Wednesday, June 15, 2011

PSA: Skip the Toothpaste

Toothpaste actually inhibits plaque removal

The present study is used to evaluate the plaque removal efficacy of dentifrice alone during the manual brushing of teeth. Materials and Methods: In a double blinded 2 Chi 2 crossover study design, 42 subjects had brushed randomly with or without dentifrice under supervision, with a standard dentifrice and toothbrush, after 48 hours of plaque accumulation, for two minutes.


Plaque reduction with dentifrice was 57.35% and without dentifrice was 66.19%. This 9% difference was statistically significant ( P < or = 0.001).


Dentifrice use does not enhance plaque removal when used in conjunction with a toothbrush, and instead, may marginally lessen the brushing effect. The role of a toothbrush appears to be more crucial in the maintenance of oral hygiene.
So many years of TV programming to overcome.  Maybe I should go back to the old Juniper twig.

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