Sunday, June 26, 2011

Berries are Free at the Beach, Too

Another nice day at the beach.  A touch warmer than yesterday, but still nice, with a good breeze.  There were high clouds when we arrived, but they burned off soon.

A good day for kayak fishing...

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...or hunting ground hogs (unsuccessfully).  Poor Skye, she came home so tired, she is loosing control of her rear left leg.  But it didn't slow her down.
A Mimosa bloom. This tree is also called Persian Silk tree or just Silk Tree. Native to Asia, it's a common ornamental tree in this area, but has gone "native", and is considered by some to be an invasive species.
 Skye, Georgia and Joel got ahead of me while I was taking the flower picture.  This will be our last walk with Joel for a while; he'll be leaving for his annual pilgrimage to Bar Harbor, Maine, with his traveling dog Red sometime this week.  Check in once in a while, Joel!
Wineberries are ripening on the cliffside.  Wineberries (Rubus pheonicolasius) are an introduced species related to Raspberries.  They live in disturbed areas like roadsides, or recently cut forests; the continuously eroding cliffs are a good habitat for them.  They, too, are considered an invasive species, with the potential for out competing native blackberries and raspberries.
They are pretty edible, but not as good as blackberries and raspberries. 
A milkweed bush up by the parking lot was covered with butterflies, like this one...
... and this one.  I haven't tried to figure out what they are yet.  Maybe I'll try a little later.

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  1. FYI The butterflies are a common buckeye and a cabbage white.