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Flotsam and Jetsam - Is The Report on Biden's Stolen Classified Documents About to Fall?

Matt Margolis at PJM notes Biden’s Team Is Worried About Special Counsel’s Report on His Mishandling of Classified Docs. "Back in November we learned that special counsel Robert Hur was expected to not pursue charges against Joe Biden for mishandling of classified documents. However, Biden's team is still really nervous about Hur's forthcoming report, which could come this week, because, according to a report from Axios, "they believe Hur's report will include embarrassing details — possibly with photos — on how Biden stored documents.""

CJ calls it A Border Crisis By Design "It is unequivocally the intended result of Biden administration policy." At Breitbart, Mayorkas Doubles Down, Says ‘We Need’ More Migrants Amid Border Debate, Impeachment Fight. News Week explores How Much Do Illegal Immigrants Cost the U.S.? $150 Billion (with a "b") is all. Breitbart again, with a Report: Washington State Used $340M of Federal Coronavirus Money for Illegal Immigrants. Insty at his substack, heavily cited at Hat Hair, Biden and the Border: Are We Approaching a Civil War? Milt Harris at PJM, Biden's Immigration Plan Goes Down the Drain as Migrants Use Storm Sewer System. Bill Manning at Am Think thinks Open Borders are Biden’s Pandora’s Box. Debra J. Saunders on GOP Impeachment Stunts and Bad Biden Border Policy. From Da Wire, Hundreds Rally In Texas After ‘Take Our Borders Back’ Convoy Reaches Border. Hat Hair, Sen Mike Lee Saying Border Deal Still a Big Secret. It's now been released and Matt Vespa at Town Hall explains how The Senate Border Deal Is a Horror Show. Sean Davis@seanmdav "This abomination of a bill legalizes the invasion of 2 million illegals every year, pays for their lawyers, and gives Ukraine another $60 billion. Your government hates you and wants to replace you, but until that happens, it’s going to steal every last dime from you it can." 'Bonchie' at RedState says The 'Border Security' Deal Is Utter Trash, but There's One Provision That Is Just Infuriating. "As bad as everything I've just noted is, none of it even matters. Why? Because this bill gives President Joe Biden sole authority to override all the emergency provisions that supposedly kick in after 5,000 illegal entries. In other words, as laughably high as that threshold is, it's not even enforceable." Matt Boose at Am Great, Biden Wants To Fix The Border? He Can Pound Sand. "Another term for Biden would be a disaster for the border that would more than consume whatever marginal improvements are contained in the “border bill.”"

NewsMax reports a Stunning NBC Poll: Biden Presidency 'in Peril, Declined on Every Measure.'  The Peacock whines about the Poll: 20-point deficit on handling economy highlights Biden’s struggles against Trump "The president’s approval rating has fallen to a new low in NBC News polling, as Trump narrowly leads in a 2024 general election matchup." At Breitbart, Joe Biden Holds Lowest January Approval Rating in Election Year in History of All Modern Presidents. OTP, Dem Pollster Warns Against A Biden War ‘People Have Said They Don’t Want’ Politico has 6 big questions about the Middle East strikes. I expect the Hamas caucus in the press to start reporting on civilian casualties any time now. ET has 5 Takeaways From the South Carolina Democratic Primary. 4% turnout. 

Also from Politico, Forget No Labels. Biden’s Third-Party Peril is on the Left. "Young Democrats find U.S. support for Netanyahu’s war effort is untenable, potentially costing the president millions of liberal votes." Mark Lewis at TownHall is not the first to wonder Will the Dems Dump Biden?  J.B. Shurk at Am Think wonders Can Unhappy Americans Unite against Their Tormentors?  Haty Hair's KT is disappointed that  Joe Biden Takes a Pass on CBS Super Bowl Interview. Why? Just WATCH: Joe Biden's Senior Moment of the Week (Vol. 79) at the Free Bacon. "'I know I don't look like I'm 40'". The Great Victor Davis Hanson at Am Great wonders Is Biden Malicious, Incompetent, or Conniving? "Things are so strange, so surreal, so nihilistic in contemporary America that the chaos can only be deliberate. Chance, incompetence, and accident could not alone explain the series of disasters." All three. 

At NewsBusters OUT OF TOUCH: Biden’s Economic Record = ‘Formidable,’ GOP Border Policy = ‘Painful’ as The ‘Bidenomics Worked’ Sham Kicks Into High Gear For 2024 (I&I). Truth About Cars, Survey Shows Auto Dealers Still Annoyed With Biden EV Strategy. Lloyd Billingsley at Am Spec on Biden, Buttigieg, and Bullet Trains "Both pols are on board a boondoggle for the ages."

From Da Caller, Department Of Education Rule To Enshrine Protections For ‘Gender Identity’ Heads To White House. Clarice at Am Think thinks The Democrats Create an Alice in the Looking Glass World

At Hat Hair, NBC News Poll Swinging Trump's Way For Now. From Breitbart, NBC Poll — Trump Opens 2024 as Frontrunner Against Biden. At Am Think Brian Joondeph thinks it's Trump or Bust. 'Fraid so. HE, Only Trump can fix the Republican party and the country. No, that can't be true. At TNP, Rapper 50 Cent Suggests ‘Trump is the Answer’ In Reaction to NYC’s Migrant Madness. We'll take what help we can.  OTH, at Front Page, Mark Tapson worries about  Taylor! "I'm finally addressing the cultural - and political - phenomenon known as Taylor Swift." At Hat Hair, Wow This Anti-Trump Ad Is a Piece of Work. RedState's Nick Arama reports Trump Teases a Couple of Names When Asked About VP, Decimates Biden and Newsom, Scott and Noem. Da Caller takes note of how Donald Trump Reveals ‘One Thing’ Required Of His VP. Ability to be Preznit. Anxious is anxious that Trump floats ousting RNC chair after brutal 2023. Natalia Mittelstadt at reports JTN, GOP members criticize RNC's Ronna McDaniel for spending, weak grassroots work for 2024 "“Now going into 2024, with the worst-ever financial situation, what's the solution for winning?" Ace, The RNC: Meet The New Boss...Same As The Old Boss. At WaEx, Trump-backed Ohio Senate candidate once called former president a ‘fake Republican’. John Kass asks What Would We Do Without Democrats?

So Nikki Haley went on SNL and Matt Vespa claims With That Embarrassing Move, Nikki Haley Has to Know She's Finished. Hat Hair's KT notes Nikki Haley's Cameo on Saturday Night Live Produced Spicy Liberal Outrage. SLAY! reports Nikki Haley Refuses to Drop Out of GOP Primary, Insists She’s ‘in This for the Long Haul.’ At OTP, Haley Walks Back Comment Texas Can Secede From US, Amid Border Crisis  Nick Arama again sees Bill Maher Crush Sununu's Dreams and Drags Him Into Reality Regarding Nikki Haley, the GOP Primary. From NewsBusters, Tim Scott Fires Back as Media Smear Black Conservatives as 'Grifters' Ahead of Election. Leah Barkoukis at TownHall with a Report: Here's How McCarthy Is Seeking Revenge for His Ouster. Raising money (which he's good at) to primary his enemies. 

Atop Da Hill, Democratic and Republican elites fear RFK Jr.’s growing path to victory. Really? They must be seeing monsters under the bed.

From Da Caller, Arizona Election Law May Enable Non-Citizens To Vote In 2024 Presidential Election, Experts WarnDaily Caller’s ‘Rigged’ Reveals Single Most Important Thing GOP Can Do To Stop Dems From Stealing Elections and The Libs’ Ludicrous ‘Voter Suppression’ Lie Is Really About Something Much Darker. ET reports Federal Judge Rejects Challenge to Mail-in Ballots in North Dakota. "A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit challenging North Dakota’s mail-in ballot law that allows ballots to be counted for days after Election Day." At Breitbart, JD Vance says ‘Congress Should Have Fought Over’ Multiple Slates of Electors in 2020. John Green at Am Think worries Will 2024 Be the Most Dangerous Election of Our Lifetime?

 Da Caller cites Jonathan Turley who Predicts What The Supreme Court Will Focus On In Trump Ballot Case: ‘Very Tough Questions’ "“It’s more likely to look at this ‘self-executing’ question. Because remember, Chief Justice Roberts feels the burden of being chief justice, he’s going to want to eke out as large a majority, if not unanimity, on this question." WaEx takes note Trump is one step closer to delaying Jan. 6 case until after the election. Dwight Sutherland at Am Great says Welcome to Islamabad! "The shame and notoriety at this moment lie not with Imran Khan and Trump but with their countries’ Deep States, which engineered their prosecutions." Mia Cathell at TownHall hears Whistleblower Tears Fani Willis a New One  "Timpson told Willis she was punitively demoted after attempting to stop a top Willis campaign aide from misusing federal grant money meant for Fulton County's creation of a youth advocacy center." Breitbart, MTG Demands Fani Willis Resign: ‘She’s Having Sex’ with Her Prosecutor. Althouse is amused "I, thank God, had no idea what that meant, so I said to him, 'What are you talking about? I’m coming back on Wednesday.' Literally, it was an honest answer. I had no idea what he’s talking about." "Said E. Jean Carroll's lawyer, Roberta Kaplan, reflecting on Trump's saying "See you next Tuesday." Quoted in "E Jean Carroll lawyer says Trump used coded version of C-word against her/Roberta Kaplan says ex-president directed ‘See you next Tuesday’ remark at her after deposition in unrelated case at Mar-a-Lago" (The Guardian). According to Wikipedia: See you next Tuesday (C U next Tuesday) is a common euphemistic backronym for the word "cunt"......" Well, I didn't know that, but I do now. 

SA McCarthy at Am Spec calls the FBI Discredited: Senators Question FBI on Anti-Catholic Richmond Memo. "The FBI is facing a crisis of credibility, actively undermining its own authority and its reputation." Roger Kimball at Am Great worries about Democracy in Decline: The Subversion of Rule of Law. "There are many signs and portents that signal the guttering of the rule of law and its replacement: rule by law. It is an autumnal sign—a sign of civilization at the end of its tether." At OTP, ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Suspected In Fire That Damaged Offices Of 3 Conservative Groups. Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw hears a Teen 'Serial Swatter' Arrested. "It’s not hard to imagine why they were particularly motivated to find Filion. The explanation is right in the first sentence of the linked report. It wasn’t because he was targeting schools or a mosque. He was swatting “the homes of FBI agents.” He also called in a bomb threat to the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division in West Virginia. Swatters can probably target you or me without too much to worry about. But when someone goes after the Bureau’s own agents, they are all over the case like flies on roadkill." At Am Think Bob Kinney considers the question How Much Government ‘Bio-Surveillance’ Is Okay?  

Charlotte Hazzard at JTN hosts Campus Reform Editor-in-Chief predicting the end of DEI in schools due to 'blatant antisemitism' ""I do think we're finally seeing DEI and the unaccountable left finally start to lose their power in higher ed," Zachary Marschall said." I think that's overoptimistic. Vicky Taft at PJM claims Haters Hosting After School Satan Clubs Say They Aren't About Satan. Don't You Believe It. Laura Hollis at Front Page writes Christians Are Not the Enemy. "But, in America, they are increasingly treated as enemies of the state." Hat Hair's Beege Welborn, If You're Going to Woke Virtue Signal, At Least Hit the Right...Target

Cathy Salgado at PJM reports on the outrageous case where a Dad Loses Custody for Refusing to ‘Trans’ Son. At mrcTV, 'Pure Evil': 11-Year-Old Cries In Pain While Getting Puberty Blockers.  George Perry at Da Fed How Lia Thomas And A Small Cabal Of Lawyers Are Waging Lawfare Across Women’s Sports. Two from HE, Female pool player turns down pro contract due to trans inclusion in women's league and It's time for women athletes, and the fans who love them, to boycott any competitive sport that allows men into female contests, From Althouse, a wonder full video, An excellent teaching demonstration, but who is this man? He's so relaxed and on point, that I suspect it's scripted.

The Wombat has FMJRA 2.0: The Giant Wombats of Gor ready and waiting at The Other McCain.

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