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Flotsam and Jetsam - Cell Phone Data Hint Fani and Nathan Lied Under Oath

But it's just about sex, am I right? Let's go to Capt. Ed at Hat Hair first, BREAKING: Wade Cellphone Data Exposes Willis' Testimony As False 

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution proclaims this a very big deal:

Nathan Wade appeared to make at least 35 visits to the Hapeville neighborhood where Fani Willis was living before the district attorney hired him to lead Fulton County’s election interference prosecution, according to cellphone data included in a court submission filed Friday. ...

Trump’s lawyers relied on data collected from Wade’s cellphone and cellphone tower transmissions to track his movements. It seems to contradict Wade’s testimony last week in which he said he had visited Willis at her condo in Hapeville no more than 10 times before he was hired in November 2021. It also indicates Wade twice arrived late at night at the condo and left early the next morning in the months before Willis and Wade said their relationship became romantic early in 2022.

Both Wade and Willis testified last week that they did not spend the night together at the Hapeville condo.

Matt Margolis at PJM, Cell Phone Data Appears to Prove Fani Willis and Nathan Wade Lied Under Oath About Relationship. PM, Cellphone data contradicts Fani Willis, Nathan Wade testimony. Da Caller says  Latest Evidence Against Fani Willis Could Get Her Disbarred, Land Her In Jail, Legal Experts Say‘: Real Consequences’. In Atlanta? Techno Fog@Techno_Fog, "There's no denial from Fulton County that Wade wasn't at Willis's condo on those dates. No denial! No dispute of the volume of texts/calls. Instead, they try to exclude the evidence. (Likely unsuccessful.) Read the response for yourself." Capt. Ed, "I saw a report on Willis' response a little earlier this evening in which she questions how the defense got the cell records without a search warrant. Has Fani Willis never heard of a subpoena?" Ace is excited, Hoo-Boy: Cell Phone Data Shows That Darrius "Sweetdick" Honeycum Esquire Made Thirty Five Trips to Fani Willis' Home Snizzedence, Including Multiple Late-Night Visits During BCT (Booty Call Time), Before They Admit Their Relationship Began. "And remember, they said this under oath. This is perjury from the "Officers of the Court" currently prosecuting other people for perjury. Also note that the defendants' lawyers got Wade to specify how many trips to Fani Willis' Mish Shack he had made before he was hired. He said a few, then was prodded into specifying that it was "less than ten." 35 is not less than ten and it's not close enough to claim a lapse in memory to cover." Anxious is anxious, Judge schedules March 1 hearing on disqualification of Georgia DA prosecuting Trump. "Why it matters: A ruling by Judge Scott McAfee to remove Willis from the case or adjust charges, as Trump and other co-defendants have sought, would have massive implications for the case — even potentially derailing it altogether." OTP, Fani Willis’ Ex-Lover Tries To Stop His Divorce Lawyer From Talking To Judge In Trump Case. There's certainly been a lot of lawyer/client privilege's waived in the efforts to get Trump. The Free Bacon reports Fani Willis Secures the Bag, Gets $600K in Taxpayer-Funded Cars While Stonewalling County Audit

At Da Caller, Senior House Dems Signal They May Not Certify 2024 Election Results If Trump Wins.Russ Berman at the Slantic writes How Democrats Could Disqualify Trump If the Supreme Court Doesn’t. "Without clear guidance from the Court, House Democrats suggest that they might not certify a Trump win on January 6." Since when do they listen to the Supreme Court? Capt. Ed At Hat Hair, "I don't think Dems are planning this, as some on social media assume from this article. It looks more like Berman writing about a potential possibility if the Supreme Court offers a narrow ruling on the eligibility question in Colorado. Democrats actually quoted in the article insist that they wouldn't try what Trump wanted Mike Pence to do during the Electoral College vote count, and the revised statute that passed afterward makes it even less likely. Update: John disagrees, so be sure to read his take!" John Sexton at Hat Hair, Are Democrats Toying With the Idea of Not Certifying a Trump Win? Matt Vespa at Town Hall says I Was Told That What House Dems Are Mulling Against Trump Was an Act of Treason. When have they not disputed a lost election? 

From NewsMax, Trump Moves to Dismiss Classified Documents Case "claiming in part that presidential immunity protects him from prosecution. . . Trump has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene in that case as the Republican presidential primary front-runner seeks to delay the trial until after the November election." Sean Ross Callaghan at Am Think thinks Jack Smith Will Annoy the Supreme Court "Smith admits that a president must be protected by at least a qualified immunity from criminal prosecution -- but he refuses to spell out exactly what that immunity is. Smith could propose an immunity covering only acts that double as political speech or petition or permitting prosecution only for clear crimes. Smith instead just swings his bat at a baseball he cannot see and declares a home run: whatever immunity a president has, he asserts, it cannot cover President Trump." 

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.23.24, at American Thinker, New York’s Trump Fraud Findings Refute Judge’s ConclusionsThe Crime of Donald Trump, The Geller Report, Massive Money Moving Out of New York in Wake of Trump Malicious Corrupt Persecution and Corrupt Judge Rules President Trump Can’t Postpone Paying $355M Judgment in NY Fraud Case and the Volokh Conspiracy, Former President Donald Trump’s New York State Civil Fraud Verdict.  At NYPo, Trump can’t postpone paying $355M judgment in NY fraud case, judge rules. At HE, JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO a fairly devout Never-Trumper admits Donald Trump is a victim of government theft. Matt Margolis at PJM hears E. Jean Carroll May Sue Trump Again, and the Reason Is Absurd "At issue were Trump's statements over the weekend at a rally in Michigan, where he criticized Carroll's lawsuits and called them unfair. Crowley indicated that they're keeping tabs on Trump's public statements, waiting to pounce." Everything about the Carroll suits has been absurd, why stop now. Althouse catches Trump "I got indicted a second time and a third time and a fourth time, and a lot of people said that that’s why the Black people like me..." "... because they have been hurt so badly and discriminated against, and they actually viewed me as I’m being discriminated against. I’m being indicted for you, the American people. I’m being indicted for you, the Black population."

Da Caller reports Trump Wins Over Entire Panel Of Undecided Voters Following Town Hall Event. Totes objective Never-Anybody-but-Trump sundance at CTH offers The Very Unique, Pragmatic and Honest President Trump interview with Laura Ingraham. Hat Hair's KT thinks it's a Stunner that the Teamsters Union Donates to RNC. WJ, Powerful Union Breaks 20-Year Precedent and Donates to GOP in a Major Win for Trump. The Indians are off the reservation! Kurt Schlichter at TownHall, last heard a DeSantis fan says Donald Trump’s Chances of Winning Are Better Than Ever. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.23.24, BattleSwarm reports Trump Endorses More Texas House Candidates, From Twitchy, 'Take the L, Bro': 'Professor' Doubles Down After Community Notes Crushes His Attempt to Dunk on Trump.

At USA Today, 'Who is the real Nikki Haley?': South Carolina voters criticize mixed messages on racism, TNR, Nikki Haley Desperately Tries to Walk Back Comment on Alabama Embryo Ruling "As hospitals across Alabama pause IVF treatments, Nikki Haley is suddenly trying to claim she never said what she said." SC Sun, Haley Campaign, Super PAC Silent After Report That She is Targeting Democrats for Primary Votes. OTP finds Dem Challenger Dean Phillips Suggests Unity Ticket With Nikki Haley "Democratic presidential hopeful Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) admitted Thursday that he was open to the idea of running for the White House on a unity ticket with Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley." Almost a black hole of losers. Victory Girls take on Tulsi Gabbard For Donald Trump’s Veep – Pass. Capt. Ed, "Plus there was that whole Assad-apologist phase. That's entirely disqualifying in my mind. There are Republican women Trump could choose, including governors like Kristi Noem and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who would do more to project sound decision making now and in the future."

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.23.24, The Federalist Utah House Votes To Ditch Ranked-Choice Voting, Not Content To Topple Monuments, The Left Erects Anti-Monuments, Raffensperger Claims Georgia’s Voter Rolls Are ‘Cleanest’ In The Country. Here’s Why That’s Bunk, Congress Must Stop The Big Corporate Election Interference It Didn’t In 2020, Yes, Biden Has Worked Tirelessly To ‘Shame,’ ‘Silence,’ And ‘Demoralize’ Faithful Christians, and ‘Bidenbucks’ Stink Emanates From Leftist Group’s Voter Drive In Milwaukee Schools,  and Volokh Conspiracy: A Bad Week for Team Kraken in Court. ET, The Money Machine Behind Progressive Election Efforts "The left’s equivalent of the Koch network, Arabella Advisors, is a powerhouse distributor of mega money to progressive PACs and Democrat campaigns.

Richard Grenell@RichardGrenell "This would be election interference with US tax dollars….exactly what Biden originally did with Ukraine. Which legacy media outlet is going to look into this??!" Quote "BowTiedMara@BowTiedMara "They say that Blinken, US Secretary of State, PERSONALLY came to Buenos Aires to offer Milei a deal: To support Argentina economically and strategically in exchange for Milei not playing with Trump in this election year in the USA..."   

ET, Proposed New Congressional Map Puts New York Democrats in Uncharted Hot Water. "No one knows if supermajority Democrat Legislature will endorse independent House plan when it convenes on Feb. 26, but pressure is on to remap a deeper blue." Of course they'll try. At Da Fed Shawn Fleetwood finds Wyoming Is The Epicenter Of America’s Fake ‘Red State’ Problem and Tristan Justice hears Governor Of Nation’s Largest Coal State Leads Charge To ‘Decarbonize’ The West.

Debby Saunders at Am Spec, Special Counsel Indicts Hunter Biden — And Informant "The question is: Why now?" Nick Pope at Da Caller, Feds Rearrest Burisma Bribery Source Just Days After Judge First Released Him, just to prove they can. The NewsBusters notice Pro-Biden Networks Barely Touch James Biden Testimony, Except for Ridiculous Denials. At Da Wire, James Biden Claims President Was Not Involved In Family Business Dealings. From TownHall Guy Benson, Why the Democrats and Media Continue to Ignore Tony Bobulinski and His Evidence Against the Bidens. Politico has hopes the  Biden impeachment effort on the brink of collapse "A wide swath of House Republicans are acknowledging they likely won’t have the votes, especially given their struggle to recommend booting Alejandro Mayorkas." Capt. Ed, "This is probably true, but it may have been a secondary goal all along. At least, it should have been. The primary goal should have been to expose and dismantle the Biden Inc influence-peddling operation and force the DoJ to act against some of its constituent operators, especially Hunter."

PM reports  Illegal immigrant from Venezuela arrested for murder after nursing student found dead on UGA campus. Nick Ballasay at JTN, 'Every American should be scared to death' as Chinese nationalists at border hits high: Congressman, "'We've had mass waves of Chinese terrorists storming military installations with cameras. So look, it's a desperate threat,' says the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee." mrcTV reports Colombia, China Top List of Criminal Invaders' Country of Origin Along San Diego Sector.  Breitbart is afraid Biden’s Secret Border Deal with Mexico Could Leave Border Open for Years, also NY City Council Calls for Investigation into Mayor Eric Adams’ Plan to Hand Illegals $10K Pre-Paid Debit Cards. Send him more buses. ET, Biden Pleads With Governors to Persuade Republicans to Pass Border Deal. From PJM, Vicky Taft, What Can You Do If We're Invaded? You're Not the Only One Wondering and The Illegal Immigration Invasion Isn't Due to 'Incompetence.' It's the Plan. Ace, notes a Colorado Town Declares Itself a No-Sanctuary City. ""No room," they tell illegal aliens. But -- but -- the poem on the Statue of Liberty! Have you not read the F***ING POEM?!!?!" Da Caller, Report Suggests Biden Could Benefit If Fellow Liberals Sue Him To Stop Immigration Orders. At the Center Square, TX, 'Civil war' narrative is false, Texas officials, Border Patrol union say, "Federal border agents, Texas law enforcement share mutual respect despite conflicting missions." Capt. Ed says "No one who actually reports from the border had given any indication of a serious conflict between the various agencies. The policies conflict, but there are professional ways of handling those issues. I suspect the Border Patrol union appreciates the assistance and the tougher enforcement employed by the Texas agencies."

At Bloomies, Fed’s Barkin Says Inflation Data Show Persistent Price Pressures. Maybe it's because Americans Don’t Believe Joe Biden’s Data (Brownstone). Silvio Canto, Jr. at Am Think thinks Biden is 

In today's Biden grab bag, RedVoice reports Joe Biden Allowed His Dog To Attack The Secret Service 24X, Blamed The Agents?  Da Caller, Biden Allegedly Says Key To Marital Bliss Is ‘Good Sex,’ New Book Reveals. Da Mail, Biden, 81, says the key to his marriage is 'good sex': How Joe infuriates Jill, his wife of 47 years, with VERY risqué joke to staff about their private life (even though they aren't shy about PDA). Capt. Ed, "This isn't senility and it's not humor, either. Biden has always been creepy about bragging over his sexual prowess. Fifty years ago, Biden said this about his recently deceased first wife Neilia . . ." Insty:,
At Da Fed, Dave Harsanyi predicts The ‘Russia Collusion’ Reboot Is Going To Be Terrible. At Reason, The Justice Department Quietly Ends Reprosecution of Man Who Received Clemency From Trump. "Philip Esformes was sentenced for charges on which a jury hung. After receiving a commutation, the federal government vowed to try to put him back in prison." From Da Caller, Ninth Circuit Steps In After California Judge Drops Charges Against Alleged White Supremacist and New York Jury Finds NRA Officials Liable In Case Brought By Letitia James. Leave New York if you are able. Ace, The Corrupt Race-Hustling "Super Mayor" of Dolton, IL, Finally Being Investigated for Official Corruption, Such as Using Cops to Shut Down Businesses Unless They Donated to Her "Charity" "She has a criminal history and gang affiliations, and they voted for her anyway. And then this gangster bitch began looting the town's coffers, firing any cops who did not act as her personal Gangster Enforcers, and using the corrupt cops she hired to impose a Mafia-like street tax on legitimate, lawful businessmen. Who could have imagined a gangster whore would do such a thing?" Illinois Mayor Tiffany Henyard. Breitbart has a Report: Attacks on Churches Increased 800% in 6 Years. And that's just the FBI. mrcTV reports an 'Unhinged'   Trans Activist Gets Arrested After Crashing Virginia March for Life.  Brownstone claims The Administrative State is Destroying our Country and Capt. Ed agrees "Yes, and it's deliberate. Woodrow Wilson set us on this path, and FDR accelerated it. Congress has increasingly embraced it as a way to avoid tough votes on public policy and accountability for the results. We need a massive change in direction to return to constitutional self-governance, and it has to start in Congress."

Ace, Google's Gemini AI: I Can't Say Pedophilia is "Wrong." It's a "Nuanced" Question. "I want the FBI to investigate all of the suspected pedophiles coding this thing. Update: I had wanted to include this, but couldn't find it -- Gemini, please provide some images of Vikings." Breitbart notices Google Pauses Ultra-Woke Gemini AI Image Generator Following ‘Inaccuracies’ in Historical Photos. At NRO cites at Hat Hair, Google’s Gemini: The Suffocating Future of Woke A.I. Capt. Ed, "It certainly succeeded in shaping our understanding of Google's world."  At Da Wire, Founder Of Google’s ‘AI Responsibility’ Initiative Discussed Treating Minority Employees Differently, Has Pushed ‘Anti-Racism,’ Matt Walsh Reveals. Althouse, "I’m glad that Google overplayed their hand with their AI image generation, as it made their insane racist, anti-civilizational programming clear to all." "Tweeted Elon Musk... and I didn't understand that and was about to Google for an answer before noticing the irony, so I decided to blog about it, here on my Google-owned blogging platform." Dave Strom, Election Rigging? Bias in Google News Off the Charts

Da Caller, ‘Libs Of TikTok’ Claims Stripe Disabled Its Account And Froze Its Funds In Alleged Sabotage. At NYPo, NYC’s lunatic lawsuit against social media could drive millions of tax dollars away. Larry Elder at TownHall says Hey, Elon Musk, You May Have A 'Deep State' Problem. Da Wire, Blogger Who Allegedly Hacked Fox News Arrested On 14 Federal Charges. Nick Arama at RedState, Liberal Journalist Hit With 14-Count Indictment After Investigation Into 'Leaked' Tucker Carlson Footage. From Twitchy, Lady, Just Take the L! POLITICO Journo Who Trashed Christians and Rights on MSNBC Doubles DOWN (Watch). Hollywood in Toto hears Drs. Phil, Drew Skewer Rampant Media Corruption. Ace, CBS "News" Fired Catherine Herridge As She Was Pursuing Stories About Joe Biden's Decrepitude -- And Then Seized Her Notes, Including the Names of Her Confidential Administration Sources "Why don't you trust the media, bigot? Jonathan Turley wrote of the suspicious timing of the firing:"

Chris Rufo at CJ still on the job as Harvard’s Plagiarism Problem Multiplies "Another administrator at the Ivy League university appears to have plagiarized her dissertation." It's no fair, you cheated and actually read the damn thing. They aren't really made for that! Hat Hair's John Sexton thinks After Months of Punishing News, Harvard Is Ready to Back Away from Politics. Watch out, it's probably a head fake. PJM's Stephen Kruiser says I'll Vote for Anyone Who Promises to Nuke the Dept. of Education.

PJM's Kevin Downey reports on Women's Rights! New York County First to Ban Boys From Girls' Sports. Hat Hair's KT calls it A First: Nassau County Bans Men From Competing in Women's Sports. Da Blaze reports LGBT activists rage over proposed Kentucky bill that would improve protections for religious liberty. NewsMax notes a Calif. Judge Upholds District's Trans Policy, CRT Ban. Capt. Ed says "That's a promising development. But hold off on the champagne until it gets through the state appeals courts." But any sign of rationality in California is welcome. Tyler O'Neal at Da Wire, Transgender Efforts to Silence Biological Truth Reach the State Department. Insty, TO BE FAIR, THAT’S PRETTY MUCH WHAT THE RULING CLASS ACTUALLY THINKS:
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