Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fellow Viewers from the Beach

Georgia, my wife of 37 years, and our dog of 10 years, Skye.

Georgia is a fellow scientist, and we work together on occasions.  Skye is a Siberian Husky we rescued at the age of 3.  Together, we walk the beach most weekend days.  Georgia and I get exercise while hunting for fossils, beach glass and other artifacts, while Skye runs around a lot, tries to get strangers to give her a pet (she succeeds more often than not), and tries to catch whistle pigs in the kudzu (with rare success).  I have taken a lot of pictures of Skye running:

Some of them catch the spirit.

As they say, click on the pic to embiggen.

This isn't intended to be a blog primarily about the beach, but it will remain a central theme.


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I may know this guy...

Heck, I might even become this guy.

Hat tip to PJ Parks.

Monday, November 29, 2010

First Post (how original is that?)

This is the first post of my new toy, A View from the Beach.  I intend it as something of a journal, but I hope that others may find value in its content.  I may discuss science, fishing, music or politics, or I may post a picture from a walk on the beach.  You are welcome to join in on the comments.  For today, a picture from the beach.

This bird watched us as we walked the beach this morning.  On the way back it got resentful about photography and flew off.  This was taken using my Kodak Z915 using the extreme zoom (optical and digital) which accounts for some of the graininess.  I like the camera, but I wish for something with the speed and viewfinder of the digital SLR (I have a Nikon) and the convenience of the point and shoots.  A bonus shot:

The Fata Morgana mirage.  Here, the remains of James Island appears to hover over Chesapeake Bay.