Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Get Paid to Go Fishing!

Blue Catfish
Just not very much. MD DNR, Maryland Department of Natural Resources Offers Grants for Invasive Fish Removal
The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is now accepting applications for invasive fish control grants of up to $5,000. This grant program seeks to support effective ways to remove invasive fish, particularly blue catfish and Northern snakeheads, from Maryland waters and identify sustained beneficial uses of caught fish. The application deadline is April 15, 2024, and awards will be announced in early May.


“It’s imperative to remove more blue catfish and Northern snakeheads from Maryland waters to protect our ecosystem,” said Branson Williams, Maryland DNR’s invasive fishes program
manager. “These funds will support grantees with innovative ideas for successfully taking invasive species out of the water and finding constructive uses for them.”

Blue catfish and Northern snakehead pose significant threats to ecologically and economically important native species in Maryland. Proposals from community-based programs and individuals should address how their initiative will remove invasive fish for beneficial purposes and have a long-lasting impact on invasive fish control.



Interested parties can apply online through the proposal solicitation form. Projects may start July 1, 2024, and last a single or multiple days. Projects will take place with oversight by the department and should be completed by June 30, 2025. Information on invasive fishes is available on the DNR website, and applicants can direct questions about the program to Branson Williams of Maryland DNR at

$5,000 isn't going to support a serious fishing effort, but it might help pay for a local fishing derby aimed at catching and removing the fish. Maybe start a girls catfish noodling league. 

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