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Flotsam and Jetsam - Joe Biden is Too Senile to Prosecute, Day Two

Yesterday (even the night before that if you were plugged into TV news) we were told that Special Prosecutor Robert Hue had exonerated Joe Biden from the charge of mishandling classified document while he was a Senator and Vice President, on the grounds that as a feeble old guy with obvious memory problems, and the ability to act friendly, a jury (notably a Washington DC jury) would find him too piteous to convict. At the Center Square  Read the Full text of the report clearing Biden in classified documents probe. Steven Kruiser at PJM,  RIP Jurisprudence — President Séance Judged Too Senile to Get in Trouble. Dan Greenfield at Front Page, The President is Senile, "Special Counsel’s report finds Biden suffers from “significant limitations”." At Reason, a Nice Old Man. "Biden’s Age and Memory Questioned After Special Counsel Report." Breitbart puts it Special Counsel Finds Joe Biden ‘Willfully Retained’ Classified Docs — but Is Too Mentally Feeble to Prosecute. At OTP, The List: Hur Documents Biden’s Dementia; Memory Loss Dates Back A Decade, and may well come and go as needed. Reagan Reese at Da Caller, Biden Forgot When His VP Run Began And Ended, Beau’s Death During Classified Docs Interview, Special Counsel Says. Insty, at his NYPo gig, Joe Biden’s email aliases reveal truth behind aw-shucks facade. "He speaks nonsense, he shows flashes of inappropriate anger, he walks off stage in the middle of events, and he has trouble with stairs. Even Democrats are beginning to admit to serious doubts about his ability to function as president. But what if it’s all an act?"New Neo, says The Hur report is shocking "It’s shocking because we expected an exoneration, and this is not an exoneration. It exposes Biden’s slipshod treatment of the records, various coverups, and above all his serious cognitive challenges. Many people thought that Biden wouldn’t be running in 2024 – although I have long thought he will, for the simple reason that a substitute is hard to find. But I doubt most people thought that Hur’s report would provide a reason to jettison Biden while simultaneously announcing a decision not to prosecute. Kind of a twofer." Capt. Ed "Again, there was never a possibility of an indictment. The DoJ will not indict a sitting president for valid constitutional reasons, a policy that goes back to Watergate. I expected Hur's report to detail Biden's handling of the classified material and for those details to be damaging, and perhaps even shocking. What I didn't expect was for Biden to posture as a doddering old incompetent to escape responsibility for those violations, and for Hur to be as blunt about Biden's incapacities as his report turned out to be." Althouse, "I was so determined to give the special counsel what they needed that I went forward with five hours of in-person interviews over two days on Oct. 8 and 9 of last year..." ""... even though Israel had just been attacked on Oct. 7 and I was in the middle of handling an international crisis. I just believed that’s what I owed the American people.” Said President Biden's written statement, quoted in "Special Counsel’s Report Puts Biden’s Age and Memory in the Spotlight/After an inquiry concluded that President Biden was 'well-meaning' but had 'a poor memory,' he angrily fired back in an attempt at political damage control" (NYT)."

At Hat Hair, Biden's Mental State Is Crumbling Before Our Eyes

Ace, Biden Attempted to Quell the Panic About His Galloping Dementia By Appearing In Public After His 5 PM Bedtime. It Was a Disaster. Fox, Biden confuses presidents of Mexico and Egypt after defending 'fine' memory: 'Hard to watch' "President Biden addressed the nation over concerns about his mental fitnes."  TNP, Now Biden Claims He Spoke to Dead German Chancellor at Same Summit as Dead French Prez. Breitbart, Biden Blows Opportunity to Defend Cognitive Ability by Calling Egypt’s President Sisi ‘the President of Mexico. Mediaite, Joe Biden’s ‘My Memory Is Fine’ Press Conference Was An All-Time PR Blunder. At Hat Hair Capt. Ed snarks  You know, one might be tempted to let Biden's incapacity slide for the next 11 months if it weren't so $%#*&^@ obvious that Biden's surrounded by total incompetents as well. Nick Arama at Red State hears a LEAK: Biden's Private Tantrum After Hur Report Dropped. From the Babylon Bee, Biden Recounts Time He Parted The Red Sea To Escape Slavery In Mexico.

Democrats and journolists (but I redund) took it about as well as you would expect. John Sexton at Hat Hair hears from Anonymous Democrats on the Special Counsel Report: 'It's a Nightmare' and 'Beyond Devastating'. 'Becca Downs at TownHall, Even Democrats Realize How Catastrophic Thursday Night Was for Biden. YaHoo! 'This is the worst day of Joe Biden's presidency', Democrats admit. Hat Hair, Begala: 'This Is Terrible for Democrats' "I slept like a baby last night. I woke up every 2 hours & wet the bed." CNN's Elie Honig on Biden's denial he shared classified documents with his ghostwriter: "He's ON TAPE — after he's out of the vice presidency — saying to his autobiographer, 'the classified documents are in the basement.' He knew it!" From Twitchy, Leftists Go Ballistic on MSNBC's Katy Tur for Daring to Question (Barely) Biden's Mental Fitness and Nancy Pelosi LACKEY's Dig at Peter Doocy Over Biden Goes SO WRONG He Tries Hiding Replies (Got the Best!).  At Da Fetched, MSNBC Hosts Suffer Meltdown over Questions on Joe Biden’s Age – WATCH. OTP, Media Falls For Beau-Rosary Defense and Even CNN Forced To Admit POTUS Lying About Handling Of Classified Info. Ace, The Leftwing Media Says "Biden Has Dementia, And Here's Why That's a Good Thing!" "You think I'm kidding? You think I'm shining you on? Think again, friend-o: There is nothing shiny about me. I am sandpaper covered in coal-dust." mrcTV, Biden Tells Dubious Reporter ‘the Press’ Aren’t Concerned About His Mental Fitness. A Grabien video at Hat Hair, Late Night Declaring Open Season on Biden After Hur Report? "It’s pretty embarrassing for Biden. But on the bright side, he’ll forget about it five minutes later. So, I mean, just —."  

Naturally, Republicans pounced, or are their seizing today? Ben Whedon at JTN, House Speaker Mike Johnson: Biden presser 'confirmed' he isn't fit for office, "The Speaker of the House is third in line for the presidency, positioned only behind the vice president in the order of precedence." Breitbart, GOP Calls to Invoke 25th Amendment After Special Counsel Casts Doubt on Biden’s Mental Acuity: ‘This Man Has the Nuclear Codes’, assuming he remembers where he put them down. Hat Hair's KT, Republican Lawmakers Call for 25th Amendment Against Biden. Ace has a video, Don't Worry, Everybody -- If Joe Biden is Taken Out via the 25th Amendment, Kamala Harris Is Ready to Take the Reins "SHE IS OBVIOUSLY DRUNK. SHE SLURS EVERY SINGLE WORD. She even slurs the stupid line she thinks is soooo profound -- "shhee what can be, unburthened by what hasssh been."" I interpret it differently. I think she's trying to fake being authentic black, and doing a bad job.  

John Solomon at JTN, Biden classified memos report re-ignites debates about dual justice, ‘diminished’ president, "Famed liberal icon Alan Dershowitz decries Hur decision when compared to treatment of Trump: "You can't have two different laws for similar acts. You have to have one single standard of justice." Althouse, "'No reasonable prosecutor': remember him? He’s back! No, not James 'Higher Loyalty' Comey. He’s sitting in a corner somewhere..."  Roger Kimball at Da Spec, The Justice Department won’t prosecute Biden? Color me shocked. "Don’t we have trials precisely to establish the guilt or innocence of a defendant?" Sister Toldja at RedState, Explosive Report: Biden Frustrated Garland Didn't 'Move Sooner' on Trump Election Interference Case. At Fox, naturally, Trump demands DOJ 'immediately' drop charges against him in classified docs case after Biden decision, "Trump was charged with willful retention of national defense information in Special Counsel Jack Smith's probe." Insty, NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG: Cynthia Yockey@conservativelez, "Ghostwriter tip of the day: If you commit the federal crimes of receiving classified information from your client and trying to destroy the evidence, relax! There's almost no chance you will go to jail if your client is a Democrat. Just follow these steps: (1) Get a good lawyer; (2) post on social media that you love life and would never, ever, ever commit suicide; (3) buy life insurance with double indemnity for accidents; and (4), get your affairs in order. @JoshuaLisec--any other tips?"

PJM's Chris Queen Here's How Worried Biden Is About the 'No Labels' Party. Bill Sullivan at Am Think thinks It Can’t Be Biden. TowhHall's Matt Vespa thinks this GOP Senator Nails Why Kamala Harris Was Really Picked as Joe Biden's VPTom Cotton@TomCottonAR, "Let’s call it like it is: Kamala Harris was chosen because she’s 25th Amendment insurance."Beege Welborn at Hat Hair offers A POTATUS #Truism - Pudding Brains of a Feather Flock Together. NewsMax features Rep. Ronny Jackson: Biden's Physician Not to Be Trusted.

John Solomon and Steve Richards at JTN, Biden used private email and fake names for official business, shared White House comms with family. "The National Archives have only turned over 60 of the 82,000 secretive -- and possibly illegal -- emails preserved in its records, which frustrated Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, who vowed to use the “power of the gavel” to obtain the records. A former FBI intelligence officer said "Not only does it violate federal records laws [...] Gmail is not a secure government communications system.  And especially not for White House business.”"
John Sexton at Hat Hair hears House Democrats Worry Immigration Will Overshadow Abortion in the Coming Election. At Breitbart, Joe Biden Threatens to Further Cut Deportations Unless Congress Funnels Billions to Border Crossers and Biden’s America: Poll Shows Less than Half of Americans ‘Very Satisfied’ with Their Lives. Da Wire, ‘Biden Failed To Do His Job:’ Governor Of State Bordering Canada Explains Why He Turned His Attention To The Southern Border. From the Free Bacon, Biden ICE Director Bucks White House, Calls Sanctuary Cities 'Inherently Unsafe'. Capt Ed is suspicious "The Biden administration may be using Lechleitner as a means to do a flip on the border crisis. I strongly doubt than an acting ICE director would go rogue on Fox News, of all places. This looks like a rhetorical shift." At mrcTV, Ohio Sheriff Says FBI Dir. Wray Said 'More Red Flags...than Before 9/11' Because of Border Invasion. CBS, cited at Hat Hair sees The Fastest Growing Demographic Among Illegal Immigrants Is ... Chinese. From Da Caller, LARRY ELDER: Trump Was Called Racist For Saying ‘Invasion.’ So What About When Al Sharpton Says It? and John Kennedy Cracks Up Biden Official Before Hitting Her With Zinger: ‘Trying To Defend A Fungal Infection.’ Eric Lendrum at Am Great, hears Greg Abbott claim Texas Set to Build More Border Wall than Trump. NYPo, ‘Armed and dangerous’ teen migrant from Venezuela cries after arrest over chaotic Times Square shooting that injured tourist

Breitbart concludes Supreme Court Argument Forecasts Major Victory for Trump in Colorado Case and sees Clarence Thomas Stump Colorado’s Anti-Trump Lawyer: Can’t Give Example of States Disqualifying National Candidates. PJM's Matt Margolis thinks Kavanaugh Destroys Colorado's Case to Kick Trump Off Ballot "Some of the rhetoric of your position — I don't think it is your position — some of the rhetoric of your position seems to suggest, unless the states can do this, no one can prevent insurrectionists from holding federal office," Kavanaugh began. "But obviously, Congress has enacted statutes — including ones still in effect — Section 2383 of Title 18 prohibits insurrection; it's a federal criminal statute, and if you're convicted of that, you are — shall be disqualified from holding any office. And so there is a federal statute on the books, but President Trump has not been charged with that." Jordan Boyd at Da Fed, hears Justice Jackson Shut Down After Trump Lawyer Explains Why ‘Insurrection’ Mania Is A Stupid Talking Point. At Am Great Dan Oliver suggests Icing the Puck, Supreme Court Style. "The Supreme Court may not be able to stop the Democrats’ demeaning of America. But the justices don’t have to be part of it." From WaEx, Illinois judge refuses request to pause Trump ballot challenge while Supreme Court case plays out. At Ace's Morning Rant, Buck Throckmorton claims Any GOP Presidential Nominee Will Be Criminally Indicted and Impeached if Elected; plus, Remembering Reagan’s “Exhausting” Presidency. Breitbart, Judge denies Peter Navarro’s bid to avoid prison while appealing conviction. TN Star, Judge Amit Mehta Rejects Peter Navarro’s Bid to Avoid Prison in J6 Case Just Days After Refusing Same Request by Unjustly Convicted Stewart Parks. Is he trying to make them suffer before he gets reversed on appeal?  Adam Molon at Am Think tells the story of Jeff Clark: The Fight of His Life "Jeff Clark, U.S. Assistant Attorney General from 2018 to 2021, is a key target -- alongside Donald Trump and others -- of intense political persecution and lawfare, due to his efforts to uphold election integrity and remedy well-documented election fraud across states like Georgia in the wake of the 2020 election. Jeff Clark, U.S. Assistant Attorney General from 2018 to 2021, is a key target -- alongside Donald Trump and others -- of intense political persecution and lawfare, due to his efforts to uphold election integrity and remedy well-documented election fraud across states like Georgia in the wake of the 2020 election. Clark, whom the Washington Post acknowledges as a “rising legal star for Republicans,” is being forced to fight two cases and multiple charges at once, revolving around his mere drafting of a letter in December 2020 addressed to state government officials in Georgia regarding the Department of Justice “investigating various irregularities” in the election. The letter, which Clark emailed to acting attorney general Jeffrey Rosen and acting deputy attorney general Richard Donoghue for review, was ultimately blocked by the Department of Justice’s chain of command from being sent to Georgia state officials."

More later, maybe.

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