Thursday, June 16, 2011

Crystal Dumps Hef Near the Altar

Crystal Harris Drops Debut Single and Hugh Hefner on Same Day
Whodda thunk, after all that build up, the wedding plans of Crystal Harris, 24, and Hugh Hefner 85,  and the founder of the Playboy Empire died.  Crystal Harris, a former Playmate of the Month, apparently got cold feet. The goings and comings of the couples prenuptial agreement had us mere more mortals spellbound at the idea that this couple was so much in love that money didn't matter.

Crystal also chose the day their breakup was announced to release her new single "Club Queen".  OK, it sucks, but it has a nice picture of her...

I'm heart broken; I had hoped to get 3 or four more posts out of this marriage. Don't give up, Hef; there are still plenty of ex-Playmates, some of them even closer to your own age.  And just for remembrances, a shot from Crystal's Playboy photo shoot below the fold:

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