Thursday, February 8, 2024

Flotsam and Jetsam - DIY Thursday - None is Better than Nikki Haley

Elections and Politics as Usual

BREAKING: Nikki Haley loses Nevada primary to ‘None of These Candidates’ - The Post Millennial 
Biden coasts to victory, Nikki Haley upended by ‘none of these candidates’ in thinly contested Nevada primary
Nikki Haley Loses Nevada Vote to Unlisted Rival, "Someone Else" - The Last RefugeNikki Nixed in Nevada by 'None' – HotAir
Instapundit - HOW IT STARTED: Not Satire: Nikki Haley Loses Nevada Primary To “None Of These Candidates.” –No
Not Satire: Nikki Haley Loses Nevada Primary To "None Of These Candidates" - Not the Bee
Althouse: "The fact that a 'none of the above' option could overpower any enthusiasm from the supporters of Ms. Haley, the former governor of South Carolina, is another blow..."
I Know Just What's Next for Nikki Haley – PJ Media
Presidential Debate Showdown, Cable News Meltdown, Tucker and Putin Throwdown – HotAir
Trump Scores Endorsement from International Union of Police Associations
WAX: Good Faith DeSantis Backers Are Welcome Back in Magadonia! - The National Pulse 
Damn the Polls - American Thinker
First Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Voter Rolls Are a Matter of Public Record – PJ Media
A Dream Clean Elections Model Bill - Frontpage Mag
Mail-in voter fraud and the 2020 election - American Thinker
Mollie Hemingway Tells Congress What's Wrong With America's Elections in 4 Straight Fire Minutes – Twitchy
Elon Musk is Right and the NY Times is Wrong About Illegal Voting By Non-Citizens - Just Facts Daily
Democrats Lose Ground With Black and Hispanic Adults
Poll: Trump, Biden Tied in WI, But Haley Up 15 – HotAir
Trump 2024 Climate Panic: “in a word, horrific” – Watts Up With That?
RFK Jr.'s Independent Run Is Helping Trump, Gives Republican 40%-34% Edge - Off The Press
Newt Gingrich - Republicans Should Ally with the American People – Not Washington Democrats
Ace of Spades HQ After RedState's Jennifer Van Laar Exposes Absurd Spending Habits at the RNC, Rona McDaniel Resigns
Ronna McDaniel Exits RNC? - The Last Refuge
REPORT: Ronna McDaniel May Not Be Resigning As RNC Chair After All – PJ Media
McDaniel Memo: Not Stepping Down From RNC -
House Republican: 'As Bad As Pelosi Was ...' – HotAir
House Republican: On Second Thought, Maybe McCarthy Wasn't So Bad – HotAir
'Is There ANYTHING You're Willing to Draw a Line in the Sand on and Say 'We Will Fight?'' Hello? Mitch? – HotAir
Republican News: The Self-Defeating Republican Party - National Review
Republicans Would Rather Remain Beautiful Losers Than Win
Confessions of a Corrupt Liberal

Biden Crime Syndicate and Misdismal Administration

NEW: Special Counsel Closes Biden Classified-Doc Probe Without Charges -- But... – HotAir
Tony Bobulinski to testify behind closed doors part of Biden impeachment inquiry - Fox News
President’s Brother James Biden Set for Private Interview With House Oversight Committee - The Epoch Times
Top Biden Administration Official Refuses to Testify to Congress, Could Be Held in Contempt - The Epoch Times
Impeachment witness says no record of work, loan to James Biden before payment to brother - Just The News
GOP Rep. Biggs suggests evidence sufficient to subpoena Joe Biden's bank records | Just The News
Biden Admits Defeat to Trump on 'Border' Bill Which Prioritizes Ukraine And Encourages MORE Migration.
‘Go F*ck Themselves’: Rank-And-File Border Patrol Agents Slam Senate Funding Deal - The Daily Caller
Senate Border Bill Is Nothing But A Democrat Propaganda Op
The Border Crisis Is The Definition Of A Foreign 'Invasion'
Biden Blames Trump and 'MAGA Republicans' for Broken Border System
Never Let A Serious Border (And Constitutional) Crisis Go To Waste – Issues & Insights
Report: ICE in Phoenix Arrest Illegal Immigrants Accused of Beating NYPD Cops
Migrant moped gang hired hacker to breach banking apps as NYPD reveals new details about ‘sophisticated’ high-tech crime ring
Illegal Aliens Accused of Beating Up Cops Arrested in Arizona - They're Not Laughing Anymore – RedState
Ace of Spades HQ - Three of the Illegal Alien Gang Members Who Beat Up the Cops In NYC Are Arrested in Arizona Update: New Trump Ad Stars These "Cultural Enrichers"
Instapundit - OUT: IF YOU WANT A “SECURE BORDER” IT MEANS YOU’RE A RACIST. IN: Biden: “The Only Reason the Bo
The Moral Hazard Of An Open Border – Issues & Insights
Trust E-Verify - City Journal
Category: Hither and Yon - The American Spectator - USA News and Politics
Now We Know – PJ Media
Biden Hits Worst Approval Rating in NBC Poll
Anti-Israel protesters shut down Fifth Ave. as Biden calls Trump 'existential threat' at NYC fundraiserJoe Biden Promises 2024 Campaign for More Migration and Amnesty
Ace of Spades HQ Axios: Biden's Obsessed With "Morning Joe" (and Joe Scarborough Fellates Him On Camera Every Morning)
Democrats Aren't Preparing to Throw Kamala Harris Under Any Buses Just Yet – PJ Media
Ace of Spades HQ Gallup Shows Biden Deteriorating Further Mentally I Mean, Deteriorating Further in Black and Hispanic Support Although Seriously He's Also Deteroriating Mentally
(20) Simon Ateba on X: "BREAKING: A White House pool report tonight said that President Biden appeared to mistakenly suggest that Helmut Kohl, the former Chancellor of Germany who passed away in 2017, accompanied him during his first foreign trip as President in 2021. Angela Merkel was actually the…" / X
1 Out of 5 'New Jobs' in Biden’s Booming Economy are Government Jobs | Frontpage Mag
Sanders: Most Workers Are 'Living Paycheck to Paycheck,' But Biden Should Win Because Economy's 'Really Doing Well'
White House Has Trouble Responding to News of Mass Layoffs
Nolte: Record-High Credit Card Debt Brutalizes Middle Class in Biden’s America
Replace the Debt Limit - City Journal
Democrats Say Biden's Pause on LNG Is Like 'Throwing a Match in a Bale of Hay'
Mismanaged U.S. Economy Offers Best Chance for '24 GOP Win -

Trump Troubles 

Turley Lays Out How Appeals Ruling Was Actually A Win For Trump’s Legal Team - The Daily Caller
Ace of Spades HQ Jonathan Turley: While Trump Lost His Motion for Presidential Immunity, He May Still Be Winning the Battle to Delay the Trial
Trump Attorneys File DQ Motion Against Fani Willis Over 'Egregious Misconduct' – HotAir
Angry Fulton County Residents Vent: 'Fani Willis Isn't Serving This Community' – HotAir
Fani Willis Tries To Quash Subpoena Requiring Her To Testify - The Daily Caller
Shocking New Details About Fani Willis' Relationship With Her Special Prosecutor - PJ Media
4 Key Issues on Trump Colorado Ballot Case at Supreme Court
WaPo Columnist Admits Democrats' 2024 Strategy Is Jailing Trump
Meet The 2 Leftist Groups Behind Plot To Kick Trump Off The Ballot

Media, Social Media and Government Censorship

HOT TAKES: Schiff Blows a Fuse at Tucker Explaining His Putin Interview, He Gets Schooled With Huge Ratio – RedState
Tucker Says He's Also Asked to Interview Zelensky, Hasn't Yet Heard Back.
Of Course You Interview Putin – HotAir
‘May I Answer?’: Censorship Hearing Flies Off The Rails As Matt Gaetz Squabbles With Democrat Norman Eisen - The Daily Caller
Meedan Views Distrusting Mainstream Media As ‘Misinformation,’ Report Finds - The Daily Caller
Ace of Spades - HQ Gina Carano Sues Disney, Alleging Political Discrimination, Sex Discrimination, and Defamation 
The Morning Briefing: Disney's Woke Chickens Keep Coming Home to Roost – PJ Media

The Great Culture War

Queers for Palestine: An Unholy Alliance - Frontpage Mag
Harvard Obstructs Congressional Probe Into Widespread Anti-Semitism
America's Favorite Cookie Takes a Hard Left Turn
Max Adds Trigger Warning to 'Blazing Saddles'
It's the BLM 'Week of Action' in Public Schools – HotAir
Is Trump Right About Bud Light? – PJ Media
Well, Well, Well: Looks Like Conservatives Bullied Bud Light Into Making A Funny, Mulvaney-Free Super Bowl Ad - The Daily Caller
Matt Walsh Obtained This Video From an FAA Meeting, and Enjoy Your Next Flight! (YIKES) – Twitchy
Deadspin Cannot Claim Ignorance In Blackface Lawsuit - Bobby Bura
Family Of Young Kansas City Chiefs Fan Sues Deadspin - The Daily Caller
HHS Says It Has Only Two Pages Of Scientific Evidence Backing Its Support For “Gender-Affirming Care” - The Daily Wire
Althouse: "From early boyhood, Hayton, now 55, fought a powerful inner urge to be female, yet went on to marry and father three children."
WHO quietly admits there's no solid scientific backing for giving kids 'gender affirming care' - Alpha News
EXCLUSIVE: Gender Doctor Says Parents Who Oppose Transitioning Their Kid Have ‘Mental Illness’ - The Daily Caller
About that whole "gender-affirming care" for kids thing...
EXCLUSIVE: GOP House Candidate Says $400,000 He Raised For Family Expenses During Trial Went To Trust Fund For His Kids - The Daily Caller

The Wombat has FMJRA 2.0: The Giant Wombats of Gor ready and waiting at The Other McCain.

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