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Frack, Baby, Frack

 Ars Technica,  Fracking wastewater has “shocking” amount of clean-energy mineral lithium

In 2007, a geoscientist at Penn State named Terry Engelder calculated that Pennsylvania could be sitting on more than 50 trillion cubic feet of accessible natural gas deposits. Engelder later revised his calculation upward, to 489 trillion cubic feet, enough to meet US natural gas demand for 18 years. These massive numbers set off the fracking boom in Pennsylvania, leading to drilling across the state. Since the rush began, there have been 13,000 unconventional wells drilled in Pennsylvania.

Now, a new “astounding” calculation has caught the attention of the gas industry: A study from researchers at the National Energy Technology Laboratory shows the wastewater produced by Pennsylvania’s unconventional wells could contain enough lithium to meet 38 to 40 percent of current domestic consumption. Lithium is a critical mineral that’s an “essential component” of many clean energy technologies, including batteries for electric vehicles.

The study used chemical and production compliance data from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to estimate that approximately 1,160 metric tons of lithium per year could be extracted from this produced water, which is a combination of fluids used for fracking and water from natural formations underground that returns to the surface during the drilling process. The lithium in Pennsylvania’s produced water likely comes from ancient volcanoes that were erupting at the time the natural gas deposits were being formed. This volcanic ash contained lithium that eventually seeped into the water underground.

“The researcher community in the US is really working hard to find the materials and methods that will enable us to meet our climate goals and decarbonize the economy,” said Justin Mackey, the study’s lead investigator. “Sometimes you might be surprised where that material actually comes from.”

The Marcellus Shale Coalition, an industry trade group dedicated to the Marcellus Shale formation, the natural gas deposit beneath Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and New York, reacted to the news with enthusiasm. “This scientific analysis by one of the leading energy laboratories in the world shows once again how abundant Pennsylvania natural gas can enhance America’s energy, environmental and national security,” the coalition said in a statement.

The United States currently relies on imports from Argentina, Chile and China to fully meet its lithium needs, and the demand for lithium is expected to rise dramatically as the clean energy transition accelerates.

Mackey, a research geochemist at the National Energy Technology Laboratory, said he had focused on lithium because it is a strategic material for the American economy and defense industries and because it has insecure supply chains. “We’re reliant on foreign entities like China and Chile and Australia to source these raw materials, but they’re critical to our economies,” he said. “And more importantly, they’re critical to decarbonizing the US automotive fleet.”

He said the researchers were “shocked” that the highest concentrations of lithium found in the Marcellus “are comparable to lithium brine, to water that is actually being mined for lithium.”

Turning toxic waste into a valuable resource is win-win. I expect Democrats and the associated environmentalist community to oppose it heartily and try to keep us dependent of foreign lithium producers. 

Beach Report 5/31/24

Georgia and I persuaded Gabi to come to the beach for a while this afternoon.
It's a beautiful day, with temperatures in the middle 60's, a pretty good breeze coming from the NE (pretty much directly onshore for us).

The tide was near high, the beach was mostly sandy and the surf made it hard to hunt on the gravel line below, so tooth hunting was hard. I managed 4, plus a drum tooth, and a couple of ray barbs, including this small but perfect Snaggletooth . . .
And this much larger, and only slightly less perfect one. 
I took the big camera today in hopes of getting pictures of birds and butterflies. At least the birds cooperated. 

Flotsam and Jetsam - In the Wake of the Convictions

I have the time, I just don't have the will to do the usual post with minimal snark. Something broke in the US yesterday when a jury from a highly biased district, quite possibly tampered with, but certainly pre-stocked with bias, egged on by a judge determined to get as many guilty verdicts as possible, with charges filed by a Soros funded DA who campaigned on the promise to get Donald Trump, and litigated by a Biden DOJ lawyer who stepped down from the DOJ to try the case, convicted Donald Trump, the former president on 34 Trumped up, to use the obvious pun, felony charges of illegally influencing the 2016 election by, gasp, get this, labeling checks, invoices and ledger entries made out to disgraced lawyer Michael Cohen as legal expenses. 

I can't imagine that this will survive appeal, but that could take a very long time. In the meantime, I suppose the judge will get to impose his restrictions on Donald Trump, even jail time if he thinks he can get away with it, and will likely try to interfere with his ability to campaign. 

The people who perpetrated this must be made to pay. I don't know how. Clearly, the judge is beyond reach of any legal sanctions, however, his life could be made hell if he steps beyond the borders of the 5 boroughs (and I'm not so sure about Staten Island and the Bronx). Likewise, the prosecutor was elected by the denizens (I hesitate to call them citizens) of New York, and only they can do anything about him, and they probably won't. 

The rest of the United States has to view this as an attack on them by the City of New York, and treat it accordingly. Do no business with any entity located in New York city. Deny them the lifeblood of NYC, money. If possible, work to raise the costs of food, water and energy to the city, which must import all three from red areas of the country.  Republican prosecutors throughout the country need to find similarly specious crimes to hold Democrats "accountable" for. 

They may think they're the brains of the country. Let's show them we can be the assholes. 


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Fish Pic Friday - Outdoors with Kate

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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Charters Still Fighting Striper Regulations

Balmer Sun, Maryland charter boats, anglers grapple with rockfish limit amid population decline

When first mate Steph Shields got the text message, it felt like more of the same.

It was a customer who typically booked striped bass fishing trips on her boat, the Kent Island-based Chasin’ Tail, once or twice per year. But when she told the angler about this year’s regulations, which limit customers to one fish per person, he said he’d have to get back to her.

“That’s what everyone says: ‘We’ll get back to you,’” Shields said. “And then you don’t hear back.”

This year in Maryland, the rules around catching the state fish, known by the nickname rockfish, are among the tightest in recent memory, not counting a moratorium in the late 1980s that spurred a resurgence of the depleted species.

Maryland charter boat crews, who make their living guiding anglers to the prized sportfish, say the catch restrictions have dampened enthusiasm and diminished bookings.

But they come amid troubling population data for the species, including five straight years of below-average tallies of baby rockfish in Maryland’s portion of the Chesapeake Bay, the birthplace of the majority of the species’ Atlantic stock. The population is considered overfished.

This year, the one-fish limit applies to all recreational anglers in the bay, whether they fish aboard private boats or on charters, which can cost upward of $125 per person. And every keeper must fit within a narrow size limit from 19 to 24 inches long. Maryland officials also canceled the trophy season, a two-week period that previously opened the spring season, during which anglers targeted the largest striped bass after their arrival in the bay to spawn.

Limits for commercial watermen were slashed 7% in the Chesapeake and the Atlantic Ocean this year. But in Maryland, that quota reduction won’t be enforced until 2025.

In March, two organizations representing charter boat companies and other watermen filed a lawsuit against the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, the multistate compact that determines fishing regulations for rockfish and a host of other nearshore species. A federal judge in Baltimore rejected their request for an injunction against the rules; they’ve appealed to a higher court.

Charter captains argue the regulations’ impact on charters is excessive.

“Some people straight up say, ‘Man, I’m not coming for one fish,’” Shields said.

Fox 5,  New Maryland fishing regulation has some small businesses concerned

In Maryland’s smaller towns along the Chesapeake Bay, an industry filled with small businesses is concerned about a new regulation centered around the state's fish: the striped bass.

The Maryland Charter Boat Association has about 400 members. People come and pay them to go out on their boats, and they can catch striped bass, also known as the Rockfish.

It used to be that people who paid to go on these charter boats in Maryland on the bay could take two fish per person. Then, in January of this year, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission enacted a new rule where these charter boats could only have one fish per person.

The Charter Boat Group says the result of that rule has been devastating for business.

"There have been 19 charter boats that have been sold in the last two and a half months and another half a dozen that are already listed," said fisherman Brian Hardman with Lead Dog Charters. "At one point, it was down 50% to 60% but it’s down, in a lot of cases, 70% to 75% and you can’t survive on that knowing next year might be just as bad as this year."

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is a compact of states focused on collectively sustaining fisheries. The Charter Boat Group and other interested parties filed a lawsuit over this saying, in short, the new regulation was unnecessary and not within the Commission’s authority.

The charter boat companies say the number of striped bass pulled from the bay has decreased in recent years and they don’t necessarily believe the population is declining but rather that the fish have changed its migratory patterns.

In its response, the Commission says this rule change is part of a necessary series of policy changes to ensure the long-term health and longevity of the striped bass population, which they believe is overfished, while arguing that they do have the authority to do this.

I'm supposed to be going out on Monday, for the first time since the new regulations went into effect. 

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Justice is Dead

 Long live justice.  Stacy McCain, Rigged Jury in Show Trial Delivers Guilty Verdict Demanded by Corrupt Judge.

Was there ever any doubt about this predetermined outcome? The way that Judge Juan Merchan instructed the jury made anything but a guilty verdict impossible, if there was ever any doubt to begin with (which there wasn’t). As I explained 10 days ago:
The evidence and testimony don’t matter, because the outcome was predetermined before the “trial” ever started. This is a political operation organized by the Democratic Party to punish Trump and, if possible, to prevent him from being elected president again.
Understand that 86% of voters in Manhattan voted for Joe Biden in 2020. There are no honest people on that jury. They know full well why they are there, and what is expected of them. This “trial” has nothing to do with justice, and everything to do with revenge — Trump beat Hillary in 2016, and Democrats cannot forgive him for that.
“Mother Teresa could not beat these charges . . . The whole thing is rigged,” Trump said. No honest person could disagree.

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Flotsam and Jetsam - Jury Deliberation Begins

It's all over except for the jury decision. About the only excitement to be garnered is that the jury sent a request to the judge to review Cohen's and Pecker's testimonies and the judge's instructions, which I guess means someone actually intends to think about it one way or the other. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.29.24 (Afternoon Edition), Twitchy,  NY Post Reports “Trump Deliberations Underway” & Twitter Reacts.  From the AP, Donald Trump’s hush money trial: Highlights from first day of jury deliberations. ABC,  Trump trial live updates: Jury to begin 2nd day of deliberations. At NewMax Trump Sums Up Prosecution's Closing Arguments: 'Boring! and Jonathan Turley: Trump Case Should End 'Not Guilty'.  At PJM Stephen Kruiser says America's Eyes Are Now on the Kangaroo Court Jury, Vicky Taft notes Trump Lawyer to Jury: You Can't Convict or Imprison a Man Based on the Words of a Convicted Liar and VodkaPundit thinks Judge Merchan's Instruction to the Jury Will Leave Your Jaw on the Floor. I can't say I'm that surprised.  Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair, Trump 'Hush Money' Judge Slams Defense Lawyer Yet Again. Sundance at CTH President Trump Delivers Remarks as Jury Deliberates in New York City, “Weaponized Deal to Manipulate Law”

Hat Hair cites Merchan to Jury: Choose Your Own AdventureJonathan Turley@JonathanTurley "...Merchan just delivered the coup de grace instruction. He said that there is no need to agree on what occurred. They can disagree on what the crime was among the three choices.  Thus, this means that they could split 4-4-4 and he will still treat them as unanimous..."  Capt. Ed at Hat Hair adds "Needless to say, this is absurdly unconstitutional. Defendants are entitled to know the clear charges against them, and prosecutors are required to prove each element of the case. In this trial, the only reason these are felonies is because Bragg insists that Trump violated other laws, but never even presented a case on any of the three theories." At Da Caller,  Never-Trumper Andy McCarthy Says Trump Judge’s Instructions Are ‘Antithesis Of Standard’ As Jurors Don’t ‘Have To Agree On’ CrimeCapt. Ed, "There's already so much reversible error in this case that it almost feels as though Merchan has hit the 'f*** it' stage." Fusilli Spock@awstar11, "This just solidifies that Merchan has no expectation that a conviction will survive appeal and his one and only goal is to get to conviction, at any cost." At TownHall Sarah Arnold finds a CNN Analyst Shocked by Judge Merchan's Handling of Jury Instructions and Matt Vespa says Brace Yourselves for a Trump Conviction Because the Judge Just Tilted the Scales. Althouse is unconvinced, "The judge has now arrived at the reason prosecutors charged Trump with falsifying business records as a felony: Because, they say..." ""... he covered up a second crime, violating the state election law that forbids a conspiracy to aid a person’s election by unlawful means. The judge didn’t call specific attention to the layered nature of the two crimes — but this is where things get complicated. Some of the jurors are taking notes." From the NYT's live reporting of Justice Merchan's reading his instructions to the jury."

 NewsMax has one hopeful Report: One Juror Seems to Agree With Defense. At Da Caller, Jonathan Turley Says Trump Defense Made Right Move By Not Calling Alvin Bragg’s Missing Key Witness. For some reason, both sides seem to agree that calling Alan Weisselberg, Trump organizations former CFO dangerous to their side, which makes me want to hear from him. 

At the Wombat's  In The Mailbox: 05.29.24 (Evening Edition), The Geller Reports ETHICS COMPLAINT FILED: Corrupt Biden Judge Presiding Over Trump’s NY Sham Trial “Randomly” Gets Every Anti-Trump Prosecution Case and The Federalist, Stefanik Complaint: Judge Merchan Was ‘Intentionally Selected’ To Ensure Trump Is Convicted.  Ace,  Rep. Stefanik Files Legal Complaint Against Merchan, Alleging His Selection to Judge Three Separate Trump Trials Was Obviously Rigged. "There are hundreds and hundreds of criminal judges in Manhattan. The odds that the same hardcore partisan and corrupt judge gets assigned all three? Zero point zero percent. "Hand-picked judge," Jonathan Turley calls him." Byron York at Front Page, channels George Conway, ‘Whatever They Can Get Him For Is Fine With Me’.  Dr Naomi Wolf@naomirwolf, "As a former Democratic political consultant, it’s deeply embarrassing to me that the party’s best idea now for winning is to imprison the opposition leader. The anti-Trump trials fly deeper into the Twilight Zone." (((Harry Enten)))@ForecasterEnten, "After all the testimony in Trump's hush money case, the effect on the public has been zero. Voters simply just don't care that much. They are far more tuned into news about inflation, immigration, etc. than Trump's trials. Unsurprisingly, Trump small lead over Biden is holding."

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.29.24 (Afternoon Edition), The Federalist: Biden Pressers Confirm ‘Get Trump’ Lawfare Is A Campaign Stunt  Vicky Taft says that with their DeNiro stunt, BIDEN TEAM CONFIRMS: Trump NYC Trial Was a Biden Produced Political Show Trial. Althouse, "’The fact is whether he’s acquitted, whether it’s hung jury, whatever it is, he is guilty, and we all know it,' the actor said...". Stephen Kruiser at PJM says Robert De Niro Remains the Poster Boy for 'Just Shut Up and Sing' and Democrats Are Bathing in Desperation and Flop-Sweat. From Breitbart, Robert De Niro Slammed Online over Trump Press Conference: ‘Will Never Spend Money on Anything He’s in Again’. Capt. Ed hears the Biden Comms Director Gaslight: We Didn't Order the Code Travis Bickle

Matt Margolis is pleased when Judge Cannon Thwarts Jack Smith’s Attempt to Silence Trump. Breitbart, Judge denies request to restrict Trump statements about law enforcement in classified records case. Margot Cleveland at Da Fed says Judge Aileen Cannon Is The Latest Object Of Democrats’ Recusal Obsession

Pete Van Buren at Am Con, This List of Schemes and Hoaxes Shows What Trump Is Up Against. "What “normal” candidate would want to run for president knowing they would be exposed to such efforts?" At the Wombat's  In The Mailbox: 05.29.24 (Evening Edition), Joe Lobue at Da Fed asserts Democrats, Not Trump, Are The Real Crooked Record-Keepers. At Da Caller, Which Party Is The Real ‘Threat To Democracy’? Democrats.

Ace,  Human Dirtgrub Michael Cohen to Run For Congress "As a Democrat? That fits. He's got the ethical and psychological profile sought by the Democrat Party." And speaking of Human Dirtgrubs, SCOTUS Declines Avenatti Appeal; Kavanaugh Recuses, at Hat Hair.  Chuck Glasser at Insty, CNN reporting that “Supreme Court turns away appeal from disgraced attorney Michael Avenatti.” "CNN not reporting that Avenatti appeared on a fawning CNN 108 times between March 7 and May 10, 2018"

Matt Vespa wonders Did Joe Biden Fall Asleep at a Memorial Day Ceremony? From RedState, Nick Arama reveals What the Biden Campaign Doesn't Want You to Know About His Philly Audience (it was tiny) and Biden Remarks in Philly Are a Slurring Race-Baiting Mess, With Mind-Bending Brain Breaks. Hat Hair's KT watches Jill Biden on The View: Trump vs Biden is Battle Against Evil and Chaos. Spencer Lindquist at Da Wire, Majority Of Democrats Approve Of Replacing Biden With New Candidate, Poll Finds. Twitchy, Read the Polls! Biden Tells Reporter Dems Want Him to Run (and Check Out the Faces on the Agents).  Roanoke College Poll: Biden and Trump tied in VirginiaCapt. Ed, "When was the last time a Republican won Virginia? Twenty years ago, when George W. Bush carried it, the last in a GOP streak dating back to 1964. If Virginia's becoming a battleground state, that does not bode well for Democrats at all." Althouse, What gender gap? Da Lid sees CNN is Worried: Donald Trump’s Black Support has Doubled. KT at Hat Hair VIP, Biden and Harris Take Their Act on the Road Searching for Black Votes. Breitbart notices Joe Biden Enlists January 6 Police Officers to Campaign in Swing States, are they still getting their regular Federal pay? Also, Top Democrat Official in Michigan Battleground County Refuses to Back Biden. J. Bob Smith at Am Think thinks If Biden is Reelected, It’s about War. Ben Shapiro at PJM tells of  The Campaign of Delusion, or dementia.

Capt. Ed,  Convention? What Convention? Dems Kill Biden Escape Hatch "Rather than wait for the convention to nominate Joe Biden as their presidential nominee, the DNC will hold a "virtual roll call" to nominate Biden in time for Ohio's August 7 ballot deadline." Jazz Shaw, DNC to Nominate Biden/Harris Virtually and Early. Ace, Cuckold Review: Republicans Have a Sacred Duty to Rewrite Ohio State Law to Put Joe Biden on the Ballot "And also -- if they don't rush to do this, they're terrible hypocrites about "lawfare" and every bit as bad as Alvin Bragg and and Jack Smith. This is National Review, everyone. America's Conservative Beacon."

TownHall's Guy Benson thinks Newly-Revealed Text Messages Present New, Sordid Problem for Joe and Hunter Biden. KT, RFK, Jr. Super PAC President to Publish Tell-All by Hunter Biden's Baby Mama. Bryan Jung at PJM, EXCLUSIVE: Single Mom Who Found Ashley Biden's Diary Says She's Victim of Corrupt DOJ.

Grayson Bakich at PJM reports an Illegal With Extensive Rap Sheet Arrested for West Virginia Murder. MxM News, Illegal alien wanted by Interpol for murder seen crying during arrest after crossing border under Biden

Ace, Biden's Terrorist-Aid Pier Is Now Sinking "The Bee->"

Hat Hair's John Sexton reports People Are Still Feeling the Pain of Inflation

At WaEx, Paul Bedard claims the Odds of Trump winning at highest point. Adam Turner at RedState on The 'Two Minutes Hate' for Donald Trump. Henry Rogers at Da Caller reports a Trump-World Lawyer Sends House GOP Playbook For How To End Biden ‘Election Interference’ "Davis specifically mentions House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, saying he must “issue subpoenas for documents and require sworn testimony of those involved from the Biden White House, Biden Justice Department, Biden Democrat state and local prosecutors’ offices, and all others–both inside and outside of government–involved in this criminal conspiracy against President Trump.”"  Sean Davis@seanmdav, "When Mitt Romney ran for president, Joe Biden said he was going to reinstitute slavery and put black people in chains." Quoting Jonathan Lemire@JonLemire "“This isn’t, ‘Oh my God, Mitt Romney might become president.’ It’s ‘Oh my God, the democracy might end.’”" 

The Free Bacon goes Inside RFK Jr.'s Political Bromance With Rand Paul. NewsMax, reports RFK Jr. Files FEC Complaint Claiming Debate CollusionCapt. Ed, "If nothing else, the Commission for Presidential Debates offered some screening of liability for such lawsuits, although they routinely got similar complaints from minor parties over debate exclusion."

Da Fed's Shawn Fleetwood is disturbed by Michelle Obama’s Dark Money Group Campaign To Turn Out Likely-Democrat Voters

At In My Tribe, Arnold Kling examines Jewish Christophobia "Fear of Christians keeps many Jews on the left."

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.29.24 (Afternoon Edition)  Da Lid reports Biden’s DOJ Claims ‘Deadly Force’ Order Necessary Because Trump Had ‘Knives’ in Mar-a-Lago Kitchen. Althouse, "There is concern for potential violent protests regardless of who wins the presidency in November."  "Although more are concerned about potentially violent protests by Trump supporters if Biden wins (36% very concerned; 31% somewhat concerned), there is also concern about violent protests by Biden supporters if Trump wins (19% very concerned; 29% somewhat concerned). Democrats were much more concerned about Trump supporters’ reactions (54% very concerned; 30% somewhat concerned), while Republicans were about equally concerned regardless of who wins." People seem to have forgotten the DC riots when Trump won in 2016. Sundance hears a Remarkable and Truthful Statement About FBI Political Surveillance "Governor Phil Bryant: “I’m the campaign finance director for Donald Trump in Mississippi, so we raise money. I’ve talked to a number of very wealthy individuals that God has blessed that say I can’t give money to Donald Trump because the FBI will show up at my door.”" Brandon Morse at RedState, DOJ Tracked 'Moms for Liberty' As a Hate Group, According to Uncovered Emails. NewsMax, Report: DOJ Tracked Moms for Liberty as Hate Group.

Jordan Schachtel at The Dossier notices the Biden White House spins up 'scientific integrity council' to shield Government Health bureaucrats and DEI agenda from possible Trump second term. HE, Far-left outlets now pretend to care about ‘free speech’ now that their antisemitism is being challenged.

mrcTV reports Girls Refuse to Clap As Biological Boy Takes First Place In Their State Race. At the Stream, Protect the Children Part 4: What Is Grooming Culture and How Is Your School Promoting It? At Hat Hair, Jazz Shaw, Cruel and Unusual: Female Prisoners on Living With Trans Prisoners, and John Sexton, UK Announces Temporary Ban on Puberty Blockers. The Free Bacon reports California Dems Want To Fast-Track Medical Licenses for Applicants Who Will Provide Gender-Affirming CareCapt. Ed, "This is a state that notoriously slow-walks licensing and permitting for business start-ups. Rick Perry had a field day at Jerry Brown's expense by talking to California businessmen and explaining how they could get approvals for construction in six weeks in Texas that took 18 months in California." Spiked, Ricky Gervais has every right to ridicule trans activists

From Campus Reform, Yale students call for 'open intifada,' say activists should 'escalate disruption' and 'paralyze all aspects of normal life' Back at ya, girls. Ace, Yale Terrorists Call for "Open Intifada" Against the Citizens of the United States "Not a peep of criticism -- much less hysterical alarm -- from those who bleat about "insurrection" and "Muh Normzzz" every single day."

Priorities, Twitchy reports a  Manhunt Underway for Driver Who Left Tire Marks on a Pride Mural.

Hat Hair reports Politico dismayed, Alito to Critics: Pound Sand, I Won't RecuseYashar Ali@yashar "NEWS San Francisco has removed the “Appeal To Heaven” flag which has been flying outside of City Hall for decades. This is the same flag that was flying outside of the Alito’s beach home."

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A Thursday Tune


 Estella Dawn is known for her unwavering confidence and boldly passionate delivery. Her music has proven a force to be reckoned with – her style knows no limits, and across the globe her growing audience is celebrating that quality. Divinely striking vocals carve out a fiercely distinct identity, as this creative powerhouse continues to raise the bar for the future of modern pop.

Born and raised in New Zealand but residing in the US, the singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist brings a depth of talent and ability to the new pop scene. Wholly encapsulating the art of a life devoted to music, the working creative writes, records and produces every one of her releases. Her ability to faultlessly unite elements of piercing delicacy and outright ferocity gives her sound a truly unparalleled edge and allows her to transcend genres with spirited conviction.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Crabs Doing Just OK

The Balmer Sun opines The state of Chesapeake Bay blue crabs: OK for now 

With Memorial Day now in the rearview mirror, it’s time to ponder the approach of summer and one of the Maryland’s most beloved traditions, the consumption of blue crabs. Whether seasoned, steamed and eaten over the pages of The Baltimore Sun, or served as crab cakes, crab balls, crab dip, crab salad or crab soup, the lure of the Chesapeake Bay’s “beautiful swimmers,” as Callinectes sapidus are known, is undeniable. What’s less clear is whether they will be abundant in these environmentally challenging times. The good news is that the best predictor of the season, the results of the annual winter dredge survey, which extrapolates their numbers from wintering female crab populations, are in, and things are looking fairly good.

The Virginia Marine Resources Commission and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources predict about 317 million crabs this year. That’s a slight reduction from last year’s estimate of 323 million, but well within the safe range. By comparison, the survey estimated just 227 million blue crabs in 2022, a record low since the survey was launched in 1990. More concerning for this year’s total is that the estimated number of adult females (the more crucial half for reproduction) is down to 133 million from 152 million last year. Scientists say the ideal number would be around 215 million to guarantee a sustainable harvest.

None of this is a reason to swear off lump crab meat, but it does give good reason for state regulatory agencies to be cautious with this beloved species. Efforts to preserve (and perhaps even cultivate where possible) submerged aquatic vegetation that harbors females and their juveniles should continue, and reasonable catch limits for both recreational and commercial harvest must be enforced.

DC News Now not so optimistic What to expect for crab season in Maryland

Crab season is upon us in the DMV and Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ (MDNR) recent study shows just how many we could see this summer.

The report said both female and male blue crabs have declined by about 10%. That’s from fishing limits put in place to limit how many crabs can be caught. However, there is a concern about the declining number of juvenile crabs available. 

Officials said the decline could be from the surrounding environment and an increase in predators such as the blue catfish. But Maryland’s DNR said there is something people can do to help. 

“The public can engage in ways that are on a recreational basis,” Michael Luisi, with MDNR’s fishing and boating services, said. “They can help us try to control that population of catfish by fishing for them, so we’re trying to promote the recreation of catching the catfish to help us with that control over predator and prey.”

Blue Cats! It's all Blue Catfish! Straight Arrow News, Blue catfish are destroying wildlife in the Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the United States. On the surface it can appear to be a pristine haven for locals and tourists who want to enjoy nature. However, beneath the scenic waters lies an environmental nightmare: blue catfish. It’s an invasive species that can grow larger than 80 pounds.  

According to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR), there were an estimated 100 million catfish in the bay in 2011. Although there are no recent estimates, the DNR knows the population has grown.
“Supposed to be zero, supposed to be zero blue catfish in the Chesapeake Bay Basin,” Joseph Love, a member of the DNR Invasive Species Matrix Team, said.

These catfish are eating everything that make the Chesapeake Bay what it is: blue crabs and the eggs of striped bass.

“The Chesapeake Bay is changing and part of that’s owed to invasive species,” Love said in an interview with Straight Arrow News.

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Scientists Find New Osprey Threat

Chesapeake Bay Mag, VA Osprey Researchers Find Unexpected Nest Robber While Investigating Population Decline, minks

Mink are members of the weasel family. American minks don’t grow over 2.5 pounds or about 2 feet in length in the wild. Their luxurious brown fur was popular for coats in years past. They are cute, but they are vicious predators. They can swim well. They will venture far from the water to hunt, and they can even climb trees. They will readily attack and defeat larger prey. As carnivores, they eat eggs, fish, frogs, muskrats, rabbits, and apparently—baby ospreys.

Reese Lukei, Jr is a raptor expert with decades of experience working with The College of William and Mary’s Center for Conservation Biology. He says that after the old days of DDT, osprey enjoyed a successful comeback in the Lynnhaven River and were thriving as recently as five years ago. Unfortunately, that’s begun to change.

“DDT once diminished osprey populations everywhere,” Lukei said. “After DDT was banned, the first osprey returned to a nesting platform in the Lynnhaven in 1979. The number of successful nests grew. There was a peak of Lynnhaven nesting in 2019 with 102 nests counted. About half of those nests were on man made platforms. Nesting began to decline after that, and observers began to notice the disappearance of eggs and chicks from nests.”

Lukei and Keriann Pfleger from the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center (VIMS) began to investigate. “We had eyewitness accounts of owls and eagles raiding osprey nests,” he said. “Crows can form a mob to attack a nest with devastating results.”

Part of their research involved installing cameras on osprey platforms. “Recently, we had a battery issue with a camera,” said Lukei. “When we approached the nest to check on the camera, the nest was empty. We saw no adults. One adult is usually nearby to guard a nest.”

They replaced the battery and checked the memory card. That is when they discovered that a mink had raided the nest. The mink had simply climbed from the water up the pole into the nest.

Lukei called the discovery astonishing. The researchers had no idea minks were raiding osprey nests. While it is too late to make adaptations for this season, Lukei said they will be making plans to address this next year. He noted that it has always been recommended that osprey platforms on land or in marshes be protected with stove pipe against predators. Predator’s claws cannot grasp the metal stove pipe like they can a wood pole. Lukei said they will be applying that advice for platforms in the water as well.

If you’ve never spotted a mink in the Chesapeake Bay region, you may be surprised to learn that the common mink is, well, common, near the water in central and eastern Virginia. They prefer forested, brushy areas that provide cover for dens, according to the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources.

There's been a movement afoot lately to blame the failure of the the Osprey population in the Virginia on Menhaden fishing. However, this adds a new possibility, predation by mink (and potentially other) predators. Does it add up? I don't know, but that's what the study was designed to get at.

One possibility is that the increasing osprey population has encourage a growth of the predators. Certainly, Bald Eagles have thrived in the Bay as Ospreys have resurged, but we tend to ascribe that to the fact that both were hurt by DDT in the past. Prey and predators tend to run in contrary cycles, with high numbers of prey encouraging a subsequent boom in predators, which reduces the prey population, and causes a decline in predators. Could this cycle be occurring in the Bay region between Ospreys and the species that take advantage of them?

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Flotsam and Jetsam - Well, Now We Know What the Alleged Crime Was

@seanmdav  This is both satire  and also exactly what
 the corrupt New York judge has told jurors
Alvin Bragg's Manhattan trial of President Trump went to closing arguments yesterday. The defense took about 2.5 hours first, and in it's 4.5+ hours, the prosecution finally revealed what crime it used to boost 34 expired misdemeanor accounts of alleged faulty record keeping into felonies, supposed interference in the federal election, a crime the FEC had already investigated and declined to charge. So much for the principle of being told what you are being charged with prior to preparing, let alone presenting the defense. Althouse, "Todd Blanche, the defense lawyer, says his closing argument will take about two and a half hours, and..." "... Joshua Steinglass, the prosecutor, responds that his will be between four and four and a half hours. The judge says that means we may or may not finish at 4:30, and that he will ask the jurors if they can stay late in order to finish closing arguments if necessary." And yes, they stayed late. Jacob Sullum at Reason  Prosecutors Say Trump Tried to 'Hoodwink the American Voter,' Which Is Not a Crime. "Closing arguments in the former president's trial highlight the mismatch between the charges and the "election fraud" he supposedly committed." Capt. Ed at Hat Hair, 'MVP of Liars': Trump Closing Argument Hammers Cohen, Prosecution.   MxM News, Closing arguments begin in New York v. Trump as former president rips case as "election hunting"Jonathan Turley@JonathanTurley "Before the jury entered, the judge told the parties not to go into the law, “that will be my job.” That is precisely what worries many of us. Merchan has proven a minimalist judge giving the defendant the bare minimum of protections at every turn..." Twitchy does a good job of assembling Turley increasing incredulous tweets, Prof. Turley Gives Ringside Coverage to the Tire Fire of Bragg’s Closing Arguments in the Trump Trial. Ace, Judge Merchan Violates the Constitution Again, Instructs Jury That They Don't Need to be Unanimous About Which Mystery Crime Constitutes the Legal Predicate for the Trump Prosecution "Hey, hit Trump with a gag order about mentioning this in his appeal. "His appeal might endanger Merchan and his Democrat whore daughter."" Paul Mirngoff at the Ringside considers the question Will a conviction of Trump by that New York jury hurt his electoral chances? and decides not. Capt. Ed differs, "I'm not quite so sure that this will have no impact. It recalculates matters for "double never" voters who nonetheless feel compelled to vote for one of the two major nominees, perhaps by reducing the number who actually will cast a vote at all. But I'm increasingly convinced that this is going to be an academic question, as I suspect the likeliest outcome in Manhattan is a hung jury."

KT at Hat Hair is astonished the  Biden Campaign Brought Robert De Niro to Trash Trump Outside the Courthouse. Cutie Pavlich at TownHall, 'Unhinged': The Biden Campaign Held a Press Conference and It Was a Train Wreck. Nick Arama at RedState has  HOT TAKES: Let the Mockery Begin of Insane Biden Effort at Trump Trial—and How It May Help Trump.  Dan McLaughlin@baseballcrank, "Explain to me how, under Sheppard v Maxwell, a criminal defendant's right to a fair trial isn't violated when THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES sponsors a press conference outside the courthouse, the day before the jury begins deliberations, to demand a conviction." Joe Concha@JoeConchaTV "DeNiro wears a large mask walking outside years post-Covid only to take it off while speaking while surrounded by other people. Ludicrous speed already reached this week." Ace, Biden Makes It Clear That the Persecutions Are Political and Coordinated by the White House. "The Biden campaign arranged a stunt press conference from outside the courtroom where the fake Trump trial is taking place featuring anger junkie and has-been Robert DeNiro. Subtle as a car crash." From the Wombat's  In The Mailbox: 05.28.24 (Morning Edition) Twitchy: What Judge Merchan Told Parties About “Not Going Into The Law” Before Trump Jury Sounds Shady AF, Robert De Niro’s Batshit Rant At Biden Campaign Presser Outside NYC Court Only Helps Trump,

Meanwhile down in Florida, Jack Smith's case against Trump for keeping presidential records continues to go south. Hat Hair cites the AP, Judge Cannon Nixes Jack Smith Bid for New Gag Order on Trump -- For Now.  Capt. Ed notes "Smith has done some sloppy work in his haste to bring this case and to shut Trump up. Expect the Protection Racket Media to excoriate Cannon -- again -- but Smith seems to be the party that repeatedly doesn't adhere to procedure and process." NewsMax, Florida Docs Judge Threatens Jack Smith With 'Sanctions'. Ace, Judge Cannon Blasts Democrat Prosecutor Jack Smith For Unprofessionalism in Seeking Gag Orders on Trump "Jack Smith, in a nakedly political move, demanded that Judge Cannon hit Trump with a gag order for... tweeting that FBI agents were permitted to shoot to kill in executing the search warrant. That is true. They were so authorized. It's true that this is a routine boilerplate instruction, and that Trump wasn't home, but it is true that they had permission to shoot to kill if they encountered resistance in executing the warrant. Trump's statements are protected first amendment speech, even if his claims are contentious. In no world does a prosecutor have any business seeking a gag order to stop a presidential candidate from making politically-charged claims. Except when the prosecutor is just a campaign worker for Biden 2024. Politico whines about Judge Cannon, yet again."

At the Right Scoop, WATCH: Actor Dennis Quaid reveals he’s voting for Trump!WATCH: Actor Dennis Quaid reveals he’s voting for Trump! “I was ready not to vote for Trump until what I saw is – more than politics I see a weaponization of our justice system and a challenge to our Constitution.” He goes on to suggest that Trump the most investigated person in the history world and said “and they haven’t been able to really get him.” The teaser clip ends with Quaid saying “people might call him an asshole, but he’s my asshole.” Capt. Ed, "The "weaponization of our justice system" is certainly plain to see, especially in Manhattan. Robert De Niro's meltdown outside the Trump trial adds to that impression, as does the Biden campaign's very bad decision to use the trial to promote Biden. The whole enterprise in New York looks cooked. Because it is." Matt Vespa at Town Hall thinks this Anti-Trump Account Should Have Never Posted This Tweet About De Niro and Famous GOP Actors From the Wombat's  In The Mailbox: 05.28.24 (Morning Edition), Don Surber: Trump train keeps a-rollin.

John Hinderacker wonders will they Dump Biden?  "In a normal year, you would say this is a hopeless picture for the Democrats. But they have a lifeline: Biden, or whoever they might choose to replace him, gets to run against Donald Trump, whom half the country wouldn’t vote for under any circumstances, and who–no matter how absurd the charges against him may be–is likely about to be branded a “convicted felon.” It is hard to see how either candidate can win."  Capt. Ed, "...but the real problem is ... what's the alternative? In a scenario where Biden doesn't willingly withdraw, the only viable option for Dems is Kamala Harris. Only 17% of Dems want her as the alternative, though." Hat Hair's KT is down on Biden's Please Clap Moment at West Point. David Strom at Hat Hair is Shocked: Vox Got It Right? "No, Eric, you are right this time. And yes, you should be worried about Biden and the possibility that younger folks might defect to the Republican Party over the longer term, too. It happened under Reagan. Could it happen this time? Who knows."

Ace sees possible Witness Tampering? Joe Biden Drops In For Surprise Visit on Beau Biden's Ex-Wife and Hunter's Former Slam-Piece Hallie Biden, Just Before Trial In Which She Will be a Key Witness, "And when I say "key" witness I mean like a "key" of cocaine, like they used to say on Miami Vice. "Hunter Biden started banging Hallie Biden shortly after -- at least, the official story is "shortly after" -- Beau Biden died due to being exposed to burn pits while leading top secret commandos in Ukraine." MxM News reports Joe and Hunter Biden used Sandy Hook memorial service to set up secret meeting with Chinese, documents reveal. At RedState, Sister Toldja has a  Report: Lunden Roberts Has an August Surprise for Joe and Hunter Biden, a tell-all book.  Matt McDonald@mattjpfmcdonald "Lunden Roberts, the Arkansas stripper with whom Hunter Biden fathered a love child, is releasing a memoir with Skyhorse. The book will be released on August 20 — the Tuesday of the Democratic National Convention (what a coincidence!).

Dan Greenfield at Front Page reveals  A Pakistani Government Official Was One of Biden’s Largest Donors "And the man behind the Congressional Pakistan Caucus." Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair details how Foreign Nationals are Infiltrating US Military Bases at an Alarming Rate and how Schumer admits Yes, We Want to Make All Illegal Migrants Into Voters.

Althouse, probably an RFK Jr. voter, "I have a visceral reaction against, against the attacks on those statues. There were heroes in the Confederacy who didn’t have slaves..." ""... and, you know, I just, I just have a visceral reaction against destroying history. I don’t like it. I think we should celebrate who we are. We should celebrate the good qualities of everybody. … If we want to find people who were completely virtuous on every issue throughout history, we would erase all of history...." Said RFK Jr., quoted in "RFK Jr. had a ‘visceral’ reaction to tear-downs of Confederate statues/Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said on a podcast that he doesn’t think 'it’s a good, healthy thing for any culture to erase history'" (WaPo)."

Althouse, "[Richard] Dreyfuss took to the stage in a house dress to a background track of Taylor Swift’s Love Story, shaking his hips suggestively and..." "From "'We deeply regret the distress': cinema apologises for Richard Dreyfuss comments at Jaws screening/The actor took to the stage in a dress backed by Taylor Swift’s Love Story, then reportedly made a number of sexist and transphobic comments" (The Guardian)." Capt. Ed, We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat to Hate the Media Enough. From Hollywood in Toto, Jerry Seinfeld: ‘I Miss a Dominant Masculinity’.

The TaxProf cites the WSJ: Civil Rights And Antisemitism At Columbia. Joanna Jacobs hears Yale wants science profs to 'promote DEI through teaching'. Jonathan Turley, Professor Accuses UCLA of “Torturing” Pro-Palestinian Protesters, by not feeding the people who occupied a building. Herr Professor Jacobson at LI, ”Data Analysis Confirms That Anti-Israel Protests “are overwhelmingly an elite college phenomenon” "Nate Silver re Washington Monthly protest data analysis: “Of course the stereotype was that these protests were concentrated at expensive elite colleges but I didn’t realize the rather extreme extent to which that’s actually true.”" Campus Reform reports the  University of Nevada hosts multiple segregated graduations. Segregation now, segregation forever! John Sexton at Hat Hair hears Harvard Decides to Shut Up and Teach

Althouse hosts "School choice programs have been wildly successful under DeSantis. Now public schools might close." "A headline at Politico. Subhead: "The Republican governor’s school choice programs may serve as a model for other GOP-leaning states across the country.""

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