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Flotsam and Jetsam - Special Counsel Calls Biden Too Far Gone to Try, Trump Gets His Day In Court

Two things of great note happened yesterday. First, the Supreme Court heard arguments regarding the disqualification of Trump on the Colorado primary ballot by the Colorado Secretary of State. Although, of course no ruling has been issued yet, the questions indicated even the reliably liberal justices were taking a very dim view of Colorado's arguments. I certainly expect rejection of the claim, but this gives me some hope it will be a unanimous or near unanimous decision, squashing this movement once and for all. 

Second, of even more import, Special Council Hur released his report on the findings of his inquiry into the secret documents that then Sen. and Vice President Biden took away from his offices, to his home and various other insecure locations,  Hur concluded that Biden knowingly and willfully took the secret documents and showed them to others who did not have contravention of the law, but that, even setting aside long standing DOJ policy that a sitting President should not be charged, Biden should not be prosecuted because he gives the appearance of being a frail old man with memory issues, and would likely be acquitted by a compassionate jury. It was not, of course, mentioned that this would be a DC area jury with a strong Democrat bias. Biden held a press conference in the evening, bragging of his being cleared, and which largely succeeded in reinforcing those findings. I don't see how DOJ can continue to pursue charges against Trump after this finding, but I'm sure they will.

Taking the latter first. NBC crows, Biden won’t be charged in classified docs case; special counsel cites instances of ‘poor memory’ "The decision caps off a yearlong saga and means Donald Trump remains the only president in history to face criminal charges." Capt. Ed at Hat Hair comments "As I noted last night, DoJ doctrine would prevent Hur from indicting Biden even if he had evidence of crimes beyond a reasonable doubt. But this passage would indicate that Biden has admitted to having competence issues profound enough that it should prevent him from having any position of responsibility -- if it precludes criminal responsibility. Right?" Jake Sherman@JakeSherman "The special counsel report says that Biden did not remember “even within several years” when his son beau biden died." Capt. Ed, "As I commented on Twitter, HFS. We are in 25th Amendment territory with these admissions." Hat Hair's KT, Joe Biden Used the Old Man With Poor Memory Defense to Special Counsel. Nick Arama at Red State, Even Without Recommending Criminal Charges, What the Hur Report Says About Joe Biden Is Devastating. Matt Margolis, DOJ Concludes Biden Is Too Senile to Face Charges of Mishandling Classified Documents. The Free Bacon Biden Can’t Remember When He Was Vice President Or When His Son Died: DOJ.  VodkaPundit at PJM, Special Counsel Finds Biden Is Too Damn Old to Be Charged in Classified Docs Scandal. NewsMax, Biden's Memory 'Hazy' and 'Poor': Report Raising Questions About His Age. Ace has a field day, SILVER ALERT: SPECIAL COUNSEL REPORTS THAT BIDEN CANNOT REMEMBER WHAT YEARS HE WAS VICE PRESIDENT, OR EVEN WHAT APPROXIMATE, BALLPARK YEAR BEAU BIDEN DIED "He literally talks about Beau Biden three times a week," the trade mark red italics and flaming skull, DOJ Defends Decision to Prosecute Trump for Missing Document, While Excusing Biden: It's Hard to Win a Conviction Against an "Elderly Man With a POOR MEMORY" JOE BIDEN PLEADS SENILITY AS A DEFENSE, "For real. I'm not just making it up. Well, I made up that he "pled senility." But that's exactly what he did!" Special Counsel: Biden Shared Classified National Security Information With Someone Not Permitted to Receive It, But That's Okay, Because Biden Has "DIMINISHED FACULTIES," "Wow," and Biden's Ghostwriter, To Whom Biden Divulged National Security Secrets, DELETED HIS RECORDINGS OF BIDEN AS SOON AS THE SPECIAL COUNSEL WAS APPOINTED, "The man Biden divulged national security secrets do is Zwonitzer. He was mentioned in the last post. The Special Counsel said that Biden couldn't be prosecuted for revealing national security secrets to a complete civilian with no clearance to receive them because of Biden's "diminished faculties." Sounds like obstruction of justice to me. The Great Victor Davis Hanson on X Victor Davis Hanson @VDHanson "Biden is Too Demented to Be Found Guilty of Crimes, But Not Too Demented to Be President?". So, who is really running the White House? American Conservative, Special Counsel Says Biden is too Senile to Prosecute. Insty: I REMEMBER WHEN THE BABYLON BEE WAS A SATIRE SITE, NOT STRAIGHT NEWS:

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.07.24 Twitchy: Dean Phillips Shames All Of Us For Pretending Biden Is OK. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.08.24, Louder With Crowder, Joe Biden saw dead people for second time this month, claims he had conversation with German Chancellor four years after his death, At Twitchy,  Holy CRAP! Biden's Attempt to Clean Up After the Special Counsel Report Made Things WAY Worse, Legal Insurrection, ‘Uncle Leo Defense’ Works For Biden in Special Counsel Report, Power Line, Hur’s report: Biden ready for Memory Care, Victory Girls, Biden’s Seeing Dead People Isn’t Funny, It’s Dangerous, The Federalist: In Presser Insisting He’s Mentally Fit, Biden Says Mexico’s President Is Calling Shots In Gaza.

At PJM, Biden's Unannounced Nighttime Speech an Absolute DISASTER.  NYPo reports an Enraged Biden lashes out at reporters, special counsel after scathing classified docs report: ‘I know what the hell I’m doing!’ Tyler O'Neal at Da Signal, sees more ‘DIMINISHED FACULTIES’: Biden Mixes Up Mexico and Egypt in News Conference After Report Questions His Mental State. NewsMax, Biden Lashes Out Over Criticism of Failing Memory. Da Caller, Biden Throws Staff Under The Bus, Lashes Out At Reporters In Rare Press Conference After Special Counsel Report. Althouse disagrees in The "elderly man with a poor memory" holds a press conference to demonstrate that he is not "an elderly man with a poor memory," "I don't agree that Biden seems "angry and incoherent." When I watched a partial clip last night, I had the impression that "[i]t did not go well," but sitting through the whole thing now, I'd say it's not that bad. It's typical Biden."

NewsMax, House GOP: Biden 'Unfit' for WH If Mental State Impaired and Comer: Biden Faces No Consequences for His Actions. Anxious anxiously goes with the cliché Trump, Haley seize on Biden special counsel report. At least they didn't pounce. Capt. Ed looks at Phil Klein at NRO's  Special Counsel Account of Biden’s Mental Decline Is Frightening and says  Shame on Those Pushing Biden Into Another Election "We have seen how Biden has declined cognitively over the last three years, and now Hur's report suggests the decline was already under way in 2017. The people who put Biden in position to take on a job for which he clearly lacks the capability should be charged with abuse of the elderly; at the very least, they should be shamed out of the political industry." Cindy Adams at NYPo, Michelle Obama may have notified people in ‘22 of her White House ambition: ‘I plan to run’

NYPo thinks Joe Biden’s mental decline cannot be ignored. Matt Margolis at PJM wants you to WATCH: Biden's Latest Brain-Break Moment During a Press Conference and  Wow, Did CNN Finally Admit Something Huge About Joe Biden?  John Hasson@SonofHas, "Feb 3: Biden turns down Super Bowl interview Feb 5: Biden claims he recently met a dead French prime minister Today: Biden claims he met a dead German Prime Minister." The Free Bacon, The White House Says Biden's Travel Schedule Is 'Aggressive.' Here's What He's Actually Doing. Hat Hair's Jazz Shaw on The Reality Behind Biden's 'Aggressive' Travel Schedule.  PJM's Stephen Kruiser wonders Maybe Karine Jean-Pierre Is Too Stupid to Know That Biden's Lost It

From Fox, Hunter Biden was paid $100K through joint-venture with Chinese energy firm, ex-associate testified "Mervyn Yan, though, said he did not know the nature of the work or value Hunter Biden brought to the venture." Steve Richards at JTN, Impeachment witness says no record of work, loan to James Biden before payment to brother "Undocumented loans from failed health company Americore to James Biden came under scrutiny by the House Oversight Committee after it discovered he used some of the funds to repay a $200,000 "loan" from Joe Biden."

Now onto the Supreme Court. PJM's Vicky Taft, SCOTUS Tees Up Colorado Case Kicking Trump Off the Ballot. Look for a Surprise. HE says The Supreme Court must end the Democrats’ anti-democratic lawfare. Nick Arama at RedState would like you to Listen to Justice Jackson's Questioning About Whether the Officer Provision Even Applies to Trump. A triple at Althouse, "Thursday’s case arose from a December ruling from the Colorado Supreme Court disqualifying Mr. Trump from the state’s Republican primary ballot..."  "And I believe that both Kagan and Jackson were concerned about letting the states decide this matter of such great national interest. Sotomayor wasn't strong on the other side. After the beginning, she was quiet for a long time, then spoke up and sounded, I'm sorry to say, lost," "Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. asked a series of questions reflecting what seemed to be an emerging consensus..." ""... that the 14th Amendment was not meant to permit states to determine whether a candidate was an ineligible insurrectionist," and "I think that the question that you have to confront is why a single state should decide who gets to be President of the United States," "Said Justice Elena Kagan in today's oral argument in Trump v. Anderson (transcript here)." Capt. Ed, Colorado Had a Bad Day at SCOTUS on Trump DQ. Da Caller, Top Obama Lawyer Delivers Critique Of Colorado Attorneys Arguing Against Trump. "I have watched over 400 Supreme Court arguments. I have done 50 myself. I would tell you, this argument did not go well for the Trump challengers and that’s to put it mildly. I probably have some other adjectives I won’t say on air." Capt. Ed, "This is the start of a myth about incompetence in representation rather than having a losing argument as the reason for a SCOTUS slapdown." Althouse,"I'm not here as an apologist for Donald Trump and I'm certainly not here as a lawyer... but I'm trying to imagine what it would be like..." "Said David Axelrod, on CNN last night, before today's oral argument." and "The hosts seem to pride themselves on making [the podcast] 'Advisory Opinions' a venue for 'abject legal nerdery,' separate from partisan politics...". NewsMax, Axelrod: 'Very, Very Disruptive' If Colorado Decision Upheld. Capt. Ed, "Well, I don't think Axelrod needs to worry too much about that outcome, as I wrote earlier. I suspect that the court won't wait too long to publish its decision either, especially if it's 9-0 like I think it will be. They'll want to dispose of this as quickly as possible." From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.08.24, Eddie Scary at Da Fed, Democrat Lawyer Admits At Supreme Court That Only One Party Can Be Allowed To Rig Elections. Ace cited Jonathan Turley, Supreme Court Appears Poised to Reject Challenge to Trump's Candidacy, and Might Even Reject It... UnanimouslyRich Baris The People's Pundit@Peoples_Pundit "Here is the clip in which Jason Murray (Colorado) argues that if the Supreme Court doesn't remove Donald Trump from the ballot, Democrats will have to try to stop Congress from certifying his electors when he wins. So, they'll engage in an "insurrection" by their definition." Bill Otis at the Ringside, Trump looks to have won big in today's Supreme Court argument. "The Court seems to think, correctly, that Congress, and not individual states or judges, gets the controlling say on the disqualification provisions of the Fourteenth Amendment." MD Kittle at Da Fed thinks this Obscure Statute Could Disqualify States Like Colorado From Kicking Trump Off The Ballot. Scott Johnson at Power Line concludes Trump will be on the ballot.

Da Caller claims a Federal Judge Puts Damper On Jack Smith’s Victory   "“Following an independent review of the Motion and the full record, the Court determines, with limited exceptions as detailed below, that the Special Counsel has not set forth a sufficient factual or legal basis warranting deviation from the strong presumption in favor of public access to the records at issue,” Cannon, a Trump appointee, wrote." Silvio Canto, Jr. at Am Think wonders just How much Trump Derangement Syndrome can the presidency take? At mrcTV, 'You Don't Have the B***s to Write the Truth!' Ariz. Rep. SLAMS 'Propaganda' Media for Insurrection Narrative

Paul Bedard at WaEx, Impeach Mayorkas? Fifty-two percent agree. Dan Chaitin at Da Wire, Speaker Johnson Vows Mayorkas Will Be Impeached Despite ‘Setback’, "Democracy is messy." Stephen Kruiser adds Hell Yes, I Miss George Santos who would have provided the vote needed. From Breitbart, Sen. Mitch McConnell Defends Migration Bill Fiasco. At Am Con, McConnell’s Leadership in Jeopardy After Sending Lankford on a ‘Suicide Mission’ in Border Negotiations.  "An increasing number of Republican senators believe it is time for Mitch McConnell’s ousting as GOP leader." Capt. Ed adds "If this is true, then it's time for new leadership in the Senate GOP." Ace, has the Report: Mitch McConnell Lied to GOP Senators About Ukraine Aid Being Tied to Biden's Performance In Closing the Border.  "The report claims further that GOP senators are sick enough of this repulsive foreign agent that his "leadership" is "in jeopardy"." TNP, McConnell Says He’ll Cling On, Says Haters ‘Had Their Shot.’ At Am Spec Scott McKay says This Has to Be the End of the Road for Mitch McConnell "Republican voters now know that the GOP candidate running for the Senate is utterly worthless on the border issue." Da Caller, ‘There Was No Deal’: John Kennedy Explains Why Republicans Killed Bipartisan Border Security Bill. Mary Chastain at LI has a Report: Border Agents Encountered Over 1,000,000 Migrants Since Oct. 1 "Chinese migrant encounters continue to climb, too. Agents have encountered over 19,600 since October 1. They encountered 37,000 total in fiscal year 2023." Breitbart, Illegal Alien Freed into U.S. by Biden’s DHS Charged with Killing Young Mother, Toddler. Da Wire, Denver Booting 800 Migrant Families From Shelters, "More than 40,000 illegal migrants have arrived in the city." Sorry, but you voted for this. Mike McDaniel at Am think hears Sen. Chris Murphy call illegal aliens the people we care about most. VodkaPundit at PJM, Sen. Murphy Accidentally Reveals Dems' Favorite Americans. I&I, Never Let A Serious Border (And Constitutional) Crisis Go To Waste. The Great Victor Davis Hanson, on The Absurd Democrat Border Con "It remains unclear why Biden and Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas destroyed what Trump had achieved. Why would they ensure such misery for both Americans and millions of illegal migrants?" BL Hahn at Da Fed thinks Without Mass Deportations, America’s Demographics Shift Will Result In Radical Politics and that's the point. Larry Elder at Front Page calls it The New Gold Rush. "The American border." Monica Showalter at Am Think thinks it's Government by blackmail. "Biden threatens to enforce the border even less if GOP House doesn't pass his border bill." KT at Hat Hair VIP, NBC News: Biden Considering Executive Action on Southern Border. At Breitbart, Speaker Mike Johnson: Biden Speech Blaming Trump, ‘MAGA Republicans’ for Border Was ‘Offensive’

NYT, cited by Insty, is pleased to announce SUSTAINABILITY: U.S. Debt on Pace to Top $54 Trillion Over Next 10 Years. At Market Watch, Fed’s Barkin says recent progress on inflation might be a ‘head fake’. From Twitchy, OUCH! Sen. John Kennedy Is Having NONE of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's 'Bidenomics' BSJohn Kennedy@SenJohnKennedy "I asked Sec. Yellen if the high prices caused by Bidenomics are here to stay. Her answer: “We don’t have to get these prices down.” Apparently the Biden admin’s position is that, if Americans don’t get a big pay raise, they’re screwed." Generally speaking, high inflation is bad, a little inflation is good, price stability is OK and deflation is very bad. Mike LaChance at LI, Elizabeth Warren Takes on Big Dorito, Big Oreo, and Big Toilet Paper to Deflect Blame From Biden’s Economy. “Shrinkflation is just another way for giant corporations to pad their profits and leave us with the crumbs.”

TNP claims to have DATA: Texas Would Flip Democrat If Haley Were Nominee. From Da Wire, Nikki Haley After Nevada Loss: ‘Trump Rigged It’ Da Caller Who Is Michael Whatley, The Potential Frontrunner To Replace Ronna McDaniel As RNC Chair? HE, Kari Lake reveals Vivek Ramaswamy would be open to 'temporarily' chairing RNC.  J. Allen Cartwright at Am Think thinks about What’s to Blame for GOP Fundraising Woes. Nobody trusts them? Jake Sherman via Hat Hair, New: McMorris Rodgers to Retire from House. Kurt Schlichter offers his explanation for Why Red State Republicans Are Often Such Losers? "The first is that, in a red state, everyone who wants a career in politics has to be a Republican. There’s literally no Democrat path to success, so people who would normally be a donkey party person, like Nikki Haley, have to ostensibly join the Republican Party. But they bring their terrible, terrible ideas with them. That’s the problem with a big tent – it has room for a lot of losers." Dave Strom at Hat Hair, sees a Strange Bedfellow: Gaetz Endorses McCarthy.
From Da Wire, Watchdog Group Warns Of Foreign Money Being Used To Influence Elections Ahead Of 2024 Cycle. I hope they buy somebody better next time. At Hat Hair, Journalist Schools Dems With Truth About U.S. Elections. The Unsinkable Mollie Hemingway:

Althouse host the Tucker Carlson interview of Vladimir Putin.  At Breitbart, White House Fury Over Tucker Carlson Interviewing Putin. TNP, Tucker Carlson Subject to Sanctions for Crime of Journalism, Say Globalist EU Politicians. 

From Da Wire, Daily Wire, Texas AG Ask Court To Block State Department’s Domestic ‘Misinformation’ Efforts. Dave Strom finds the The Censorship Industry Is Booming–Using Government Money and AI. The Free Bacon takes note that the Soros-Funded Fake News Network Hires Journalist Who Offered To Give Bill Clinton a Blowjob "'American women should be lining up with their presidential kneepads to show their gratitude,' said Courier Newsroom's Nina Burleigh."

Sandra Makarios at Front Page, on Islamic Indoctrination 101 "A personal testimony of what your kids are learning in College." The Dersh calls them Pro-Palestinian Pied Pipers Leading Kids into Anti-Semitism. Janet Levy at Am Think, 'White Kikes' and 'Melanin Recessives'. Twitchy, Run AWAAAY! Ibram Kendi Tries Slamming Matt Walsh With the 'White Savior' Card and All HELL Breaks Loose. Spencer Brown at TownHall is amused when Sunny Hostin Learned Her Ancestors Owned Slaves and Her Response Is Truly Something. From Fox, 'Woke Kindergarten' teacher calls for destruction of America: 'We've been trying to end y'all', "The public school consultant said that there are extraterrestrial beings that are 'oppressed'" At Da Caller, Why Self-Defense Is The Only Type Of Violence The Left Won’t EndorseThe Rabbit Hole@TheRabbitHole84 "Woke: White privilege causes the wage gap. Feminists: Male privilege causes the wage gap. Asian Women: What wage gap?" Breitbart, Leftists Celebrate Death of Country Music Star Toby Keith by Rehashing Dixie Chicks Feud. Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed, Parental Rights Group Files Complaint Against Illinois School For Racist Black- And Hispanic-Only Programs. Tax Prof, Law Prof Presses Male Sex-Bias Allegations In New Suit After Federal Judge Tosses His Title IX Claim.

Jane Coleman at LI sees a NY School District Sued For Allegedly Secretly Transitioning 12-Year-Old Student "School counselors don’t just give career advice anymore." OutKick hears Outrage Builds As Five Trans Students Dominate Women's Volleyball. Twitchy, BOOM! A Twitter 'Karen' Lashed Out at Riley Gaines and Her Reply Was Perfect
Hat Hair's KT has the sads at news that Oreo Is  Partnering With a Group That Promotes a 'Militant LGBTQ Agenda'? TNP, OK GOP Seeks Ban on State Promotion of ‘Pride.’

The Wombat has FMJRA 2.0: The Giant Wombats of Gor ready and waiting at The Other McCain.

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