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Maryland, My Maryland

David DTrone
From the Free Bacon, news that David DTrone Has Poured a Record-Breaking $42 Million Into His Senate Campaign

Rep. David Trone (D., Md.) made history Tuesday, becoming the largest self-funder in Senate primary history.

Trone, the co-owner of the multibillion-dollar liquor chain Total Wine & More, has loaned $41.7 million to his campaign for Maryland’s open Senate seat since launching his run in March 2023, Federal Election Commission filings show. The Maryland Democrat’s personal investment into his campaign far exceeds all prior Senate primary candidates, including the previous record holder, Illinois Democrat Blair Hull, who spent $29.6 million on his failed 2004 Senate primary bid.

Though Trone can depend on the seemingly unending funds from his Total Wine wealth to fuel his Senate campaign, his failure to attract contributors from traditional sources exposes underlying cracks in his ability to engage with the Democratic base. He has raised just $640,000 from contributors other than himself, a figure that includes a paltry $105,000 from grassroots, small-dollar donors.

Meanwhile, Trone’s top primary challenger, Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks, has raked in $6.2 million from outside contributors. A Baltimore Sun poll Tuesday shows Trone leading the field with 48 percent support among Democratic primary voters, while Alsobrooks trails behind with 29 percent support. Maryland’s primary election will be held May 14.

The same poll shows former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, the expected Republican nominee for the state’s open Senate seat, beating both Trone and Alsobrooks in the general election. Maryland last elected a Republican senator in 1980.

His TV ads are becoming omnipresent in recent days. It's a good thing he's paying his own bills, for the most part, because the ads aren't very convincing, at least to me. But then, I'm not really his target constituency.  

Making Pipelines and Powerlines Good for the Environment

Bay Journal admits Power, pipeline corridors are becoming wildlife habitat

No one particularly likes electric transmission lines and gas pipelines marching through communities and fragmenting forests. But some believe these linear strips collectively offer the last best hope for fostering fast-disappearing pollinator insects and grassland birds.

Spurred on by a more environmentally attuned public, as well as stockholders and the promise of saving money, more utilities and pipeline companies are grooming the tens of thousands of miles of rights of way in Chesapeake Bay drainage states to benefit wildlife and increase biodiversity.

The conventional practice of maintaining ground under power lines and over pipelines as close-cropped grass, with weeds controlled by mowing and heavy doses of herbicides, is getting an overhaul.

Federal law has long required controlling vegetation under power lines, and regulations were tightened further in 2003, after a widespread power failure in the northeastern U.S. and Canada — at least partly caused, investigators said, by improperly managed tree growth in rights of way. Gas pipeline rights of way must also have low-growing vegetation to keep an open line of sight for spotting gas leaks.

The easiest — and initially cheapest — method of complying with those laws is to mow and apply herbicides.

But now, a more environmentally friendly approach known as integrated vegetation management, or IVM, is taking root.

First, invasive trees and plants are removed by pulling them up or spot-spraying with a small amount of environmentally safe herbicides. This allows native plants to increase their foothold or clears the way for seeding meadow or prairie plant communities.

For electric transmission lines, plants in the so-called wire-zone must be kept low to the ground to avoid interfering with the power lines. But outside of that zone, native tall grasses, shrubs and small trees can offer different habitat.

Together, these types of vegetation provide food for pollinators such as bees and butterflies, egg-laying sites for ground-nesting birds, safe cover for insects and small mammals, basking spots for snakes, habitat for reptiles and amphibians, and a home for rare plants.

What’s more, with climate change, scientists say long, unimpeded corridors of vegetation are important for plants and animals that can only survive by migrating to cooler conditions. The strips can also help rare plant communities from being genetically isolated. They also allow wildlife to travel between otherwise disconnected landscapes, even if they aren’t migrating north.

“There are 60 million acres of rights of way in the United States. All of it has to be maintained, and all of it is potential pollinator and wildlife habitat. That’s bigger than the national parks system,” said Rick Johnstone, president of IVM Partners, a Delaware-based nonprofit that works with utilities and others to adopt IVM practices.
There are 19,647 miles of transmission line rights of way in Pennsylvania, 11,727 miles in Virginia and 4,047 miles in Maryland, according to PJM Interconnection. There are thousands more miles of pipeline corridors in the three states that could be valuable wildlife habitat.

The initiative is still in its infancy. Rights of way under mowing and spraying protocols far exceed those that have been converted to managed wildlife habitat, but the idea is gathering steam.

Baltimore Gas and Electric Co., an Exelon subsidiary, has installed native habitat on 2,800 acres in its service territory so far in central Maryland. The goal is to convert 400 acres a year from mowing to IVM through 2025.

The Maryland sites include Patuxent National Research Refuge in Laurel, South River Greenway Partnership in Davidsonville, Liberty Reservoir in Baltimore County, Flag Ponds in Calvert County, American Chestnut Land Trust in Prince Frederick, Morgan Run Natural Environment Area, Soldiers Delight Natural Environment Area, Patapsco State Park, Gunpowder Falls State Park and the Torrey C. Brown Trail.

The Flag Ponds site must be on the powerline right-of-way that runs through our neigborhood, the huge powerlines that take the power from the 4 Gigawatt Calvert Cliffs Nuclear from a couple miles south of us up to Baltimore, where it feeds the city and then the grid. 

At one revamped corridor in Anne Arundel County, researchers discovered 10 species of bees that had never been recorded in the county before.

“This conversion also improves the water quality of the Chesapeake Bay by improving water holding and filtration capacities and reduces our carbon footprint by reducing the need to use fossil fuel-powered tractors in mechanical mowing,” said BGE spokeswoman Stephanie Ann Weaver.

In 2023, the Maryland General Assembly helped advance IVM by passing a law that exempts power companies from local weed-height ordinances.

Flotsam and Jetsam - Trump Jury Being Chosen in NY

The trial of President Trump on trumped up charges (essentially putting the wrong label on payment to Stormy Daniels in his own checkbook) proceeds apace. Jury selection has begun, and 6 or 7 jurors have been selected, of 12 jurors and 6 alternates. Ace wakes up and notices Soros DA Alvin Bragg's Election Interference Prosecution Begins; Conflict-of-Interest Judge Tells Trump He Must Be In Court, Every Day, In the Height of Campaign Season, or Be Arrested. "America is lost. There is no "America" left to save.  Lee Zeldin at NYPo accuses  Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg of launching a Trump show trial Instead of fighting crime. Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair has a Poll: Few Americans Believe Trump Acted Illegally in 'Hush Money' Case. Breitbart cites Jonathan Turley: Trump’s New York Hush Money Case Is ‘Absurd.’ PJMs Matt Margolis notes Even CNN's Legal Analyst Destroys Bragg's Case Against Trump for its 'Weakness'. From Da Caller, Alan Dershowitz Reveals One Motion He Believes Trump’s Lawyers Must File ‘Immediately’ “I would hope Trump’s lawyers bring a mandamus right now, at the very least, let Trump out of the courtroom, let him campaign,” Dershowitz told Fox Business host Larry Kudlow. “If he makes a decision that he would like to waive the right to be there, there is nothing in the Constitution which gives the prosecution the right to keep him there. It is only a defendant’s right.” Newt Gingrich has an essay on The American People vs. Judicial Corruption. Roger Kimball at Da Spec thinks The Trump trial is a precursor to how a republic ends, "Not with a bang, but a perversion of the law." From Breitbart again, Tim Scott: ‘Prejudiced’ Trump Trial an ‘Injustice’ Driving Black Voters to GOP, They Want ‘Fair Justice System’  Sasha Stone at Free Thinking,  The Lawfare made me a Trump supporter. "The Grifters are red-pilling Americans by the day..."  Brad Smith at Da Fed thinks Trump’s Strongest New York Defense Has Nothing To Do With Alvin Bragg Or Judge Merchan. "There is one big problem with this theory: The payments to Daniels were not campaign payments." 

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 04.16.24 (Afternoon Edition) Twitchy  Alvin Bragg Seeks To Punish Trump For Violating Unconstitutional Gag Order. Kaelen Deese at WaEx reports on the Trump trial: Judge sets April 23 hearing for Trump alleged gag order violation. Jason Cohen at Da Caller, ‘Frustrating’: Fox News Legal Analyst Rips Judge For Gagging Trump But Not ‘Known Liar’ Michael Cohen. Ace, Corrupt Leftwing Soros DA Alvin Bragg Threatens Trump With 30 Days of Jail Time If He Exercises His Right, as a Candidate for President, to Criticize His Hyperpoliticized Unjust Prosecution. "Consider that Trump's political candidacy depends on him refuting this absurd prosecution as corrupt and partisan -- and George Soros' catspaw Alvin Bragg threatens to throw Trump in jail if Trump dares to dispute this Democrat war-by-other-means prosecution."

According to Matt Vespa at TownHall, Jury Selection for Trump's Hush Money Trial Is a Total Trainwreck

There’s a number of the jurors that we have social media posts for that are very much contrary” to what they said while they were being asked if they could be impartial, Blanche told the judge, and he sought to have them struck for cause. 
He noted one potential juror had posted a video from the day where Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 election. In the video, the woman says, “I have to get in the car and spread the honking cheers. There’s an actual dance party on 96th Street.”

Trump's lawyers contended the video would have been referring to an anti-Trump rally. The woman had denied taking part in any rally or campaign events during her initial round of questioning. Called in for individual questioning, she said it was a "celebratory moment" in the city and that she could be impartial. After chiding Trump for his behavior towards her, Merchan said he found her "credible" and refused to strike her for cause.

TNP notices Judge Blocks Orthodox Jews, Who Overwhelmingly Back Trump, from Trial Jury. “Orthodox Jews to be excluded from [Manhattan District Attorney Alvin] Bragg’s jury pool. The NYC demographic group most strongly supportive of Trump is the orthodox Jewish community,” Schneider posted on X. “So, no surprise that the very biased judge in Bragg’s case scheduled the trial to include Fridays instead of Wednesdays. Very unusual, but understandable since this switch will necessarily exclude all orthodox Jews from the jury pool. Democrat operatives are very clever.” At Althouse, "A first in the jury selection process: a man who says he read 'The Art of the Deal' and..." "... two other books published by Trump. Trump responds with a chuckle and an approving nod." From "Live Updates: Search Continues for First Juror in Trump’s Criminal Trial/Some prospective jurors, when questioned individually, said that they had realized they might have trouble being fair and impartial. Dozens have already been dismissed" (NYT)." At Da Caller, ‘I Hate Him’: Ex-Trump Attorney Tells CNN Irish Woman Who Went Off About Trump Not A ‘Dangerous Juror’

Breitbart, Judge May Force Trump to Skip Son Barron’s High School Graduation. Hat Hair's KT, Will Donald Trump Miss Barron's High School Graduation? Sundance at CTH, New York Partisan Judge Merchan Will Not Allow President Trump to Attend Son’s Graduation Ceremony

At Da Caller, ‘That’s An Interesting Point’: Fox Host Harris Faulkner Amazed By Guest’s ‘Ruby Red Slipper’ Defense Of Trump  “If I went online right now and I wanted to buy a pair of glittery, ruby red slippers on Amazon, I could get them for maybe 30 or 40 dollars. But if I wanted to get the ones owned by Dorothy in ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ they’re, I believe, currently valued at about four or five million dollars. That is to me a perfect picture of how subjective valuation is of assets. How much is someone willing to pay for something, and it typically depends on who or what that thing belonged to.” Josh Blackmun at the Volokh Conspiracy  notes Special Counsel Jack Smith Responds to Blackman-Tillman "No matter how you slice it, Smith cannot exercise the powers he purports to exercise." Also from Da Caller, ‘Rather Despicable’: John Eastman Speaks Out After Bank Of America, USAA Shut Down His Accounts. His line of social credit was refused. JTN, Ex-Trump advisor purged from federal elections board after left-wing pressure campaign, emails show. "“I do find it ironic that a group that supposedly promotes ‘free speech for people’ organized a campaign to make sure that the opinions and views of people like me are not heard,” Mitchell said."

Jazz Shaw wonders Will Trump's Criminal Trials Matter in November?

At PJM Stephen Kruiser quips Joe Biden Wants to Know Where His Legos Are and If WWIII Will Help Him Win Michigan,  Nothing Is Going to Bump Jill Biden From the Elder Abuse Train  and Kevin Downey says The Founding Fathers' Fears Are Coming True, and the Damage Is Intentional.AMP, NFL Superstar Aaron Rodgers Hints at Belief in President Joe Biden’s Double Body Conspiracy Theory. If there was a body double he wouldn't have so many embarrassing gaffs. Twitchy kids, President Biden Packs Them In at His Campaign Stop in His Hometown of Scranton. Nick Arama at RedState on another day ending in "y", Biden's Pic With Kids Sets People Talking, As He Tells Another Bizarre Story and Lie About the Race.

Henry Rogers at Da Caller reports Jim Jordan, James Comer Send Final Warning To Merrick Garland Before Contempt Proceedings

“You do not need documentary proof of citizenship to register to vote." PJM's Kevin Downey hears Rumors Claim NGOs in Mexico Are Encouraging Illegals to Vote for Biden, but "PJ Media is unable to confirm at this time whether the NGO was responsible for the flyers or an outside group produced them. Once we have confirmation, we will report on the details."

At Da Caller, ‘That’s A Joke’: Biden’s Demand For More Border Agent Funding Misses The Point, Former CBP Commissioner Says. They already have plenty of open slots, but no takers. Tristan Justice at Da Fed, reports a Colorado County Sues State For Banning Local Enforcement Of Immigration Laws. PM, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer seeks $8 MILLION in state funds for illegal immigrants' legal fees, "The proposal states that "growing the state’s population is a key factor in boosting the economy and building shared prosperity across the state." At Da Signal, Speaker Johnson to Put Democrats on Record With Vote on Proof of Citizenship to Vote

From Breitbart again, an NYT Poll: 4% of Voters Say Biden’s Economy Is ‘Excellent’; 52% Say ‘Poor’. At the Peacock, Fed Chair Powell says there has been a ‘lack of further progress’ this year on inflation. From JTN,  a Report: Biden has taken over 200 actions against US oil. "Within a week of being in office, Biden issued additional moratoriums on new oil and gas leases on public lands or in offshore waters and imposed new regulations related to permitting and leasing practices, which were tied up in the courts for years." 

At NewsMax, Biden Wants Ukraine to Stop Attacking Russian Refineries, Here's Why. To keep the price of gas down for the election. Victor Joecks thinks Biden Puts 'Death to America' Crowd Over Israel.

Hat Hair's KT sees Trump Nostalgia Is Real and It's Spectacular and Katie Couric to Bill Maher: Trump Support Comes From 'Anti-Intellectualism' and Class Resentment. Da Caller,  Bill Maher Slams Media’s Coverage Of Trump Supporters To Katie Couric’s Face: ‘The People Loved Him’  and Voters Look Back Fondly At Trump Presidency As 2024 Election Nears: POLL. At Da Fetched, Michael Moore Gives Democrats a Reality Check: ‘Trump Is Going to Win’. Trending Politics sees Liberals Lose Their Minds After Travis Kelce Likes Pro-Trump Instagram Post. But what does Taylor Swift say? Althouse,  The shocking realization that Jack and Diane voted for Trump. Wall Street Silver@WallStreetSilv "Just In: John Cougar Mellencamp ends show early in a rage because the audience didn’t want to hear him give a lecture about his support of Joe Biden." Also. Well, it's obvious why but I doubt if David Frum comes out and says it. "I was halfway through the headline when I wrote the post title. I'm reading "Why Biden Should Not Debate Trump/The networks want their show, but to give the challenger equal status on a TV stage would be a dire normalization of his attempted coup" by David Frum (in The Atlantic).

At Hat Hair Capt. Ed thinks it's Too Fun to Check (Again): Did Trump 'Emissaries' Offer RFK Jr the VP Slot? and KT reports Nikki Haley Lands a New Gig "Nikki Haley has joined the Hudson Institute. The Hudson Institute is a conservative think tank based in Washington, D.C. It is known for focusing on international affairs and national security." Leah Barkoukis at TownHall sees that Mike Pence Has a New Job, too. "Nearly six months after ending his Republican presidential campaign, former Vice President Mike Pence landed a new teaching job at Grove City College in Pennsylvania." 

Jazz Shaw sees Maine Votes to Gut the Constitution. "Maine will become the latest to join a multistate effort to elect the president by popular vote with the Democratic governor’s announcement Monday that she’s letting the proposal become law without her signature."

Nate Hochman at Am Spec predicts There Will Be No George Floyd 2.0 "The Left might pine for a 2020 redux. But they shouldn’t hold their breath." Capt. Ed comments "Mainly, though, the media chose its subject poorly. The body-cam footage exposed how badly they had manipulated the reporting around the Dexter Reed shooting and made clear that he initiated the use of deadly force. Had it not been for that video, the MSM may well have succeeded in inciting riots around the country ... again.  And they'll still look for George Floyd 2.0, too ... even if they have to make it up."

Matt Vespa, Justice Gorsuch Lays Waste to the Biden Administration's Argument for Jail Sentences. Matt Margolis, Justice Gorsuch Throws Shade at Jamaal Bowman During J6 Hearing, and It’s Glorious. Althouse, "The Supreme Court seemed wary... of letting prosecutors use a federal obstruction law to charge hundreds of rioters involved in the Capitol attack on Jan. 6, 2021...." "Mr. Trump’s case did not come up at the argument, which was largely focused on trying to make sense of a statute that all concerned agreed was not a model of clarity. But the justices’ questions also considered the gravity of the assault and whether prosecutors have been stretching the law to reach members of the mob responsible for the attack. Justice Clarence Thomas, who returned to the bench after an unexplained absence on Monday, asked whether the government was engaging in a kind of selective prosecution. 'There have been many violent protests that have interfered with proceedings,' he said. 'Has the government applied this provision to other protests?'..." Adam Liptak reports in the NYT." Ace, Supreme Court Hears Huge Case About Government's Expansive Reading of the Law; Have Claimed That Hundreds of J6 Protesters, and Trump Himself, Broke Law by "Obstructing" Counting of Votes. "Another made-up Trump Only legal doctrine. Conservatives appear "skeptical" of the government's claim that this law -- which forbids the destruction or alteration of official documents -- can be stretched and twisted to cover protesters objecting to a rigged election."

Joseph A. Wulfsohn@JosephWulfsohn "NPR suspends @uberliner for taking his concerns about newsroom partisanship public as its new CEO has gone viral over the past several days for her trove of old posts filled with liberal activism and woke ideology." Capt. Ed, No Unapproved Thoughts Considered: NPR Retaliates Against Whistleblower. Althouse cites NPR, "NPR has formally punished Uri Berliner, the senior editor who publicly argued a week ago that the network had 'lost America's trust' by..." "... approaching news stories with a rigidly progressive mindset. Berliner's five-day suspension without pay, which began last Friday, has not been previously reported. Yet the public radio network is grappling in other ways with the fallout from Berliner's essay for the online news site The Free Press.... In an interview...." From "NPR suspends veteran editor as it grapples with his public criticism" (NPR)." Stacey Matthews at LI Longtime NPR Editor Who Documented Their Liberal Bias Suspended Without Pay, Threatened With Termination. Stave Hayward at Power Line, says NPR Goes Full Gulag. John Sexton at Hat Hair has still More of Katherine Maher's Far-Left Tweets. At Insty, #JOURNALISM: "Matt Taibbi: New York Times, NPR Bury the Lede in Defense of Katherine Maher. “It’s true Maher was not working in journalism when she posted the controversial messages. In fact, she’s never worked in journalism, which is very obviously the bigger problem when examining someone’s fitness to run a public news network with over 1000 member stations."  Take a look at Ace's The Morning Rant: Minimalist Edition. Last word from the Babylon Bee, Journalist At NPR Suspended, Leading To Shocking Discovery There Was A Journalist At NPR.

Dave Strom at Hat Hair, The Censorship Regime Hates Us. "I have to say that I am a bit proud of this: I appear to be the author most demonetized by Big Tech here at HotAir.  Guess who comes in second? My good friend Beege.  I wish I could say that this is down solely to our presenting a grave political threat to the regime, but the answer is simpler: we write the most on Climate Change, COVID, and Alphabet ideology. Those are the hottest of the hot-button issues for the establishment. "

Stacy McCain  says Let’s Play ‘Spot the Missing Word’. Democrat.

Bob Spencer at Front Page reports the ‘Death to America’ Mayor Insists That ‘Dearborn is a City of Proud Americans’ "Who is convinced?" From the College Fix, Former Cornell student pleads guilty to threatening to shoot Jewish students. Hat Hair's KT calls it Unprecedented: USC's Antisemitic Valedictorian Banned from Delivering Speech. From the Free Bacon, Anti-Semitic Incidents on College Campuses Surged 320 Percent Last Year, ADL Finds. "Columbia found to have highest number of incidents among schools tracked." Capt. Ed adds "Academia unleashed this wave of bigotry and hatred. They had plenty of opportunities to disincentivize such attacks, but instead either did nothing or came to the defense of those perpetrating these actions." Also at the Free Bacon, Left-Wing Dark Money Behemoth Behind Bail Fund for 'Free Palestine' Bridge Blockers "Community Justice Exchange, part of the Soros-funded Tides Center, solicits legal defense donations for arrested protesters." Herr Professor Jacobson at LI, Sen. Tom Cotton to people stuck behind “pro-Hamas” road blockades: “take matters into your own hands to get them out of the way” "The real answer, of course, is for law enforcement and judges to do their jobs. Arrest them, charge them, and don’t release them except on substantial bail with conduct conditions. That’s not going to happen in any blue state, just like it never happened with the BLM riots in 2020." Capt. Ed, "The answer to the question in the headline is "nope, home fry." First off, this is called assault and battery. LEOs can use force to detain someone, but they'll arrest you for doing the same thing (and "citizen's arrest" does not come with qualified immunity). More to the point, these protesters are practicing passive resistance, but other protesters may be one hell of a lot less passive when you put your hands on them. This is bad advice, and Cotton should rethink it. But eventually this is going to start brawls unless police start enforcing the law and prosecuting those who break it. Florida has a head start on that. "

James Nault at LI, Harvard Medical “Expert” Disqualified in Federal Court Case Due to “Overwhelming” and “Misleading” Plagiarism "“he repeatedly outright refused to acknowledge the long swaths of his report that quote other work verbatim without any quotation marks at all—instead stubbornly insisting that he cited over 1,100 references, as if that resolves the attribution issue (it does not)”

Jazz Shaw is jazzed that SCOTUS Upholds Ban on Trans Procedures in Idaho. PM, BREAKING: US Supreme Court allows Idaho to ban child sex changes pending appeal. "The court ruled 6-3, with the court’s three liberal justices saying the law should have remained blocked in its entirety." Ace, As the Rest of the Civilized Nations Wake Up to the Horrors of "Gender Affirming Care" for Minors, Kansas' AWFL Governor Vetoes a Bill To Forbid It. "The Cass Report rubbished all the fake "research" that trans zealots have been pushing to justify the mass-conversion of kids to trans perma-patients. (Why bill people for Forever Psychiatric Treatment when you can bill them for Forever Surgeries as well?) Even the British Medical Journal, a hotbed of fashionable leftwing anti-science, is now forced to admit what has been obvious to everyone but the NPC cowards for ten years. Citations and footnotes admitted."

The Wednesday Wetness

What appears to be happening is that “environmental scientists” are exposing animals to high levels of these compounds in their experiments, then projecting those findings to trace levels in the environment to which humans can be exposed.
Human health effects from exposure to low environmental levels of PFAS are uncertain.

Studies of laboratory animals given large amounts of PFAS indicate that some PFAS may affect growth and development. In addition, these animal studies indicate PFAS may affect reproduction, thyroid function, the immune system, and injure the liver.
With all of this in mind, it is not surprising that Biden’s EPA is now hitting up the nation’s water supply with new rules related to PFAS chemicals. Eco-activists aim to entirely eliminate theses substances from use.

Environmentalist are a bit like sharks are reputed to be, unable to stop swimming forward because they need to move forward into new water to stay alive. There is a constant need for more issues, chemicals to regulate for more costs, and less gain to the public.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

What Do Baby Striped Bass Eat

Pretty much whatever they can find. Sea Grant, What are striped bass under a year old eating in the Chesapeake Bay?

Striped Bass Morone saxatilis are dominant predators in estuaries and coastal habitats along the East Coast and feed on prey in different habitats throughout their life cycle.

Although the primary focus of previous diet studies was on adult striped bass, there was little information regarding the diet of juveniles in the Chesapeake Bay, which tend to reside in the bay’s shallow nursery habitats in freshwater or brackish tributaries.

We collected and examined gut contents from adult, juvenile, and young-of-year (under one-year-old) striped bass from nine tributaries across the Maryland and Virginia portions of Chesapeake Bay.

We compared two different methods — a genetic method and traditional microscopic examination — to identify prey in the gut contents of striped bass.

We found that the diet of young-of-year striped bass was different from those of juveniles and adults when young-of-year fish foraged in freshwater habitats. Although we identified prey that striped bass consumed that previous surveys also found, our genetic methods identified additional and important prey for these young fish: aquatic insects, banded killifish (Fundulus iaphanous), inland silversides (Menidia beryllina), barnacles (Amphibalanus improvisus), and grass shrimp (Palaemon spp.).

Many prey could not be identified in stomach contents using microscopic methods, but we were able to assign species names to 76% of prey identified with genetic methods.

The genetic method was so sensitive that we got some surprising findings.

First, we detected parasites of striped bass, such as acanthocephalans (e.g., Pomphorhynchus) and nematodes (e.g., Philometra) as well as parasites that don’t infect striped bass but do infect their prey (e.g., Argulus, Kudoa, leeches, and gregarines).

Second, we detected two prey species (one non-native and one assumed native) that we believe have not been previously reported as living in the Chesapeake Bay.

So, striped bass might be better at finding rare species than scientists.

This study highlights that salinity primarily drives diet composition, with striped bass consuming different prey as striped bass move from fresh to brackish waters when they age and grow. Our results also highlighted the importance of a wider range of prey species than what fishery managers previously assumed, particularly dipterans (two-winged insects) and smaller crustaceans, many of which are especially important to young-of-year fish in freshwater tidal areas.

So, young of year Striper eat a lot of different things. But then why are the young of the year indexes so heavily dependent on the weather? Do some weather patterns (warm, dry springs) just not produce enough food items in the size range that the baby fish can catch?

The DNA method of detecting prey is interesting, but it seems like it might be providing a bit of a firehose of information. A lot of prey species detected, but little information at to how much they might be contributing to the success of the fish, information that is more readily apparent in the more conventional stomach contents examination. 

Flotsam and Jetsam - Trump Trials Begin in New York

But first a Key Bridge update. At PJM, Matt Margolis reports FBI Opens Criminal Investigation Into Collapse of Francis Scott Key Bridge. I suppose it's worth looking at, but I worry about the unnecessary criminalization of accidents. The Balmer Sun reports The biggest Key Bridge section yet was pulled from the Patapsco River this weekend. Here’s how and Body of fourth person killed in Key Bridge collapse recovered Sunday. Two to go.

Of course, The big story, aside from Joe Biden's ongoing fuckup in the the Mid-East is the start of Alvin Bragg's trial in New York City, for the alleged felonies of mislabeling a payment to Stormy Daniels in business ledgers, turning expired misdemeanors (at best) into felonies by invoking Federal election law, which the DOJ and the FEC had already declined to prosecute. The Democrat-donating Judge Merchant, whose wife and daughter both work in the Democrat election establishment, ruled that Trump must attend each day of the trial or be arrested, thus making it very difficult to campaign (or do much else for that matter. 

Fox, Trump's hush money payment trial gets underway as jury selection begins. From PM,  What charges, punishments Donald Trump is facing in Alvin Bragg's case against him, set to start April 15 From WaEx, Trump won’t get a ‘fair jury’ in New York: Former acting attorney general. MD Kittle at Da Fed, Alvin Bragg Kicks Off Another Frenzied Lawfare Trial With Weakest Case Against Trump Yet. Hat Hair's Dave Strom Yet Another Bogus Trump Trial Begins Today, Helping Trump. At HE, Democrats' legal arrogance is turning Trump into the favorite. From Paul at the Ops Desk, Alvin Bragg's Trump Case - A Primer, "All you need to know about the left's latest -- and lamest -- lawfare". Jonathan Turley shows his disdain for the process at NYPo, A serial perjurer will try to prove an old misdemeanor against Trump in an embarrassment for the New York legal system. "In his "Statement of Facts" undergirding the case, Bragg relies on a jury believing that Donald Trump stole the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton by lying about his alleged affairs." At PJM, Stephen Kruiser While Biden's World Burns, Dems Froth Over Trump's Kangaroo Trials and Vicky Taft, Here's the REAL Reason the Soros-Bought NYC Prosecutor Put Trump on Trial. Try Not to Laugh. At NewsBusters, STUDY: At Least 90% of TV News Fails to Call Trump Prosecutors ‘Democrats’. Atlhouse, "Right now, Steinglass, the prosecutor, is doing a lengthy recounting of Trump's comments on the infamous Access Hollywood tape." ""There is no new information there, but Trump is listening as his own words about grabbing women’s genitals are recounted.... Trump, listening to a tape of himself from fall 2016 in which he says no one has more respect for women than he, mouths: 'True.'" I'm following "Live Updates: Trump Trial Poised to Begin, a Criminal Case Without Precedent/Jury selection is set to start as Donald J. Trump faces charges he faked business records to cover up a sex scandal before winning the presidency. The judge declined Mr. Trump’s request to recuse himself" (NYT)." And "Unlike nearly every other state, New York does not allow cameras in the courtroom and also prohibits audio recordings..."  Laura Loomer@LauraLoomer, "In the courtroom just now, Judge Merchan just told President Trump that he will be arrested if he doesn’t show up for trial every day. The trial is expected to be 6-8 weeks long. This is blatant ELECTION INTERFERENCE!" Simon Ateba@simonateba "BREAKING: Heartbroken Trump writes, "Who will explain for me, to my wonderful son, Barron, who is a GREAT Student at a fantastic School, that his Dad will likely not be allowed to attend his Graduation Ceremony, something that we have been talking about for years, because a seriously Conflicted and Corrupt New York State Judge wants me in Criminal Court on a bogus “Biden Case” which, according to virtually all Legal Scholars and Pundits, has no merit, and should NEVER have been brought." Simon Ateba@simonateba, "JUST IN: Trump writes, "In Addition to being prohibited from attending my son Barron’s High School Graduation, I have just learned that the highly biased Judge in the Soros “appointed” D.A. Alvin Bragg’s Witch Hunt Case, will not allow me to attend the historic PRESIDENTIAL IMMUNITY argument in front of The United States Supreme Court, on Thursday, April 25th (next week!). This shows such great disdain and disrespect for our Nation’s Highest Court, especially for a topic so important as Presidential Immunity, without which our Country would never be the same!""

Mike LaChance at LI reminds us The Biden Administration Gave Iran Billions in New Sanctions Relief Exactly One Month Ago. From Breitbart, Biden Let U.N. Sanctions on Iran Missiles Expire Before Unprecedented Israel Attack. At Hat Hair, Dave Strom wonders Are We Already in World War III? CJ disses The “Don’t” Doctrine "Saturday’s attack on Israel has laid bare the failure of Biden’s strategy of pressure on allies and meekness toward Iran." Dan Greenfield at Front Page says Launched from Iran, Made in America "Biden’s complicity in the attack on Israel from beginning to end. Cutie Pavlich at TownHall, notes Biden Tells Massive Lie in Latest Statement on Iran Attack "There's one massive problem and it's in the first sentence: "Earlier today, Iran—and its proxies operating out of Yemen, Syria and Iraq—launched an unprecedented air attack against military facilities in Israel." Iran didn't simply target Israeli military sites. They targeted civilians, Israelis and Americans, living in all parts of the country." At Da Wire, Biden To Netanyahu: U.S. Will Not Back Counterstrike Against Iran and  Fetterman Blasts Biden For ‘Not Standing Firmly With Israel’: ‘I Don’t Agree With The President’.  Hat Hair's KT, John Kirby Blames Trump for Iran's Attack on Israel. That's fair. I blame Carter, who initiated the whole Iran problem by turning his back on the Shah, who wasn't perfect, but was far better than the Mullahs. Matt Margolis says Ouch: These Biden Tweets About Trump and Iran Aged Poorly and Trump Warned We Were on the Brink of WWIII Under Joe Biden, and He’s Been Proven Right. Insty at his NYPo gig says Biden’s Middle East policy is beyond parody.

From the Free Bacon, Biden's Stutter Is Core to His Identity. His Account of the Moment He Overcame It Doesn’t Add Up. "Biden suffered from a childhood stutter, but the details of how he kicked it have been called into question over the years." Or Biden lied again, in another story to make himself look smarter than he really is. Sarah at Insty, REMEMBER WHEN DEMOCRATS JUMPED ALL OVER REAGAN FOR BEING ‘SENILE’? GOOD TIMES, GOOD TIMES: Biden cheat sheet for Iraq PM meeting caught on camera — including instructions to ‘pause’. Nick Arama at Red State, Biden Gets Caught on Camera With Embarrassingly Detailed Cheat Sheet.The Great Victor Davis Hanson at Am Great, Gaming The 2024 Campaign "Will Biden’s feebleness still earn him sympathy? Or will it devolve to the point that the public concludes that Joe Biden would not be able to keep any job in America—except the U.S. Presidency?"

Jake Smith at Da Caller thinks Biden’s Newest Potential Executive Order For Border Crisis Doesn’t Hold Water, Experts Say: ‘All For Show’. Hat Hair's KT, Biden Quietly Expands 'Temporary' Amnesty to 1.2 Million Foreign Nationals. At mrcTV, ARRESTED!!! Brazilian Nat'l with 10 Charges of Child Rape Released by Mass. Court Detained...Again. 'Fuzzy Slippers' at LI reports Denver To Defund Police To The Tune Of $8.4 Million In Order To Pay For Illegal Aliens. “Denver became the top destination per capita for incoming illegal aliens in 2023, having had more than 40,000 arrive that year alone.” I&I does the math, Are Illegal Immigrants Really Keeping The U.S. Economy Afloat? Nope.

Also at I&I, Biden Bombs His Own Country. At Hat Hair, Steve Moore, hears Biden's Economic Message: I Don't Feel Your Pain. Leslie Eastman at LI is amused by “McFlation” = California’s New Minimum Wage plus “Bidenflation.” "$25 McDonald’s Order Inspires Epic Video Rant."

Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair VIP, Lefties: It's 'Shady' if Biden Isn't On the Ballot. Sauce for the goose. At Am Great Ben Weingarten worries about How Taxpayers Will Heavily Subsidize Democrat Boots on the Ground This Election. JT Young at Da Fed considers the question Is Trump Riding A Realignment Wave?

John Davidson at Da Fed asserts FISA Reform Failed Because The Whole Point Of Section 702 Is To Spy On Americans. At Am Think, Patricia McCarthy thinks The Deep State and the Biden regime are at war against the American people. Debby Saunders at Am Spec House Votes Against the FBI and Intelligence Community "Many in Congress see that those serving the public often act as if they own the government." Patrick Webb@RealPatrickWebb, "BREAKING: The CIA is interfering in a FOIA request, denying records linked to Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann's plot to frame Trump in Alfa Bank hoax, as an attempt to protect former CIA director John Brennan’s aide Carolina Krass, who is now at the Department of Defense." At Am Con, Schedule F Won’t Tame the Deep State "There is no magic button. Trump would have to go further than even allies assume."

Da Caller, Supreme Court To Weigh Case That Could Upend Hundreds Of Jan. 6 Prosecutions

mrcTV reports on the ‘They/Them’ with Antifa Links Arrested Over Bombing at Alabama AG’s Office.

Virginia Kruta at Da Wire reports NPR’s New CEO Scolds 25-Year Veteran For ExposĂ© Outing Network’s Bias. Insty, NPR’S LURCH TO THE LEFT.  WaT also reports on NPR’s lurch to the left. "Ultra-liberal shock troops have served the progressive cause slavishly since 2016."  Ace, NPR CEO AWFL Doubles Down on the Intense Regime Bias at the State Media Company; In Past Tweets, She Declared Trump a "Racist". "Last week, an editor at NPR, who is still employed there, blasted the state media propaganda outlet for its intense partisanship and routine publication of disinformation, without later retraction or apologies." At Hollywood in Toto, New NPR CEO Dubbed Bill Maher ‘Racist Bigot’ "Katherine Maher's old Tweets are coming back to haunt her in a huge way." At Twitchy, Christopher Rufo Goes Through New NPR CEO's Amazingly Woke Twitter Timeline

From Da Wire, Congress Calls In Head Of Advertiser Coalition For Interview On Coordinated Targeting Of Conservative Outlets. Matt Vespa at TownHall notes Reporter Gets Bulldozed Over This Hot Take About the Hunter Biden Laptop Story. At Da Fed, Eddie Scarry observes New York Times Writer Doesn’t See Race— When The Alleged Criminal Is Black "A New York Times writer showed no interest in the race of men in New York randomly assaulting women, but she did care about the race of Rockettes."

At Althouse, They chant it before they know what it means. Then someone asks what it means. And they chant it again when they know what it means. The Free Press@TheFP "Anti-war activists in Chicago learn to chant “Death to Israel” and “Death to America” in Farsi. Read more from The FP’s @Olivia_Reingold:" At Da Mail, Palestine activists block Brooklyn Bridge, Golden Gate and roads to Chicago O'Hare airport in coordinated attempt to bring America to its knees.   Hat Hair's Beege Welborn sees Hamas Supporters Making New Friends, Influencing Evil at O'Hare, the Golden Gate Bridge, and NYC UPDATE but Dave Strom thinks It's Not the Protesters Blocking Road to O'Hare: It Is the Police, protecting the protestors. From The Telegraph, California is the homeland of progressive anti-Semitism, "Even Jewish progressives are waking up to the reality of anti-Semitic hate on the Left." Capt. Ed comments "I don't think anyone would challenge California's bona fides on producing anti-Semites, but I'd argue that this started at the Poison Ivies and spread out from there. Ivy League schools have a long tradition of anti-Semitism that moderated for a while during the Civil Rights Movement. But they have reverted to form with an almost literal vengeance these days, and the cultists they have produced over the last 60 years have seeded this new, virulent anti-Semitism throughout Academia." At Althouse, again, "According to FIRE Campus Advocacy Rights Director Alex Morey, under the First Amendment, Chemerinsky’s 3L dinner is considered a limited public forum..." "This is a situation where students have to recognize that yes, they have First Amendment rights, but they also know those rights come with certain specific limitations."

From the Hahvahd Crimson, Harvard Business School Prof. Gino Accused of Plagiarism Following Data Fraud Allegations. "Embattled Harvard Business School professor Francesca Gino was accused of multiple counts of plagiarism in an analysis published in Science Magazine on Tuesday, claims that compound existing allegations of data misconduct against her. According to Science, Gino “borrowed text” from dozens of academic sources. The plagiarism allegations add to a growing number of academic fraud accusations against Gino, as well as recent scrutiny on the integrity of scholarly work produced by Harvard professors and affiliates."Stephanie Lundquist-Arora, Harry Jackson at Am Think think K–12 Public Schools’ Digital Policies Are Ripe for Persecuting Conservative Students Tom Knighton at TAW, Education can't be fixed until this is addressed "In short, girls perform better than boys. They have higher GPAs and while boys tend to do better on standardized tests like the SAT than girls, that advantage is shrinking—to say nothing of becoming meaningless as more schools stop using the SAT altogether. Further, more girls are enrolling and completing college than boys."

Vicky Taft at PJM echoes Women Olympians Object to Nike's REVEALING Uniforms "As one person noted about this year's uniform, "I hope [U.S. Olympics officials] is paying for the bikini waxes." Yes, well."

At Breitbart, a VIDEO: Trans High School Runner Finishes 2nd Among Girls, Would Have Finished Near the Bottom of Boys Division. In Oregon. From Spiked, Why the trans lobby is so allergic to debate. "The meltdown over the Cass Review confirms how brittle and tyrannical the trans movement has become."


Tattoo Tuesday

Angelina Jolie just added another tattoo to her collection.

The actress, 48, stepped out for the opening night of The Outsiders on Broadway, for which she's a producer, absolutely glowing. While posing for photos alongside her youngest daughter, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, 15, on the red carpet, she offered a glimpse of the new ink on her wrist, nestled amongst her other tattoos. The fresh script reads "Stay Gold," which Allure points out is a line from the S.E. Hinton book The Outsiders and the 1983 Francis Ford Coppola film that the Broadway show is based on. It's also a song in the show, which Jolie is producing with her daughter's help.
. . .
On April 14, Justin Levine, who works alongside Jolie and her daughter on The Outsiders, unveiled a "Stay Gold" tattoo of his own on his Instagram Stories. The co-book writer and score creator showed off the ink — which matches Jolie's — tagging tattoo artist Mark Mahoney.

Monday, April 15, 2024

EPA Approves Virginia Offshore Wind Power Project

Roanoke Star, EPA Finalizes Permit to Bring Largest Offshore Wind Farm to Virginia’s Coast

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued the final Clean Air Act Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) air quality permit for Dominion Energy’s Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Commercial (CVOW-C) project located off the coast of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Issued on April 9 following a 30-day public comment period, the permit authorizes the construction and operation of the largest offshore wind project in the U.S. and will feature up to 176 wind turbines located 26 to 38 nautical miles from the coast.

Once complete, the approved project will generate roughly 2,640 megawatts of renewable energy, enough to power 660,000 homes, and make significant contributions toward the goal of generating 30 gigawatts of clean, abundant energy from offshore wind by 2030.

“To have the largest offshore wind project right here in the Mid-Atlantic is both a privilege and a responsibility – and we take our role in enabling clean energy initiatives very seriously,” said EPA Mid-Atlantic Regional Administrator Adam Ortiz. “This project will generate enough renewable energy to power nearly five times as many homes as there are in Richmond – all done with the environment and communities front of mind.”

The permit includes requirements such as the prevention of significant deterioration (PSD) permitting program and applicable Virginia Department of Environmental Quality requirements that regulate air pollutants from the construction and operation of the wind farm, including those from the vessels used to construct and support the project.

EPA coordinated its review of this permit in concert with other federal agencies, such as the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.

The permit, response to comments document, and supporting materials are available for review on the website.

I guess they don't care about whales after all. 

Flotsam and Jetsam - Biden Greenlighted Israel Attack - DIY

Key Bridge Catastrophe

Tradepoint Atlantic dices 50,000 tons of Baltimore’s Key Bridge steel for recycling – Baltimore Sun
Baltimore's port expected to rebound from Key Bridge disaster once channel reopens
Mural unveiled for Key Bridge collapse victims at vigil – Baltimore Sun

Biden Misdismal Administration 

The Babylon Bee@TheBabylonBee World In Shock As Murderous Terrorist State Ignores Warning From Impotent Old Man
OMG, It's Real! LOL! Biden's Tweet Talking Trash at Trump Over Iran Has Aged Worse Than 'Milk in a Sauna' – Twitchy
POTATUS Might Have Come Back to the White House in a Hurry But Was in No Hurry To, Like, Do Anything – HotAir
Iran Declares War on Israel. Biden Will (Mostly) Sit This Out – HotAir
Joe the Faint Hearted - John Kass
NEW: Joe Biden Green-Lit Iran's Attack on Israel – RedState
Biden told Netanyahu U.S. won't support an Israeli counterattack on Iran
HOLY CRAP: Joe Biden Approved Iran's Assault on Israel 'Within Certain Limits' – PJ Media
Althouse: "The Biden administration, hoping to avoid a wider war in the Middle East, is advising Israel that it does not necessarily need to fire back at Iran..."
The deep meaning of “don’t” - Power Line
How Biden's Failed Policies Led the Way for Iran's Attack
'How D' Ya Like Me Now' Update: AOC Weeping in 2021 After Congress Approves Iron Dome Funding – HotAir
Michael Oren: How Did the War Begin? With Iran’s Appeasers in Washington - The Free Press
Instapundit - HE’S RIGHT, YOU KNOW: Related: h
The White House’s dishonest attack on Republicans - Washington Examiner
Althouse: "Record-level migration has brought record-breaking death to Maverick County, a border community that is ground zero..."
Chaos in California: Migrant Boat Landings Surge Along the Coast – HotAir
A Reliable Voting Bloc for Decades, Minorities Now Look for Alternatives to Democrats - The Epoch Times
You're Not Going to Believe How Much Biden's Student Loan Bribe Will Cost Taxpayers – PJ Media
Investors Bet On Further Rise In US Gasoline Prices - ZeroHedge
Bidenflation Soars To 18.8%, Squeezing Americans

Electoral Politics, as Usual

Trump looks to win back Pennsylvania by campaigning in these swing counties - Washington Examiner
Althouse: "Even 30-mile-an-hour wind gusts whipping down from the nearby Poconos couldn’t move the bubble of Donald Trump-scented awe and alternative reality ..."
RFK, Jr. Prepares to Take Legal Action After 5th Denial of Secret Service Protection – HotAir
Kentucky Strips Dem Governor of Senate Appointment Powers – HotAir
Kari Lake's team spent all night arguing with The Babylon Bee and it was a sight to behold - Not the Bee
Kari Lake Announces Plan To Lose Another Election But This Time While Supporting Baby Murder - Babylon Bee

Trump Troubles 

Judge Noreika: Dad not picking on Hunter - Power Line
The Battle Begins: Trump’s Trial Tests American Justice - American Greatness
‘Special Criminal Defendant’: Former Federal Prosecutor Says Bragg Took ‘Vindictive Action’ Against Trump - The Daily Caller
Althouse: "Me, as a New Yorker I can’t judge him for who he is. Basically, I can only judge him by the way he carries himself, especially in the White House."
Stephanopoulos Tries to Bullrush Chris Sununu About His Support 'If Trump's Convicted...' – HotAir
BREAKING: Cops Seize E Jean Carroll's Unregistered Gun After National Pulse Report.

Jan 6 and the Deep State

(20) Kyle Becker on X: "BOMBSHELL.🚨 "The J6 committee buried the whistleblower accounts because they were devastating to the narrative Donald Trump was complicit in an 'insurrection'." National Guard Whistleblowers Set to Reveal Testimony Exonerating Trump Over His J6 Response" / X
WATCH: Alleged CIA Agent Brags About Persecuting Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson – PJ Media
The Great COVID Cover-up: Shocking truth about Wuhan and 15 federal agencies - Fox News

Media, Social Media and Government Censorship

New NPR CEO Haunted by Woke, Anti-Trump Tweets As Editor Exposes Bias – HotAir
NPR Chief Executive Says It Was 'Profoundly Disrespectful' to Out Network's Bias – Twitchy
NPR's New CEO Gets Embarrassingly Exposed Amid Editor Blowing the Whistle on the Outlet – RedState
Orwell Watch: NPR and the Death of Fairness
“Profoundly Disrespectful, Hurtful, and Demeaning”: NPR CEO Strikes Out at Editor Who Exposed the Bias of Company – JONATHAN TURLEY

The Great Culture Wars

NAIA Banning Transgender Athletes From Women’s Sports Results In Flood Of Controversy - AMP America
JK Rowling and the Cass report reckoning - The Spectator
Nearly 5,000 want Kyle Rittenhouse event at Kent State canceled; university backs free speech - The College Fix