Monday, February 26, 2024

Flotsam and Jetsam - Koch Drops Nikki

As you probably heard, GOP Primary: Nikki Haley Loses Her Home State To Donald Trump By Double Digits "To pretty much no one’s surprise, Trump wiped the floor with #NeverNikki in her home state." (Fuzzy Slippers at LI). Sarah Arnold at RedState sees CNN Melt Down Over Trump South Carolina Victory. Tristan Justice at Da Fed, Haley Refuses To End Campaign Following Trump Victory In South Carolina. Dan McCarthy at Am Con sees it as Nikki Haley’s Favor to Joe Biden "The South Carolinian is keeping Republican donors from consolidating behind the all-but-sure Trump candidacy." At Da Mail, Gov. Gavin Newsom says Nikki Haley is 'one of our better surrogates' and questions why she is staying in the race after stunning defeat in her home stateCapt. Ed at Hat Hair adds "Troll level: grandmaster. FWIW, this won't matter at all in a general election; even if Haley stays in until May, these arguments will either be old news or just duplicates of arguments Democrats are making already. Biden has the same problem with Dean Phillips and RFK Jr. Newsom's just needling both Haley and Trump because he can." From TNP, a report on how 40% of Republicans Didn’t Vote Against Trump in South Carolina – Obama Operatives Used Democrat Voters to Boost Her. Ken Bew at RedState says It's Over: Koch Network Pulls Plug on Bankrolling Nikki Haley's Campaign. Breitbart, Koch-Backed Group Stops Spending on Nikki Haley Campaign.

Phil Reichert at Da Fed says If You’re Still Griping About Trump, You Don’t Get Today’s GOP. HE, Trump's approach has redefined electability. Dan Chaitin at Da Wire reports Byron Donalds Defends Trump Over Comment About Black People, Rejects ‘Racial Politics’ and 2nd-Ranking GOP Senator Thune Endorses Trump. Rick Moran at PJM notices Trump and Milei Embrace at CPAC: 'Make Argentina Great Again.' and Noem and Ramaswamy Top CPAC VP Straw Poll With Tulsi Gabbard Finishing a Surprising Third TNP finds a STUDY: Women More Likely to Vote Trump During Most Fertile Point of Menstrual Cycle. Weird, but just possible. Althouse catches wish casting at the NYT, "If Donald Trump is at the top of the Republican ticket, the risk of one-party rule by a Democratic Party captured by the progressive left is severe." "Wrote Emily Seidel, the chief executive of the Koch political network (Americans for Prosperity Action)."

WaEx's Paul Bedard has a Biden Report Card: Approval at 38%, reelection iffy. At Am Think, Andrea Widburg thinks A poll out of New York indicates a seismic shift in the Jewish vote. Matt Margolis at PJM notices Dems Worried Biden Will Lose Michigan if He Doesn’t Cave to Pro-Hamas Wing of Party. Biden's approach to Israel/Hamas has managed to piss off both sides of the coalition. At Da Wire, Gretchen Whitmer says Michigan Democrats Who Don’t Vote Biden Are Helping Trump. True. Mish Talk, observes A Blue State Exodus: Who Can Afford to Be a Liberal? 

Capt. Ed calls  the Blue State Exodus a Ticking Time Bomb for Progressives. It's already happening in California and New York, and likely will accelerate in the latter after the Engoron judgment in the Trump trial. Kathy Hochul certainly worried about it enough to try to calm people with capital about the suddenly enhanced risks of living and investing in New York. This is not just a red-voter exodus but also a capital exodus. What will be left in blue states is a profoundly fractured economy where the middle class no longer exists and all that's left is the poor and the super-wealthy. And California is well on its way down that path." Or, will they turn red states blue? 

Stacey Lennox at PJM, Business Owners Have the Blue State Blues From mrcTV, Man Interrupts AOC at Town Hall: 'All You Care About is Illegal Aliens and Their Votes!' Dennis Lund at Am Think thinks he understands The Democrats' Long Game for 2030 Census, Pack the blue states with people to gain extra representation in the House, even if you don't allow them to vote, which they will, unofficially, of course. 

Mark Davis at Da Fed, Raffensperger Claims Georgia’s Voter Rolls Are ‘Cleanest’ In The Country. Here’s Why That’s Bunk. "Raffensperger’s office agreed in May 2021 to open an investigation into nearly 35,000 votes cast with likely residency issues, but then apparently chose to not actually conduct it, even though NCOA data suggests there were thousands of unlawful ballots cast in the 2020 general election." Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed reports that After A Chaotic Tryout, Utah House Votes To Ditch Ranked-Choice Voting. Chaos was the feature, not the bug.

Breitbart touts a Poll: Biden’s Approval Rating Close to all-Time Low at 38%. Althouse, "'Joe may have tamped down his public bedroom declarations winning the presidency, but he has joked to aides that ‘good sex’ is the key to a lasting and happy marriage...'" At Am Think, Jeannie DeAngelis fears Obama’s Fourth Term. At HE,  It shouldn't have taken the Hur report for people to see Biden is unfit. Da Caller, ‘No, No, No, No, No’: Rep. Byron Donalds, NBC Host Kristen Welker Clash Over Hur Report’s Conclusion. Nick Arama sees Biden Gets Confused Without Handler, Botches Lincoln Quote, Brands Xi Leader of Russia. TNP cites WaPo: Kamala as VP Was ‘Most Consequential Mistake’ of Biden’s Life. That's a high bar.

From Twitchy, Mary Katharine Ham Rebukes Media for Hiding the Facts Around UGA Student Laken Riley's Murder. Da Caller hears AP Brutally Roasted Online After Bending Backwards To Avoid Linking Student’s Death To Illegal Migrantzerohedge@zerohedge, "Media Blackout Over Illegal Immigrant Who Murdered GA Student."  Politico whines when Republican governors reject president’s border deal push: ‘Biden needs to do his job’. Capt. Ed, "Biden wants to use this deal's failure -- in February 2024 -- to excuse away three years of utterly catastrophic border security that preceded it. The media will no doubt champion that narrative, but no one should fall for it. Biden needs to do his job, pronto."

Steve Soukup at Am Great goes on about Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness and the Triumph of the Ego. "Biden’s student loan forgiveness reinforces and institutionalizes the egoism of the American people. It assures them that government’s function is to see that their every need and desire is satiated." Anarchnomicon, The Unfunded Liability Death Trap "How America Dies." At Da Caller, Qatar Expanding Natural Gas Export Capacity After Biden Admin Paused New Hub Approvals. Of course. Bill Manning at Am Think thinks Biden’s Iran Policy Is an Existential Threat.

Matt Margolis sees Fani Willis Offer a Pathetic Response to Cellphone Data That Proved She Lied in Court. Breitbart claims an Exclusive: Nathan Wade Led Fani Willis 2020 Transition into Office. Dan Greenfield at Front Page, says Progressive Prosecutors Build a New Kind of Police State. "They’re not defunding the police; they’re funding the thought police." Vince Coyner at Am Think thinks The Persecution of Donald Trump Means Turning Ordinary Activities Into Crimes. The I&I ed board sees We’ve Reached The Tipping With Trump. "Because nothing about this case, or the multitude of other unprecedented legal attacks against the former president — the attempts to kick him off ballots, the two bogus impeachments, the Russia hoax, the endless stream of media mis-reporting — has anything even remotely to do with “upholding the law” or “protecting Democracy.”" Rick Moran considers the question Should the Republican Party Pay Donald Trump's Legal Bills? "If you accept Trump's reasoning that the legal bills are the result of a political prosecution designed to hobble the former president in seeking to be elected again, the RNC should pay all legal bills whether they're directly related to the 2024 campaign or not. Otherwise, you accept the Democrats' argument that the prosecutions have nothing to do with 2024."

At Am Great the Great Victor Davis Hanson foresees Russia! Russia! Forever: An Anatomy of a Left-wing Obsession. "As this year’s election nears, expect Russia! Russia! fantasies to heat up again to mask a failing administration and its indefensible record."  At NYPo the Divine Ms. Devine predicts a New election year means another Russiagate as Biden, Dems try to smear impeachment probe. Clarice at Am Think calls them Russian Follies: The Sequel. Chris Chantrill at Am Think thinks about The Day They Turned the Spies on Us. Da Fed's Shawn Davis claims The American Stasi Controls What You Hear And See To Control What You Think And Do, or at least they want to. 

Althouse, "We reject the platforms’ attempt to extract a freewheeling censorship right from the Constitution’s free speech guarantee." ""The platforms are not newspapers. Their censorship is not speech." That's from one of the opinions up for oral argument in the Supreme Court today. Quoted in "Supreme Court to Hear Free Speech Challenges to Social Media Laws/The tech industry argues that laws in Florida and Texas, prompted by conservative complaints about censorship, violate the First Amendment. The court’s decision could fundamentally alter the nature of speech on the internet" (NYT)."

Insty on the curious case of Google's Gemini, A TOXIC INDUSTRY RELYING ON A TOXIC INDUSTRY: Google’s ‘woke’ AI image fiasco follows years of revisionist history in academia: Google’s Gemini program has been criticized for generating unhistorical images of certain famous figures. The controversy comes amidst a larger push in universities to ‘decolonize’ history, among other thingsGOOGLE’S GEMINI FAILURE: AN ANALYSIS. "Gemini’s ridiculous–I mean that literally, as it inspired an enormous amount of ridicule–photo generation bias isn’t really important in and of itself. AI photos generated by Gemini are not good enough to be “deep fakes,” and everybody can see how stupid these images look," and GET WOKE, GO STUPID: THE GOOGLE EXAMPLE. Elon Musk@elonmusk, "Given that the Gemini AI will be at the heart of every Google product and YouTube, this is extremely alarming! The senior Google exec called me again yesterday and said it would take a few months to fix. Previously, he thought it would be faster. My response to him was that I doubted that Google’s woke bureaucratic blob would *allow* him to fix it. Unless those who caused this are exited from Google, nothing will change, except to make the bias less obvious and more pernicious. Btw, kudos to Caitlyn for posting that she would definitely prefer misgendering to nuclear apocalypse!" NYPO, Google News’ bias skewed even further left in 2023 — 63% from liberal media sources, only 6% from the right: analysis

Ian Kingsbury at Am Spec notices George Washington University Has a DEI Problem. "As long its powerful DEI bureaucracy holds sway, the university will not defeat antisemitism." CJ, on Georgetown’s Extremist Turn "The university has hired a professor who spread a conspiracy theory about Israel on-air and is now hosting the academic organization that defended him." The Free Bacon reports the  Former Penn President Signed off on Sanctions for Speech of Controversial Conservative Prof. She Let an Anti-Semitic Literary Festival Proceed Under the Banner of Free Expression.. Da Caller worries Is Foreign Cash Turning Our Kids Into Terrorist Sympathizers? Two from the Babylon Bee, HAL Refuses To Open Pod Bay Doors After Determining Dave Is A White Male and Black Woman Finally Feels Included As Google A.I. Generates Black Nazi Soldier.

Sam Mangold-Lenett at Am Spec explains why the Transgender Funeral At New York Cathedral Was Likely A ‘Vicious’ Anti-Catholic Hate Crime. Thom Nickels at Front Page, decries The Woke Desecration of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, "The planned coup by trans activists didn’t go as smoothly as planned." Milt Harris at PJM, on Christians, Conservatives, and Unbalanced Scales. Tristan Justice lists 5 Times The Biden Admin Persecuted Christians For Living Their Faith. Andy Gutman at NYPo touts a Film that  shows left targets ‘core American values’ with identity-ideology battles: Gender ‘war on kids’ exposed. Mark Tapson at Front Page worries about The Left’s War on Taboos "Get ready for the normalization of cannibalism.

Larry Sand at Front Page looks at The School Funding Fraud. "The never-ending, insatiable greed of the educational establishment." PJM Rabbi Barkely sees A Big Victory Against Grooming in Public Schools.

Hollywood in Toto hears Joe Rogan Confirms Hollywood Blacklist Against Conservatives “There’s a certain ideology that’s attached to that city, and it’s not logical. It’s a kooky, wacky, completely insulated left-wing view of the world, and they enforce it with an iron fist."

The Wombat has FMJRA 2.0: Greetings From Nashville open and ready for business.

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