Sunday, February 11, 2024

Flotsam and Jetsam - Superb Owl Sunday Edition

Of course, the report from Special Counsel Robert Hur, in which he allowed that Biden should probably be charged under the espionage act for taking and improperly handling secrets, except that he is a feeble, forgetful old man with a gracious mien who would be rapidly acquitted by the typical Democrat biased Washington D.C. jury is still dominating the conversation. At Da Fed, Dave Harsanyi says Either Biden Is An ‘Elderly Man With A Poor Memory,’ Or He Needs To Be Charged. Pick One. Hear, hear! Anxious anxiously goes Inside the White House's fight to defend Biden's fitness. "Biden advisers argue that Hur's decision to offer a damning personal assessment of the president deviated from Department of Justice standards. Some legal experts, however, contended that Hur detailed Biden's memory lapses to explain why he didn't charge the president for mishandling classified documents." KT at Hat Hair hears the new White House strategy is Blame Garland, Gaslight Trump, Wear More Makeup and Use Better Lighting. "It's too late for all of that. The cat is out of the bag. We see Biden with our own eyes." At OTP, Biden Fumes Over AG’s Role In Special Counsel Report, Investigation Of Hunter "Biden Fumes Over AG's Role In Special Counsel Report, Investigation Of Hunter." Jonathan Turley “That is Not the Judgment of the Press”: The White House Calls the Media to Heel With Disinformation Campaign, "What was striking, however, was the degree to which President Biden and his staff spent this week putting out clearly false statements.  In an administration that has pushed for the censorship of citizens accused of disinformation, misinformation, and malinformation, the President openly lied about his conduct and the report." Politico, Dems plead with Biden to do more, not less, media as doubts grow about his capacity for the job. Yeah, tell more lies more often! At WaEx, Kamala Harris challenges Robert Hur’s integrity in ‘politically motivated’ Biden report. Mike LaChance at LI, Democrats and Media Viciously Attacking Special Counsel Robert Hur For Describing Biden as ‘Elderly Man With Poor Memory’. "Kamala Harris: “what I saw [in] that report last night, I believe, as a former prosecutor, the comments that were made by that prosecutor [were] gratuitous, inaccurate and inappropriate." At Red State, Nick Arama thinks Jill Biden's Statement on the Hur Report Is a Shameless One for the Books by Mentioning Beau. I would expect nothing less. Also, Biden's Interview With Hur's Team Raises Questions That Could Come Back to Haunt Him. At Da Fed, Margot Cleveland informs us Democrats Spun Biden’s Classified Docs As ‘Six Items,’ But Special Counsel Report Reveals It Was 300-Plus

From Fox, David Axelrod warns Biden presser 'reinforces the meme' that the president is too old: 'Can't unring the bell'. "Axelrod noted, 'the most damaging things that can happen in politics [is] there are things that reinforce a meme that’s out there that is hurting you.'" Jeff Charles at RedState thinks Rachel Maddow Offers One of the Weakest Ever Defenses of Joe Biden's Fitness for Office. PM Rachel Maddow says Biden is definitely mentally fit for office—'he rides a bike!' And like a five year old, he only falls over once in a while. Mike Miller at RedState hears Speaker Johnson, Top Republicans Call for Biden's Resignation Following Release of Damning Hur Report. It should happen, but it won't. \

Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw explores So Just How Bad Was That Biden Classified Docs Report? At WaEx Paul Bedard concludes Biden repeatedly shows he’s losing it and Naomi Lim thinks Biden’s physical takes on renewed importance after Hur revelations. Althouse reads the  NYT "Mr. Biden’s voice has grown softer and raspier, his hair thinner and whiter. He is tall and trim but moves more tentatively..." "... than he did as a candidate in 2019 and 2020, often holding his upper body stiff, adding to an impression of frailty.... Mr. Trump, by contrast, does not appear to be suffering the effects of time in such visible ways." At Breitbart, 9 in 10 Americans Have Concerns About Biden’s Physical, Mental Health. PJM's Rabbi Barclay looks in Biden's eyes and wonders Has Joe Biden Become Possessed, Or Is He Just High as a Kite?

In looking at Biden’s eyes, his pupils are severely dilated. While he still has crystal blue eyes much of the time in candid photos, the pupils are so dilated in his speeches that they look black. Discounting the idea of him being possessed by a demon, there are only a few things that could cause that physiological reaction, the simplest being a reaction to a dark room. Given the bright lights, this is obviously not the cause. LSD, heroin, and cocaine also can cause dilated pupils, but again it is probably a safe assumption that Biden is not dropping acid prior to speaking publicly.

The other causes are related to dementia, and specifically to Alzheimer’s. The National Institute of Health has identified that pupil dilation while under cognitive stress is a marker for Alzheimer’s. Additionally, the most common drugs used to treat Alzheimer’s also create dilation of the pupils, whether they are anti-psychotics or other typical medications such as Rivastigmine.

From Da Signal, How Can Americans Rid Themselves of a Potentially Senile President? Looking at 4 Options

Insty sees THE POLITICO CONTINUES IN LATE-PERIOD SOVIET MODE: "Dems plead with Biden to do more, not less, media as doubts grow about his capacity for the job." At NYPo, The Biden bubble: How first lady Jill and staff ‘protect’ Joe from White House press. Tim Graham says Biden Must Be Hidden From an Apathetic Press.

At RedState Ward Clarke has reassuring thoughts Will Dems Swap Michelle Obama for Joe Biden? No Way. Jazz Shaw revisits The Democrats' Kamala Harris Problem. I have no doubt that if push comes to shove, Democrats will hold her to be the best thing since Abe Lincoln (a Republican). Eva Villalovas at WaEx looks at A short list of who could replace Biden if voters decide he can’t remember how to lead: Next woman up. From Reason, Third Party Candidates Widening Trump's Lead Over Biden. From Da Caller, Battleground State Dem Sounds Alarm Over Losing Crucial Voting Bloc To GOP. At LI Stacy Matthews sees Team Biden Turning Against Israel To Win Michigan “I’m of the view, as you know, that the conduct of the response in Gaza — in the Gaza Strip has been over the top.” — President Joe Biden." ET, Here’s Why the Senate Border Security Bill Was ‘Dead on Arrival’

PJM, Trump Wins Nevada Caucus, USVI Primary. Ben Whedon at JTN reports Trump leads by wide margins in every major Super Tuesday state. Joel Kotkin at Spiked says Unhinged progressives are a gift to Trump. "The woke zealotry of the Biden administration is turning vast numbers of Americans into reluctant Trumpers." OTP, Stefanik Makes Case For VP, ‘Wouldn’t Have Done What Mike Pence Did’. Althouse catches the NYT dissing the Trump's prospective VP candidates, All the women Trump might pick for VP fit "the demeaning gendered stereotypes Trump basks in... TNP thinks Nikki Haley Doesn’t Care If She Helps Democrats Hold the White House. OTP hears Conservative Elders Try To Muscle Haley Out Of Race, Clear The Path For Trump, PM, Michelle Obama surges, now ahead of Nikki Haley in 2024 presidential betting averages as Biden mental decline worries grow

OTP, Democrats Hits RJK Jr. With FEC Complaint Over Fearing Loss Of Biden Votes and Secret Service Orders ‘No Response’ To RFK Jr.’s Plea For Protection: Judicial Watch Scoop. Debby Saunders at Am Spec, Could RFK’s Border Spotlight Spare America From 2020 Retreads? "He could draw voters from both major parties in the fall election. 

OTP, GOP Rep Will Resign; Abandoned By State Party After Not Voting To Impeach Mayorkas. Da Caller, Latest Poll Spells Trouble For GOP’s Chances At Winning Swing-District Special Election. Twitchy smiles as Utah Democrats Perform Olympic Medal-Worthy Faceplant Trying to Dunk On Governor Spencer Cox

At Am Spec, Steve Greenhut, say Forcing Americans to Vote Turns Democracy Into a Farce "Washington senators advance a bill that would making submitting a ballot mandatory." I&I wonders Why Is The Left Suddenly Talking About A ‘Coup’ At The Ballot Box? At Da Fed Shawn Fleetwood, Exclusive: See The Grave Markers Of Long-Dead Residents Listed On Michigan’s Voter Rolls and MD Kittle, Indiana Police Investigate Apparent Election Fraud In County With History Of Democrat Ballot Crimes. Blaze explains why Trump likely won the 2020 election after all

MD Kittle again, States Dumping Trump From Ballots Would Spell Disaster For The Republic, And SCOTUS Knows It. The Victory Girls hear CO Sec Of State tell  SCOTUS Must Rule Trump IS An Insurrectionist  At Twitchy, Col. Sec. of State Denounces SCOTUS’ Disqualification Oral Argument (and a Deep Dive Into the Argument). NYSun, Jack Smith, in Startling Move, Denounces Judge in Documents Case as ‘Wrong’ and a Perpetrator of ‘Manifest Injustice’. "It turns out President Trump isn’t the only one who can unleash a tirade against a judge. Could Smith’s next move be a motion for Cannon to recuse herself?" The redoubtable Julie Kelly on X, Julie Kelly 🇺🇸@julie_kelly2, "Yesterday, a woman from Texas was sentenced to 37 months in prison for making death threats against Judge Aileen Cannon. Democrats, the corporate media, and "legal experts" are now piling on Cannon for refusing to comply with Jack Smith's demands. They are endangering her life." OTP, Trump Ramps Up Rhetoric On ‘Fascist’ Dems, Admits Indictments ‘Helped The Polls’ "Trump Ramps Up The Rhetoric, But Admits Indictments Have 'Helped The Polls'" Steve Calabreisi at the Volokh Conspiracy says Donald Trump is the Victim of Selective Prosecution.

Capt. Ed at Hat Hair, Merchant: Fani Willis Lied to the Court -- And We Have a Witness. At Twitchy, Sounds Like Perjury: New Details Emerge About Fani Willis as She Attempts to Ignore Subpoena. ET, Trump Co-defendant Says Nathan Wade Associate Will Refute Timeline of Fani Willis Relationship. Fox 5 Atlanta, Whistleblowers in Fulton County DA Fani Willis' office reportedly eager to testifyHans Mahncke@HansMahncke "This is wild. Fani Willis allegedly gave access to Michael Isikoff (yes, *that* Michael Isikoff, the Russiagate hoaxer) of all things to do with her Trump investigation, including "exclusive access to thousands of secret documents, emails, text messages, and audio recordings"."

OTP, Treasury Confirms Using ‘MAGA,’ Other Terms To Surveil Financial Transactions "Treasury Confirms Using 'MAGA,' Other Terms To Surveil Financial Transactions." FEE, The FBI's Lawless Raid on U.S. Private Vaults Shows Why the Founders Created the Fourth Amendment. "The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the bureau violated the constitutional rights of safe-deposit box holders whose property was seized without probable cause, something the warrant explicitly prohibited." TN Star, Michael Patrick Leahy on J6 Defendant Reporting to Memphis Prison: ‘What Kind of Safety Is Stewart Parks Going to Have There?’ Tristan Justice at Da Fed Wonders Did ABC Showrunners From The J6 Committee Produce The PBS ‘Frontline’ Propaganda Too?. At Da Wire, Pro-Life Leaders Urge Republican Leadership To Repeal FACE Act After Conviction Of Peaceful Pro-Lifers. Beege Welborn at Hat Hair sees 'Free Speech' Free Zone: Disreputable D.C. Jury Pool Mann Handles Mark Steyn

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