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Flotsam and Jetsam - A Punch Line Presidency?

 If so, it's a sick joke. Stacy McCain takes on Joe Biden’s Punch Line Presidency 

It’s hard not to laugh at the reaction to Special Counsel Robert Hur’s final report about Joe Biden’s classified document case. The main finding of Hur’s investigation is briefly summarized:
Our investigation uncovered evidence that President Biden willfully retained and disclosed classified materials after his vice presidency when he was a private citizen. These materials included (1) marked classified documents about military and foreign policy in Afghanistan, and (2) notebooks containing Mr. Biden’s handwritten entries about issues of national security and foreign policy implicating sensitive intelligence sources and methods. FBI agents recovered these materials from the garage, offices, and basement den in Mr. Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home.
In other words, Biden is GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! As several commentators have noted, this finding — and the fact that Hur recommended no criminal charges, despite the clear evidence of Biden’s guilt — raises questions about the federal effort to prosecute former President Donald Trump for very similar offenses. When you consider the extent to which “get Trump” has been the organizing principle of the Biden administration since Day One, this is a significant setback to that aspect of their agenda. But that wasn’t the worst of it . . .

The Great Victory Davis Hanson at Front Page, Biden: Too Demented to Be Found Guilty of Crimes
But not too demented to be president?
 RNC Research@RNCResearch "Here are five straight minutes that show exactly why the special counsel noted Biden's diminished mental fitness." Paul Bedard at WaEx, Documented: Biden’s memory loss dates to 2015, 25th Amendment territory. HE says The Hur report on Biden is unintentionally damning. At Am Think Nick Lopez thinks he's faking it, Too frail to fail, too old to hold? Don’t believe it. As does they Divine Ms. Devine at NYPo, Jill Biden can spare us the fake outrage over the damning special counsel report. "Sly Joe from Scranton wouldn’t be the first crook who feigns memory loss to avoid incriminating himself when law enforcement comes knocking. It worked. He didn’t get indicted. What’s he complaining about?"  KT at Hat Hair, Jill Biden Responds to the Hur Report and It's As Bad As You Expected. Matt Margolis at PJM asks Did You Notice What’s Missing in Jill Biden’s Statement on the Hur Report? A denial. From Da Caller, Team Biden Is Hoping Nobody Will Notice This Revelation From The Special Counsel Report. Even ABC, Sen. Coons gets animated arguing that Biden’s apparent memory slips aren't 'what matters' in 2024 race. Matt Vespa at TownHall notes Hillary Clinton Did Joe Biden No Favors With These Remarks “I talked to people in the White House all the time, and you know, they know it’s an issue, but as I like to say, ‘look, it’s a legitimate issue,’” Clinton told MSNBC’s Alex Wagner earlier this week. “It’s a legitimate issue for [ex-President Donald] Trump who’s only three years younger, right? So it’s an issue.” At Da Caller, the nauseating Disgraced FBI Official  Andy McCabe Says There Are ‘Nauseating Similarities’ Between Biden’s Classified Docs And Hillary’s Emails. Althouse likes MoDo, "Jill Biden and his other advisers come up with ways to obscure signs of senescence — from shorter news conferences to almost zero print interviews..." ""... to TV interviews mainly with fawning MSNBC anchors.... [T]he Biden crew clearly has no plan for how to deal with the president’s age except to shield him and hide him and browbeat reporters who point out that his mental state..." The Free Bacon wants you to WATCH: Media Defend Biden After Special Counsel Trashes His 'Poor Memory'. From Breitbart, Biden’s Legal Team Went to Justice Dept. Over What They Viewed as Unnecessary Digs at his Memory. Clarice at Am Think sees Double Exposure. "Since prosecutors have ethical restraints against bringing cases they know have no reasonable likelihood of producing a guilty verdict, Democrat officeholders basically have a get out of prosecution ticket in a venue -- the District of Columbia -- which no prosecutor believes would convict them.|

At Da Wire, Dan Chaitin cites a poll, 86% Of Americans Say Biden Too Old For Another Term. VodkaPundit at Insty, WELL, HE IS: "First Post-Hur Report Poll: 86% of Voters Think Biden Is Too Old to Serve Another Term. The long knives are coming out: The week Biden lost the New York Times: Liberal paper’s Editorial Board unleashes astonishing broadside warning of ‘a dark moment’ as it runs back-to-back opinion pieces knifing the elderly president after damning special counsel report." John Lucas, Biden Sinks Own Ship; Trump Says, "Hold my beer." "Cause for despair." At Am Great Carpe Diem says Joe Biden’s Presidency is Over. "It has been clear since Joe Biden took the oath of office—and long before that—that he was never in charge of his mental faculties, let alone the country." I&I, If He’s Lost His Wits, Joe Must Call It Quits. The Peacock whines Could Democrats replace Biden as their nominee? "It is nearly impossible for the Democratic Party to replace Biden, and the president has given no indication that he intends to step aside — nor is anyone asking him to." Althouse, "[T]he only plausible scenario for Democrats to get a new nominee would be for Biden to decide to withdraw...." 

At Hat Hair, Mayorkas on the Border; Don't Look at Us, "MAYORKAS: "We don't bear responsibility."" Da Caller reports There’s Been Over 1.5 Million Migrant Encounters At The Border Since Mayorkas Last Said It Was ‘Secure.’ At Am Think Tom Bruno hears The New Leftist Argument: Illegal Aliens Are Actually Here Legally, because they walked in unopposed. Debby Saunders at Am Spec, After Border Security Fails, Biden Faults Trump; "Biden's complaint that Trump would “rather weaponize” the border than solve it is pure sour grapes." TNP reports VA Dems Want to Incentivize Illegal Immigration by Giving Migrant Minors Free Healthcare and Hispanics Turning On Biden Over Open Borders. 

Insty, THE GASLIGHTING WILL CONTINUE UNTIL MORALE IMPROVES: Have You Met You? Conservatives Give Biden Brutal History Lesson After He Posts About ‘Erasing History.’ Oilfield Rando@Oilfield_Rando "Yes they are tweeting this while tearing down statues all over the country. The hypocrisy is the point." Mary Katharine Ham@mkhammer "I did not predict leaning into the aging issue with an Andy-Rooney-on-quaaludes rant about how chip bags used to be fuller. quote, President Biden@POTUS  "While you were Super Bowl shopping, did you notice smaller-than-usual products where the price stays the same? Folks are calling it Shrinkflation and it means companies are giving you less for every dollar you spend. I’m calling on the big consumer brands to put a stop to it." Ed Driscpl at At Insy, OLD AND BUSTED: You don’t have to fall in love, you just have to fall in line. "The new hotness? The week Biden lost the New York Times: Liberal paper’s Editorial Board unleashes astonishing broadside warning of ‘a dark moment’ as it runs back-to-back opinion pieces knifing the elderly president after damning special counsel report." Atop Da Hill, Biden campaign says he made the ‘right choice’ to skip Super Bowl interview "I think people really want to watch a Super Bowl tonight and think about football. They don’t want to hear from a politician."

Nick Arama at RedState sees Biden Campaign's Desperate Race-Baiting Attack on Trump Gets Ripped to Shreds by the People. From Da Caller, ‘Punish Joe’: Biden’s Handling Of Israel-Hamas War Could Cost Him Michigan. “The majority of the community will not support Biden, so he’s already lost the state,” Nasser Beydoun, board member and former chairman of the Arab American Civil Rights League, told the DCNF."

At Da Wire, a VOTER FRAUD ALERT: Georgia Specialist Finds Thousands of Illegal Votes in 2020, 2021, and 2022 “The same thing is going to happen again in 2024,” Davis, who earlier this year scored a legal victory over the Stacey Abrams-founded group Fair Fight Action– told The Daily Signal. “I first brought this up to the State Elections Board in 2002. You can’t fix a problem if you don’t admit you have a problem.” NewsBusters has a FLASHBACK: Media Slammed Clinton’s ’99 Trial as a ‘Stalinist’ ‘Coup’.

Roger Kimball at Am Great is Examining the Controversy Surrounding Tucker Carlson’s Interview with Putin. "A leitmotif in Putin’s remarks to Tucker in that marathon interview was, as he saw it, the serial betrayal of Russia by the West." Bob Hoge at RedState sees Chris Wallace Mocks Tucker Carlson for Putin Interview, Promptly Gets Flambéd by Greg GutfeldGregGutfeld@greggutfeld, "While Tucker was imploring Putin to release an imprisoned American journalist, Chris Wallace was doing the heroic work of interviewing comic George Lopez." Charles Glasser at Insty, TUCKER CARLSON SERVES UP A STEAMING BOWL OF “STFU” TO HATEFUL DNC STENOGRAPHERS: "When the mainstream media learned that Carlson would have a one-on-one interview with Vladimir Putin, they pretty much lost their minds." Larry Correia@monsterhunter45 "We’re happy when journalists get laid off because we hate them. We hate them because they lie to us." Cynical Publius@CynicalPublius "OK dude, let me help you understand why people are gleeful when "journalists" get laid off: 1. You devote your lives to delivering untruth. The biggest untruths rest in what stories you refuse to report on, along with garden-variety untruths. 2. You participate in corruption……Show more"

From PM, Michael Rapaport admits he promoted Trump Charlottesville ‘very fine people’ hoax. Clarice at Da Pipeline decries the Mann v. Steyn , Free-Speech Travesty

UPI is miffed that a Miffed Musk relocates Neuralink from Delaware after Tesla pay package ruling

OK, I have a whole bunch of "Culture War" links going stale after a couple of days, and I;m just going to dump them below the line. Dig through them for something palatable:

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