Sunday, February 11, 2024

Went Fishin'

I got a call from Pete this morning as I was putting Flotsam and Jetsam together, that he wanted to slide out of the harbor and check out the fishing around 2. I said great. He called back a couple of minutes later and said a couple of other people were coming, and because they were driving a ways and wanted to get home for the Swift Bowl, we would go at 1.

It was foggy, and occasionally rainy at first. We started catching pretty quickly. I got a pretty good 30 inch fish first, but South River Joe had the hot hand today with this 47 inch Striped Bass.
And this out of the world 31 inch Speckled Trout, the second largest trout ever on Pete's Boat. Joe also got a small Red Drum, around 17 inches. I'll add it to the post if Pete sends me a photo.  

Fig, a frequently flier with Pete, also caught this 26 inch trout. Altogether 5 Specks were touched, 3 were landed. I didn't get any of them, alas. 

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