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Flotsam and Jetsam - Fani Willis and Nathan Wade Testilie

Wasn't that fun! After bringing forth witness testimony that Fani Willis and "Special" counsel Nathan Wade were having an affair prior to Fani hiring Wade, Trump's codefendants in the Atlanta trial put Wade on the stand and started asking questions about the various times he and lead persecutor Fani Williams shared beds, took trips together and how he was reimbursed for the travel. He denied a "romantic" relationship prior to be being hired, and said that Fani reimbursed him for trips and meals in untraceable cash, that she just happened to keep a large hoard of on hand for "emergency" expenses. At the point that the lawyers were about to attempt to call Fani to testify, the prosecution objected, and it appeared the judge was about to rule in their favor when Fani stormed into the courtroom and demanded to testify. No, she and Wade never ever cohabited prior to his being hired, and yes, she paid him in untraceable cash because her daddy always told her a black woman should keep six months worth of cash on hand. The scene was pretty tense, and at one point the judge had to call a time out for Fani to get a grip.   NYPo, Donald Trump Georgia election fraud case live updates: DA Fani Willis won’t testify again Friday morning, lawyers scramble for next witness. At Da Caller, Key Witness Testimony Contradicts Fani Willis’ Defense Of ‘Romantic’ Relationship With Special Prosecutor. Althouse, "A friend of Ms. Willis, Robin Bryant-Yeartie, testified that she had 'no doubt' that the romance began before Ms. Willis hired Mr. Wade for the case." "That would contradict the timeline presented by the prosecutors, who said it began after Mr. Wade was hired...."From "Live Updates: Key Witness Contradicts Trump Prosecutors’ Timeline of Relationship/A former friend and colleague of Fani Willis says the district attorney’s romance with the lead prosecutor in the Georgia election interference case began before he was hired, possibly bolstering defense lawyers’ claims of a conflict of interest"End Wokeness@EndWokeness, ""GAME OVER" for Fulton County DA Fani Willis, declares MSNBC legal analyst: "This is epic. This is monumental. She will be disqualified. This is a huge deal."" Capt. Ed at Hat Hair, "Don't let the legalese fool you." Good advice in this case. So far as I've seen, Ashleigh Merchant has only one witness testifying that Willis' filing two weeks ago was dishonest. Judge Scott McAfee has to determine whether she's credible, but Merchant could still call more witnesses to that effect too. She spent a lot of time interrogating Nathan Wade instead this morning, and he sounded pretty deceptive and pedantic. It's not over yet, but it's not going well at all for Willis."
 Twitchy, 'EPIC. MONUMENTAL!' MSNBC Analyst Says It Looks Bad, ... Fani Willis Lied to the Court It's GAME OVER, on the view, well known for their sober takes on the news. Chris Queen at PJM, Nathan Wade Details the Trips He Took With Fani Willis. Beege Welborn at Hat Hair, I Might As Well Face It - I'm Addicted to Love Kyle Becker@kylenabecker, "Hot take: Fani Willis pimped out taxpayer funds to hire a male prostitute to be Trump's Special Prosecutor. What a love story, everybody!" John Hinderacker at Power Line, Fani Takes the Stand  "At the moment, it looks likely that the prosecution will have to continue without Ms. Willis and Mr. Wade. That would result in a delay, presumably, but I am not aware of any realistic ground on which their misbehavior would cause the case to be dismissed." Capt. Ed, "I watched/listened to most of the hearing today and all of Willis' testimony. It's clear that Willis considered this her platform for politicking and self-promotion, and as John writes, the entitlement didn't just ooze from every word out of her mouth -- it erupted from them. Judge Scott McAfee has the patience of a saint, but even he warned her that if she didn't behave more professionally, he'd throw out her entire testimony. Which might have done her a favor, except ... McAfee is the only decider on this motion to disqualify."  Mia Cathell at TownHall, Teary-Eyed Fani Willis Testifies in Humiliating Hearing Ace. "Drillable Hours:" Some Thoughts on the Sweetick/Fani Gangbang of Lies Update: The Judge Scolds Fani, Tells Her to Answer the Questions Posed With Fewer Histrionics Or He'll Strike Her Testimony and Witness: Fani Willis Sexually Trafficked Nathan Wade, Imprisoned Him, Hooked Him on Heroin, Made Him Her He-Whore, and Then Gave Him the "Street Name" of Darrius "Sweetdick" Honeycum, Esq. "I can't back that headline up. It might be a just a tetch exaggerated."

Althouse, "Justice Juan M. Merchan’s decision to start former President Donald J. Trump’s hush money trial in Manhattan next month opens the possibility..." "... that Mr. Trump’s federal trial on charges of plotting to overturn the 2020 election could take place in the late spring or early summer. But the scheduling of the election interference case, which is taking place in Washington, is now in the hands of the Supreme Court....From "Live Updates: Judge Sets Trial Date in Trump’s Manhattan Criminal Case/Ruling that the case against Donald J. Trump can proceed, Justice Juan M. Merchan said he planned to begin the trial on March 25" (NYT)."

Michael Shellenberger, Matt Taibbi and Alex Gutentag at Public claim the U.S. Government Is Hiding Documents That Incriminate Intelligence Community For Illegal Spying And Election Interference, Say Sources. "Former CIA Director Gina Haspel blocked the release of “binder” with evidence that may identify her role in the Trump-Russia collusion hoax." Matt Margolis at PJM thinks what I think, Is This What the Biden Admin Was Really After When It Raided Mar-a-Lago? Ace, Shellenberger: Sources Say That the FBI Raided Mar-a-Lago to Get Their Filthy Hands on the File About the CIA's Treasonous Decision to Spy on the Duly Elected President, "Ahhh... this begins to make sense. Matt Vespa at TownHall, Former Rolling Stone Editor Lists the Top Jokers Who Escaped Accountability in the Russian Collusion Hoax. Althouse, "You are dead to me. Please get off Twitter and just stay on Substack." "Tweeted Elon Musk at Matt Taibbi, reported at Mediaite." That sucks, because the work that Taibbi et al did on Twitter was exceptional. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 02.14.24, Twitchy: Obama’s CIA Had Foreign Intel Agencies Spy On The Trump Campaign and The Geller Report: CBS Fires Award-Winning Senior Correspondent Catherine Herridge After Reporting Joe Biden Kept Classified Documents Involving Bribes From Foreign Countries and The Federalist  Sources Say U.S. Intelligence Agencies Tasked Foreign Partners With Spying On Trump’s 2016 Campaign.

Mike Howell at Da Wire explains Why It’s Time To End The FBI-ADL Partnership. Capt. Ed, The ADL may be a problem too, but the partnership between the FBI and the Southern Poverty Law Center is far worse. The Department of Justice should put an end to both. 

Sister Toldja at RedState has a Report that Things Are About to Get Much Worse for Joe Biden As Robert Hur Plans His Next Move. At Hat Hair, Capt. Ed finds Axios saying 'GOP Panel' Is 'Salivating' As Hur Prepares Testimony for Congress. Damn right! Also, Puck: White House Reporters Knew About Biden All Along. Ace, Puck: The White House "Reporters" All Knew That Biden's Dementia Had Entered the Galloping Phase, But Covered It Up.  Paul Sperry at RCI reports the Biden Staffer Who Mishandled China, Iran Secrets Retains High-Security Pentagon Job. They only go after Trump aids to coerce them to testify against him. VodkaPundit at PJM, It's Official: Everybody Knows Biden's Brain Is Pudding. Hollywood in Toto observes The Left Slams Jon Stewart for Mocking ‘Elderly’ Joe Biden "'Daily Show' host's return met with liberal rage - you can't attack Democrats!" Nick Arama at RedState sees Biden Gets Confused Out on the Lawn, Jill Has to Correct Him Again

At PJM Matt Margolis claims, House Republicans Learn of Bank Account Used to Funnel Money to Joe Biden (Did they finally find the pea?), Biden's Hissy Fit on Mayorkas Impeachment Is a Hilarious Self-Awareness Fail  and Kevin Downey has Five Dirty, Career-Ending, Prison-Warranting Secrets Biden Wants You to Forget Before Election Day. At LI, Vijeta Uniyal has a Report: Biden Admin Set to Reward Palestinians For October 7 Massacre With a State and East Jerusalem as Capital, "Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Office: “Now is not the time to be speaking about gifts for the Palestinian people,”" and Herr Professor Jacobson cites the  House Intelligence Committee: White House Should Immediately Declassify “Information Concerning A Serious National Security Threat”, Rep. Mike Turner: “I am requesting that President Biden declassify all information relating to this threat so that Congress, the Administration, and our allies can openly discuss the actions necessary to respond to this threat.”The Free Bacon reports John Podesta Was Behind Biden’s Decision To Pause Natural Gas Exports. "His Lobbyist Brother Stands To Benefit. Tony Podesta represents foreign companies involved in the natural gas industry."

Stacy McCain has thoughts on how Kansas City Fans Celebrate Super Bowl Victory With Parade and Mass Shooting. "By now, liberals are already talking about new laws to reduce “gun violence,” as they call it, without acknowledging the likelihood that none of the perpetrators of this shooting were legally carrying. If they weren’t minors, they were convicted felons and, as I say, it’s a good bet that all of the firearms used were stolen. This is connected to the “criminal justice reform” attitude that mere property crimes shouldn’t be punished."  Jack Poso@JackPosobiec "Trump announced the start of Operation Legend in June 2020 after the shooting of 4 year old LeGend Taliferro in Kansas City in street violence Federal assets were sent to violent cities across America, over 1500 arrested in the sweeps. Biden ended it his first day in office" 

Ace reports Another Harvard Administrator Accused of 42 Counts of Plagiarism in Her Dissertation. "Ivy League more like Jivey League amirite. . . .  According to the report, Greene's dissertation compares her summary of Jean Kim's theory of Asian American ethnic identity formation along with a summary that was similar to Janelle Lee Woo's 2004 Ph.D. dissertation, but Greene didn't cite Woo." It's no fair, nobody really expects anybody to read that shit! At Da Caller, EXCLUSIVE: Internal Documents Shed Light On Biden Administration’s Plan To Impose DEI On Pentagon-Run Schools. From Twitchy, MS Society Asks 90-Year-Old Volunteer to Step Down for Not Abiding by DEI Guidelines

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