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Flotsam and Jetsam - In the Wake of the Convictions

I have the time, I just don't have the will to do the usual post with minimal snark. Something broke in the US yesterday when a jury from a highly biased district, quite possibly tampered with, but certainly pre-stocked with bias, egged on by a judge determined to get as many guilty verdicts as possible, with charges filed by a Soros funded DA who campaigned on the promise to get Donald Trump, and litigated by a Biden DOJ lawyer who stepped down from the DOJ to try the case, convicted Donald Trump, the former president on 34 Trumped up, to use the obvious pun, felony charges of illegally influencing the 2016 election by, gasp, get this, labeling checks, invoices and ledger entries made out to disgraced lawyer Michael Cohen as legal expenses. 

I can't imagine that this will survive appeal, but that could take a very long time. In the meantime, I suppose the judge will get to impose his restrictions on Donald Trump, even jail time if he thinks he can get away with it, and will likely try to interfere with his ability to campaign. 

The people who perpetrated this must be made to pay. I don't know how. Clearly, the judge is beyond reach of any legal sanctions, however, his life could be made hell if he steps beyond the borders of the 5 boroughs (and I'm not so sure about Staten Island and the Bronx). Likewise, the prosecutor was elected by the denizens (I hesitate to call them citizens) of New York, and only they can do anything about him, and they probably won't. 

The rest of the United States has to view this as an attack on them by the City of New York, and treat it accordingly. Do no business with any entity located in New York city. Deny them the lifeblood of NYC, money. If possible, work to raise the costs of food, water and energy to the city, which must import all three from red areas of the country.  Republican prosecutors throughout the country need to find similarly specious crimes to hold Democrats "accountable" for. 

They may think they're the brains of the country. Let's show them we can be the assholes. 


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