Saturday, February 24, 2024

Science Is Dead, Long Live Science!

 WUWT,  Friday Funny: A Retraction So Hilarious that I Can’t Put the Title in the Title

From m o d e r n i t y

A leading scientific journal faces humiliation after it published a completely fake paper, purportedly written by Chinese researchers, which contained AI generated images of a rat with a penis bigger than its own body.

The Telegraph reports that the journal Frontiers in Cell and Development Biology published a paper that claimed to show the signalling pathway of sperm stem cells, but depicted a rat sitting upright with a massive dick and four giant testicles.

The illustration was reportedly created by using Midjourney, the AI imaging tool, which added labels to the ridiculous diagram using terms that don’t exist, including “dissilced”, “testtomcels” and “senctolic”.

Another ludicrous image to the right of the rat displays “sterrn cells” in a Petri dish being spooned out.

User on X, previously Twitter, had a good time.
There's a long history of hoaxes and spoofs in science from the Piltdown Man to the the rat with the giant penis. "Ralph York" is a published author at the from the Oregon State University Dept. of Oceanography. I heard a few calls to him from the ships rails.  Sometimes you just need to see if people are paying attention at all. A lot of the time, they aren't. 

Thanks to commenter Magson:

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