the shallower structure of the volcano caused a series of small earthquakes.
This is a truly giant volcano, much bigger than nearby Vesuvius, with a long history of very large pyroclastic ash eruptions. Satellite views of the area show a large number of what must be fairly recent craters, from the lack of erosion on them.
Using seismological techniques, scientists have now pinpointed the location of the hot zone where hot materials rose to feed the caldera during this period.

The study was led by Dr Luca De Siena at the University of Aberdeen in conjunction with the INGV Osservatorio Vesuviano, the RISSC lab of the University of Naples, and the University of Texas at Austin. The research provides a benchmark that may help predict how and where future eruptions could strike.

"One question that has puzzled scientists is where magma is located beneath the caldera, and our study provides the first evidence of a hot zone under the city of Pozzuoli that extends into the sea at a depth of 4 km," Dr De Siena said.

"While this is the most probable location of a small batch of magma, it could also be the heated fluid-filled top of a wider magma chamber, located even deeper."
. . .
"Whatever produced the activity under Pozzuoli in the 1980s has migrated somewhere else, so the danger doesn't just lie in the same spot, it could now be much nearer to Naples which is more densely populated.

"This means that the risk from the caldera is no longer just in the centre, but has migrated. Indeed, you can now characterise Campi Flegrei as being like a boiling pot of soup beneath the surface.

"What this means in terms of the scale of any future eruption we cannot say, but there is no doubt that the volcano is becoming more dangerous.

"The big question we have to answer now is if it is a big layer of magma that is rising to the surface, or something less worrying which could find its way to the surface out at sea."
There has been suspicion that the eruption of Campi Flegrei 40,000 years ago may have been decisive in the extinction of Neandertal man in Europe.
The First Phlegraean Period. It is thought that the eruption of the Archiflegreo volcano occurred about 39,280 ± 110 years (older estimate ~37,000 years) ago, erupting about 200 km3 (48 cu mi) of magma (500 km3 (120 cu mi) bulk volume) to produce the Campanian Ignimbrite eruption. Its Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) was 7. "The dating of the Campanian Ignimbrite Eruption (CI) to ~37,000 calendar years B.P. draws attention to the coincidence of this volcanic catastrophe and the suite of coeval, Late Pleistocene biocultural changes that occurred within and outside the Mediterranean region. These included the Middle to Upper Paleolithic cultural transition and the replacement of Neanderthal populations by anatomically modern Homo sapiens, a subject of sustained debate. No less than 150 km3 of magma were extruded in this eruption (the CI eruption), whose signal can be detected in Greenland ice cores. As widespread discontinuities in archaeological sequences are observed at or after this eruption, a significant interference with ongoing human processes in Mediterranean Europe is hypothesized." It is possible that these eruptions drove Neanderthals to extinction and cleared the way for modern humans to thrive in Europe and Asia.
This animation of a potential eruption in just mind blowing, when you consider the number of people in the affected area:

Shad Refuse Virginia Invitation

With no sign of recovery, VA to halt stocking shad in James
With little to show for more than two decades of effort, Virginia officials next year plan to suspend shad stocking efforts in the James River, conceding defeat for now in restoring what had once been a major spawning ground for the migratory fish.

“We’re not going to fund work next year to continue what we’ve been doing,” said Bob Greenlee, who oversees the program for the state Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

The stocking effort in the Bay’s third-largest tributary began in 1992 with the hope of bolstering depleted American shad numbers and, ultimately, build a self-sustaining population. Biologists also hoped the fish would become so numerous that they would push past a fish ladder at Boshers Dam in Richmond and repopulate the river far upstream.

But 25 years after the first shad were stocked, numbers remain low and tend to be driven by hatchery production of shad fry rather than natural reproduction, as biologists had hoped. Only a few dozen spawning fish typically make it beyond Boshers each year.
No wonder I never see any shad in the Shadcam at Boshers!
“Our overall assessment for the James River is that the stock remains at historically low levels and is dependent on hatchery inputs,” scientists from the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciencewrote in a report last year.
And shad just aren't popular enough for a put and take fishery. It suggests something is broken in the ecosystem, if you can keep stocking them, and the wild population never increases toward historic levels.  This is my argument regarding Chesapeake oysters. We need to find out if the environment is capable of sustaining a drastically increased population before making heroic efforts to implant them. It also makes you wonder about Sturgeon restoration attempts.

Maybe You Don't Have to be Crazy to be Trans . . .

Scout Schultz
. . . Depending on how you chose to categorize "gender disphoria" of course, but it's the way to bet: Crazy People Are Dangerous: ‘Non-Binary’ LGBT Student Activist Shot Dead
Scout Schultz, 21, was born male but “preferred ‘they’ and ‘them’ gender pronouns and identified as bisexual, non-binary and intersex,” according to his mother. Schultz was president of the Pride Alliance, a student LGBTQ organization at Georgia Tech, where police shot him dead Saturday night after Schultz refused to drop a knife:
The tense encounter was caught on camera — in which the student can be seen walking closer and closer to the police officers and shouting ‘shoot me.’
‘Nobody wants to hurt you,’ one of the officers can be heard saying.
Schultz was then shot once and immediately crumpled to the ground, screaming out in pain.
None of the police officers involved have been identified, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is currently looking into the shooting.
According to a press release from the bureau, the Georgia Tech campus police received a 911 call of a ‘person with a knife and a gun’ at 11.17pm Saturday night.
The release says Schultz was ‘not cooperative and would not comply with the officers commands.
‘Schultz continued to advance on the officers with a knife… Subsequently, one officer fired striking Schultz.’
“Suicide by cop,” apparently. In a statement on their Facebook page, the Pride Alliance continues the “they/their/them” pronoun charade, as if the delusions of a knife-wielding lunatic deserve respect. It never seems to occur to these activist types that acting as enablers to the mentally ill — and demanding that the rest of us play along with the “gender” game — actually makes them complicit in the deaths of such deranged people. Scout Schultz needed psychiatric treatment, not identity politics.

“When I said that the mentally ill should be in institutions, public universities weren’t the kind of institutions I had in mind.”
It's a tragedy, of course, for both the policeman, Scout and his family and friends.  I can't help but think Scout might have been better served to have his "gender disphoria" treated as a psychological condition, rather than being encouraged, celebrated and becoming a trans-activist.  Even assuming you don't categorize transgender as a form of mental illness (in what other disease would we assume the mind is right and the body is wrong?), transgenders show a striking rate of mental illness. Of course, the LTGBQRSTUVWXYZ community would prefer to shift the origin of these illness to world outside, the "lack of acceptance" by the rest of the world, but frankly, that's just too easy. Mental illnesses cluster in people, and "gender disphoria" may just be a common form of identity disorder.

And speaking of trans acting badly, Stacy also puts out: Transgender Bullies Make Worldwide News After Attack in London’s Hyde Park

— Mark Wood and Sanchez Manning, Daily Mail

While some of these headlines are misleading, wrongly depicting this incident as a “fight” between two sides, when in fact it was an attack by transgender activists on a member of the feminist group, even inaccurate coverage is better than no coverage. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and the more attention that is focused on this issue, the more people will become aware of the hateful intolerance of transgender activists, who seek to silence their critics. Because facts and logic are against them, they resort to terroristic intimidation tactics against their opponents.

Basic freedoms and important matters of public policy are at stake in this debate, and it is obvious which side is trying to silence dissent by labeling disagreement as “hate.” People need to wake the hell up.
Nothing like a 30 year old male dressed up like a woman beating up a 60 year old real woman. As Henry Kissinger remarked regarding the Iran-Iraq war,  “It's a pity both sides can't lose”

Reason #5698 That Trump Was Elected

Because he's killing Dana Milbank, literally: President Trump is killing me. Really. Reaching deep behind the WaPo paywall:
President Trump is killing me.

No, really. He’s killing me.

I went for my annual physical last month, and, for the first time in my 49 years, I had to report that I’ve not been feeling well: fatigue, headaches, poor sleep, even some occasional chest pain. My doctor checked my blood pressure, which had always been normal before: alarmingly high!
And he eats it

What could this mean? I don’t smoke, I’m not obese and I swim most days. The doctor hooked me up to electrodes and ran an EKG; it was normal. He suggested I try an ultra-low-sodium diet, and I spent a few weeks living on unsalted rice cakes, undressed salads and unappealing entrees; the pressure dropped a few points, but not enough. We could pretty much rule out sleep apnea and other things that can cause a spike in blood pressure. My doctor had me take a calcium CT scan of my heart, which filled me with enough radiation to melt s’mores but turned up nothing terrible.

At this point, I arrived at a self-diagnosis: I was suffering from Trump Hypertensive Unexplained Disorder, or THUD. For almost five decades, I had been the picture of health, but eight months into Trump’s presidency, I was suddenly ailing. Trump is the only variable, I told my doctor. “He sure is variable,” my doc replied, endorsing the diagnosis.

I know THUD is a real condition because I have a scientifically valid sample to prove it. I told my editor about my new medical state, and he reported that he, too, has been newly warned by his doctor that his blood pressure has become borderline, and things could go either way. Sort of like with the “dreamers” (although in my editor’s case, dealing with me may be the primary cause of illness).

I also know THUD is real because I performed a longitudinal study to test my hypothesis. I bought a blood-pressure monitor and strapped it around my bicep at various points during the news cycle:

I am spending the evening with friends. Blood pressure: 116/67.

Trump says he is going to respond to North Korea with “fire and fury.” Blood pressure: 150/95.

I’m at home with the kids. Blood pressure: 117/69.

Jeff Sessions says they’re scrapping the DACA program: 137/92.

Trump agrees with “Chuck and Nancy” to avoid a debt-limit fight. Blood pressure: 122/81.

I remember that Trump’s term lasts another 40 months. Blood pressure: 159/97. . .
It couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Keep it up, Donald!

Insane Clowns Congregate in DC to Protest Gang Designation

Turns out, ‘Juggalos’ are the fandom attached to the hip hop group Insane Clown Posse. You remember Insane Clown Posse, they’re the two guys – Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope – who cover their faces with extremely unflattering clown makeup and perform something called ‘horrorcore’, which is apparently hardcore hip hop.
It seems kinds of silly to me. Just the sort of things young people do, sometimes. I've seen stupider.
Okay, then.

So, Juggalos like to dress up like their idols Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope; female Juggalos are called ‘Juggalettes’. The ‘los and ‘lettes tend to be people who feel like societal outcasts, and one author who wrote a book about them concluded, “It’s this alternate universe they can escape into from the dreariness and the mundanity of everyday life.”
". . . escape into from the dreariness and the mundanity of everyday life?"  How mundane.
While the Juggalos are not exactly a political movement, there is a political reason behind their march today in Washington, D.C. You see, back in 2011, Obama’s Justice Department and its National Gang Intelligence Center deemed them a “hybrid gang” akin to MS-13. There were a few, isolated criminal incidents cited as being committed by Juggalos, but hardly enough to call them a gang.

Being classified as a gang by the federal government didn’t sit well with Juggalos, Juggalettes, or the Insane Clown Posse themselves, who filed a lawsuit agains the government on behalf of their fans. Litigation is still pending.
That seems like a stretch. They probably needed a mostly white crowd to portray as a gang for affirmative actions purposes. I don't see many naturally colored faces in the crowds.
Juggalos and Juggalettes are taking to the streets of D.C. today to protest their gang classification. Via the march website, the fandom announced they’d be marching to “make a collective statement from the Juggalo Family to the world about what we are and what we are not.”

“The Juggalo Family must truly shine and show America and the world that we are not a gang, public menace, cult, or any of the other untrue labels they have attempted to slap on us throughout the years. We must collectively show them that we truly are a family that is united by a shared love of music and fellowship.”
And really bad makeup.
A quick spin around the #JuggaloMarch hashtag on Twitter shows that the most trouble the fans have caused thus far is confusion amongst Chinese tourists. There are even reports of the marchers picking up each others’ trash and cigarette butts. (Earth Day marchers could learn a thing or two from the Juggalos.)
The Lovely Juggalettes of the 2013 Gathering (NSFW), and some more tasteful than others.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

It's Not Nice to Fool With Mother Nature

Mystery Shocks at North Korea's Sacred Volcano Trigger Eruption Fears After Nuclear Test
China has limited access to a nature reserve on its border with North Korea after mysterious seismic shakes at the rogue nation's nuclear test site were detected less than 10 minutes after it launched a missile earlier this month.

Beijing reportedly closed the site over fears that underground detonations by the North Koreans at a facility near Punggye-ri could lead to rockslides and even trigger an eruption of the active volcano Mount Paektu, which is sacred to North Korea and located right on the border between the two countries.

The notices from Chinese authorities, restricting access to the Changbaishan National Nature Reserve, were posted on China’s state-regulated analog to Twitter Weibo, South Korea’s Donga Ilbo newspaper reported Thursday. It covers a radius of around 70 miles from the Punggye-ri test site.

"For the safety and convenience of travelers, we have temporarily closed the southern tourist zone of Changbai Mountain," read the message from Chinese authorities, translated by UPI. "Officials are thoroughly investigating the safety of the tourist area." The area will remain closed to the public until "the potential risks disappear," it said.
Mount Paektu
Besides radioactive risks—which could be contained inside the test facility—the shock of a large blast could disturb mountains in the Changbai range, including Paektu, an active volcano that last erupted in 1903.

A new article in scientific journal Nature’s Scientific Reports states that “an underground nuclear explosion test near an active volcano constitutes a direct threat.

It could “disturb the magma chamber of a volcano, thus accelerating the volcanic activity,” scientists argue.

For an individual nuclear detonation to do serious damage to the volcano, previous research shows, the blast would need to be at least 100 kilotons, which the explosion earlier this month was estimated to be.
It would be rather fitting if North Korea's nuclear program triggered a volcanic eruption.