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New Research on Striper Migrations

Well, I started looking at the Chesapeake Bay newsfeed, and the only one that caught my eye was NOAA announcing Four Fisheries Research Projects to Connect Chesapeake Bay Fish, Changing Habitat, and there, among the four was:

The University of New Hampshire’s project, “Leveraging Multispecies and Multiyear Telemetry Datasets to Identify Seasonal, Ontogenetic, and Interannual Shifts in Habitat Use and Phenology of Chesapeake Bay Fishes,” addresses synthesis and analysis of existing information that connects living resource responses to changing habitat, climate, and other environmental conditions. This project is recommended to receive a two-year total of $249,017.

Huh? What are we going to pay a quarter million for? (That's about one federal research quanta these days, and doesn't really go very far.) Anyway, I googled the title and got nothing, but this came up, a recent article in PLOS One on Striped Bass migration Differential migration in Chesapeake Bay striped bass by David H. Secor, Michael H. P. O’Brien, Benjamin I. Gahagan, J. Carter Watterson, Dewayne A. Fox


Differential migration—increased migration propensity with increasing individual size—is common in migratory species. Like other forms of partial migration, it provides spatial buffering against regional differences in habitat quality and sources of mortality. We investigated differential migration and its consequences to survival and reproductive patterns in striped bass, a species with well-known plasticity in migration behaviors.

A size-stratified sample of Potomac River (Chesapeake Bay) Morone saxatilis striped bass was implanted with acoustic transmitters and their subsequent coastal shelf migrations recorded over a 4-yr period by telemetry receivers throughout the Mid-Atlantic Bight and Southern New England. A generalized linear mixed model predicted that ≥ 50% of both males and females depart the Chesapeake Bay at large sizes >80 cm total length. Egressing striped bass exited through both the Chesapeake Bay mouth and Delaware Bay (via the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal), favoring the former. All large fish migrated to Massachusetts shelf waters and in subsequent years repeatedly returned to regions within Massachusetts and Cape Cod Bays. Within this dominant behavior, minority behaviors included straying, skipped spawning, and residency by large individuals (those expected to migrate).

Analysis of the last day of transmission indicated that small resident striped bass experienced nearly 2-fold higher loss rates (70% yr-1) than coastal shelf emigrants (37% yr-1). The study confirmed expectations for a threshold size at emigration and different mortality levels between Chesapeake Bay (resident) and ocean (migratory) population contingents; and supported the central premise of the current assessment and management framework of a two-contingent population: smaller Chesapeake Bay residents and a larger ocean contingent. An improved understanding of differential migration thus affords an opportunity to specify stock assessments according to different population sub-components, and tailor reference points and control rules between regions and fishing stakeholder groups.

80 cm corresponds to about 31.5 inches, about the size that the stripers appear to disappear, this study seems to confirm that. Certainly, strippers bigger that that hang around the Bay in summer.

It also confirms that resident stripers have a far higher mortality than the stripers that leave the Bay and migrate up and down the coast, but doesn't deal with the question of why. Is it fishing pressure (certainly high in the Bay), or disease (also certainly a problem for fish in the Bay)? 

Beach Report 7/27/21

It was pretty warm and steamy today (87 F and 77 percent RH) so we decided to drive to the beach. As soon as we got out of the car we spotted this Osprey sitting on the pylon that marks the harbor.
I guess it was just too muggy to hunt. 
Don't let the appearance fool you. It was warm going.
A pretty good day for fossils, 37 shark's teeth between us and the usual other stuff, but nothing worthy a separate picture; however, harking back to yesterday . . . 
Georgia showed me this after we got off the beach. I know it's not much to look at, but after initially writing it off as a random concretion, I convinced myself it might be a cetacean ear bone, and I posted these pictures on the local fossil facebook group. Some of the responses:
Dolphin earbone. Should be diagnostic. Probably reworked from the Calvert formation; probably Xiphiacetus - very nice find!!!
. . .
Nice find! This is probably Zarhachis or Pomatodelphis, or possibly Phocageneus! Regardless, it's a platanistoid and probably a platanistid.
. . .
Related to the river dolphins right?
A reconstruction of Xiphiacetus


Something to Chew On

While we go to the beach. From Maggies Farm, Meet a guy who studies sharks

I guess we should be thankful Megalodon died out a few years back.

Election 2020: Still Talking Jan. 6 "Insurrection" Committee

Nancy Pelosi's hand picked totally objective 'Jan. 6 chose insurrection or else' committee is still the talk of the town, with the addition of never-Trumper Adam Kinzinger. At Da Caller Virginia Kruta, Pelosi Adds Adam Kinzinger To Jan. 6 Commission, Doubles Down On Ousting Jordan, Banks and (via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 07.26.21 ) The Victory Girls, Adam Kinzinger “Humbly” Joins Jan 6 Inquisition, and Ace goes for the throat with Nancy Pelosi Appoints Adam Kinzinger to January 6 Kangaroo Court, to Maintain The Illusion of Republican Participation; Kevin McCarthy Blasts the Move as Stocking the Commission With Leftwing Fish, "Hero."

Capt. Ed at Hot Hair, McCarthy: Pelosi handpicking 1/6 committee members to push "pre-conceived narrative". Well, duh! PM has the video, WATCH: McCarthy rips Cheney and Kinzinger as 'Pelosi Republicans', also WATCH: Psaki says Biden 'continues to support Speaker Pelosi's leadership' of Jan 6 committee.   AllahPundit at Hot Hair whines that McCarthy calls Cheney and Kinzinger  "Pelosi Republicans" for agreeing to join the January 6 committee and CNN is unhappy that a Growing group of GOP members wants McCarthy to punish Kinzinger and Cheney for joining January 6 committee, and Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media is happy but agrees, It's Time to Purge the 'Pelosi Republicans' as Tristan Justice at Da Fed reports Liz Cheney Is The Most Unpopular Republican In The Country (via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 07.26.21 ). Not a high bar. I credit Ann for actually stopping to think about it in "For too long, we’ve been pretending that Jan. 6 didn’t happen. Kevin McCarthy is technically my Republican leader. And to call members of Congress by childish names like Donald Trump used to do, I guess is just kind of par for the course."

They've accepted a role on the committee. Now, Kinzinger and Cheney need to step up and distinguish themselves. It's fine that McCarthy has laid down his insult. It's a default interpretation that represents what many of us believe, that the committee will not seek the truth but do the political work of the Democrats. I'm sure Kinzinger and Cheney would love us to trust them and to regard them as truth-bringers. But I want a fire lit under them. They'll need to rebut the presumption that they're "Pelosi Republicans."
It's a fine thought, but I'm not holding my breath. Nick Arama at Red State tells us what a  Congressman Reveals What He Said and Did to Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt "The first clip that I’ve seen involves an interview with Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK). He explains how he hugged the Capitol Police officer who shot Ashli Babbitt and told him that he “did what he had to.” Bulwark girlz Amanda Carpenter, whines about Trump’s Big Lie Litmus Test, "He’s playing kingmaker and enforcer."

"... greater than ISIS or al Qaeda or China or Russia, why do they need to manufacture a plot — and put in people's heads — the idea let's go kidnap Governor Whitmer? There should be tons of plots that they are detecting? That leads to the question people on your network and others have asked to the horror of the liberal sector of the corporate media, which is: What did the FBI know about the planning of the January 6 attack? How embedded were they in these groups? Because what happens is when these kinds of attacks happen, the FBI and the security state seize on them to say See? there are grave dangers, we need more money, more power, more surveillance authorities in order to keep you safe. And so if they are the ones driving it, it leads to the question of what those motives are."

Also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 07.26.21, Mary Chastain at LI reports, Big Tech To Expand Joint Database On Domestic Groups, Focused On “Far-Right” Extremists. Using both a generous definition of "far-right" and "extremists." Tyler O'Neil at PJ Media, PayPal and ADL Team Up to Disrupt 'The Financial Pipelines' Supporting 'Hate and Bigotry'. Sundance at CTH, Paypal Partners With Anti-Defamation League to Block Financial Transactions for Extremists and Hate Movements and The Intelligence Branch and Big Tech Say The Quiet Part Out Loud – Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google and Big Tech Writ Large Will Monitor Platforms and Report Extremist Content to FIVE EYES Intelligence  Network. Kurt Schlichter thinks It’s Fun Watching The Press Humiliate Itself.

 Also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 07.26.21 at Louder With Crowder: Comedian Explains Free Speech Slowly Enough For Joe Biden To Understand,

Zach Vorhees at Town Hall thinks Trump’s Lawsuit Is Problematic for Big Tech but Anxious hopes that Conservative courts could rescue tech. Sadly, they might be right. 

At Da Signal, What to Know About How Those ‘Fugitive’ Texas Democrats Will Pay for Stay in DC. Spoiler, it won't be their money. At Weasel Zippers, (also via the Wombat)  Fleeing Texas Democrat whines  ‘Rural Cops’ Are After Us!… I hope so.

Stacy McCain identifies The #1 Cause of Anti-Semitism
If the Anti-Defamation League wants to do something to suppress anti-Semitism in this country, they would encourage Chuck Schumer to retire or, failing that, tell him to stop insulting Americans:
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer berated 74 million Trump voters, saying at an event with Roosevelt Island and Upper East Side community leaders in New York that they voted for a “despicable,” “racist,” and “vile” man.
“How could 74 million people vote for such a despicable human being as Donald Trump?” Schumer asked in the video. “I don’t care if you’re a liberal or a conservative, Democrat or Republican, he is a vile man.”
“He is dishonest, divisive. That’s what he loves to do. Just divide and have people fighting with each other. He’s a racist,” Schumer claimed. “And he always appeals to the dark side of human nature.”
Everything that Schumer said about Trump is twice as true of Schumer, who is and always has been one of the most dishonest and divisive people in American politics. The fact that New Yorkers would elect such a vicious scumbag to the Senate is a stain upon the reputation of New York.

Anxious is anxious, First look: Don Jr., Ron DeSantis dominate poll of GOP frontrunners.

Capt. Ed on Joe Manchin, Stunner: Most influential politician in Washington reconsiders retirement. Try it, you'll like it!

Tuesday Tattoos

Monday, July 26, 2021

Great Barrier Reef Doing Just Fine, Thanks!

 Peter Ridd via WUWT: Record Coral Cover Of Great Barrier Reef Shames Climate Alarmists, Media

The annual data on coral cover for the Great Barrier Reef, produced by the Australian Institute of Marine Science, was released on Monday showing the amount of coral on the reef is at record high levels.

Record high, despite all the doom stories by our reef science and management institutions. 
Australian Institute of Marine Science’s yearly long-term monitoring of the Reef

Like all other data on the reef, this shows it is in robust health. For example, coral growth rates have, if anything, increased over the past 100 years, and measurements of farm pesticides reaching the reef show levels so low that they cannot be detected with the most ultra-sensitive equipment.

This data is good news. It could hardly be better. But somehow, our science organizations have convinced the world that the reef is on its last legs. How has this happened?


One reason is that occasionally colossal amounts of coral are killed, mostly by cyclones, but also by the crown of thorns starfish and bleaching.

So the media, with its predilection for bad news, can be fed a regular diet of doom. Our scientists are always happy to oblige.

The quiet recovery is generally downplayed or ignored.

If it bleeds, it leads. Never mind whether it's true or not. 

Election 2020: The Red Queen Gets Another Pawn

Verdict first, trial afterwards, with a jury selected with convictions already set. First Mediaite reports JUST IN: Nancy Pelosi Says She’s Speaking to GOP Rep. Kinzinger About Joining January 6 Committee, and at Breitbart, Pelosi: ‘My Plan’ Is to Appoint Rep. Kinzinger to the January 6 Select Committee. Kinzinger is, of course, the virulently Never-Trump congresscritter from Illinois who voted "aye" in the second impeachment. Then, Hot Hair cites a Forbes tweet, Adam Kinzinger accepts Pelosi appointment to January 6 committee. Sundance at CTH, Nancy Pelosi Enlists Adam Kinzinger For J6 Committee to Re-elect Democrats, Giddy Kinzinger Thanks Pelosi For The Opportunity to “Serve” Her Needs

Both Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are likely to be destroyed in the 2022 republican primary election, so it makes sense for them to do as much damage as possible before they formally announce their party affiliation switch to Democrat; following Florida’s famous Obama hugger, Charlie Crist, and his career path.

and REMINDER, Ten House Republicans Who Voted to Impeach President Trump, and Links To Their Primary Opponents Who Need Support

The Peacock crows that Liz Cheney's role on Jan. 6 committee grows after GOP pulls participation. WaPoo says Jan. 6 select committee to open investigation amid political chaos and controversy. At NYPo, Miranda Devine thinks Nancy Pelosi’s on her last legs: Devine. At WaEx, Byron York's Daily Memo details: Democrats, double standards, and the Capitol riot committee;

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she barred Representatives Jim Jordan and Jim Banks from the Capitol riot investigating committee because the two Republicans "had made statements and taken actions that I think would impact the integrity of the committee." Pelosi said Jordan and Banks also "made statements and took actions that just made it ridiculous to put them on such a committee seeking the truth."

But what about Pelosi's Democratic choices for the committee? Might some of their statements and actions in the past impact the integrity of the committee? And have some of them said and done things that were so at odds with the facts as to make it ridiculous to put them on a committee seeking the truth? 
. . .
Then there is another Democratic member, Representative Adam Schiff. As the ranking minority on the House Intelligence Committee, Schiff promoted the slanderous and unsubstantiated theories of the Steele dossier. For example, Schiff publicized a theory that Russia offered low-level Trump campaign adviser Carter Page potentially billions of dollars to influence Trump -- Schiff actually read the dossier's allegations aloud at an Intelligence Committee hearing. Schiff protested bitterly when his Republican counterpart on the committee, Chairman Devin Nunes, revealed that the dossier was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party and that the FBI improperly used it to get a court-approved warrant to wiretap Page. Of course, the Trump-Russia special counsel, Robert Mueller, found no evidence to establish the claim about Page.

On the broader issue of collusion, Schiff claimed to have proof that it was true. There was "ample evidence of collusion in plain sight," he said. But the Mueller investigation, which had infinitely more resources than Schiff, plus full law enforcement powers, could not establish that collusion ever took place, much less that it involved anyone in the Trump campaign. Schiff devoted years to leading his party -- and much of the media -- on a wild goose chase, even before he was chosen by Pelosi to lead the first Trump impeachment, which failed to convict the president.

Could one argue that Schiff has made statements and taken actions that would impact the integrity of the Capitol riot investigating committee?

No one really expects congressional committees to be fair, but this one is ridiculous even by the standards of congress. 

Andrea Widburg at Am Think thinks she knows why There may be some method to the January 6 overcharging madness

Democrats, by likening those involved in January 6's Capitol fracas to the Civil War, Pearl Harbor, Kristallnacht, and 9/11, all rolled into one, created a conceptual problem for themselves because even felony charges will result in short sentences. The resulting cognitive dissonance will make people question the overheated claims about January 6. My friend Anony Mee, however, may have figured out one of the more nefarious things that's going on with the extremist hysteria to justify those felony charges:
It occurs to me that there is a reason behind charging the January 6 trespassers with felonies. It's so they can never again own guns or, in some states, vote.

The BLM/Antifa rioters and their hench-looters, if they were charged at all, were mostly charged with misdemeanors. Only some of those who seriously injured someone else were hit with a felony. They can still carry guns and vote.

The homeless who commit felony after felony are only charged with misdemeanors, if charged at all, so their "right" to vote is never in question.

The feds are still hunting down everyone who can be identified as having been anywhere near DC so that they can take away their guns and their right to vote.

Green Glenwalt reports FBI Using the Same Fear Tactic From the First War on Terror: Orchestrating its Own Terrorism Plots. The Babylon Bee, FBI Discovers Building Full Of Dangerous Extremists Organizing Acts Of Terror Across Country. A building named after J Edgar.  At Am Great, Roger Kimball wonders if we are Losing Our Liberty All at Once?

Joseph Hackett, you see, is a 51-year-old Trump supporter and member of an organization called the “Oath Keepers,” a group whose members have pledged to “defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.” (You can see how this ends already, can’t you?) The FBI does not like the Oath Keepers. They arrested its leader in January and have picked up many other members in the months since. Hackett came from his home in Florida to join the Trump “Stop the Steal” rally that took place on January 6. According to court documents, he entered the Capitol at 2:45 that afternoon. He left some ten minutes later, at 2:54. The next day, he went home. On May 28, he was apprehended by the FBI and indicted on a long list of charges, including conspiracy, obstruction of an official proceeding, destruction of government property, and illegally entering a restricted building.

As far as I have been able to determine, no evidence of his destroying property has been made public. According to his wife, it is not even clear that he entered the Capitol. But he certainly was in the environs. He was a member of the Oath Keepers. He was a supporter of Donald Trump. Therefore, he must be neutralized. What about the Antifa and Black Lives Matter “peaceful protestors” who destroyed some $2 billion of property, killed or injured scores, and toppled countless public monuments? Take your time.

Dan Chaitin at WaEx reports a Pennsylvania senator to seek subpoenas for election audit. Another dangerous radical!

Letters were sent to Philadelphia, York, and Tiago counties earlier this month. Mastriano set a deadline of July 31 and threatened to pursue subpoenas if they did not comply, setting up a process reminiscent of the run-up to the GOP-led Arizona Senate's audit in Maricopa County. Some officials in these Pennsylvania counties already signaled they would not fully comply with the request as things stood.

 At Am Think, Jay Valentine says Want to See Election Fraud in 24 Hours? Send Us Your Data! "Voter fraud comes in many forms.  It is all over the place.  It is really hard for any citizen to see quickly, simply.  That's why it has worked so well for thirty years, especially in 2020." The Peacock whines that  Republicans increasingly look to ballot initiatives as way to enact voting measures, "Voting rights advocates say they fear the efforts in three states will prove successful and spread to others where such initiatives are legally possible." What! Republican want to vote on it? The dastards! Politico whines that Trump clings to false election claims at Arizona rally "The former president repeatedly hyped an ongoing partisan audit of poll results in Maricopa County." Nobody has ever hyped a partisan poll before.

At Am Think (again), Thomas Lifson calls it Fleebagger fail: Two fugitive Texas Dems return home while a third whines that Biden won’t meet with them

At Town Hall, Landon Mion reports that Democrat Sens. Klobuchar, Luján Introduce Legislation to Crackdown on Online 'Misinformation, otherwise known as information the contradicts the Democrat agenda.

Stacey Matthews at LI explains how NSA Confirms Unmasking Tucker Carlson, Gives Inconsistent Denial on Spying Allegations. I see how it happened. I just want someone to out the NSA officials who leaked it to the press. And speaking of Tuckuh!, Andrea Widburg reports that The man who accosted Tucker Carlson has an interesting background, working for an NGO that was a CIA front, once upon a time. 

The Monday Morning Stimulus