Sunday, February 18, 2024

Beach Report 2/18/24

It was a nice blue sky day, at least looking north, about 40 F, and breezy at home, but still at the beach, thanks to a SW direction that left the beach in the lee.
I was kind of on the high side of the tide, which was dropping, but because it was so calm, I was able to easily wade around the rocks at Calvert, the cliff at Matoaka, and the boulders above Matoaka, up to the beach above.
It was cold last night, lower 20's, and you could see the results in the cliffs. The cliffs were also shedding material as they thawed, although I never saw any big chunks fall. I walked as far out as possible just to be sure.

I managed 18 teeth including a Fragodile (fragment of a crocodile tooth), a couple of sting ray barb, a ray plate, and the daily crab claw. Nothing worthy of a photo though.
A murder of crows waited back at the jetty.

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