Thursday, September 24, 2020

9/24/20 Beach Report

This morning I got an email tip that Whitey, as Georgia likes to call him/her, had been spotted at the back of Flag Harbor (I have not seen it the last three days). As I was walking from the back of the harbor to the beach, it came flying in from the bay, and settled on a piling near the back, and shook all it's feathers out, which explains this "before coffee" look.
A very quiet day at the beach, it was overcast but not rainy, and 66-70 F.
An only adequate day for fossils, 15 shark's teeth and a crab claw, and not especially noteworthy.

Two Police Shot by Biden Voters in "Mostly Peaceful" Louisville Riots

 Stacy McCain, Mostly Peaceful™ Protesters Shoot Two Police Officers in Louisville Riot

This is actually good news, relatively speaking. When I saw the mob unpacking riot supplies from a U-Haul truck (allegedly supplied by Soros-funded radical Holly Zoller), my thought was, “Uh-oh. This is gonna be bad.” Fortunately, Louisville is not Portland. There are about 120,000 black people in Louisville, but the protest mob — at least half of whom were white — was never more than a few hundred people.

Whatever the public opinion about the Breonna Taylor case in Louisville, the vast majority of residents there clearly do not support the radical cop-hating mob, and so the city didn’t burn down Wednesday night. The cops maintained a perimeter and, when the protesters did not disperse after the 9 p.m. curfew, they arrested everybody (apparently including Daily Caller reporter Shelby Talcott). All in all, the situation in Louisville was not nearly as bad as it could have been.

For me the most disturbing moment of the night — I mean, besides the two cops getting shot — was when I briefly watched CNN and had to listen to Ben Crump run his mouth for a couple of minutes. 
Is it ever a good idea to watch CNN anymore?

Russiagate: The Senate Reviews Hunter's Excellent Adventure

And as you might expect, they think it sucked. Starting with several links from Wombat's In The Mailbox: 09.23.20. First, from Am Great Shock Senate Report Finds Hunter Biden Ties To Red China, Russia, & Human Trafficking. What, no cocaine? 

Senate investigators found “potential criminal activity relating to transactions among and between Hunter Biden, his family, and his associates with Ukrainian, Russian, Kazakh and Chinese nationals.” The millions of dollars in “questionable financial transactions” include the wife of the former mayor of Moscow as well as individuals with ties to the Chinese Communist Party.
Legal Insurrection: Obama Admin Knew Hunter Biden’s Burisma Position “Interfered With Execution” Of Ukraine Policy, but no doubt, Lt. Col. Vindmin was OK with that. Tristan Justice at Da Fed get to the point, Senate Report Accuses Hunter Biden Of Paying For Hookers Who May Have Been Trafficked. Jack Crowe at NR, Senate Report Details Hunter Biden’s Extensive Foreign Business Dealings — and Obama Officials’ Efforts to Ignore Them. At Da Wire, Hunter Biden Received Millions From Wife Of Ex-Moscow Mayor, Paid Suspects Allegedly Tied To Trafficking, Had Contacts With Individuals Linked To Chinese Military, Senate Report Alleges. Sundance at CTH, Senate Releases Damning Report of Hunter Biden Foreign Payments and Influence Sales – Money, Hookers and Bribes…. Ace, COLLUSION: Senate Report Finds That Hunter Biden Took Money from Wife of Former Moscow Mayor, Paid Off Women Connected to Human Trafficking, Had Contacts With the Chinese Military
“The Senate investigation’s explosive new revelations about the Biden family profiting from Russia, China and other foreign sources while Joe Biden was vice president amount to stunning levels of corruption and breathtaking breaches of America’s national security. While Biden was vice president, his son Hunter received a $3.5 million wire transfer from the billionaire wife of the former mayor of Moscow, individuals who are undoubtedly connected to Vladimir Putin. Chinese nationals also lavished Hunter and other members of the Biden family with money, giving Hunter and Biden’s brother James credit cards for a $100,000 international shopping spree. But the mysterious $142,300 wire transfer from a Kazakhstan businessman through a Latvian bank and a company in Singapore has to take the cake. These bombshells are in addition to new information regarding Hunter’s sweetheart gig on the board of a corrupt Ukrainian gas company that bribed a Ukrainian prosecutor.

“Page 17 of this report reveals that Joe Biden flat out lied when he said he had never spoken with Hunter about his foreign business dealings. After a State Department official raised concerns with Vice President Biden about it in the West Wing of the White House, Biden spoke with Hunter about it and Hunter contacted the official.

“For what possible reason could all of these foreign countries and entities be shoveling money at people named Biden, if not to influence official U.S. policy? American journalists have a responsibility to relentlessly question Joe Biden about all of this, in detail, and to call out his attempts to cover up this potentially criminal activity. Regardless of whether Biden is forced to face the music, this is further evidence that if Joe Biden wins, China and many other foreign interests with a financial stake in the Biden family win too.”
Democrats won't be able to easily dismiss the concerns politically because Obama-era State Department officials have admitted in testimony that the Bidens' behavior created the appearance of a conflict of interest that directly undercut U.S. efforts to fight endemic corruption in Ukraine.

But the bigger concern the report is expected to raise is whether U.S. officials during the Obama-Biden era turned a blind eye to red flags about what was going on at Burisma and with Hunter Biden and his business dealings.
Oh, I have faith in Democrat's ability to turn a blind eye and dismiss these findings. New York Times, Republican Inquiry Finds No Evidence of Wrongdoing by Biden and called it a Russian disinformation campaign. WaPoo, GOP Senate report on Biden son alleges conflict of interest,  GOP senators’ report calls Hunter Biden’s board position with Ukraine firm ‘problematic’ but doesn’t show it changed U.S. policy and  GOP’s Hunter Biden report doesn’t back up Trump’s actual conspiracy theory — or anything close to it  Twitchy, ‘Absolute ghoul’: CNN’s head of strategic communications gets nasty over (lack of) Hunter Biden coverage, and from NYPo, ‘I’m not gonna respond to that’: Biden snaps at reporter asking about son

And in non-Hunter news, Natalie Winters at the National Pulse writes that Soros-Linked Impeachment Witness Fiona Hill Echoes Calls For ‘Electoral Commission’
While speaking at CNN’s Citizen Conference, Hill, who also served as Deputy Assistant to the President and Senior Director for European and Russian Affairs on the National Security Council in the Trump administration, offered support for Coat’s proposition of a “bipartisan election commission.”

Coats, a solidly establishment Republican and perennial Trump critic, called for the commission via a New York Times op-ed, “What’s at Stake in This Election? The American Democratic Experiment.”

In the nearly 900-word op-ed, Coats proposed a “supremely high-level bipartisan and nonpartisan commission to oversee the election,” confirming the predictions of National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam, who remarked on the War Room: Pandemic podcast that the establishment will float an “electoral commission” to adjudicate the 2020 election . . .

No doubt packed with rabid anti-Trump Democrats, and never-Trump Republicans. 

From NYT, but cited at Hot Air, White House Accused Of Intervening To Block Bolton’s Book For Political Reasons, and if true (dubious given that it's the NYT), I'm OK with it. Bolton shouldn't be writing it now.

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