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#HimToo: A Harball to Chris Matthews Face

NBC Made Payment To Staffer After Sexual Harassment Claim Against Chris Matthews
An MSNBC spokesman confirmed Saturday the company made a separation-related payment to one of Chris Matthews employees after the woman complained about sexual harassment.

Two sources familiar with the situation told The Daily Caller that Matthews paid $40,000 to settle with an assistant producer on his show, “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” in 1999 after she accused him of harassment. An MSNBC spokesperson contested that claim to the Caller, saying the company instead paid significantly less as part of a severance package.

The woman complained to CNBC executives about Matthews making inappropriate comments and jokes about her while in the company of others.

The MSNBC spokesman said that they thoroughly reviewed the situation at the time and that Matthews received a formal reprimand. Based on people who were involved in matter, the network concluded that the comments were inappropriate and juvenile but were not intended to be taken as propositions.

The woman received separation-related compensation when she left MSNBC and has gone on to work in a number of high-profile media positions. MSNBC declined to comment on whether the employee left because of Matthews or whether this was the only claim in Matthews’ history at the company.
Martina Markota runs down a list of media figures caught up in sexual harassment scandals recently for the Daily Caller:

So why are the torpedoes aimed at Donald Trump and other Republicans by the #MeToo movement turning around and striking mostly liberal entertainers and media figures and liberal politicians? I submit that it's because the women susceptible to the blandishments of the  #MeToo are largely liberal working in the liberal milieu, and it's the liberal men around them who have abused and used them. That's not to say more conservative men haven't committed harassment, some certainly have, but they are not surrounded by women looking for revenge on men. Conservative men may also be slightly better behaved on average because they generally respect women more.

Mueller Team Illegally Seized Thousands of Trump Transition Papers

And here I thought they were supposed to be investigating so called collusion with Russia before the election. I guess that hasn't worked out so well yet: Mueller improperly obtained documents in Russia probe
A lawyer for the Trump presidential transition team is accusing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office of inappropriately obtaining transition documents as part of its Russia probe, including confidential attorney-client communications, privileged communications and thousands of emails without their knowledge.

In a letter obtained by Fox News and sent to House and Senate committees on Saturday, the transition team’s attorney alleges “unlawful conduct” by the career staff at the General Services Administration (GSA) in handing over transition documents to the special counsel’s office.

Kory Langhofer, the counsel to Trump for America (TFA), argues the GSA “did not own or control the records in question” and the release of documents could be a violation of the Fourth Amendment – which protects against unreasonable searches and seizures.
They're putting the heat on GSA for giving up the documents without a warrant and without notifying the documents owners rather than Mueller, who asked for the documents in a letter. I think we can agree to blame both.
Langhofer wrote in Saturday's letter that the GSA handed over “tens of thousands of emails” to Mueller's probe without "any notice" to the transition.

The attorney said they discovered the “unauthorized disclosures” by the GSA on Dec. 12 and 13 and raised concerns with the special counsel’s office. The Associated Press reported that the GSA turned over a flash drive containing tens of thousands of records on Sept. 1 after receiving requests from Mueller's office in late August.
What, no warrant? No notice?
Those records included emails sent and received by 13 senior Trump transition officials. Among the officials who used transition email accounts was former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty to a count of making false statements to FBI agents in January and is now cooperating with Mueller's investigation.

“We understand that the special counsel’s office has subsequently made extensive use of the materials it obtained from the GSA, including materials that are susceptible to privilege claims," Langhofer wrote. He added that some of the records obtained by the special counsel’s office from the GSA “have been leaked to the press by unknown persons.”
Apparently, some of these materials have been used as the basis for questioning some of the Trump officials, presumably without their knowledge that the Mueller team had copies. Setting up perjury traps? That seems to be a standard FBI modus operandi. This is apparently what tipped off the Trump team that Mueller had the documents.
The transition attorney said the special counsel's office also received laptops, cell phones and at least one iPad from the GSA.
Much more at Legal Insurrection in "Mueller improperly grabbed tens of thousands of transition docs" including:
The Special Counsel’s office said: “We will decline to comment.”

The transition sources said they were surprised about the emails because they have been in touch with Mueller’s team and have cooperated.

The twist: The sources say that transition officials assumed that Mueller would come calling, and had sifted through the emails and separated the ones they considered privileged. But the sources said that was for naught, since Mueller has the complete cache from the dozen accounts.
At this point, the whole Mueller investigation has become "fruit of the poisonous tree."
The "fruit of the poisonous tree" doctrine is an offspring of the Exclusionary Rule. The exclusionary rule mandates that evidence obtained from an illegal arrest, unreasonable search, or coercive interrogation must be excluded from trial.
Jeff Sessions or Rod Rosenstein should fire Mueller (as well as most of his pro-Clinton anti-Trump team), throw out the tainted evidence, see what remains, and decide if there is anything left to investigate.

The Weinstein Blacklist

Weinstein 'derailed my career' Sorvino says after Peter Jackson claim
Actress Mira Sorvino said she is "heartsick" after learning she may have lost out on major roles because of Harvey Weinstein.

Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson said both Sorvino and Ashley Judd were "blacklisted" following conversations with Weinstein's company.

Both actresses have claimed the media mogul sexually harassed them.
 She looks too old for Woody. But enough about Ashley Judd.
Weinstein has denied allegations of misconduct, and of blacklisting the actresses.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy was initially in development with Weinstein's Miramax company, before being passed to New Line Cinema.

In an interview with this week, Jackson said he was interested in casting both women in the blockbuster franchise.

"I recall Miramax telling us they were a nightmare to work with and we should avoid them at all costs. This was probably in 1998," he told the site.
You wonder what part she was being considered for in LOTR; there are a very limited number of important female roles. I don't think it could be Galadriel, Cate Blanchete was born for that role. Eowyn, played by Robyn Malcolm seems possible, Arwen, played by Liv Tyler a distant maybe, and the newly created Morwen played by Robyn Malcolm. I would guess Eowyn?
"At the time, we had no reason to question what these guys were telling us."

"I now suspect we were fed false information about both of these talented women - and as a direct result their names were removed from our casting list."

"In hindsight, I realise that this was very likely the Miramax smear campaign in full swing," Jackson said.
I think a multi-million dollar suit against the Weinsteins is a virtual certainty; Peter Jackson ought to be brought in as a witness.

You wonder if being on the Weinstein Blacklist will become a matter of honor for Hollywood actresses. Will we ever find out who put out?

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Oh Oysters, Come and Walk With Us!

Maryland has a "new" "comprehensive" oyster restoration plan: Maryland Announces Comprehensive Oyster Restoration Plan
The Maryland Department of Natural Resources today announced a comprehensive plan on oyster restoration, including its intention to recommend Breton Bay and the upper St. Mary’s River as the fourth and fifth tributaries to satisfy the state’s commitment to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement goal of restoring native oyster habitat and populations in five tributaries by 2025.

The department’s selection complements ongoing large-scale oyster restoration activities in Harris Creek, the Little Choptank River and the Tred Avon River.

“Maryland is committed to restoring the oyster population throughout the Chesapeake Bay for both ecological and economic reasons,” Natural Resources Secretary Mark Belton said. “This keystone species builds the foundation of a healthy marine ecosystem, cleaning and filtering water, while also serving as the backbone of our fisheries-based economy, be it aquaculture or commercial harvesting.”

The recommendations will be shared with the Maryland Oyster Restoration Interagency Workgroup, which includes the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The department will also gather input from citizens, communities and stakeholders in an open and transparent public comment process.

Breton Bay intends to be restored with the assistance of the state’s federal partners while work in the upper section of the St. Mary’s River would be conducted by the state. All contracts for seed planting and substrate placement in the final two restoration sites will be competitively bid.

“These restoration recommendations strike the right balance between the environment and the economy by concentrating limited yet targeted resources on existing sanctuaries with the most potential for success, based on the best available science,” Belton said. “These two sites have the broad support of environmentalists and riverkeepers as well as county leaders and watermen.”

Along with its restoration selections, the state also plans to study and survey existing state oyster sanctuaries around Annapolis and the Lower Eastern Shore. For the first time, the department will design and develop oyster management plans for the Manokin, Nanticoke and Severn rivers to determine how the strategic use of state investment and resources, including seed, shell and spat, could spur natural oyster growth and reproduction.

Lastly, the department intends to move forward with developing a rotational harvest system, designating a seed study area, and renewing the state’s oyster shell collection and recycling programs.
In other words, a put and take oysters system. The state pays to prepare the site, and plant the oysters, then, when they mature, the watermen are allowed into the "sanctuaries" to pillage the oysters.

Again, my oyster restoration plan would be to simply stop harvesting natural (as opposed to aquaculture) oysters for 5-10 years to see if Eastern Oysters can still successfully recolonize the Chesapeake Bay in it's current state.

Quality, Not Quantity at the Beach

Skye "persuaded" us into doing the walk before lunch. The tide was high, but the water was calm thanks to a west wind, the temperature was in the low 40s (we hit 26 for low last night), and there were still traces of snow from last night in the shadows.

I did good for quality of teeth. From top clockwise, a Mako lower, a smallish, but good quality Snaggletooth, a Sand Tiger, and a Crocodile tooth.

Don't Let the Door Hit You in the Ass!

US Climate Scientists Emigrating to France
French government broadcaster France24 claims President Macron’s offer of fifty grants is luring climate scientists away from the US to work in France.

Eighteen climate scientists, 13 of them based in the United States, were on Monday named the first beneficiaries of the research grants linked to French President Macron’s “Make Our Planet Great Again” project, which will see them relocate to France.

“The selected projects are of very high standards and deal with issues that are particularly important,” the jury said in a statement, noting its members had received a total of 1,822 applications, of which 1,123 came from the US. A second round of laureates will be announced “during the course of the spring of 2018”, it said.

In all, a total of 50 research grants will be handed out, lasting a minimum of three years and worth between €1 million and €1.5 million each.
That'll keep 'em going for about three years.

Actually, if you believe in Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming, France is doing the right thing, getting 75% of it's electrical power from nuclear power plants. They never bought into the anti-nuclear crusade which all but killed nuclear power in the rest of the west. Maybe they couldn't read the papers.

Turnabout is Fair Play After All

Female Democrat Congressional Candidate Drops Out of Race After Sexual Harassment Accusation Surfaces
The folks at Emily’s List sure do know how to pick them.
Andrea Ramsey, a Democratic candidate for Congress, will drop out of the race after the Kansas City Star asked her about accusations in a 2005 lawsuit that she sexually harassed and retaliated against a male subordinate who said he had rejected her advances.
Multiple sources with knowledge of the case told The Star that the man reached a settlement with LabOne, the company where Ramsey was executive vice president of human resources. Court documents show that the man, Gary Funkhouser, and LabOne agreed to dismiss the case permanently after mediation in 2006.
Ramsey, a 56-year-old retired business executive from Leawood, was one of the Democratic candidates vying to challenge Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder in 2018 in Kansas’ 3rd District.
She was running with the endorsement of Emily’s List, a liberal women’s group that has raised more than a half-million dollars to help female candidates who support abortion rights.
Ramsey will drop out on Friday, her campaign said.
She didn't even break Al Franken's low bar for non-apologies. 
“In its rush to claim the high ground in our roiling national conversation about harassment, the Democratic Party has implemented a zero tolerance standard,” Ramsey said in a statement Friday. “For me, that means a vindictive, terminated employee’s false allegations are enough for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) to decide not to support our promising campaign. We are in a national moment where rough justice stands in place of careful analysis, nuance and due process.”
Live by the sexual harassment accusation, die by the the sexual harassment accusation, I always say.

Rule 5 Saturday - Another Brazilian - Raica Oliviero

This week the Rule 5 award goes to . . .
Raica Oliveira (born January 22, 1984) is a Brazilian model known for her work with numerous companies, including Emanuel Ungaro, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent, Vogue, Chanel, Lancôme, Victoria's Secret, blah, blah blah.

Oliveira was born in Niterói, Brazil, the youngest of three children. She has two brothers: Givago (an economist) and Pablo (a lawyer). She graduated from the Sao Vicente de Paula school in Niteroi.

Before becoming a model, she practiced bodyboarding. She dreamed of becoming a model since she was ten years old. . .

In 1999, Oliveira entered the Elite Model Look contest in Brazil and beat 30,000 girls for the top prize. She was sent to Nice, France, for the final international competition, where she placed second. Soon thereafter, she moved to New York with her mother Conceição de Oliveira to try to build her career

Since 2008, Oliveira has been working as a reporter in Paris and New York for the Portuguese Jornal Record. Oliveira will be reporting on fashion occasions occurring in Paris and New York for the program Hoje em Dia which is hosted by fellow model Ana Hickmann.

Raica Oliveira is a vegetarian and she has stated she has been one her whole life and doesn't feel the urge to eat animal meat. Oliveira speaks Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and Italian. She loves animals. She has eight dogs in her home town . Raica has six tattoos and plans to study philosophy at a university when she retires.
Being Brazilian, toplessness does not seem to be a problem for her (NSFW links).

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Bring on the Warrior Monks!

Me and Lt. Col. Andy Dziengeleski in a lighter moment
Just boosting, to the extent my small little blog can, this paper coauthored  by a fishing buddy of mine, Lt. Col. Andy Dziengeleski, aka Ski:

The Good Fight: Making the Case for Intellectual Combat in the Military
By Andy Dziengeleski & John McRae
December 14, 2016
. . .
The dialectic method has its roots in the philosopher Socrates’ approach to learning. Rejecting more emotional forms of truth-seeking, Socrates instead encouraged his students to engage in logical combat, wherein ideas were confronted on all sides by challenging viewpoints and left to die or to emerge from the heap, bloodied but victorious. This contrasts with the practice of sophistry, the feigned appearance of truth-seeking designed to impress. Whereas the dialectic method welcomes all challengers to rebut, refine, or reject ideas in the marketplace of ideas, sophistry avoids conflict altogether by taking both assumptions and conclusions at face value. The former can generate understanding; the latter merely perpetuates the status quo.

Today, these two concepts are evident all around us  Unfortunately, though myriad examples of sophistry persist in today’s military, fortuitously so too does the dialectic method—just not widely enough. This is where our best ideas emerge. A glance at the field of behavioral economics helps illustrate how vital an expert dialogue is in advancing a field of study. Until the 1970s, the fields of economics and sociology were distinct. Economists, led by Gary S. Becker’s work in The Economic Approach to Human Behavior, considered human beings to be essentially rational in their decision-making. This rationality was reflected in the economic models of the era, generating sacrosanct conclusions tied to this assumption of rationality. It wasn’t until a new breed led by Daniel Kahneman, Amos Tversky, Richard Thaler, and others challenged that assumption by applying psychological and sociological concepts to economics that the field began to break free from its inertia and make great leaps forward in understanding and modeling human behavior. This synthesis didn’t mark the end of the breakthrough, however. That was just the beginning.

Within the military, this ever-evolving dialogue has ebbed and flowed since 2001. At present, the rapid growth of military writing venues and societies is encouraging, though the corresponding disinclination to critique one’s peers has limited the positive impact. Arguably, true discourse and discussion hasn’t been seen since the 1980s, when many accepted positions and tropes within the military were considered “free game” to those willing to take the time and write. Many of today’s professional journals were perhaps more creative and interesting to read in the late 1970s and the 1980s simply because there was a culture of intellectual exploration and dialogue. This dialogue was not only given multiple outlets, such as Military Review and the Marine Corps Gazette, but reflected a top-down organizational angst resulting from our Joint performance in the Vietnam War. This angst was widespread, affecting every veteran of that war, as individuals and organizations alike searched for answers to very difficult questions like, “How did we lose this war, why didn’t we change during the conflict, and how can we ensure we never set the conditions for this to occur again?”

Today, after what can kindly be called marginal performances against non-state forces in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other locations throughout Central Asia, the Levant, North Africa, and elsewhere, it is sometimes difficult to discern the same grappling within any aspect of our profession. As with the aftermath of the Vietnam War era, much of the military community seems sometimes content simply to forget about our performances of the last fifteen years, with one major difference: we are still fighting these wars. In addition, we have copied our post-Vietnam shift of priorities to major state-based forces: “near-peer” is the word of the week again.
 He does catch big fish too, sometimes.
 Today, paeans to military writing abound, a good sign that professionals value the advancement of ideas. What are sorely lacking, however, are intellectual scrums within the profession of the kind that helped make behavioral economics a viable field. To be sure, some of this thought combat goes on behind closed doors in the intellectual centers of the military. But what is lost in that context is the potential for broadly shared learning, for contributions emerging from unlikely places, and for open dialogues spinning off into valuable, unforeseen directions. None of this requires disdain, personal criticism, or malice, but a common professional desire to see ideas honed to maximum effectiveness. Putting one’s thoughts on the page is a lonely but vital pursuit for the military professional. Isn’t it again time we started writing alone, together?
I'm really not qualified to comment, but I though I would pass it on. Notice that this is a year old. Ski reposted it on Facebook, and noted that nothing has changed yet.

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The Best Accusers Money Can Buy

Lisa Bloom                   Kathy Griffin
Attorney Lisa Bloom Arranged Payments From Donors For Some Of Trump’s Accusers
The Hill has a story today detailing some behind-the-scenes negotiations between a would-be Trump accuser and attorney Lisa Bloom. The story is based on documents, including texts, gathered by one woman who considered coming forward prior to the election to accuse Trump of making some kind of pass toward her. In exchange, she wanted money to relocate and to send her daughter to college. Over a series of weeks, the amount of money discussed climbed from $10,000 to $750,000. The money being offered came from unidentified donors.
The woman told The Hill in an interview that Bloom initially approached her in early October through [Trump accuser Jill] Harth. She said she considered coming forward with her account of an unsolicited advance by Trump solely to support her friend Harth, and not because she had any consternation with Trump, who ended the advance when she asked him to stop, she said.
The woman said Bloom initially offered a $10,000 donation to the woman’s favorite church, an account backed up by text messages the two exchanged…
By early November, the woman said, Bloom’s offers of money from donors had grown to $50,000 to be paid personally to her, and then even higher.
“Another donor has reached out to me offering relocation/security for any woman coming forward. I’m trying to reach him,” Bloom texted the woman on Nov. 3, 2016. Later she added, “Call me I have good news.”…
The figured jumped to $200,000 in a series of phone calls with Bloom that week, according to the woman. The support was promised to be tax-free and also included changing her identity and relocating, according to documents and interviews.
Lisa Bloom confirmed to the hill that the unnamed accuser eventually asked for $2 million dollars to come forward prior to the election, an amount Bloom described as a “non-starter.” Bloom told the Hill, “We did relay her security concerns to donors, but none were willing to offer more than a number in the low six figures.”
I guess we're no longer arguing about what they are, but instead, how much they cost.

What If We Won a War and Nobody Noticed?

At least in the media: Strictly Rhetorical Question: Why Does the Media Not Report That ISIS Was Defeated in Iraq and Its Capital City of Raqqa in Syria Has Been Captured by US-Allied Troops?
I would imagine for much the same reason the media is silent on the economy.
Though this is consistent: after all, the media was largely silent on the economy and ISIS under Obama, too. For different reasons, of course.
Trump needs to give a primetime address or something to note these things. I guess he can wait until the State of the Union, but...
Remember how debates about ISIS dominated the presidential primaries? Remember how Donald Trump and Ted Cruz ratcheted up their rhetoric until they both seemed to promise that they'd commit war crimes like carpet bombing and torture to defeat the deadly threat?
ISIS was often the most important and most prominent story in the world. Now, however, the caliphate is a smoking ruin. It courted conflict with the great powers. It craved Armageddon, and it got its wish.
No one knows ISIS's exact casualty figures, but its fighters have died by the tens of thousands. I've spoken to men who were directly involved in the air campaign, and they have told me that the public doesn't yet understand the sheer scale and ultimate effectiveness of the American attacks. Yes, we withdrew from Iraq too soon. Yes, our counteroffensive against ISIS unfolded slowly.
But we fought back, we trained and equipped allies, and we won.
This is one of the best stories of the young Trump administration. While many of the battles were fought under Obama, Trump pursued the enemy relentlessly. He delegated decision-making to commanders in the field, they fought within the laws of war, and they prevailed. Trump promised to defeat ISIS, and he has delivered a tremendous victory. Part of the blame still rests with us. Let's be honest: Panic and fear make for a better story than victory and peace.
So why isn't this bigger news?
I can't say it's been completely ignored, but the press has certainly not gone out of their way to give Trump any credit for it.

Those Hate Crime Hoaxes

How many times in the past few years has a hate crime been trumpeted by the press, and then subsequently proven to be a hoax. Shit loads! Or at least a hoax in the sense that it was against the group that was the apparent target of the crime. It was still a hate crime against the group that it was intended to blame.

Some stats: New Study: Middle Easterners 34 Times More Likely to Fake Hate Incidents
Most fake “hate crimes” are committed by members of the group targeted by such hoaxes, according to a new study. The most likely perpetrators are black or of Middle Eastern ancestry, an analysis of more than 100 such incidents from July 2015 to December 2017 found that “by far the largest number (44) fabricated acts of bias against blacks”:
The next most common “victim” categories of fake bias crimes were Middle Easterners/Muslims (17), non-whites in general (13), and LGBT people (10). Sixty-four percent of the hoaxers are male.
In the FBI’s latest hate crimes report, blacks are overrepresented as offenders. They account for 26.1 percent of those cases in which the race of the perpetrator was known, meaning that they were 2.4 times more likely than non-blacks to commit hate crimes. . . .
In the case of hate-crime hoaxes, black overrepresentation is much greater. . . . [O]ver the last two-and­-a-half years, on a per capita basis, blacks were 13.3 times more likely than whites to commit hate-crime hoaxes, and Middle Easterners were 34.7 times more likely.
For the most part, it is correct to assume that bias-crime hoaxes are committed by a member of the group that was falsely targeted: gays commit anti-gay hate hoaxes, and blacks commit anti-black hate hoaxes.
Of cases with whites perpetrators, only 3 of the 18 committed hoaxes in which whites, as a race, were the targets of fake hate; the rest meant to draw sympathy to LGBT people, other non-white groups, or women. A few “progressives,” for example, have drawn swastikas or written racial slurs in the hope of evoking sympathy for non-whites or to justify increased anti-racist activity.
The study from American Renaissance was accompanied by an online database spreadsheet
This was enough to get American Renaissance to be listed as a hate organization by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Poor Rod Rosenstein!

First it was Republicans, lambasting him for the obvious political slant of Robert Muellers team:

You gotta admit that's one of the best straight faces of all time. No way I'm ever playing poker with Rod.

Then the Democrats got on him for having let the FBI text messages between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok: Democrats Mobilize Against Rod Rosenstein As Inspector General Investigation Zeroes In On FBI

And if that weren't bad enough, then he had to face the moron-in-chief Sheila Jackson Lee: Dimwit Sheila Jackson Lee Confronts a Befuddled Rod Rosenstein:

Supermodel Misses Good Old Days of Sexual Harassment

Former supermodel and Rule 5 star Paulina Porizkova: Sexual harassment was once ‘a compliment’
Model Paulina Porizkova — who was on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in ’84 and ’85 — says that, at the time, sexual harassment was such an ingrained part of the business, it was viewed as a “compliment.”

“Here is the funny thing about sexual harassment with us as models: It was seen as a compliment,” she told us at the Bloomberg 50 gala at Gotham Hall.

“As a matter of fact, you almost got offended if you did not get harassed. Like, if this photographer is known for hitting on [models] — or goes for all the brunettes — and you show up at the studio and you are a brunette and he does not hit on you . . . it is like, ‘What is wrong with me?’ So it is messed up. It makes you think that sexual harassment is what you need.”
At least she wasn't ignored.

An escapee from socialist Czechoslovakia, she's probably not the snowflake type.

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Did The Obama DOJ and FBI Conspire Against the Duly Elected Government?

Because that sure as hell seems to be where the evidence is headed.

Now you have FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe meeting with Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, and from that meeting we hear about in a text from Strzok to Page:
"I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy's office" -- an apparent reference to Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe -- "that there's no way he gets elected -- but I'm afraid we can't take that risk. It's like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you're 40 . . . . "
That right there sure sounds like a conspiracy. We need to know what was said in that governmental office. I don't care if it takes thumbscrews and waterboarding. McCabe was supposed to testify yesterday but that testimony was cancelled because: FBI's McCabe 'has an Ohr problem,' will not testify on Tuesday
Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who was reportedly scheduled to testify behind closed doors in front of the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, will instead meet next week due to a "scheduling error," Department of Justice officials told Fox News.

McCabe’s testimony was likely to, at least in part, focus on Peter Strzok’s role in the Hillary Clinton email investigation.
. . .
“This was a routine scheduling error after the dates were switched on an internal email that we are happy to provide the committee,” a Justice Department official told Fox News. “The FBI regrets the error, and we look forward to making both witnesses (the alleged FBI handler for Christopher Steele and McCabe) available prior to the Christmas recess."
. . .
But Fox News was told by those familiar with the matter that the intelligence committee is suspicious of the purported scheduling error. One source said they believe the schedule issue arose after Fox News' report Monday night on Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr.

Ohr was recently demoted from one of his two senior posts. Fox News reported that Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, worked through last fall for Fusion GPS, which was behind the anti-Trump dossier.
We find a Deputy Attorney General in bed with a woman who works writing anti-Trump papers for Fusion GPS:
Court documents reveal the opposition research firm that put together a dossier filled with wild, unsubstantiated claims about Donald Trump hired the spouse of a newly demoted Justice Department official to dig up dirt on Trump.

Glenn Simpson, co-founder of Fusion GPS — the infamous firm behind the dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele — stated in a court declaration that his firm hired Nellie H. Ohr as a subcontractor to help with “research and analysis of Mr. Trump,” according to Chuck Ross at The Daily Caller. Nellie H. Ohr is married to Bruce G. Ohr, who was associate deputy attorney general at the DOJ until he was recently demoted.

The timing of Bruce Ohr’s demotion is curious, as he retained his status as a top DOJ official until just before Fox News broke the story about his wife’s role at Fusion GPS and his own secret meetings with Steele and Simpson in 2016.
It's a little funny to see the vampires scatter in the light of day.

We don't know for sure yet, but it's almost a sure thing that the "Russian Dossier" was used to obtain the FISA warrants that resulted in the unmasking of literally thousands of conversations of American citizens by the NSA, and their subsequent leaks, and use as leverage in the  guilty pleas of Gen Michael Flynn and foreign policy nerd George Papadopoulos.

So here you have the DNC, the Hillary Campaign, and the Obama DOJ/FBI  conspiring with the Russians to create a dossier that accuses the Trump campaign of, get this, conspiring with the Russians, and using that dossier to circumvent the 4th amendment protections of it's staffers to set up perjury traps.

At this point I would call any evidence obtained on the basis of the the dossier, and any investigation tainted by Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr, Peter Strzok or Lisa Page fruit of the poison tree, and have it thrown out.

Trey Gowdy explains his concerns to Rod Rosenstein:

Linked by Evi L. Bloggerlady in "Postmodern Jukebox: Baby It's Cold Outside"Attorney Lisa Bloom: Pays Cash For Dirt on Trump!,  "Andrea Ramsey: Teach Democrat Women Candidates Not To Sexually Harrass" and "Belle Jewel: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel".

#HerToo Hits the NFL

Television sports reporter and host Lindsay McCormick took to Instagram late Tuesday and wrote that an NFL Network executive asked if she would “plan on getting knocked up” if she was hired.

Her post comes a day after Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk and two other NFL Network analysts were suspended amid numerous sexual harassment allegations made by a former wardrobe stylist at the network in an amended wrongful termination lawsuit.

“I've been quiet about this for too long,” McCormick wrote. “In my last interview with NFL Network a few years ago, the head of hiring talent said to me, ‘If we hire you, do you plan on getting knocked up immediately like the rest of them?’" ‘Them’ as in badass working women who deserve to have a family life as well? ‘Them’ as the women who work their tails off to be taken seriously in a man's world? Or ‘them’ who bring you a new audience and a tremendous amount of viewership? Because while I don't plan on ‘getting knocked up,’ I do plan on being like the rest of those brilliant women that our future daughters will one day look up to and see you can have it all.”
Yeah. I had my training too, and that's not a question you're supposed to ask a woman. You can ask a man if he intends to stay and build a career, or is he going to leap at the next chance to go up. Just don't expect an honest answer.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Our Egyptian "Allies"

Egypt singer jailed for 'inciting debauchery' in music video
A court in Egypt has reportedly jailed for two years a singer who appeared in a music video in her underwear while suggestively eating a banana.

Shaimaa Ahmed, a 25-year-old known professionally as Shyma, was arrested last month after the video sparked outrage in the conservative country.

On Tuesday, she was found guilty of inciting debauchery and publishing an indecent film, local media said.

The video's director was also sentenced to two years in prison in absentia.

Shyma had apologised before her arrest to people who took the video for the song, I Have Issues, "in an inappropriate way".

"I didn't imagine all this would happen and that I would be subjected to such a strong attack from everyone," she wrote on her now-deleted Facebook page.
Check it out yourself:

Rumor has it Miley Cyrus is rethinking her plans for an Egyptian tour.

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Virginia Approves Pipeline, Sort Of

Panel grants conditional OK on key pipeline approval
A panel of Virginia regulators has granted a conditional permit for the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline contingent on getting more information about the project's water quality impacts.

The Virginia State Water Control Board voted 4-3 Tuesday to approve a key Clean Water Act permit. The board is charged with determining whether there is "reasonable assurance" water along the route won't be contaminated during construction.

Department of Environmental Quality spokesman Bill Hayden says the permit won't take effect until several additional studies are reviewed and approved by the department. They include soil and erosion control plans and stormwater management plans.

Pipeline spokesman Aaron Ruby called the decision a "very significant milestone for the project and another major step toward final approval."

He said they'd continue to "work closely" with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality toward completing all remaining approvals to meet conditions of the certification.

"This has been a rigorous and transparent process, and everyone’s voice has been heard," he added. "The process has resulted in more environmental protection and higher water quality standards than any other project of this kind."

Many opponents characterized the decision as a partial victory.

“We are pleased that the Water Control Board refused to allow the pipeline project to proceed until threats from pollution are more thoroughly examined. This was the right decision," said Peggy Sanner, Chesapeake Bay Foundation Virginia Assistant Director. “Building the pipeline without this information would disturb waterways across Virginia and increase pollution to local rivers, streams, and the Chesapeake Bay."

Lee Francis, communications manager for the Virginia League of Conservation Voters added, "While this outcome buys us time, it’s still far from the end result for clean water we wanted."

So Fox Released Some of the Strzok/Page Pillow Talk

And the Ace of Spades has a run down, but my particular favorite is:
"PS – Just went to a southern Virginia Walmart. I could SMELL the Trump support…

LP – Yep. Out to lunch with (redacted) We both hate everyone and everything."
Nice to know what your rulers think about you.

But this one might be the most damning:
Instapundit (all caps, natch) had this amusing and yet infuriating exchange with the Just Us Department:

I’m hearing from a source that Lisa Page was involved in approving Peter Strzok’s warrant requests to the FISC and possibly elsewhere. Can you confirm or deny if this was the case? And please tell me what her job title and function are in your office. Thanks.
Them (via spokesman Joshua Stueve):
Lisa Page, who was an attorney on detail to the Special Counsel’s office, returned to the FBI’s Office of the General Counsel in mid-July.
Me again:
Thank you but that doesn’t answer my question. What role did Lisa Page have in the handling of warrant applications, and in particular those involving Peter Strzok?
Them again:
I’ll decline to comment further.
Well, then.

Page, remember, is the FBI lawyer with whom Strzok was having an extramarital affair and exchanging anti-Trump texts. Perhaps someone with more resources than I will be able to get to the bottom of this.
On other Trump/Russia related news, we just found out that the wife of another DOJ bigwig sidelined by the Mueller team, worked for Fusion GPS, doing Russian stuff.
A senior Justice Department official demoted last week for concealing his meetings with the men behind the anti-Trump “dossier” had even closer ties to Fusion GPS, the firm responsible for the incendiary document, than has been disclosed, Fox News has confirmed: The official’s wife worked for Fusion GPS during the 2016 election.

Contacted by Fox News, investigators for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) confirmed that Nellie H. Ohr, wife of the demoted official, Bruce G. Ohr, worked for the opposition research firm last year. The precise nature of Mrs. Ohr’s duties – including whether she worked on the dossier – remains unclear but a review of her published works available online reveals Mrs. Ohr has written extensively on Russia-related subjects. HPSCI staff confirmed to Fox News that she was paid by Fusion GPS through the summer and fall of 2016.
But totally objective I'm sure.

WE’RE GONNA FIND OUT HE WAS A PARTNER IN FUSION GPS, AREN’T WE? Politico: Justice Department won’t disclose details on Mueller ethics waiver.

A massive purge is needed at the DOJ.

Roger Ailes, Voice Coach?

Lauren Sivan: Roger Ailes Had Me Sit On His Lap
Remember reporter Lauren Sivan? She’s the Harvey Weinstein accuser who found herself trapped in the empty kitchen of his New York restaurant and was then forced to watch him masturbate into a potted plant. Today the Hollywood Reporter published a piece in which several of Weinstein’s accusers talk about coming forward to tell their stories. In her piece, Sivan notes that Weinstein wasn’t the only incident of sexual harassment she experienced in the business. She claims former Fox News executive Roger Ailes once told her to sit on his lap so he could feel her diaphragm:
No danger there, unless she's exceptionally droopy for her age.

My first job out of college was at Fox News. I thought it was normal, to feel like you had to be attractive to men to get ahead. Before I went on-air in a local market, I was a producer for eight years. I’d see it all from the production side: Female talent would show up for work and boss Roger Ailes would call down to the control room and say her skirt was too long, she’s not wearing high heels, tell her to change: “I don’t want to see flats ever again.” I would think, “It’s television — there’s an aesthetic to worry about.”
Heaven forbid a man should presume to instruct a woman. It's not like he knew anything about making a successful news network.

What’s not normal is when Roger made you, as on-air talent, twirl for him, to see how you look from behind. He’d be lying on his office couch, feet up. I remember he had me sit on his lap. He didn’t think I was projecting my voice properly and wanted to feel my diaphragm. I knew this was not OK. But all the women there who wanted a career walked this fine line with Roger.
That’s worlds apart from Weinstein is accused of doing but it really is amazing he could get away with something so blatant for so long. Ailes resigned in July of 2016 after former host Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit against him. He died in May of this year.
But he may have known something about voices.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Beach Report 12/12/17

 A gray, cool, but fortunately pretty calm day down at the beach.  If you look close you can see a small flock of Buffleheads out in the water. They've been here a while now, down from their breeding grounds in the Arctic.
 A pretty nice Mako tooth that I was lucky to spot, as it was mostly covered by sand.
Unlike this Snaggletooth which was just laying out in the open.

Bay Diet Reaches Halfway Point

Midpoint assessment nears for Bay
The midpoint assessment for the Chesapeake Bay’s “pollution diet” is approaching, when officials will determine if cleanup progress has advanced and if efforts are working as intended.

States in the Bay watershed are halfway through a set timeframe to reduce pollution to the Chesapeake Bay, in the most recent iteration of attempts to clean the Bay.

The Bay’s “pollution diet” is the Total Maximum Daily Load, which was established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 2010 and sets limits on nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment pollution to achieve water quality standards.

Jurisdictions in the watershed — Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware and Washington, D.C. — have been given until 2025 to put the necessary pollution reduction practices in place. In addition to the midpoint assessment, there have been regular assessments by the Chesapeake Bay Program, which is under the EPA’s umbrella, on progress being made or ground still to cover in Bay restoration.

The general consensus among scientists who closely watch the Bay is that the efforts have been working to reduce pollution and improve things in the Bay like underwater grasses, which have seen resurgence in recent years, and to reduce harmful algae blooms in the water caused by excess nutrients.

Local jurisdictions in places like Maryland’s Eastern Shore have been putting in on-the-ground projects. In addition to county government-sponsored projects, nonprofit organizations like ShoreRivers (formerly Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancy) have been working with farmers to install best management practices on their land, as agriculture is a significant contributor to pollution to the Bay, due to over-fertilization on some farm land.

Under Maryland’s Watershed Implementation Plan, which were developed by jurisdictions to help them meet pollution reduction goals, counties also have specific goals to meet.
I would hate to be accused of having rose colored glasses, but I do see signs that the Bay is starting to improve. Is it enough to meet their goals by 2025? I'm unconvinced.

From my perspective, the part of the Bay I see most, the mid bay, from here to Tangier Sound, seems reasonably clean, most of the time. We still have some seasonal algae blooms, and occasional hypoxia, but they seem to be declining.

As far as natural resources? Oysters suck (still), Striped Bass are good, but could be better. Crabs seem largely unaffected and random, up one year, and down the next. These are largely fisheries management problems, and not related to pollution.

Reason #5782 That Trump Was Elected

CNN Whines that Trump Is Bullying Them Like That Little Kid On Social Media
It started with this Trumpier-than-usual tweet this morning:

“The fact that he has an opinion about Don Lemon has always struck me as conclusive proof he watches too much tv,” notes Ramesh Ponnuru. Seriously, it’s like having an opinion on Erin Burnett. Who watches so much CNN primetime that they have a “take” on a formulaic rando host?

The president does, I guess. He has a “Super Tivo” to record cable news, you know.

But I digress. The commentariat spends much of its time nowadays navel-gazing about how the media can rebuild goodwill among Americans who’ve lost faith in it. One suggestion: For starters, for the love of Mike, stop the endless cycle of self-pity and grandiosity. When reporters aren’t busy telling you how heroic their industry is, they’re busy telling you how mean the president is to them, although he’s only mean to them because he’s threatened by their heroic crusade for truth and free speech, which in turn makes his disrespect so much more tragic and hurtful since you would expect the president of all people to stand up for the First Amendment, but at least our heroic media is standing up for it, and on and on we go!

This is an international news organization implicitly comparing itself to the little kid whose video about bullying went viral because the president called one of their anchors dumb. I realize that any public venom from Trump towards a journalist is destined to make their life miserable for a bit as his more excitable fans resort to all manner of verbal abuse towards that person, but the “soldiers for truth”/”bullied child” duality is hard to maintain. Is CNN cowed by Trump or isn’t it? If yes, drop the hero shtick. If no, then he’s not a very effective bully.
Trump was elected because he, unlike any Republican president since Reagan, will stand up to the press.

And the must-read Glenn Greenwald essay:  The U.S. Media Suffered Its Most Humiliating Debacle in Ages and Now Refuses All Transparency Over What Happened
. . . No matter your views on those political controversies, no matter how much you hate Trump or regard Russia as a grave villain and threat to our cherished democracy and freedoms, it has to be acknowledged that when the U.S. media is spewing constant false news about all of this, that, too, is a grave threat to our democracy and cherished freedom.

So numerous are the false stories about Russia and Trump over the last year that I literally cannot list them all. Just consider the ones from the last week alone, as enumerated by the New York Times yesterday in its news report on CNN’s embarrassment:
. . .
Let’s just remind ourselves of how many times major media outlets have made humiliating, breathtaking errors on the Trump-Russia story, always in the same direction, toward the same political goals. Here is just a sample of incredibly inflammatory claims that traveled all over the internet before having to be corrected, walked back, or retracted — often long after the initial false claims spread, and where the corrections receive only a tiny fraction of the attention with which the initial false stories are lavished:
  • Russia hacked into the U.S. electric grid to deprive Americans of heat during winter (Wash Post)
  • An anonymous group (PropOrNot) documented how major U.S. political sites are Kremlin agents (Wash Post)
  • WikiLeaks has a long, documented relationship with Putin (Guardian)
  • A secret server between Trump and a Russian bank has been discovered (Slate)
  • RT hacked C-SPAN and caused disruption in its broadcast (Fortune)
  • Russians hacked into a Ukrainian artillery app (Crowdstrike)
  • Russians attempted to hack elections systems in 21 states (multiple news outlets, echoing Homeland Security)
  • Links have been found between Trump ally Anthony Scaramucci and a Russian investment fund under investigation (CNN)
That really is just a small sample. . .
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#MeTooLate: Model Accuses Dead Star of Sexual Assault

Recently deceased “Partridge Family” star David Cassidy is being accused of sexual misconduct by a former model
A former model is accusing the late singer and “Partridge Family” star David Cassidy of being a “first class creep” and groping her when she was 19, according to a recent report in the UK’s Daily Star tabloid.

Samantha Fox claims Cassidy, who passed away in November of this year from liver failure, followed her into a public bathroom and molested her in 1985, she told The Daily Star.

“When he grabbed me and pushed his tongue down my throat, I just kneed him in the b*****ks ,” the model-turned singer said.
 And that's how you're supposed to do it.

Fox — now 51 — claims she’d initially signed on to appear topless in the music video for Cassidy’s single “Romance” but was sickened when she noticed that the singer was visibly aroused and had an erection.

“Whenever he pressed himself against me, I could clearly feel his d**k,” she writes in her upcoming memoir, “Forever.”

“David seemed to be deliberately drawing out the photoshoot, which took an eternity, and he had an erection the entire time — something he did absolutely nothing to hide,” said Fox.

Despite these incidents, Fox agreed to accompany the pop music icon to dinner later that same evening, but she had her father with her.

“In the middle of dinner, I got up to go to the toilet, and as I was standing alone in the women’s toilets, washing my hands, the door flew open and David Cassidy came storming in,” The Star claims, citing an excerpt from the book.

“Before I really had time to process what was happening, he had pushed me up against the wall and his hands were all over me. I shouted: ‘Get off me, David!’ in an attempt to stop him. But instead, he just stuck his tongue into my mouth and shoved a hand under my skirt, while the other kept a firm grip on one of my breasts,” Fox writes.

“I reacted quickly and instinctively by bringing my knee upwards, striking him right in the balls,” she claims.
 He must have had big hands.

“David jerked back with an ‘Ouch!’ and grabbed his crotch with both hands. I took a deep breath and shouted, ‘Get away from me!'” Fox goes on to say that she elbowed him in the face before escaping.

“In that moment, the handsome, sweet guy from ‘The Partridge Family’ had transformed into a first-class creep,” she adds.

In a recent Tweet, Fox claims that her book was completed over a year ago, prior to Cassidy’s death.

This sure seems like a late hit to me. It makes it really hard to rebut.

A few NSFW photos from the old days.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Chicken Shit Study Has Good News for Farmers

A new study from Penn State University quantifies the environmental strides the industry has made.

“We have more efficient birds now that are utilizing those nutrients a lot better,” said Erica Rogers, the graduate assistant who conducted the research.
. . .
The new figures will replace outdated book values that don’t do the industry justice, said Paul Patterson, a Penn State poultry scientist and Rogers’ adviser.

Rogers’ data could be used in The Penn State Agronomy Guide and the Chesapeake Bay model, which tracks how much progress farmers have made in reducing nitrogen and phosphorus pollution in the watershed.

Many of the numbers those sources currently use are at least 20 years old and don’t reflect more recent advances in housing systems or feed efficiency.

In one dataset used to guide the Chesapeake Bay Program, pullets are listed as excreting 50 pounds of manure per bird.

“They don’t even eat that much in their life cycle,” Rogers said.
That's the sort of basic error that should be used to check models. If you're creating pollution where it can't be (or in this case, more than the target could possibly make), it's time to revise it.
With the cooperation of poultry integrators, Rogers visited more than 70 farms, collecting samples from random points and at varying depths throughout manure stacks.

“I climbed a lot of manure piles,” Rogers said.
Ah, the life of a graduate student!

New York Bombing

A man detonated a small bomb near Times Square in Manhattan this morning. A suspect is reported to be in custody.

UPDATE: In what NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio called an “attempted terrorist attack,” the 27-year-old suspect named Akayed Ullah detonated a “low-tech improvised explosive device” in a subway station, NYPD commissioner James O’Neill said. The bomb caused only minor injuries to three people, and there are currently no known threats to the city. 
UPDATE II: Did we mention that the terrorist is a Muslim immigrant?
Port Authority Terrorist Came On a Chain Migration Visa
The important question, however, is: How much Diet Coke should Trump drink?
President Trump calls for end of chain migration as part of immigration reform.

Kill him, feed him to pigs, and send the shit back to Bangladesh.

Adam's (or Rama's) Bridge

Apparently there used to be a walk-able path from India to Sri Lanka: Adam’s Bridge Between India and Sri Lanka Before 1480

The map above shows what Adam’s Bridge (aka Rama’s Bridge or Ram Setu) in the Palk Strait might have looked like prior to 1480 when it connected India and Sri Lanka.

In 1480 a cyclone supposedly deepened the channels between India and Sri Lanka, rendering it impassible by foot. However, today some sections are still only between 1 and 10 meters (3 and 30 feet deep) as can be seen in this photo from NASA’s Landsat 7 satellite:
Here, you can explore it on Google maps:

Reminds me a lot of the shifting islands on the Eastern Shore. There used to be complete roads out there, too.

#HerToo: Singer Accused of Rape

Melanie Martinez
Melanie Martinez Has Been Accused Of Rape By A Former Friend
In a tweet on Tuesday morning, musician Timothy Heller accused fellow woman artist Melanie Martinez of rape.

In her defense, Melanie claims that Heller "never said no to what we chose to do together," which used to be a reasonable claim in real life, if not on college campuses during the Obama years.

Honestly, I've never heard of either of these two people.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

They Chose the Wrong Lunch Counter

Campus coffee shop evicts College Republicans from 'safe space'
Members of the Fordham University College Republicans were asked to leave an on-campus coffee shop because their MAGA hats apparently violated the shop’s “safe space policy.”

In a video obtained by Campus Reform, the self-identified president of Rodrigue’s Coffee House, a coffee shop run by a student club, is seen telling the College Republicans they have five minutes to get out of the coffee shop.

"This is a community standard—you are wearing hats that completely violate safe space policy. You have to take it off or you have to go."

“I am protecting my customers,” the president said.

“We are your customers, we bought something,” a CR member replied.
Do these kids study history at all?

Just imagine if they asked to make a cappuccino with foam elephant.
“I don’t want people like you supporting this club… no one here wants people like you supporting our club,” the president retorted. “I am giving you five minutes.”

A student then asked for a refund, to which the president responded, “[y]ou had some coffee… do not try to outsmart me.”

“You are threatening the integrity of our club. This is a community standard—you are wearing hats that completely violate safe space policy,” she said. “You have to take it off or you have to go.”

One of the students then asked the president to explain what she thinks the MAGA hat stands for, to which she replied, shouting: “Fascism, Nazis! You have three minutes.”
. . .
A glowing 2013 profile in The Fordham Ram begins by declaring that Rodrigue’s is “open to all,” even reiterating that the shop “is the only on-campus club that provides a daily, tangible service to all members of the Fordham community through low-priced, organic and Fair-Trade coffee drinks as well as an open community space.”
So they want to impoverish the indigenous coffee growers, too? Fair Trade Coffee - Another Green Scam
The article does note, however, that the student volunteers who work at the shop were aware at the time that some students perceived them as “unfriendly hipsters.”

“We went there because we wanted to test the unwritten rule that conservatives were banned from that coffee shop,” one CR member told Campus Reform. “We went there and just started doing some homework and studying. Then we were asked to leave.

 The student trying to expel the Republicans should be expelled from school, and their business should be sued out of existence.