Thursday, February 29, 2024

Maryland, My Maryland

From the Free Bacon, David Trone Lobbies To Protect Total Wine Empire. Small Businesses are Crying Foul.  

Rep. David Trone, the Democratic frontrunner in the race for Maryland's open Senate seat, is throwing his weight behind a bill that could earn him millions of dollars by crushing mom-and-pop liquor stores across the state.

Total Wine & More, the nationwide $2.2 billion chain Trone owns with his brother Robert, is lobbying for a bill that would let individuals in Maryland hold up to four liquor licenses. Currently, the state allows just one license per person. Trone's small-business competitors say the measure, if passed, would enable Total Wine to dominate the market with its outsized buying power and potentially run them out of business.

Trone holds the liquor license for Total Wine's Towson, Md., location, which earned him up to $5 million in 2022, financial disclosures show. Robert Trone holds the license to the state's other Total Wine location.

Trone, who earned $42 million from Total Wine and other investments in 2022, has used his wealth to fuel his political career. He poured over $56 million into congressional campaigns between 2016 and 2022 and loaned an additional $23 million to his 2023 Senate campaign. Trone's wealth could prove a sticking point in a tight race against former Maryland governor Larry Hogan (R.), who took a swipe at Trone during a Monday visit to an independent liquor store.
. . .
Trone contributed $2,000 to the bill's primary sponsor, state delegate David Fraser-Hidalgo (D.), in December. Total Wine lobbyist Ashlie Bagwell testified in support of the bill during the Feb. 19 House hearing, saying it would bring Maryland's laws in line with those of neighboring states.

Though Trone says he relinquished day-to-day control over Total Wine after he won his first term in the House in 2018, he hasn’t shied away from putting his thumb on the scale for Total Wine while serving in Congress. In 2022, Trone poured $1 million in support of a Colorado ballot initiative that would have loosened liquor licensing laws in the state. The measure failed on a 2-1 margin, Maryland Matters reported.

It's a crisis I tell you. Our zip code, centered on St. Leonard MD, with population of about 6,500 is down to single, family run liquor store.  

Punxsutawney Phil Isn't A Weatherman

NOAA fact checks Punxsutawney Phil: Keeping score: The groundhog vs. the temperature record, 2024. "Everyone's favorite groundhog predicts an early spring. Will Phil be right?"

In Gobbler's Knob, Pennsylvania, at the crack of dawn this morning, the nation's most famous groundhog Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow — meaning an early spring, according to longstanding folklore.

In 2023, Phil "predicted" a longer winter and shorter spring when official observers declared he did see his shadow.

But did he get it right? Find out more about how different parts of the country fared last year.

So, Phil has been right 3 times out of the last 10? He must be a Democrat.


Flotsam and Jetsam - Leap Day DIY

Feb 29, 2024. Sort of a shame to have to do this today because there was a lot of news to snark about. The Supreme Court announced it was taking up Trump's claim of immunity, and indicated it really wasn't in a rush to decide it, putting Jack Smith's, and all the other Democrats, hope for a trial before or during the election in peril. Meanwhile, a Democrat judge in Illinois ruled Trump was disqualified from the ballot because of insurrection, and the fact that he hated Trump. Hunter Biden was deposed behind closed doors to the Committee to Unelect Biden, and generated the usual mass of outrageous statements and contradictions. It's almost like he expects a pardon. Finally, the Murder Turtle, Cocaine Mitch McConnell, has announced he's stepping down from the Senate Minority leader, but will serve out his term in Congress. And of course, all the rest of America's comfort and joy. 

Trump Troubles

Supreme Court Takes Up Trump Presidential Immunity Appeal - The Daily Caller
Supreme Court Will Hear Trump’s Presidential Immunity Appeal, Further Delaying Trial - The Epoch Times
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Althouse: "Why Did the Supreme Court Wait So Long to Decide to Set the Trump Criminal Immunity Case for Full Hearing and Argument?"
Trump is disqualified from Illinois ballot, judge rules - Reuters
BREAKING: Judge orders President Trump removed from ballot in Illinois
Judge rules Trump ineligible to appear on Illinois ballot under 14th Amendment - Just The News
Key Fani Willis Witness May Have Lied About Texts Involving Her Affair - Off The Press
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Althouse: The destruction of New York State.
11th Circuit to Meadows: Nope, and Nope – HotAir

The Misdismal  BidenAdministration

Hunter Biden Issues Latest In A List Of Ever-Shifting Denials About Joe’s Involvement In Business Deals - The Daily Caller
Hunter Biden's Opening Statement at Deposition Assigns Blame for His Troubles – Twitchy
A Moment of Truth: Five Questions for Hunter Biden – JONATHAN TURLEY
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Athens Mayor Attempts to Shift Blame Over Laken Riley's Death. It Doesn't Go Over Well.
Ace of Spades HQ Pro-Trump Ad Lights Biden Up on Illegal Aliens and Laken Riley's Murder
Schumer and McConnell Get Ready to Upend Senate Precedent to Avoid Mayorkas Trial
Denver to Furlough Workers to Hire Illegals – HotAir
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Georgia House Advances Immigration Bill After Laken Riley Slaying
Migrants speak to Fox News at Arizona tent camp, support Biden over Trump - Fox News
Ace of Spades HQ Biden Checks Into Walter Reed for a Physical as Obama's Aides Publicly Panic About His Age and "Mumbly" Speech
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Young voters 18-34 moving to Trump over Biden: Axios poll - The Post Millennial
Sad Trombone Plays for Joe Biden After Ratings Come in for Seth Meyers Interview – RedState
Biden, 81, to have his physical as concerns grow over his health and fitness for a second term in office - Daily Mail Online
Biden Makes Surprise Trip For 'Physical’ As Mental Fitness Doubts Mount - Off The Press
Marianne Williamson returns to presidential race, saying Biden is vulnerable against Trump - Fox News
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Michelle Obama Favored as Joe Biden Replacement, Survey
New Poll Shows Dead Heat Between 'Uncommitted' and 'None Of These' – HotAir
Biden Has Wrecked the Things He Promised to 'Restore' in 2020

Electoral Politics as Usual

Mitch McConnell Announces He Will Step Down as Senate Republican Leader in November  National Review
Senate Leader Mitch McConnell Will Step Down From Leadership in November But Will Finish His Term – HotAir
Ace of Spades HQ Decrepit, Corrupt Corporatist and Enforcer of the Deep State Mitch McConnell Will Finally Step Down From Senate Leadership... In November Update: He Claims He "Plans" to Serve Out His Term Until 2027
Ace of Spades HQ Senate Sources Tell Sean Davis: Mitch McConnell Isn't Really Stepping Down. There's a Revolt Brewing and He'll Likely Be Removed from Leadership, So He's Saying He's "Stepping Down" To Stop the Vote to Remove Him.
The Babylon Bee on X: "BREAKING: Ukraine To Lose Top Republican Senate Seat
Trump leads in Wisconsin and overtakes Biden in all swing states - Washington Examiner
Gallup: Immigration is the Top Issue for Voters and Trump Has an Ad for That – HotAir
Trump Stands to Make Billions in Truth Social Merger Deal - The Epoch Times
Kari Lake and Common Sense
So Who Will Trump Pick For Veep?
Don’t listen to Mike Lindell about early voting. He’s pushing an archaic and failed strategy - Washington Examiner
Court: Democrats Unconstitutionally Spent $1.7 Trillion

Jan 6 and the Deep State

Blaze News investigative writer Steve Baker says FBI wants him to self-surrender Friday in Dallas over his Jan. 6 reporting - Blaze Media
What's a Little Creepy About the FBI's Arrest Warrant for a Blaze News Reporter
Obama’s CIA Asked Foreign Intel Agencies To Spy on Trump Campaign - RealClearPolitics

Media, Social Media and Government Censorship

Ace of Spades HQ Google's Stock Drops After Humiliation of Woke Terminator AI; Evil Corporation Loses $70 Billion in Market Value
I Wrote What? Google's AI-Powered Libel Machine - Matt Taibbi
Meta’s AI Achieves the Left's Dream, Makes Donald Trump Disappear – PJ Media
The Media Still Won't Tell You It Was a Lab Leak – HotAir

The Great Culture Wars

Berkeley Professor Who Claimed to Be Native American May Have Known She Was Lying – HotAir
GMU economist reported to DEI office for criticizing plan to mandate DEI courses - The College Fix
10 Times as Many Teachers Say Trans, CRT Lessons Hurt Rather Than Help Schools
VA Lt. Gov. Smacks Down Dems for Melting Down Over ‘Misgendering’ of State Senator – HotAir
Gender Ideology’s Verbal Engineering - National Catholic Register
Boston Globe Fearmongers Over SCOTUS Ending Gay Marriage – HotAir
U.S. Military Recruiting Falters Under Democrats -

Thursday Tanlines

A glamorous Australian mummy blogger has documented her emotional journey after giving up fake tan as part of a cancer charity campaign.

Indy Clinton, who famously applied fake tan before giving birth as part of a 'pre-labour makeover', has partnered with the Cancer Council to promote its 'End The Trend' challenge which discourages young Aussie from glorifying tanning.

On day two of the challenge, the mother-of-three, 27, took to Instagram Stories with a video describing how 'liberated' she felt after embracing her natural complexion while attending a Taylor Swift concert.

 Talk about a first world problem.  

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Poolside and FMJRA 2.0: Greetings From Nashville open and ready for business.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Maryland, My Maryland

Nilson Noel Trejo-Granados
From Da Wire, Illegal Alien Arrested For Allegedly Murdering Toddler

An illegal alien from Central America was arrested this week in connection with the murder of 2-year-old Jeremy Poou Caceres in Maryland.

The Prince George’s County Police Department’s Homicide Unit arrested 25-year-old Nilson Noel Trejo-Granados in connection with the murder earlier this month at Langley Park. The toddler and his mother were shot as two groups of males opened fire on each other. The toddler died a short time later while the mother is expected to make a full recovery.

Four other individuals have been arrested in connection with the murder, including two minors — ages 15 and 16 — who were not named due to their age, 33-year-old Israel Fuentes, Jr., and 28-year-old Johnny Alejandro Turcios.
Jeremy Poou Caceres
Trejo-Granados is charged with murder-first degree, murder-second degree, two counts of assault first degree, assault second degree, attempted first degree murder, and attempted second degree murder.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said in a statement that Trejo-Granados is an illegal alien from El Salvador and that he had been ordered to be deported from the U.S. for well over a year, but Democrat sanctuary cities allowed him to remain loose on America’s streets.

“On Nov. 7, 2022, a Department of Justice immigration judge in Newark, New Jersey ordered Trejo-Granados removal from the United States,” ICE said. “The Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD) arrested Trejo-Granados March 21, 2023, and charged him with theft: $100 to under $1,500. Those charges remain pending. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) lodged an Immigration Detainer on Trejo-Granados with the Montgomery County Detention Center (MCDC) March 22, 2023; however, MCDC refused to honor the detainer and Trejo-Granados was released by MCDC, March 27, 2023.”

“MCPD again arrested Trejo-Granados Sept. 26, 2023, and charged him with theft less than $100 and attempt obstructing and hindering,” the statement continued. “ICE lodged an Immigration Detainer with the MCDC on Trejo-Granados, Sept. 27, 2023; however, MCDC refused to honor the detainer and released Trejo- Granados from custody Oct. 12, 2023.”

Fox 5,  Montgomery County officially designated for ‘sanctuary’ status

County Executive Mark Elrich signed an executive order earlier this week – making the “sanctuary” designation official. The order says no county agency – including all police departments – can ask about your immigration status. In addition, they are forbidden with cooperating with ICE. Elrich says the order is an effort to keep the community safe.

“We don’t interact with ICE. We don’t contact ICE nor do we ask any of our residents in Montgomery county about their immigration status in the United States,” said Acting Montgomery County Police Chief Marcus Jones.

Flotsam and Jetsam - Biden Wins Michigan, Sort Of

While the rest of us were just going about our lives yesterday, Michigan held it's primary election. To no one's surprise, Donald Trump beat Nikki Haley handily, 68 to 27%. Fox, Trump wins the Michigan GOP primary, bringing him one step closer to securing Republican nomination. Breitbart, Donald Trump Wins Michigan Republican Primary. Never-Anybody-but-Trump sundance at CTH, Michigan Republican Primary Election Results

However, the more interesting story from Michigan is that Arab-Americans organized a protest non-vote for Biden over his milquetoast support of Israel in their war against Hamas, which succeeded in garnering about 14%.  Althouse,  "[A] homegrown campaign to persuade Michiganders to vote 'uncommitted' will measure the resistance [Biden] faces among Arab Americans, young voters, progressives and other Democrats over his stance on the war in Gaza. At Breitbart, Biden Faces Anger over Gaza in Michigan Primary Contest and Biden Wins Democrat Primary in Michigan amid Challenge of Uncommitted Democrats. Althouse, "This is a resounding victory for our country’s pro-Palestinian, antiwar movement."  "Said Abbas Alawieh, a spokesperson for Listen to Michigan, a group that advocated voting for "uncommitted" in Michigan primary." From TNP, ‘You’re Losing Progressives,’ Far Left Leader Warns Biden As Campaign Panics Over ‘Palestine.’ Dan Flynn at Am Spec hopes Michigan Uncommitteds May Be Biden’s Downfall. "This could act as the canary in the coalmine on the fall election." Rick Moran at PJM wonders Will Biden's Michigan Troubles Go Away If the War Ends?

At WJ, Nikki Haley Gets Obliterated by Trump in Her Own Home Town, Results Show. Anxious annxiously whines Nikki Haley: "Very possible" GOP has shifted towards Trump. Jeff Lord at Am Spec sees Nikki Haley Fade to Irrelevance. "It’s the self-immolation of once-promising career." Eddie Scarry at Da Fed thinks Nikki Haley Is The Media’s Useless Idiot. At Fox, Republican presidential candidate Ryan Binkley drops out, endorses Trump "Texas pastor/businessman supporting Trump amid 'corrupt allegations and indictments,' encourages others to do same." I didn't even remember he was running. 

Newt, The General Election Begins. Now the primaries are just going through the motions. Breitbart touts Polls that show Donald Trump Leads Joe Biden in 7 out of 7 Swing States. But did they count the mail-in ballots yet? TNP cites DATA: Trump Beats Biden Even if Criminally Convicted. Matt Margolis at PJM Media hears Tucker Carlson: The 2020 Election Was ‘100 Percent Stolen’ From President Trump

Andrea Widburg at Am Think thinks Trump won on the border in 2016; he can do so again in 2024. At Da Fetched, Majority of Americans Now Want Border Wall, Thanks to BidenPelosi Demands Trump Have a ‘Mental Health Intervention’ and Tulsi Gabbard: Democrats Are ‘Dictators’ Seeking to ‘Destroy Democracy.’ At ET, Court Blocks 800,000 Non-Citizens From Voting in New York City Municipal Elections "800,000 non-citizens won’t be able to vote in New York City’s municipal elections because an appellate court found the new city law unconstitutional." Also in New York, Lee Zeldin at NYPo,  Dems failed to take the House, so they’re rewriting rules with toxic map proposal. Brianna Lyman at Da Fed, Bidenbucks Laundered Through Education Department Target Likely Biden Voters. Da Caller, Biden Admin Press-Gangs Federal Agencies Into Mass Voter Registration Campaign. Politico fears Gas export pause could scramble Biden’s chances in Pennsylvania. "Democratic Sens. Bob Casey and John Fetterman both argued the pause could hurt their state." 

Steve Richards at JTN reports Hunter Biden appears before Congress as impeachment inquiry reaches its climax. "The first son’s widely anticipated impeachment deposition marks a significant development of the House’s impeachment inquiry into President Biden." Dan Chaitin at WaEx notes Hunter Biden Links The ‘Future Of Democracy’ To His Sobriety.  At WaEx, Hunter Biden deposition: Republicans prepare for biggest impeachment interview yet

KD Kittle from Da Fed reports on a Gallup Poll: Biden’s Border Invasion Is Americans’ No. 1 Worry. JTN, State attorneys general say more than 85,000 children lost at the border. "They are asking Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra and FBI Director Christopher Wray to provide information on when the children were last seen and what safeguards are in place to ensure they are placed with family members."  Steve Cortes at Am Great, Battleground States Reject Biden on the Border. TNP has DATA: Majority of Americans Now Support Building Border Wall. Ace, For the First Time In History, a Majority of Americans Support Building a Border Wall. Gallup: 86% Of All Americans Say the Border Invasion Is an "Important" or "CRITICAL" Issue. "People are finally losing their cowardice." At NYPo, Elon Musk slams Dems for ‘insane behavior’ around migrants, says they ‘won’t deport’ because ‘every illegal is a highly likely vote.’  At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.27.24 Twitchy, Rep. Dan Goldman Tries Picking a Fight With Elon Musk Over Illegal Immigrant Voting & Gets Wrecked The Blaze, Migrant meal madness: Taxpayers foot $64 daily tab for illegal aliens.  TNP, Foreign-Born Workers Surged Under Biden, Account for 1/5th of Labor Force & Still Growing. Hat Hair's KT, NYC Mayor Has Thoughts About Sanctuary City Laws

Dan Chaitin again, reports  Speaker Johnson Sticks With Border ‘First’ Stance After White House Meeting and House GOP Demands Mayorkas Provide Info On Illegal Immigrant Charged With Murdering Georgia Student. Jazz Shaw, Why is the Legacy Media Still Shielding Laken Riley's Killer? The Babylon Bee snarks Biden Brags He Could Let Migrants Shoot Someone On Fifth Avenue And Not Lose Any Votes. Michael A. Letts at Am Thinks thinks we should Use legal precedent to prosecute the Biden administration concerning the border. "We just had a jury convict a mother of manslaughter because she failed to see the warning signs in her son that led to him killing four students in a Wisconsin school shooting. The precedent has been set by Democrats to trap themselves. Because the family of every citizen who is now killed by an illegal immigrant can use this case to go after the Biden Administration for gross negligence in securing the border." 

I&I wonders Did Biden Just Create A Constitutional Crisis with the Student loan giveback?. The Free Bacon reports Biden To Give $850 Million to a Chinese-Owned Battery Company, "KORE Power loan meant to combat China’s grip on the global market and 'strengthen domestic battery supply chain'" Well, they paid him enough. At Da Fed, James Varney exposes how the Biden Admin Uses ‘Sue And Settle’ Lawfare To Enact Radical Climate Policies Voters Reject. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.27.24, The Lid: Paychecks of More than Half of U.S. Workers Not Keeping Up with Inflation and The Federalist: Historically High Food Prices Will Only Worsen If A Democrat Wins The White House.
Matt Margolis thinks this is a BOMBSHELL: The Biden Admin Planted an Operative in Fani Willis’ Office to Target Trump, Say Sources. Ace, Breitbart: "Sources" Claim That Biden Planted a Democrat Operative in Fani Willis' Office to Oversee Her Get-Trump Agenda, "Obviously, I don't know if this is true." Jen Van Laar at Red State claims There's More Than One DNC Plant in Fani Willis' Office, and This One Is Married to a Top GA Politician. Techno Fog, "I don't recall": Lawyer Lies for Fani Willis. "Will the judge buy it? Althouse cites Turley, "The Bradley testimony was grinding but telling.... Repeating 'I speculated' was an inartful and unconvincing evasion." ""What remains is his text, which was sent before he was under all of this coercive pressure " and the WaPoo, "Terrence Bradley, Nathan Wade’s former law partner and divorce lawyer, is claiming something quite extraordinary in court this afternoon..." ".... that he has no direct knowledge of when Wade’s relationship with Fani T. Willis began. Since he was the primary source for the defense lawyer seeking to remove Willis from the case, the key question going forward will be whether Judge Scott McAfee believes him. But if he doesn’t, that could cut two ways. If Bradley is an unreliable witness, then his prior statements claiming knowledge that the romance began before Willis hired Wade could be seen as just as unreliable as what he is saying in court today." From Da Caller, ‘Why Would You Speculate?’: Trump Attorney Grills Key Witness Over Text That Could Blow A Hole In Fani Willis’ Defense. Capt. Ed at Hat Hair comments "Can't wait for McAfee's ruling at the end of this. The state bar may take an interest in Bradley by that time, as well as Wade and Willis. Officers of the court, which includes any attorney in a proceeding, are required to answer fully and truthfully. "I have no answer for that" is not gonna cut it." Ace, Now Sweetdick's Lawyer Is Perjuring Himself, Claiming That All of His Statements About When the Affair Began Were Mere "Speculation" and He Has No Knowledge of Any Kind About the Affair. PJM's Vicky Taft, Body Language Experts Think Fani Willis Wearing Her Dress Backwards Was the Least of Her Problems. "Even worse news? Most people who saw her performance thought that the woman who had a horrible 50th birthday, as Fani told us on the witness stand, wasn't telling the truth about anything. From Breitbart, Exclusive–Former Employees Reveal Fani Willis’s Extreme DEI Training: Forced to Associate ‘White’ with ‘Bad’, Judges Ranked on Skin Color.  At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.27.24, The Federalist Politicized Prosecutions Are A Warning Shot Across The Bow For All Americans and Majority Of Voters Recognize Democrat Lawfare Against Trump Is Political Election Interference.

Mary Chastain at LI reports Manhattan DA Wants Gag Order on Trump Before ‘Hush Money’ Trial. "DA Alvin Bragg: “To protect the integrity of this criminal proceeding and avoid prejudice to the jury, the People respectfully request that this Court issue a narrowly tailored order restricting certain prejudicial extrajudicial statements by defendant.”" From WaEx, Jack Smith rips comparisons between Trump and Biden classified documents scandals. How about a gag order on Jack Smith? From Fox Business, Kevin O'Leary calls out potential seizure of Trump's assets: ‘What happens in Venezuela, not New York.’ Bryanna Lyman at Da Fed notes the Majority Of Voters Recognize Democrat Lawfare Against Trump Is Political Election Interference.

Ben Kew at RedState, NBC Prepares for Russia Hoax 2.0, Claims 2024 Election Already Being Compromised. At Da Fed, Shawn Fleetwood talks up a  Lawsuit: Biden Campaign Broke The Law By Not Reporting Collusion With Intel Officials To Discredit Laptop StoryRichard Grenell @RichardGrenell "Lots of legacy reporters are writing about Putin without mentioning that Putin endorsed Joe Biden for President 2024." PM, OMG: IRS agent who admitted warrant program was 'unconstitutional' runs away from James O'Keefe. From Da Wire, Judge Says Feds Can’t ‘Selectively’ Prosecute Right-Wing Rioters While Ignoring Antifa, 'No individuals associated with the left, who engaged in anti-far-right speech and violently suppressed the protected speech of Trump supporters, were charged with a federal crime for their part in starting riots at political events. That is textbook viewpoint discrimination.' mrcTV is concerned that Educators Fear Michigan AG Wants Warrantless Searches Of Homeschoolers. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.27.24, The Lid, Hey FBI: If MAGA Is The ‘Real’ Terror Threat, How Do You Explain Don Jr’s SECOND Anthrax Scare? (Video).

Throwing the irony flag at NYPo, CBS News boss who signed off on firing Catherine Herridge to get free speech award. Capt. Ed snarks Irony Is Dead.   Mike LaChance at LI, CBS News Returns Seized Confidential Files of Reporter Catherine Herridge After Uproar.  “Catherine Herridge’s union representative picked up her materials this morning.” Da Caller sees Jonathan Turley Goes Off On Modern Journalism, Says He Identified Main Source Of Problem. "All these journalism schools are teaching reporters that objectivity is no longer the foundation of journalism — that advocacy is." At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.27.24, Don Surber, Birdbrains in the press. "No, there is no killer measles epidemic sweeping the nation." 'Bonchie' at RedState, ABC News Head Accuses Trump of Racism and Completely Exposes Herself

At Insty, MORE ON THE GOOGLE DEBACLE, from Megan McArdle: "And on the scale of things, “draws too many Black founding fathers” isn’t much of a problem. That’s the story I was telling myself — and planned to tell you — on Friday. Unfortunately, though, once Google shut down Gemini’s image generation, users turned to probing its text output. And as those absurdities piled up, things began to look la lot worse for Google — and society. Gemini appears to have been programmed to avoid offending the leftmost 5 percent of the U.S. political distribution, at the price of offending the rightmost 50 percent. . ." Nate Silver, Google abandoned "don't be evil" — and Gemini is the result.  Ace, Google AI, Which Monitors All Of Our Speech and Decides What Speech Is "Hateful" and Which Speech is Mandatory, Reveals Itself as a Nonsensical Woke Terminator. "We knew this, but now that we're able to probe Google AI's programming, we can see what rules Our Cybernetic Big Brother is operating under." PM, Here are all the insane lies Google Gemini has told since its launch and JUST IN: Google loses $70 BILLION in market value after Gemini AI exposed as woke. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.27.24, Da Tech Guy, Google Goes From “Do no Evil” to the Sandford Village Neighborhood Watch Alliance – The Obvious Question Concerning Google Is Now Out in the Open,  and Shot In The Dark: Not Ready For Prime Time Or Just Evil? Part I, Not Ready For Prime Time Or Just Evil? Part II.

From Breitbart, WATCH: Anti-Israel Protesters Shut Down Event Hosted by Jewish Students at UC Berkeley, Break Glass Doors and Palestinian Activist Blasted for Whining that Firebombing, Hijacking Planes Deemed Unacceptable Form of Protest. Hugh Fitzgerald at Front Page details At Harvard, Another Case of Plagiarism. "No Harvard student so guilty of plagiarism would be allowed to remain." Bastiat's Window explores Equity, Equitist, Equitism. "You can't debate a movement with no name—or a hundred names." Herr Professor Jacobson at LI worries  Most people don’t realize how bad the situation is in medical schools, worse than in general higher ed. "We’ve been sounding the alarm for several years. Ben Shapiro: “DEI Could Get You Killed In the Operating Room”" Dave Harsanyi at Da Fed, If This Is ‘Christian Nationalism,’ Sign Me Up! At Am Spec Scott McKay says Thanks to Politico, We’re a Christian Nationalist America Again. "The Left’s new bogeyman."

mrcTV notes It’s Official - Mary Poppins Has Been Canceled For 'Discriminatory Language', for use of the word "Hottentots." Mike Cantrell at PJM, J.K. Rowling: 'I’m So Sick of This S***'. Hat Hair's Dave Strom sees JK Rowling Drops a Truth BombJ.K. Rowling@jk_rowling, "More than 70 per cent of transgender prisoners are in for sex offences or violent crimes. "The high levels of violent crimes among male prisoners who identify as women demonstrates why they should not be detained in female prisons" Matt Margolis reports on how Winsome Earle-Sears Calls Trans State Senator 'Sir,' And All Hell Breaks Loose. Dave Strom, UN Expert on Trans Issues Plugs Bondage, Bestiality, and Being Buzzed on Drugs.

 The Wombat has  FMJRA 2.0: Greetings From Nashville open and ready for business.

Some Wednesday Wetness

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Poolside open and ready for business.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Beach Report 2/27/24

Warm for Feb, almost 60 F, with a SW wind, overcast with a few spits of rain. I started about half way up through the tide, and finished at almost high. Not a lot of wind to start with, but it picked up toward the end.
Lots of gravel and shell hash everywhere, and I had a pretty good day for fossils. 
First off, this fossil fish tail (hyplural), and a respectable upper Snaggletooth parasymphyseal  tooth. The fish tail was embedded in clay boulder. I tried to get it with matrix, but it popped right out when I tried. 
Then, this heartbreaker Snaggletooth lower, still easily the biggest of the year. 
Still not done, I found this somewhat smaller, but still complete one.
All told, I had 24 teeth, a couple of crab claws and the fish tail. 

Flotsam and Jetsam - Almost Half of Dems Want Joe Gone

Ace, observes Leftwing Regime Propaganda Outlet Axios Reports That Donors Have Noticed That Biden Can't Speak Without Consulting Staff-Prepared Note-Cards, "Donors, you say? The people who sponsor The Regime's political advertising campaigns? You had my interest, but now you have my attention." VodkaPundit at PJM wants you to WATCH: Biden Says 'I Wanna Get This Quote Exactly Right' Before Hilariously Failing. Duane Patterson at Hat Hair VIP thinks Joe Biden Unifies the World...In Laughter. John Sexton at Hat Hair discovers 10 Things That Had Not Been Invented When Joe Biden Was Born. Whew, I just missed most of these. Seriously now, Dave Catron at Am Spec, notices Biden’s Cognitive Decline Continues Apace. "Biden has never been an honest man, but his inability to tell fact from fiction puts the nation at risk." With a straight face, or at least as straight as he can make it, at Politico, Gavin Newsom claims  Biden’s age is an asset. Ace, Biden: Republicans Like Speaker Johnson Are Worse Than the KKK, Also Biden: I'm Inviting Speaker Johnson to the White House to Persuade Him to Defend Ukraine's Border Instead of Our Own. "This is what an Alzheimer's Charm Offensive looks like. Karen Townsend from Hot Air: Biden says Republican lawmakers, meaning those who oppose giving money to Ukraine without defending our own border, are worse than Strom Thurmond and hardcore "racists.""

From NYPO, Nearly half of Dems want to boot Biden off ticket — with Michelle Obama his leading favorite replacement: poll. Pete Van Buren at Am Con, Michelle Obama: September Savior or ‘Suicide Mission’? "Just how desperate are the Democrats to get Biden off the ballot?" Am Spec editors, McKay to Tucker: It’s Obama’s World. “This is what the Obamas think of their own voters,”  Front Page, Victor Davis Hanson Video: ‘He’s The One Behind Everything’ "Barack Obama's third term."

The death of Georgia student Laken Riley at the hands of an illegal alien from Venezuela paroled into the country at the southern border has brought more attention to the border crises. Ace, Surprise! ICE Confirms That the Man Who Murdered the Georgia Nursing Student Is an Illegal Alien Who Was Detained at the Border in 2022 -- And then Immediately "Paroled" Into the Country By Biden. "Doing the murders Americans just won't do. A nursing student in Georgia went out for a morning run. She was murdered. Her head was bashed in." At the Wombats In The Mailbox: 02.26.24, Twitchy notes Jake Tapper Is Furious Republicans Are Pointing Out Biden’s Border Blunder. Jordan Boyd at Da Fed watches Corporate Media Cover For Biden’s Border Invasion By Pretending Laken Riley Murder Suspect Wasn’t An Illegal Crosser. Lincoln Brown at PJM sees the MSM Twists Itself Into Pretzels Over Illegal Immigrant Murder Case. Insty, REPUBLICANS POUNCE AND SEIZE! Nicholas Fondacaro @NickFondacaro "CNN's Jake Tapper whines "Republicans, obviously, seizing on this horrific tragedy at the University of Georgia." He admits the killer was an illegal but huffs: "They're seizing on this as an example of Biden's failure to protect the American people and secure the border." At Hat Hair, Larry,  The Media Will Do Anything to Twist a Narrative.  Harold Hutchinson at Da Caller hears Katie Porter Say ‘One Instance’ Of Murder ‘Shouldn’t Shape’ US Immigration Policy After Nursing Student Killed

Breitbart, Biden Admin Used Parole Loophole to Free Laken Riley Murder Suspect into U.S. The Free Bacon, How the Border Crisis Hit a Small Wisconsin Town "'You have to have blinders on to not see that there have been problems.'" Monica Showalter at Am Think thinks Venezuela's dictator has Joe Biden right where he wants him. PJM's Chris Queen notes Gov. Brian Kemp Takes on Biden Border Policy After College Student's Murder. At Da Caller, ‘Monster’: Trump Reacts To Murder Of Laken Riley, Reiterates Pledge To Set Up Largest Deportation In US History. Nick Arama at RedState hears Biden Is Going to the Border Again, but the Border Patrol Union Completely Levels Him in Response.  Bill Melugin@BillMelugin, "NEW: In statement to @FoxNews, the Border Patrol union slams Biden’s planned border visit, “Unfortunately, a visit by President Biden three years into his term and after repeatedly stating there is no crisis is too little, too late. Whether stating it himself or through WH Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre, Biden has said he’s done everything he can to secure the border. If that was the truth, and it wasn’t, there would be no point in visiting the border now. . . " Monica Showalter again, Joe Biden plans a trip to the border to upstage Trump -- and heads for the wrong end. Hat Hair's KT sees Trump, Biden Head for the Border on the Same Day. At Am Great Chris Roach on Biden’s Half-Hearted Border Control Pitch "Everyone can see that the left's attempts to secure the border will be temporary, half-hearted, and a mere tactical retreat from their goal of completing the erasure of the historical American nation." Twitchy, What Happened!? NYC Mayor Eric Adams Does a 'Stunning Turnaround' From Sanctuary City Awesomeness. John Davidson at Compact, How Christians Help Human Traffickers

I&I/TIPP Poll: If Corruption Charges Prove True, Nearly 2/3 Agree ‘Joe Must Go.’ My analysis of these numbers is that nearly all Democrats are OK with the corruption. TownHall's Matt Vespa thinks The DOJ's Indictment of Their Confidential Source Makes the Case for Special Counsel David Weiss' Removal. Dan Chaitin at Da Wire reports Judge Orders Indicted FBI Informant To Be Detained Until Trial. Nicole Silvero at Da Caller cites Jonathan Turley, Hunter Biden ‘Blew Away’ Potential Legal Defense In Axios Interview. At Stream, Mark Judge, (remember him?) says Stop Making Excuses for Hunter Biden’s Behavior. It Hurts Others Fighting Addiction.

From Da Caller, ‘Cancer On The American Dream’: John Kennedy Rips ‘Bidenomics,’ Compares Biden’s Polls To ‘Chlamydia.’ At Spec. World, Biden’s absurd student loan ‘solution’ "Not that anyone can blame him — it’s a political win-win for the White House." Capt. Ed at Hat Hair comments "The other absurdity to this is that it's any kind of "solution" at all. All this does is remove disincentives to the kind of debt loading that Academia now requires, and creates a moral hazard for continued bailouts. Congress should end the student-loan program altogether, given that it's now demonstrated that it can't survive without ongoing bailouts." Janet Levy at Am Think details Biden's 30 x 30 Land Grab. At Da Fed, Tristan Justice thinks Haaland Unilaterally Waived Ethics Concerns Over Chaco Canyon Decision

Breitbart cites Polls: Donald Trump Expands Lead over Joe Biden Nationally. Naver-Anybody-but-Trump Sundance at CTH claims Donald Trump Public Support Polling Far Exceeds Average Republican Candidate, but provides only 1 example.  At Am Spec Steve Kapustka says Trump’s Still Got It. "The main attraction of CPAC — and the conservative movement — put on a tour de force." From CJ, a South Carolina Snapshot "The primary confirmed Donald Trump’s tightening grip on the nomination, while adding to the picture of a conflicted, divided Republican Party." Capt. Ed, "The interesting part of this is how Trump seems to dominate in all of these categories. That speaks more to the brand loyalty Trump has built (and his status as a quasi-incumbent) than seeing him as a champion of a particular agenda." Tristan Justice at Da Fed, Young Voters Latest Bloc To Start Abandoning Democrat Party Ahead Of 2024 Elections. At Da Wire, Dallas Mayor Explains Why He Switched Party Affiliation From Democrat To Republican. “At the Democratic Party’s core, as I was saying, is a belief that how things turn out for you in this country are largely determined by things that are outside of your control, the race you’re born, the neighborhood you’re born in, it just kind of excuses away your failures and excuses away your successes to something that’s out of your control,” he later added. “If you’re successful and you’re white males, it’s because of course you were. And if you’re unsuccessful as an African American, it’s both the deck was stacked against you. And I just wasn’t a person who ever believed that. And that wasn’t how I was raised. And it’s not what I was taught. But it was the overarching political philosophy of my party.”  Am Think's Steve McCann, Trump’s Conundrum. Sister Toldja at RedState, reports Al Sharpton Hears About It After Telling Black Trump Supporters They Have 'No Shame. Race card refused. Jazz Shaw at Hat Hair VIP wonders Will the Democrats Let Donald Trump Take Office if he Wins? "At Townhall, our colleague Kurt Schlicter examines the question and appears to conclude that it's not a sure thing at all. The Democrats are simply too hell-bent on keeping the Bad Orange Man out of office and if they can figure out a way to make that happen, they likely won't hesitate." I&I, Democrats Plot An Insurrection To Stop ‘Insurrectionist’ Trump

Matt Taibbi at Racket on Nikki Haley's $100 Million Faceplant "Having been walloped in her own state after finishing second in an unopposed race, Nikki Haley should be a historic punchline. Instead, political shaming sank to new depths." Capt. Ed, "This is more of a media complaint than a Haley complaint, so be sure to read it all." Hat Hair cites Jim Geraghty at NRO, Could Sore Loser Laws Keep Haley Off No Labels Ticket? Capt. Ed again, "I doubt that it will become an issue in the first place, but it's a good question. Haley's not likely to end up on a No Labels ticket in the first place, not without destroying her political career afterward. Liz Cheney's more likely than Haley." John Podhoretz at Commentary, So Here's My Nikki Haley Theory. She wants to be able to say "I told you so" when Trump loses, to run in 2028. Nobody likes a woman who says that. Capt. Ed, "John's not the only one making this argument, and it's very possible that it's what Haley intends. But I don't think it will work, not this cycle if Trump can't run for whatever reason and not in 2028 either. Haley got pushed into a strangely moderate and interventionist policy position that is out of touch with the GOP electorate. If Trump can't be the nominee, the party would rally behind the more populist DeSantis before it would rally to Haley."

Sundance sees Big Ugly Shift – Koch Network Drops Haley Support, Retreats to Senate Decepticon Alamo. Mike Chantrell at PJM, After Fourth Straight Loss, Major Donor Yanks Haley's Funding. Ace, The Koch Network of Liberal Corporate Supremacists Ends Funding for Nikki Haley; "No Labels" Official Says They're Interested in Her as a Third Party Candidate, "No more money from the Koch suckers." Jen Galardi at Am Spec wonders Will Tulsi Gabbard Be Donald Trump’s VP Pick? "No longer a Democrat and not quite a full Republican, Gabbard is a perfect match for Trump." Probably not. Henry Rogers at Da Caller reports South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, Rumored VP Contender, Met With Trump At Mar-A-Lago

At the Wombats In The Mailbox: 02.26.24,  At Da Fed, Shawn Fleetwood cites a Court: Turning Election Day Into Election Week And Creating ‘Permanent’ Mail Voters Violates Delaware’s Constitution and Joy Pullman fears Indiana Republicans Move To Let Democrats Kick Any Republican AG Off The Ballot "The Indiana amendment would give an unelected, abortion-friendly state commission the power to determine whom Hoosiers can select as attorney general, taking that power away from voters." Da Wire, Ronna McDaniel To Leave As RNC Chair On March 8, finally. 

From Breitbart, Exclusive: Biden Admin Planted Operative Jeff DiSantis in Fani Willis’ Office to Target Trump, Sources Say.  “DiSantis is the one pulling the strings on this whole thing,” a second source said. “Everybody heard Fani testify. It’s no secret that she’s not smart. That is how she sounds and acts every day of the week.” Atlanta J-Con, Judge: Law partner must testify about Wade’s relationship with Willis. Capt. Ed, "Based on how hard Wade tried to keep Bradley from testifying, I'd guess that he'll tell a story that matches up better with Wade's cell phone records than the story told by Wade and Willis did. They have a rapidly closing window to recuse from the case and hope McAfee lets them off the hook for perjury, if it's still open at all. But the state bar will take an interest in that no matter what they do now." 

At the Wombats In The Mailbox: 02.26.24, At Da Fed Jordan Boyd is elated that In a Big Victory Against Lawfare, DC Court Of Appeals Smacks Down Jeff Clark Subpoena  "Trump-era Department of Justice official Jeffrey Clark won a big victory against Democrat lawfare on Monday when the D.C. Court of Appeals ruled he did not have to comply with a subpoena issued by the D.C. Bar’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel. The appeals court denied the D.C. Bar’s attempt to enforce its subpoena against Clark because it “infringes on Mr. Clark’s Fifth Amendment right not to be compelled to be a witness against himself.”  

Althouse,"Precisely how much cash Trump has is not known. He claimed to have '400-plus' million dollars during an April deposition..."

"... in the fraud case. In an August financial disclosure filed with the Office of Government Ethics, he listed hundreds of bank and investment accounts with a total value of between $252 million and $924 million.... Trump has to keep some cash on hand to operate his properties, such as his golf courses and hotels, as maintenance or investment needs require, according to banking experts. Freeing up hundreds of millions of dollars more would almost certainly require Trump to borrow against or sell some of his real estate.... A surety company might accept Trump’s properties as collateral, but that carries its own risks. Experts in issuing bonds may not be equipped to do their own investigations into Trump’s property values, and they may not know what his assets are really worth...."

From "Clock is ticking for Trump to post bonds worth half a billion dollars/Experts say a cash crunch in coming weeks could thrust the former president’s business into greater uncertainty than it has seen in decades" (WaPo). "they may not know what his assets are really worth" — Ironically, that is what the case itself was about.

Jacob Sullum at Reason has  4 Reasons Trump Says a Judge Should Dismiss Charges in the Classified Documents Case, "His lawyers assert presidential immunity and discretion, criticize an "unconstitutionally vague" statute, and question the special counsel's legal status." Vicky Taft at PJM asks What Do Donald Trump and This BLM Protester Have in Common? "On July 9, 2016, DeRay Mckesson organized a protest in front of the Baton Rouge Police Department in which police officers were attacked by rioters. One was hit by a hard object and "badly hurt." . . . Mckesson appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, where it has been in limbo for a while, arguing that the First Amendment "bars him from being held liable for the actions of others during the protest he organized." Though they are different kinds of cases, you can see how the DeRay's and Donald Trump's cases may intersect. Trump's case and the cases of January 6 rioters, protesters, and trespassers are before the Supreme Court. If DeRay is let off the hook for actually planning a riot due to First Amendment protections, could they do less for a president who didn't plan a riot, didn't encourage a riot and in fact did the opposite, wasn't even a participant, and wasn't present for a riot?"

At Da Caller, Read The Death Threat Sent To Donald Trump Jr. With White Powder. WSFA 12 Alabama, ALEA launches investigation after explosive device detonated outside AG office. Breitbart, Explosive Device Detonated Outside Alabama AG’s Office, No Injuries Reported. mrcTV reports Man Accused of Being Paid by Ukraine to Assassinate Tucker Carlson. I'm throwing the bullshit flag on this one. At Da Wire, State Universities Are Teaching Students To Blow Up Oil Pipelines, Records Show, "‘How to Blow Up A Pipeline’ author wants to send message to 'capitalists' that 'their properties will be."

Mario Juric @mjuric, "I'm done with @Google. I know many good individuals working there, but as a company they've irrevocably lost my trust. I'm "moving out". Here's why: I've been reading Google's Gemini damage control posts. I think they're simply not telling the truth. For one, their text-only product has the same (if not worse) issues. And second, if you know a bit about how these models are built, you know you don't get these "incorrect" answers through one-off innocent mistakes. . . " GAB News says Google’s Anti-White AI Is Tech’s Bud Light Moment. Insty at Substack on Google's AI Debacle
"Why is Google creating pro-Nazi and pro-Confederate propaganda?"
Capt. Ed, Former NYT Editor: It's a Cult, and I'm Its Heretic. Harold Hutchinson hears Joy Reid Link Desire To Have Kids To ‘Slavery’, White Supremacist Conspiracy: ‘A Little Creepy’. Dave Strom at Hat Hair hears FCC Now Forcing Broadcasters to Publish Race and Gender Data of Employees and Un-F'ing Believable: Poynter on Why Kansas City Shooters Should Remain Unidentified. At The Pipe Line Michael Walsh warns Christian Right Gonna Get Yo Momma. PJM's Stephen Kruiser, Pro-Hamas Lunatics Are Louder, Dumber, and More Unstable Than Ever. That's a high bar. Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw explains The Real Reason Military Recruitment is Failing “They’re hearing our American heroes being represented as evil racists … who were doing all these terrible things to disadvantaged people. And that really is shaping the views of America’s youth and making them have less respect for our institutions, have less respect for our history, and therefore making them less liable to want to put their lives potentially on the line to serve in our country’s military.” 

 The Wombat has FMJRA 2.0: Greetings From Nashville open and ready for business.