Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Bay Report - Sundog Afternoon

Sundog to the left, birds to the right
I was on the beach, just at the entrance to Matoaka, on my way home when I got a call from Pete, asking if I wanted to go out and do some scouting, since he'd been on a trip for the last few days. I didn't exactly trot down the beach, but I gave up looking for teeth (I only had 2 anyway), and walked as fast as reasonably possible back to the car, and drove around to where Pete has his boat at Flag Harbor. 
Pete had heard from a fellow guide that the fish were back under birds in the area where we had that extremely hot bite back in January.

The birds were there, (you can see them along the horizon in the right above), and fish were there too. They were slow to bite, though, and each of us caught a couple, not giants, just solid, fat fish in the mid twenty inch range.
As we headed home, we were near the harbor, when Pete spotted a few birds milling around, and found tell tale sonar marks underneath. We jigged a little and I hooked and lost one. 

Pete was getting phone calls about fishing tomorrow as he was tying up the boat.

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