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Flotsam and Jetsam for 5/18/24

Not seeing a title worthy theme here today.

Jordan Boyd at Da Fed worries Russia Hoaxer Jake Tapper Is The Perfect Partisan Hack To Give Biden A Debate Edge. Insty, sees  CANDY CROWLEY REDUX? "Some of us remember the notorious DNC stenographer Candy Crowley in 2012 helping Obama though his stumbling over facts in the debate. Just the News is asking whether the equally biased Jake Tapper can control his editorialization — not journalism — in the upcoming debates between Bad Orange Man and President Puddinghead . . ."   At Am Think Pete Colan thinks I smell a rat. ET, RFK Jr. Says He Will Meet June Debate Qualifications, But Will He Be Included? Not if Biden gets his way. Fred Bauer at CJ calls Biden the Chaos Candidate. "Voters increasingly view Joe Biden as the source of America’s unraveling." At HE, Democrats can only win with Biden if they lock him in the basement and lock down America. So will it be Bird Flu of Monkey Pox? Front Page's Victor Joecks thinks this Biden Ad Makes the Case for Trump. Breitbart Sees Biden Bureaucracy Prepares for Trump Win by Fast-Tracking Leftist Rules. Capt. Ed at Hat Hair comments "They can be reversed, but it will take longer to accomplish. However, if the White House rushes these through by violating the Administrative Procedure Act (APA), a court will reverse them immediately if challenged. The APA is a potent tool for plaintiffs seeking to reverse arbitrary imposition of regulations." Meanwhile, Steve Cortes at Am Great documents how Hispanics and Young Voters Flee from Biden. "Details in the polling crosstabs show material cracks emerging in the traditional coalition of Biden voters." I&I, Who Knew Joe Biden Was A White Supremacist? It's been obvious for a long time to anyone paying attention. Nick Arama at RedState reports HOT TAKES: People Have a Lot to Say When Biden Posts 'Letter' He Got From Two Little Girls. Ace, "Democrat Megadonors Are Closing Their Wallets to Biden Over His Embrace of Hamas -- and Maybe They'll Even Support Trump, "Eli Lake on the sudden rise of the "Never Bidens.""

From ET, Biden Moves to Block House GOP From Getting Interview Tapes With Special Counsel, "The move comes just hours before the two House panels are set to begin drafting a resolution to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt" and  2 House Panels Clear Contempt Resolutions Against AG GarlandRep. Jordan to Newsmax: Contempt Vote on AG Garland Necessary. Matt Margolis at PJM is shocked, shocked that More Shady Biden Accounts Have Been Discovered. Dan Chaitin at Da Wire hears  Aides Worry President Biden Will Suffer ‘Psychological Torment’ From Hunter Standing Trial. It will be amusing if the trial is on during the debates. NewsMax reports Biden Leaves Free Vacation Stays Off Ethics Forms. Ace notices Whoops! Despite the Left's Never Ending Attack on Justice Thomas for Taking Vacations Paid for By Friends, Joe Biden Just "Accidentally" Forgot to Disclose Vacations Paid for By His Political Cronies, "I'm sure it's all just a big mistake."

At Da Wire, ‘Catastrophic’: Biden Admin Releases April Southern Border Encounter Numbers and Foreign-Born Population Hits New High With Surge Under Biden Fueled By Illegal Immigration and DHS Says ‘Privacy Interests’ Of Illegals On Terrorist Watchlist Outweigh Americans’ Right To Know. "Secrecy comes after military base allegedly concealed infiltration attempt by illegal immigrant on terrorist watchlist." From the Free Bacon, Against It Before He Was for It: Ruben Gallego Flip Flops on Measure To Deport Illegal Aliens Who Assault Police Officers. mrcTV reports Police Arrest Illegal Alien in ‘Rape Dungeon on Wheels:’ ‘Caught in the Act’. Beege Welborn at Hat Hair is concerned about a Loophole: Mexico Facilitating Illegals Getting Legal Plates and Registrations on Vehicles in Florida. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.17.24, The Lid reports Biden’s Dept. of ‘Homeland Security’ Says Privacy of Terror List Illegals More Important than Public’s Right to Know, Twitchy: Democrat Senator Tries Gaslighting Republicans & Swiping At Trump Instead Of Addressing Border Security.  

TNP, DATA: Half of America’s Small Businesses Say They Won’t Survive A 2nd Biden Term. Beege Welborn has another #Bidenomics Update: Walmart Feeling Pret-tee Smug Right Now. Dave Harsanyi at Da Fed says Biden’s Tariffs Are Bad. Biden’s Tariffs Coupled With EV Mandates Are Even Worse. Dan Greenfield on Biden’s Impeachable ‘Foreign Oil’ Policy "One long string of ‘quid-pro-quos’ that have led to international wars and terrorism." Warren Beatty at Am Think thinks Biden’s Climate Change Scare Tactics Aren’t Working.

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.17.24, Da Tech Guy, My Trump Running Mate List, Choice One: Ron DeSantis, A primer on Palestinian groups, My Trump Running Mate List, Choice Two: Ted Cruz, My Trump Running Mate List, Choice Three: Sarah Huckabee Sanders, There is only one weapon that is effective against liberals, and My Trump Running Mate List, My Dark Horse: John Kennedy. Whew! Matt Margolis at PJM, Trump Makes an Announcement Regarding His Running Mate Selection, a tease. Monica Showalter at Am Think thinks Minnesota Man may just come through for President Trump

Nicole Shanahan
TNP, RFK’s Far-Left ‘Pay to Play’ Running Mate Nicole Shanahan Injects ANOTHER $8m Into Campaign. At PJM VodkaPundit sees Kamala Harris' Financials Confirm What You Thought About Her Books "According to her 2023 financial disclosures, Harris's 2019 memoir, “The Truths We Hold,” earned just $234.13 in royalties last year. It isn't a new book, of course, but judging by the rapid decline of Harris' royalties, the book had a shelf life shorter than the appeal of its purported author's laugh." From Fox, 61 Dems vote against House resolution condemning violence on police. "House resolution passes with all Republicans, 134 Dems voting in favor."

Dan Oliver at Am Great hears Some Things Go Bump in the Daytime. "How many illegal votes does it take to change the result of an election?" TNP, The ‘Bidenbucks’ Coverup, and the Rush to Find Answers… Da Caller, Biden voter turnout executive order will ‘weaponize’ agencies for his campaign, top lawmaker says. Fox, Florida man learns he's not a citizen after living, voting in US for decades, "Florida man Jimmy Klass, 66, working to prove his US citizenship."

Mary Chastain at LI, ‘Knees Chopped Out’: Stormy Time for Michael Cohen on Cross Examination, “He’s the only person testifying to direct involvement by Donald Trump in the Stormy Daniels payments, but according to suddenly now, Michael Cohen’s refreshed memory, he now says, ‘Oh, it was a call about this 14-year-old making prank phone calls to me, but also about the moving ahead on Stormy Daniels.'”  Town Hall's Guy Benson is stunned that Anderson Cooper is Stunned by Michael Cohen's Implosion Under Cross Examination. Matt Margolis, Even CNN Thinks That Michael Cohen’s Testimony Was a Gift for Trump. NewNeo, Michael Cohen is the world’s worst witness. Will it matter?  For a contrary point of view, Althouse thinks Lawrence O'Donnell does an excellent professional job of clearly and concisely presenting what happened to Michael Cohen yesterday.   At Am Think Silvio Canto, Jr. thinks Come Mister Alvin, tally me banana "A crime based on a theory? Stalin would be proud." At Front Page, Jonna Spilbor sees Trump on Trial as Much Ado About Nothing "Watch out. You’re next." Da Caller, MSNBC Hosts Appear Concerned Jurors Won’t Convict Trump And ‘Take Away’ His ‘Chance To Be President’ Sundance at CTH hosts Rep Harriet Hageman as she Outlines Rep Dan Goldman Connection to The New York City Trial Against Candidate Donald Trump. Finally, from the Babylon Bee, After Michael Cohen Testimony, Trump Trial Prosecutors File Motion For A Do-Over.

Capt. Ed thinks it's a Shocker: Reuters Discovers Trump's Super-Secret Plan to 'Control the Department of Justice', "And that would be ... winning a presidential election. No, seriously, that's the plan. Donald Trump becomes president, and then appoints people to set prosecutorial priorities and statutory interpretations at the Department of Justice and the FBI."

TNP is concerned Dem ‘Dark Money’ Is FLOODING State & Local Media. Most media support Democrats for free. 

Jordan Boyd at Da Fed reports HHS Secretary Admits The Feds Will Punish Hospitals That Resist Trans Mutilation. Hat Hair's Dave Strom reports a study, Suicide Risks 1200% Higher After 'Gender Affirming' Surgery. So do you want your kid to be a live normy, or a dead tranny? TNP, Trans Politician De-Transitions, Intends to Become a Priest. Jane Coleman at LI, Eighteen States Sue EEOC Over Guidelines That Force Employers to Allow Men in Women’s Bathrooms. "Complaint: EEOC exceeded its authority and improperly expanded Title VII to create a de facto accommodation for gender identity." From Da Signal, Colorado Middle School Requires Teachers to Show LGBTQ+ ‘Day of Silence’ Video to Students

PJM'a Andrew Crapuchettes thinks It’s Time to Reclaim the American Workplace from DEI.  Hat Hair's Dave Strom  They Deserved It

Matt Vespa at TownHall, 'Wait, They Left': College Kids Stumped By Simple Questions About Israel and Hamas. If ignorance is bliss, these kids are higher than a kite. Reagan Reese at Da Caller points out Obama World’s Fingerprints Are All Over Campus Chaos. Bob Spencer reports that In Michigan, Leftists Have Started Knocking on Doors in the Middle of the Night.  A few getting shot would fix that. Breitbart reports that New York: Pro-Palestinian Protesters Block Traffic in Queens for ‘Nakba Day’. So would a few getting run over.  At Front Page, A Landmark on the Road to Decline. But hope from Don Surber vis the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 05.17.24, who sees The Summer of Correction "The political pendulum swings back like Miley Cyrus on a Wrecking Ball." Nicki Neily@nickineily "This is what a backfire looks like: American voters are nearly twice as likely to say the college campus protests have made them less sympathetic toward the Palestinians as opposed to more sympathetic."

The crew and pilots aboard the massive container ship that destroyed the Francis Scott Key Bridge weren’t under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Nor was the ship running on contaminated fuel, which some experts postulated as a cause for the 984-foot Dali losing power twice as it approached the span in the early morning of March 26.

But the revelation from federal investigators that the Dali experienced two complete power outages about 10 hours before its ill-fated departure raised new questions about how the vessel’s crew responded to the electrical failures, who was informed of the blackouts — and whether the vessel should have set sail.

You expect ships to sail despite some mechanical issues (they're big objects lots of things to go wrong), but lack of power is pretty basic, and it seems like you'd want to get to the bottom of it before sailing again. 

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