Friday, February 2, 2024

Flotsam and Jetsam - Democrats Have a 'Secret' Plan

Virginia Kruta at Da Wire, ‘I’m Sure The Democrats Have A Secret Plan’: Andrew Yang Delivers Scathing Review Of Biden Polls. PJM's Matt Margolis reports a New James O’Keefe Undercover Video Exposes Dysfunctional Biden White House. "In the undercover video, O’Keefe has staged a date with Charlie Kraiger, a cybersecurity policy analyst at the White House. During their “date” Kraiger, in the words of O’Keefe, “sang like a bird” and openly acknowledged a growing concern within the staff regarding President Biden's age, with some openly discussing the desire for another Democratic candidate to replace him. Kraiger also spoke of talk of Kamala Harris being replaced on the ticket." At The Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.01.2024, Louder With Crowder, Undercover footage exposes how little WH staff think of Joe Biden. Ace, James O'Keefe Honeydicks a Biden White House Official and Gets Him on Video Admitting Biden Has Cognitive Decline. Also, Biden's Lyin' and Biden's Cryin' (and Then He Goes Back to Hidin'). "Three Americans were killed due to Biden's grant of carte blanche to the terror mullahs of Iran, to attack US troops 160+ times without any reprisal. Biden's plan was just to hope these relentless attacks never managed to kill any US troops. Hope is not a plan, as you may have heard, and now three Americans are dead. David Strom writes that even the c***s***er New York Times admits that Biden's refusal to check Iran encouraged them to keep attacking us until the took American lives." Da Wire, Terror Groups Evacuate Their Positions After Biden Admin Tips Them Off To Their Plans. At NYPo the Divine Ms. Devine thinks Joe Biden’s dangerous, cynical Iran concessions prove his concern is 2024 re-election – not America’s safety

mrcTV has a Timeline on How Biden Created the Border Crisis and Encouraged Illegal Immigration, in case you don't remember clearly. From Breitbart, Johnson Sets Vote on Tax Bill Conservatives Call ‘Trojan Horse to Expand Welfare’ for Illegal Aliens and a Report: Chicago City-Sponsored Migrant Shelters Filled with Rats, Rotting Food, Garbage. Paul Bedard at WaEx reports Taxpayers funding immigrant trips north, envelopes of cash ‘for whatever they want’ "Illegal immigrants hoping to cross the U.S.-Mexico border are receiving over $1 billion in money cards, envelopes of cash, and other benefits paid for by U.S. taxpayers as part of President Joe Biden’s pro-immigration programs, according to a watchdog investigation." At The Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.01.2024, EBL: Illegal Immigrant Thugs Viciously Beat NYPD Officers – Receive Get Out Of Jail Free Card, The Federalist: The Biden Administration Is Treading On Texas’ Sovereignty, Not The Other Way Around. PJM's Stephen Kruiser  Biden's America — Jail Time for Praying, but It's OK to Beat Up a Cop. Da Caller, Dem Gov Says Deporting Migrants Who Allegedly Beat Police Officers Should Be On The Table, after they serve a lengthy sentence in American jails. Elon Musk@elonmusk "What the heck is going on!?Quote End WokenessEndWokeness, "BREAKING: 150 Democrats vote against a bill to deport illegals caught driving while drunk." Allen West at Front Page, worries about The Tyranny of Federalizing Troops to Undermine America’s National Sovereignty "Biden foolishly takes on Texas." At Am Great Eric Lundrem notices the Border Ushers Patrol Faces Retirement and Recruitment Crises. I wonder why? I think Althouse sees the irony, Using the impeachment process "as a political weapon" is a "dangerous precedent," a "pointless sideshow." "I'm reading "The GOP’s ridiculous move to impeach Mayorkas" (CNN)." Itxu Diaz at Am Spec says Stop the Press! Joe Biden Didn’t Lie. "He is, in fact, unable to take effective measures to tackle the border crisis," or much else for that matter.  The Babylon Bee snarks Mayorkas Says He's Not Sure How He Can Be Impeached When He Doesn't Even Do Anything.

At The Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.01.2024, The Federalist sees House Republicans Seek To Interview Witness Of Hunter Biden’s Potential Pay-For-Play Art Scandal,At Am Think Peter A. Olsson, M.D. thinks about Joe Biden and Sons.  Breitbart talks to an East Palestine Business Owner: Joe Biden Only Visiting ‘Because It’s an Election Year’ The Free Bacon reads the WaPo Editorial Board Slams Biden's Move To Halt Natural Gas Terminals: 'Obviously Political'. He's a politician, so yeah, duh. Jeff Carter at Points and Figures Don’t Be Fooled "All Time Highs Aren't What They Seem to Be. . . .Trump beats Biden in virtually every economic category that matters to the average American. It’s not even close. Even if you hate Trump, you shouldn’t stay home and enable mediocrity and failure. Voting for a third party is silly too since that never works out. Perot put Clinton over the top in 1992 and left us with Hillary. There is idealism, and then there is realism."

At Am con James Bovard goes off on Nikki Haley, Authoritarian-in-Waiting. "When it comes to traditional American freedoms, Donald Trump’s sole remaining competitor for the GOP nomination has little to recommend her." At Da Caller, Reagan Reese and Henry Rogers explore Leaks, Loyalists And One Big Loss: Insiders Describe What Doomed DeSantis From The Start. Nothing much wrong with DeSantis but Republican voters (unlive GOPe) want Trump. Also, Cornel West Forms New Party For His Third-Party Presidential Run. Go for it, Corn Pop! Albin Sadar at Am Great asks How’s Life in Obama’s Fundamentally-Transformed America Working Out for You So Far? "Vigilance is necessary this time around to insure a free and fair election and to keep the cement of fundamental transformation from hardening into unbreakable rock."

Ace wakes up and hears Darrius "Sweetdick" Honeycum, Esq.'s "Business Partners" Made Political Donations to Fani Willis, Who Then Kicked Them Back "Lucrative" Contracts for Work "You don't say. You don't say." So, business as usual in a blue city? VodkaPundit at Insty thinks POLLS BASED ON HYPOTHETICALS AREN’T THE MOST RELIABLE: If Trump Is Convicted of a Crime, How Much, If Any, Support Would He Lose? 

At Front Page, Lloyd Billingsley Charts the CIA Jihad Against Trump. "The leftist-woke-Islamophilia axis in action." From Da Caller, Trump’s British Lawsuit Over Steele Dossier Dismissed By High Court Of Justice. Hat Hair's Capt. Ed says "Interesting, especially in light of the permissive defamation/libel laws in the UK. It sounds as though the court thinks that Trump’s reputation is beyond saving, regardless of the dossier. But Trump should have filed for relief immediately after leaving office, too. How did his attorneys miss the statute of limitation?" Why would we expect fairness for Trump in a British court? PJM's Cathy Salgado, Exclusive: J6 Prisoner Details Abusive Prison Conditions. At Am Great Nice Deb notes No Charges For Dem Staffer Who Filmed Gay Porn Video in Senate Hearing Room “Let me get this straight… merely walking through the capitol unauthorized is a felony,” wrote Real Clear Investigations Senior Writer Mark Hemingway. “But having public sex in the building, filming it, and putting it online doesn’t merit a public lewdness charge? Please tell why I am supposed to respect rule of law in this country.” Volokh at the Volokh Reports an Antifa-vs.-Patriot-Prayer-Related Tort Lawsuit Partly Thrown Out but Partly Allowed to Go Forward

Stacy McCain on ‘Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories’ As an SPLC-certified Right-Wing Extremist, I could fairly be accused of holding various beliefs that are not considered “mainstream.” For example, I think Texas would be entirely justified in seceding from the Union. I don’t believe in Keynesian economics or “climate change.” Heck, I don’t believe in Darwinian evolution. Or the designated hitter, for that matter. Despite my “fringe” beliefs, however, I have never been accused of advocating (checks notes) decapitating your father . . .  "

PJM's Ben Bartee wants you to WATCH: ‘Patriot Front’ Masked Militia Hits New York for Day Trip. “This does seem odd. Why no mask removal after arrest?” Musk tweeted on Saturday in response to an X user called Champagne Joshi. Joshi referred to the hate group as “Fed Front,” asking in a tweet, “How many times have you seen a group of masked men dressed exactly the same, handcuffed with not one masked pulled off to reveal their identity? This is aimed at gullible libtards who want to believe these are ‘white nationalists’ bc it affirms their worldview and it’s an election year." At TNP, TSA Plans Expansion of Facial Recognition to Over 400 Airports. 

At Da Signal, 19 Pro-Palestinian Protesters Arrested After Blocking DC Roads. PJM's Vicky Taft, See If You Can Spot the Problem: Pro-Hamas Protesters Block Roads Into Washington, D.C. John Hinderacker at Power Line reports They Firebombed My Office.

KanekoaTheGreat@KanekoaTheGreat "Judge Kathaleen McCormick rescinded Elon Musk's $55 billion Tesla compensation package, overturning the company's board and 80% of its shareholders. McCormick also ruled against@elonmusk during his Twitter acquisition. Before becoming the head of the Delaware Chancery Court, McCormick worked at a Delaware law firm called Young Conaway. This firm and its employees have been major donors to President Joe Biden for decades. In 2016, Hunter Biden hosted a gubernatorial campaign event for Congressman John Carney, with then-Vice President Joe Biden as the guest speaker. . . ." Reuters, Musk seeks Tesla shareholder vote on moving incorporation to Texas

Tom Knighton at TAW, Why academia's assault on free speech matters. The Free Bacon reports Harvard’s Embattled Anti-Semitism Chairman Goes Mute. Campus Reform, Binghamton University facing federal civil rights investigation over anti-Semitism complaint. Volokh at the Volokh Report notes a Missouri Student Pleads Guilty for Damaging Display Supporting Israeli Hostages. The Free Bacon, Penn Lecturer Is Behind Grotesque Anti-Semitic Cartoons "Dwayne Booth in one sketch drew Nazi flag with Star of David shown in place of swastika." Just thought you should know.  Herr Professor Jacobson sees a Southern Illinois U Med School Scholarship Discriminating Against Non-LGBTQI+ White and Asian Students Challenged By Equal Protection Project "Short version: White and Asian (non-Pacific Islander) students cannot apply for the Meares scholarship unless they are “LGBTQI+”.  So your straight White or Asian student whose “gender identity” aligns with their biological sex cannot apply." Mike LaChance, also at LI hears Florida Will No Longer Allow Transgender People to Change the Sex on Their Driver’s License, “a driver license is an identification document and, as such, serves a critical role in assisting public and private entities in correctly establishing the identity of a person presenting the license”. HE is amused by the Spanish soldier who identifies as a woman but will keep male appearance upset after he is prevented from using female changing rooms

The Wombat has FMJRA 2.0: F*** Snow up on time and under budget at The Other McCain.

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