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Election 2020: The Rise and Fall of Blue Anon

Politico, ‘It is a trap!’: Inside the QAnon attack that never happened or "Why fears of violence on March 4, the mythical day Trump was supposed to be inaugurated to a second term, proved unfounded." 'Fuzzy Slippers' (I'm pretty sure that's a pseudonym) at LI, Media-Hyped March 4 Capitol Attack Never Happened, So Now They’re Hyping Future Dates

Democrats and their media cohorts are furiously trying to spin out their Capitol riots Reichstag moment by hyping lunatic conspiracy theories as if they have any basis in reality. The goal is two-fold: demonize Republicans, particularly Trump supporters, and create a climate of fear in order to justify a new war on “domestic terror.”

However, for their fevered dreams of rampant civil rights-violating policies used against American citizens on American soil to come to fruition, they will have to come up with something better than a pretend “threat” from a lunatic fringe group. This time the made-up insurrection against the Capitol was to take place on March 4th. It didn’t.

In fact, so much nothing happened that the headlines warning of the March 4 armed insurrection read like ludicrous parodies of news.
The BBC: “US Capitol police warn of possible militia plot to breach Congress”
ABC News: “Capitol Police officials say intel on possible March 4 plot being taken ‘seriously’: QAnon followers believe that Donald Trump will return to power on March 4.
USA Today: “Police bolster security at US Capitol as QAnon theory claims Trump will become president March 4”
NBC News: “D.C. police, FBI on alert ahead of QAnon’s ‘true Inauguration Day'”
CBS News: “House scraps Thursday session after intel warns of potential violence at Capitol”
Apparently, the crazy took hold because some QAnon followers were blathering on social media and in obscure online forums about March 4th being the day Trump would triumphantly ride into DC and resume the presidency. I think a brain cell or two died just typing that sentence. Anyway, yep, that’s the ‘threat’ that got DC Democrats, the FBI, the Capitol police, and the increasingly clownish legacy media all wee-wee’d up.

From Ace's Sunday Morning Book Thread 03-07-2021, but even before the digits were set, the intelligentsia began censoring: Blue Anon Mocks Liberal Media, Google Censors Term
You may have never heard of the new political term “Blue Anon,” and if Google has its way you won’t, either. That’s because the term was invented by online conservatives to push back against media pundits who look for QAnon conspiracies everywhere.
. . .
But guess what? Google the term “Blue Anon,” and you won’t find any reference to it. However, the search engine “DuckDuckGo,” reveals plenty of listings.

Plus, Urban Dictionary took the entry down from its site. Yeah, I know: Urban Dictionary is crowdsourced. Yet moderators at its helm allow vulgar anti-Republican slurs to stand.

Apparently mocking liberals is now a violation of their terms of service. 

Althouse takes on the case of the "QAnon shaman""I am not belittling my client... but my client was wearing horns. He had tattoos around his nipples. He wasn’t leading anywhere. He was a follower."

Said Albert Watkins, the lawyer for Jacob Chansley (AKA "The QAnon Shaman"), quoted in "U.S. judge scolds ‘QAnon Shaman’ for appearing on ‘60 Minutes Plus’ without permission" (WaPo).
What is the government interest in suppressing communication by persons charged with crimes? I can understand why someone's lawyer might advise him not to give public interviews, but why is there a requirement of "clearance from the U.S. Marshals Service, the detention facility or the judge" — and what is the extent of the clearance? Is it just about giving interviewers access to a detention facility? If it's nothing more than that, then the lawyer's assumption was correct. If it is more than that... why is it more than that?

Can anyone think of a case where a left-wing activist being accused of a crime has been censored by the prosecutors and judges? I can't , but it happens routinely to conservatives. Examples include Roger Stone, and General Flynn.

Switching topics, Fox reports Biden signs voter registration executive order as he pushes Senate to pass sweeping HR 1 bill "Biden's executive order would require federal agencies to expand access to voter registration" Beth Bauman at Town Hall, Biden Signs Executive Order Aimed at Expanding 'Voter Access' explains:

President Joe Biden on Sunday signed an executive order aimed at expanding voting rights. It's the Biden administration's latest move to expand voting rights as they push the Senate to pass H.R. 1, the House Democrats' bill to radically transform America's election system, including prohibiting voter ID laws and mandating taxpayers fund political campaigns.

"It is the policy of my Administration to promote and defend the right to vote for all Americans who are legally entitled to participate in elections," the executive order stated. "It is the responsibility of the Federal Government to expand access to, and education about, voter registration and election information, and to combat misinformation, in order to enable all eligible Americans to participate in our democracy."

Agency heads will be required to post "relevant information" – like how to vote-by-mail and vote in an upcoming election – on websites and social media platforms. Those who visit will be directed to the appropriate state website that provides greater details on how to vote in that individual state.

Election officials are encouraged to distribute voter registration and voting-by-mail applications and help voters fill out those applications if need be. The executive order also instructs election officials to "solicit and facilitiat[e] approved, nonpartisan third-party organizations and State officials to provide voter registration services on agency premises."

Federal prisoners who are currently incarcerated with be educated on their voting rights, including whether or not they will be restored once their sentence is completed. Those who are eligible to vote will be registered to do so.

The executive order also establishes an "Interagency Steering Group on Native American Voting Rights" aimed at "protecting voting rights of Native Americans." The committee will include the attorney general, interior secretary, agriculture secretary, labor secretary, health and human services secretary and the VA secretary. Other agencies can be invited as needed. The steering committee's ultimate goal is to increase voter education, registration and turnout in the Native American communities.

At Hot Air, Jazz Shaw minimizes the damage:  Biden Signing Executive Orders To Change Voting Process

Despite having already broken records for the largest number of executive orders signed in the shortest period of time after taking office, Uncle Joe is making his pen work overtime this weekend. To commemorate Bloody Sunday, Biden is signing an executive order intended to “promote voting access” around the country. But can he actually change the nation’s voting laws without new legislation being passed by Congress first? Technically he cannot. But the details of these vaguely defined orders don’t actually make it look like he’s really changing much of anything.
. . .
Biden’s address paints these orders as some sort of sweeping reform, but even the Associated Press describes the details as “modest.” That’s putting it mildly. Let’s look at a few of the specifics. . . .

But from AllahPundit at Hot Hair Whoa: Manchin Open To Using Reconciliation To Pass Voting-Rights Bill? But that's far from clear.

News Max, Gaetz Blasts Biden for Lack of Press Briefings, Suggests 'Transition' to Harris Underway

In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Gaetz blasted President Joe Biden for holding so few news conferences.

“You have to wonder whether the transition to Harris has already begun,” he said.

“Joe Biden has had more nap time than questions from reporters … Joe Biden has had more attacks on Syria than he's had press conferences and so you have to ask to the progressive voters, is this really what you expected?

The JP,  Trump vows to campaign against Alaska's Republican Senator Murkowski "Decision motivated by Murkowski's support of Rep. Deb Haaland for interior secretary." Is that all?

And from Insty, NOW OUT: The Deep Rig: How Election Fraud Cost Donald J. Trump the White House, By a Man Who did not Vote for Him. Barnes & Noble version in nook is here. We've seen a lot from Byrne already, and he clearly thinks the election was stolen. I'm amazed Amazon is carrying it.

The Monday Morning Stimulus Package

 Well, it ain't $2,000, but it ain't nothing.

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Beach Report 3/7/21

It was in the upper 30s, clear and only a little breezy when Skye and I caught up With Georgia at the beach. The tide was just coming down from high, but even so, some sand bars were emerging
Not a great day for fossils; only 5 shark's teeth, and all mine. However, we met a friend on Calvert Beach who had just dredged up a small Megalodon, about an inch long. I should have asked to take a picture, but I didn't. 
A floating island on the Eastern Shore, in the back of the Little Choptank River. Not as impressive as the mirage from a few days ago, though.
Headed back to the barn.

Some Slow Rolling Russiagate

With the now historical crimes of the Deep State against Donald Trump a history whose story is yet to be full told, tt seems that a worthwhile collection takes about a week to accumulate, and Sunday seems like a good day to clear the deck. 

Too late for last week's, Nice Deb at Am Great reminds us John Durham Resigns From U.S. Attorney’s Office; Is Expected to Continue Investigation Into the FBI’s Russia Probe. But will he be allowed to continue, and will his report, if written, will be released to the public? I'm skeptical. From Sundance at CTH, Peter Navarro Guarantees At Least Three Indictments From John Durham Investigation, Along With Current FBI Resignations

Meanwhile, from Chuck Ross at Da Caller, Wray: FBI Has ‘Slowed’ Disciplinary Process For FISA Abuse In Order To Assist Special Counsel’s Probe, at least that's his excuse:
“Because we’re cooperating fully with Mr. Durham’s investigation, at his request, we have slowed that process down to allow his criminal investigation to proceed,” Wray told Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

“At the moment, that process is still underway in order to make sure that we’re being appropriately sensitive to the criminal investigation.”

Wray told Kennedy that he had not fired any of the FBI employees identified in a Justice Department inspector general’s report that blasted the bureau for making “significant” errors during its investigation into the Trump campaign’s possible ties to Russia.

Jerry Dunleavy at WaEx, FBI director says Crossfire Hurricane disciplinary action delayed at John Durham's request

Also from Sundance, Rosenstein Now Admits Recording Trump Was Discussed with Andrew McCabe

“I had a conversation with Andrew McCabe about an investigation that he was conducting involving the president. And there was a discussion about whether or not the president would be recorded in the course of that investigation. I never intended to wear a wire, and I think that if Mr. McCabe asked me to wear a wire, we would’ve had to reconsider the whole thing. Because you can’t run an investigation and serve as a witness,” Rosenstein said in an episode of the Siege on Democracy podcast published last month.” (read more)

More on Rosenstein, back in his earlier days as a US Attorney in Maryland, surveilling journalist Sheryl Attkisson, Lin Wood Whistleblower Connects VERY IMPORTANT Dot on Deep State Surveillance and Rosenstein Activity With FBI To Compromise People

The Lin Wood whistle-blower outlines how the Deep State was conducting electronic surveillance on political interests in order to compromise people. Shawn Henry was the head of Crowstrike, a known FBI contractor with access to the NSA database as outlined in the 2016 admissions by NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers. The database was compromised by FBI contractors conducting political surveillance.

Both the Lin Wood whistle-blower and the tipster to Sharyl Attkisson are noting that Rod Rosenstein was one of the organizers of the operations from his role as U.S. Attorney in Maryland. Now all of the compromises are pictured, and all of the motives behind all of these players starts to make a lot more sense.

I'm still ambivalent about Rod Rosenstein, but if he did, indeed, order, or even just go along with a higher up's suggestion that they bug and plant false evidence on Sheryl Attkisson, he should go to jail. 

More FBI abuse from Chuck Ross, ‘Frightening’: Devin Nunes Says FBI Informant ‘Made Up A Bunch Of Lies’ About Michael Flynn. A reminder of how Stefan Halper helped the FBI to spread false rumors about Michael Flynn and English student Svetlana Lokhova. Byron York at WaEx, Senate sick of FBI stonewalling. About the Capitol incursion, but it still applies. 

From John Solomon at JTN, a very amusing account of how the FBI's cozy relations with reporters often backfired, ending with inaccurate scandal stories, starring Peter Strzok, who clearly never heard of the Gel-Mann Amnesia effect: 

“Briefly stated, the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect is as follows. You open the newspaper to an article on some subject you know well. In Murray’s case, physics. In mine, show business. You read the article and see the journalist has absolutely no understanding of either the facts or the issues. Often, the article is so wrong it actually presents the story backward—reversing cause and effect. I call these the “wet streets cause rain” stories. Paper’s full of them.

In any case, you read with exasperation or amusement the multiple errors in a story, and then turn the page to national or international affairs, and read as if the rest of the newspaper was somehow more accurate about Palestine than the baloney you just read. You turn the page, and forget what you know.” – Michael Crichton (1942-2008)

Dan Chaitin at WaEx, Trump White House received declassification wish list, ex-investigator says

A declassification wish list was sent to former President Donald Trump's White House by members of Congress, according to a former Pentagon official who also served as a top investigator for the House Intelligence Committee.

On that list, Kash Patel said, was a classified House Intelligence Committee report that criticized the analytic tradecraft in the Obama administration's 2017 intelligence community assessment’s conclusions about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s motivations in the interference campaign leading to the 2016 election. However, despite an eleventh-hour declassification order by Trump before he left office last month, it has remained outside the public's view.
And while Trump was strong, the Deep State was stronger, In Final Days, Trump Gave Up On Releasing Russiagate Files, Nunes Prober Says "The House Intelligence Committee's Kash Patel said senior intelligence officials 'continuously impeded' their release – usually by slow-walking their reviews of the material."

Meanwhile, there appears to be a breakdown in the House regarding the Intelligence Committee, also from Dan Chaitin, Devin Nunes: Missing House Intelligence Committee appointments a 'big mystery'.Rep. "Devin Nunes, the top Republican on the panel, said this week only himself and Chairman Adam Schiff have been appointed to the committee so far, and there is no explanation for why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding off on naming additional members." Will Eric 'Fang Fang' Swallowell be allowed back on? My guess is yes, because China wants him. 

AP reports that Giuliani probe awaits Garland as he nears AG confirmation I guess we'll find out how non-partisan Garland is. I'm not optimistic. 

Ken Ryesky at Am Think  Nobody's Tax Returns are Confidential Anymore. Not while Congress is in session. 
I am not familiar with District Attorney Vance's suspicions that Donald Trump may have committed financial crimes, but if indeed the former President has, then his tax returns (which, as I have previously noted, no doubt comprise hundreds if not thousands of pages) would likely contribute some significant evidence to help secure a conviction.

As matters currently stand, the Supreme Court's allowance of disclosure is a precedent for future abuses by prosecutors nationwide. Nobody's tax returns can truly be confidential anymore.

But if Vance's accusations against the former President prove baseless, then Trump may well have additional arrows in his quiver. I.R.C. §§ 7213(a)(3) effectively felonizes the wrongful disclosure of all federal tax return information, even if obtained through channels not authorized by the Internal Revenue Code. The chances are excellent that, given the number of people in Vance's shop who will have access to Trump's tax returns (especially if the return information is presented to a grand jury), there will be someone who will illegally leak the information somewhere, and there may be hell to pay if, like Grover Cleveland, Donald Trump nonconsecutively serves another term in the Oval Office.
If I were Trump, I'd have my lawyers filling out the paperwork for a suit against Vance to be filed ASAP. 

Election 2020: Almost Not Worth the Effort

This collection that is. As to the other, make your own judgement. At WaEx, Trump defense officials should testify on slow Capitol riot response, Michigan Democrat says

Two of Donald Trump's Pentagon leaders should be hauled before Congress to explain why they were slow to deploy National Guard forces as the U.S. Capitol was being overrun by the former president's supporters, says a Democratic senator.

A Senate hearing this week drew heightened attention for revealing new details about the Defense Department's failure to respond quickly to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, but absent among witnesses were two key Trump DOD officials at the center of the response.

Now, Michigan Sen. Gary Peters is calling for former acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller and former Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy to testify.

“I certainly think we need to hear from them. There's no question,” Peters told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Thursday night. “They were central in the discussion yesterday in the hearing.”

I don't have a problem with this, as long as it's not being done out of spite. If you take one of the "big" jobs, you can expect to be asked about it even after you leave. Now do Benghazi.

Politico, Capitol riot shaman's TV interview irks judge "Defense lawyer used attorney privileges to put client on streaming edition of "60 Minutes."" Freedom of speech. If he thinks it helps his case, he should be allowed to. I doubt it does, but that's his problem.

Politico has a  Scoop: Trump sends legal notice to GOP to stop using his name, but it's picked up by Althouse, "Lawyers for former President DONALD TRUMP sent out cease-and-desist letters Friday to the three largest fundraising entities for the Republican Party... for using his name and likeness..." and Sundance at CTH, President Trump Tells RNC, NRCC and NRSC Not to Use His Name, Then Announces New Set of MAGA Endorsements. I can see how Trump could be irritated by a bunch of anti-Trumpers in the RINO wing using his face and name to fund raise. Then followed by Da Caller with Trump Unleashes Flurry Of Endorsements For Politicians Across The Country. As is his right. 

Christopher Barron at The Political Insider, When It Comes To 2024: Rest Assured, The America First Bench Is Deep

Also from Da Caller, Sen. John Thune Brushes Off Criticism From Trump: ‘If Getting Primaried Is The Price’ For Speaking Truth, ‘Then So Be It’

“Even though you didn’t even vote [inaudible] the impeachment trial in the Senate, and did not vote to convict the president, the very fact that you disputed the president’s claims of election fraud inspired his wrath when he said of you that your political career is over, and thought it would be a good idea for you to be primaried and challenged,” Cavuto began. “What did you think of all that and what is your relationship with the former president now?”

“It’s a free country, Neil, and he’s an individual that has a big following out there, obviously, politically, and continues to be a major force in the politics of our country. But, you know, I will do what I have to do in South Dakota. If getting primaried is the price for standing up, and speaking the truth, and standing up for the rule of law and the Constitution, then so be it,” Thune responded.

He went on to say the “main thing” going into the 2022 midterm elections is that Trump and Republicans in Congress “are going to be united” in working to win majorities in the House and Senate. He added that, in his view, the country is “heading into a left ditch” because “the Democratic Party is controlled by the Bernie Sanders wing of the party.”

Palm Sunday


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Annals of the Biden Crime Family: Party Like It's 1999

A semi DIY edition to clean out the bin.

'Biden's Boardwalk Bash': Joe & Hunter Used Public Funds to Schmooze Reporters in Exchange for Favorable Coverage. - Really, they need to bribe reporters with schmooze? Waste of money.

Ace of Spades HQ The Spectator: Evidence Suggests That China Has Kompromat on Joe Biden (Zhou Bai-Dan). You expected better? You knew he was in China's pocket

Biden State Department Nominee Is a Defender of China Propaganda Program - Washington Free Beacon. See above.

Biden State Dept Nominee Took Chinese Communist Trip, Praised 'Extraordinary' Xi Jinping. Ditto

Investigate Biden Insiders For Crimes Against The Republic – Issues & Insights. You're gonna have to win an election first. Democrats don't investigate Democrats.

Neera Tanden Withdraws from OMB Nomination, Biden's First Defeat. Yeah, great, but it's like trying to ward of a swarm of stinging wasps with a peashooter. 

GOP attorneys general call on Biden to withdraw nominee for associate attorney general. Are they trying to help him? 

Revolving door: Top Biden aides cashed in advising major corporations. The best government money can buy. 

Mystery deepens over Biden Interior nominee's finances as she files third amended ethics report | Just The News. See above.

Biden Nominee for Top Defense Post Attacked GOP in Incendiary Tweets - Washington Free Beacon. I thought evil tweeting was going to be banned?

EXC: Biden's African-American Advisor Sent Racist, Anti-White Tweets. You expected otherwise? How naïve. 

Top Biden Economic Policy Adviser Linked to Kashmiri Extremists | The American Spectator | USA News and Politics This is not my shocked face.

Biden Moves to Fire EEOC Top Lawyer Who Wouldn’t Resign - Bloomberg But what about Trump?

Biden to Indian-American NASA engineer: Boy, you guys are taking over the country, huh? Gaffe central.

Psaki Won’t Answer If Biden Supports ‘Unlimited Number’ Of Unaccompanied Minors Coming Entering U.S. | The Daily Wire. To ask the question is to answer it. 

Beach Report 3/6/21

Today was a lot like yesterday, without the Megalodon tooth. High 30s, windy (a little more west, which helped) and partly cloudy. Or is that partly sunny?
The tide was still pretty low, so we got all the way up past the big fall to where I found the tooth yesterday, but alas, lightening didn't strike twice. We did get 22 teeth, and Georgia smoked me for quality, with four nice Snaggletooths, including a lower which made the kitchen window sill. 
A pretty big crowd at Matoaka; Georgia said it was because I posted the big tooth on Facebook. It turned out to be a mostly a group of people from up the road who picked Matoaka as a beach to visit off the internet, and didn't even know what a shark's tooth looked like, so we showed them, and even gave them a little one. In return, Skye got plenty of pets.

Election 2020: QAnon Disappoints the Media

The fact that QAnon disappointed the QAnon conspiracy theorists by not showing up at the Capitol on March 4 continues to dominate the conversation. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.05.21 (Morning Edition),Twitchy: QAnon Theorists Get It Completely Wrong On March 4 “Insurrection”, Claim It’s Still Happening & LOL. Paul Mirengoff at Power Line, Threat to Capitol was a “mirage” 

Was there a reasonable basis to fear an attack? The Post says that the fear was based on predictions by some Trump supporters that the former president would return to power on March 4, which used to be Inauguration Day.

But was there any reason to believe that Trump supporters would commemorate this supposed event by storming the Capitol? I doubt it.

The January 6 storming occurred after Trump called on his supporters to come to Washington. The idea was to exert pressure on Mike Pence and others as the election results were about to be certified (although I don’t think there’s evidence that Trump envisaged a storming of the Capitol). Trump was in Washington that day and delivered a speech to his supporters.

None of these elements was present yesterday. Trump did not call on supporters to come to D.C. Trump himself was in Florida and gave no speech, as far as I know. Congress was engaged in no activity affecting the outcome of the 2020 election.

Were Trump supporters coming to Washington in large numbers? Nothing in the Post’s report suggests that they were. Thus, it seems that the show of force was a response to an imaginary threat.

At the PM,  Democrats used a March 4 'QAnon attack' to justify a military occupation of Washington DC—it never happened. Ace reports Democrat Sits Bravely on Capitol Steps to "Send a Message" to QAnon and Various Other Groups Which Are Not Planning an Armed Insurrection, "Bravely risking nothing at all, sitting behind tall razor-topped fences and National Guardsmen armed with M-16's.

And speaking of Congressmen who literally sleep with the enemy, Capt. Ed at Hot Hair, “A Direct And Forseeable Consequence”: Swalwell Sues Trumps, Giuliani, Brooks Over Capitol Riot; UPDATE: Discovery, Wonders NYT?. Ace, LOL: Eric Fang-Bang Swalwell Sues Trump, Claiming Trump Gave Him "Severe Emotional Distress" This sashaying ponce also says he's "prepared himself for hand-to-hand combat."

From the Guardian via MSN, A few rightwing 'super-spreaders' fueled bulk of election falsehoods, study says. "The Big Lie" is the new Big Lie. 

Ann Althouse notices an article by Gleen Grenwald, “As the Insurrection Narrative Crumbles, Democrats Cling to it More Desperately Than Ever.”  A new piece from Glenn Greenwald.

Perhaps the most significant blow to the maximalist insurrection/coup narrative took place inside the Senate on Thursday. Ever since January 6, those who were not referring to the riot as a “coup attempt” — as though the hundreds of protesters intended to overthrow the most powerful and militarized government in history — were required to refer to it instead as an “armed insurrection.” This formulation was crucial not only for maximizing fear levels about the Democrats’ adversaries but also, as I’ve documented previously, because declaring an “armed insurrection” empowers the state with virtually unlimited powers to act against the citizenry. Over and over, leading Democrats and their media allies repeated this phrase like some hypnotic mantra... 

And from Gleen's Twitter
And predictably -- just as happened during the Cold War, Oklahoma City, & 9/11 attack -- FBI is now using the threat of "insurrectionists" and "domestic terrorism" to justify greater surveillance powers. That's why exaggerating the threat is so dangerous.

Breitbart, National Guard Requested at Capitol for Two More Months. Is two months to flatten the opposition like two weeks to flatten the curve? Via the Wombat's  In The Mailbox: 03.05.21 (Evening Edition), the Victory Girls, Russel Honore Recommends Quick Reaction Force For Capitol Hill. A new Praetorian Guard, properly vetted of course, no conservatives need apply. Jordan Davidson at Da Fed, Pelosi’s Left-Wing Security Czar Demands More Fencing, More Troops, And More Money For Capitol ‘Security’ . Slso from from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.05.21 (Morning Edition), Weasel Zippers FBI’s Wray Bizarrely Claims Conservative Groups Behind ‘Most’ BLM/Antifa Riots…. Natalie Winters at TNP, Petition To Stop Capitol Hill Fence Hits 25,000 Signatures.. also from AIR TV, Peter Strzok Suggests Trump’s ‘Explicit Bias’ Prevented FBI.

Eric Lundrum at Am Great, FBI Confirms No Firearms Were Found During January 6th Capitol Protests, LI, FBI Official Tells Senate No One ‘Recovered’ Guns During Capitol Hill Riots. Worst "armed insurrection" ever. 

Julie Kelly at Am Great tells the story of A Family on Trial for January 6 "The Justice Department, which acts more like a consigliere for the Democratic Party than an impartial enforcer of the rule of law, wants to ruin the Cua family and send a message to others", while the WaPoo whines that Federico Klein, a Trump appointee in the State Department, arrested in Capitol riot probe, FBI says. Meanwhile TNP reports 1 In 3 BLM/AntiFa Rioters Are Having Their Cases Dismissed By Biden’s Dept Of Justice. And from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.05.21 (Morning Edition), Weasel Zippers, Biden* Justice Dept Quietly Dismissing Hundreds Of Cases Against BLM/Antifa Rioters… Sometimes assaulting Federal officers and trying to burn Federal buildings isn't so bad after all. As long as it's done in the name of a dead junky.

And then there's HR. 1, Nancy Pelosi's plan to take over the world. The Big Monkey at Ace's Morning Rant

Let's see what's in this poisonous, 800-page long "For the People" bill, H.R. 1, the House Democrats have succeeded in passing.

The information I'm presenting here comes from this tweet thread. If you don't want to give Twitter any direct clicks, the threadreader app version can be read here. He's got screen grabs of the actual text of the bill, so you can check it out for yourself.

Or, alternately, the entire bill can be downloaded as a pdf file.

Here are some of what's in store for us if it is passed:

Automatic voter registration. Did I hear someone say "motor voter"? Well, this is worse. If you change your address, you're automatically registered to vote. Apply for welfare, registered to vote. Register for a college class, automatically registered to vote.

This is a federal law, so it will be in effect in every state.

What about illegal aliens, excuse me, undocumented immigrants? I'm glad you asked. If they try to vote, they're protected from any consequences. Or if they are erroneously allowed to vote, they're Also protected from any consequences.

There will also be nationwide same day registration.

They'll be a boatload of new restrictions on the ability of states to remove ineligible voters from the rolls.

There are provisions regarding registering minors to vote. It effectively lowers the voting age to 16.

States aren't allowed to ask for voter ID, not even for absentee ballots

Mandating that states allow ballot harvesting.

Higher education will be paid and required to register voters and encourage them to vote, as long as they say they're citizens.

Absentee ballot drop boxes will sit out for a month and a half.

Mandatory curbside voting.

And this is just the stuff in the bill about voting. There's also provisions for DC statehood, a federal takeover of redistricting, and stiff penalties for propagating election "disinformation".

News Max, Rep. Scott DesJarlais: H.R. 1 Changed the Rules to Win the Game. From Faye Higbee and Jeff Dunetz at Da Lid, Twenty Attorneys General Send Letter Telling Congress HR 1 Is Unconstitutional "Do The Dems Care? Doubt It!" Given the constitutional primacy of state law over elections, one would think it's and open and shut case, but with our Supreme Court, it could go either way. Don Surber (also from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 03.05.21 (Morning Edition)) Don Surber tells Republicans Learn to ballot harvest. I believe I've been saying this right along.

And on the widely hoped for split in the Republican party, POLITICO Playbook: McCarthy struggles to manage Trump. I'll bet he does. Regarding this article Sundance responds, President Trump Positioning Resources and Strategy to Destroy DeceptiCons, also, Paul Ryan White-Knights For Liz Cheney, Will Hold Joint DeceptiCon Fundraiser. I'm ambivalent about Ryan; the Republicans need a fiscal conservative voice. I have no use for Cheney, I hate political nepotism and certainly Wyoming could find a more representative representative. 

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Rule 5 Saturday - Hailing from Shanghai - Leah Lewis

I noticed Leah Lewis when I did my "research" for my Rule 5 post on Nancy Drew's Kennedy McCann.

Leah Marie Liang Lewis (born December 9, 1996) is an American actress who began her career as a child actress. She is best known for her roles as Ellie Chu in the 2020 Netflix film The Half of It and as Georgia "George" Fan in The CW series adaptation of Nancy Drew.

Good enough for a Rule 5 post

As "George" Fan in Nancy Drew

Lewis was adopted from an orphanage in Shanghai, China when she was 6 months old and raised in Gotha, Florida. Her younger sister Lydia (non-biologically related) was later adopted from the same orphanage.

She discovered performing arts at Thornebrooke Elementary School in Ocoee, Florida; she also attended Southwest Middle School in Orlando, Florida as well as Gotha Middle School and the Crenshaw School in Windermere, Florida. She and her mother moved back and forth between Los Angeles and Orlando during her teen years. At 17, she went back to Orlando to finish high school at Olympia High School and then moved back to Los Angeles by herself at 19.
Linked at Pirate's Cove in the weekly Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup and links. The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Irina Meier and FMJRA 2.0: I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow awaiting your digital delight. 

Friday, March 5, 2021

Beach Report 3/5/21: Meg!

"This sucks!" said Georgia, who beat me to the beach by a few minutes. It was in the mid 30s F, and blowing 15-20 knots from the NW. Nevertheless, we persisted, and I'm sure glad we did.

Way up on the beach above Matoaka, in the bed of the little stream that comes down through the cliffs, I found what will probably be the tooth of the year, this 3 1/4 inch Megalodon tooth. (It might technically be a chubutensis; it has barely noticeable cusps on either side). I only regret I didn't have the presence of mind to take a picture of it lying there in the stream. 
Two cell phone pictures, it actually gets better close ups than my other camera. First, the lingual side.
And then the labial side.
Otherwise, it was a tough day for fossil, only about three little ones each. I don't care though.
Still looking.

Forget It Jake, It's Baltimore

or Balmer, as the natives sometime call it. John Sexton at Hot Air, Baltimore: High School Student With 0.13 GPA Is Near The Top Half Of His Class

This week Fox 45 in Baltimore reported on a 17-year-old high school student who was just told that instead of graduating, he is being sent back to 9th grade. How is this possible? Well, it turns out the young man has only been to school about half the time and when he was there he failed almost every class he took:
His transcripts show he’s passed just three classes in four years, earning 2.5 credits, placing him in ninth grade…

As we dig deeper into her son’s records, we can see in his first three years at Augusta Fells, he failed 22 classes and was late or absent 272 days. But in those three years, only one teacher requested a parent conference…

In his four years at Augusta Fells, France’s son earned a GPA of 0.13. He only passed three classes, but his transcripts show his class rank is 62 out of 120. This means, nearly half his classmates, 58 of them, have a 0.13 grade point average or lower.
So let’s just start with the school here. They knew this student wasn’t showing up for school and was failing nearly all his classes, yet they continued promoting him year after year. And only one teacher ever asked to talk to his family? And the same holds for at least half of the senior class. That explains the performance numbers at the school which Fox 45 published in a separate story. . .

Wanna bet that the three classes he passed were gym? Or the teacher just wasn't taking taking attendance and gave everybody a pass? At least in 2010, the teachers unions gave him an excuse.

Election 2020: The QAnon Coupe that Didn't Happen

First, Ace with a late report on the media/Democrat generated fear, after I pushed the "publish" button yesterday, Media/Left/NeverTrump Gins Up Panic About "Chatter" About March 4 Coup "Congress voted to make the 2020 election rules permanent -- again ignoring the Constitution's words that state legislatures will make their election laws -- and then went home, claiming the risk of QAnon Shaman raiding the Capitol was just too great." Then, Washington Post: The Panic That We and the Deep State (and Our NeverTrump Gollums) Ginned Up About a March 4 Coup By QAnon Shamanites Proves to be "A Mirage" "You don't say." And finally And Here We Go: Now There Is "Intelligence" That the Coup That Didn't Happen Today Will Instead Happen on March 20th, Or Maybe April 15th, Or... Maybe a Randomly Selected Day Every Month Until The End of Time

Why it's almost as if we're in a state of Permanent Coup, of the Deep State against those outside of the Corporate-Government Complex.

They will keep inventing these "Next Expected Day of a QAnon Coup" days forever, one national emergency flowing smoothly into the next.

Am Mil News, House cancels Thurs. votes over Capitol attack warnings by FBI, DHS; reports. "Thousands of National Guard troops remain in Washington D.C. and an actual attack on the Capitol is unlikely." No shit. And Capitol Police request Nat’l Guard at US Capitol for 2 more months.  Bruce Carroll at PJ Media, U.S. Capitol May Stay Militarized Well Into Spring. Nope, Ace is right, the Praetorian Guard is here to stay, one way or another. At NYPo, Miranda Devine discusses Nancy Pelosi’s Capitol pawns and at Town Hall Leah Barkoukis notices how Tucker Carlson Zeroes in on the Left's 'Biggest Fear'

"A lot of liberals were certain that March 4 was the day the right-wing revolution would finally begin. March 4, they believed, with something called 'QAnon Inauguration Day,'" he said, adding that they have no idea what that means and can guarantee the vast majority of Trump supporters don't either.

"They'd heard about it from Nancy Pelosi, who told her bodyguards to write up a report on the threat of QAnon Inauguration Day. So that's what they did. We never really learned any details, but members of Congress were not taking chances," Carlson continued. "Many of them fled the Capitol Thursday. House leaders rescheduled votes so that the rank-and-file legislators could escape with their lives, if not with their dignity."

What happened was predictable: nothing. More media showed up than anyone else.

This "credible threat" was just the latest in a series of lies to keep D.C. militarized, he argued, because the National Guard is there for political reasons more than anything else.

"This is very strange behavior for a democracy," Carlson pointed out. "In a democracy, leaders are supposed to rule with the consent of the governed. You would think that might have occurred to some people on Capitol Hill. If we're this afraid of American voters, maybe something's wrong. Maybe we're not doing a very good job. Maybe we ought to shut up for a second and listen to the complaints of the people whose lives we control. Maybe then we wouldn't need razor wire around the Capitol.

'Charles Turot' at Am Think, What We Know And Don’t Know About The Events Of January 6th

The unrest of January 6th was the most fortuitous possible event for the Left, whose goal is to marginalize and silence anyone opposing their radical agenda. They will use it as a bludgeon, with the tacit approval of many.

Such events seldom happen by sheer luck. There is far too much we still don’t know about this one.

 Byron York's Daily Memo: Developing some perspective on the Capitol riot

First, the riot is often referred to as an "armed insurrection." A search of the Nexis database of newspapers, websites, and cable news transcripts finds 2,339 times since January 6 in which the riot was described as an "armed insurrection." On many other occasions, the rioters were described simply as "armed." But the description requires an asterisk that is rarely, if ever, applied. A small number of the rioters did indeed have baseball bats or bear spray, and a few used flagsticks or even, in one case, a crutch as weapons to assault Capitol police. But the armed insurrectionists did not use any firearms. Before January 6, if anyone heard the phrase "armed insurrection," he or she might have assumed guns were involved. At the Capitol riot, they weren't. . . .

Ex-Republican Capt. Ed at Hot Air has  “Creating Positive Vibrations”: CBS Interviews The All-Organic QAnon Wonder Shaman For Some Reason (interview is there if you really want it) and never-Trumper Patterico features Mother of “QAnon Shaman” Speaks Out and it sort of explains how he got there.

Tyler O'Neil at PJ Media thinks Americans See Through Democrats' New War on Terror Rhetoric. Well, many of us do. 

Americans can see through the rhetoric, however. According to a new Harvard/Harris poll, most Americans say Democrats are using the Capitol riot “as an excuse to silence political voices on the right.”

“Do you think the Capitol riots are being used as an excuse to silence political voices on the right or is the reaction to them a legitimate response to the violence?” pollsters asked.

Most respondents (59 percent) said the Capitol riot is being used to silence conservative voices, while 41 percent said the reaction was a legitimate response to the violence.

Pollsters also asked a broader question: “Do you think that the events at the U.S. Capitol are being used by politicians to suppress legitimate political movements or do you think there is no such suppression of legitimate movements?”

Most respondents (64 percent) said politicians are using the Capitol riot to “suppress legitimate political movements, while only 36 percent said “there is no such suppression.”

And providing a segue, Sundance at CTH, Democrats Pass HR1 To Federally Weaponize Election, Then Lockdown Capitol and Ask for 60-Day Extension of Military Troops to Protect Them

Let us not mince words. (1) Late last night the hardline leftists occupying the majority position, by a slim four vote margin in the House of Representatives, passed a bill on a party-line vote HR1 which fully codifies and weaponizes all opportunities for election fraud throughout the U.S. (2) Immediately after passing the election usurpation bill, the same House leaders then locked-down the capitol under the auspices of a fraudulent “threat”, and then; (3) requested a 60-day extension for the military to maintain their protective isolation behind fences and barbed wire.

LLoyd Billingsley at Front Page, FBI Goes Totally Comeytose "Christopher Wray will spearhead Dems’ offensive against Trump supporters in the wake of January 6." But Antifa is "just an idea".

Tyler O'Neil, House Passes Bill Gutting Election Integrity, Free Political Speech, Joseph Klein at Front Page, The Dems’ Voting Fraud Encouragement Bill,  Betsy McCaughey at NYPO,  Pelosi’s election ‘reform’ would make 2020’s chaos the norm, Andrea Widburg at House Democrats pass bill to change American voting forever

John Fund says H.R. 1 "is the worst piece of legislation I have ever seen in my 40 years reporting from Washington." According to him, the bill, if it becomes law, "would cement all of the worst changes in election law made in blue states in 2020 and nationalize them." He quotes Hans von Spakovsky, who summarized some of the worst aspects of the bill. (The link Fund gives for Spakovsky is here, but it goes to a dead page. [Update: This page contains the same summary.])

WSJ whines (via Hot Air) that Trump Is Rewriting History By Passing The Buck On The Georgia Runoffs echoed by Joseph Curl at JTN, Trump makes new claims about why GOP lost U.S. Senate races in Georgia ""Republicans did not turn out to vote because they were so angry and disappointed ..." the former president said. Isn't he really saying what they said? Why the fact check tone?"

Natalie Winters at TNP, Massive 78% Of Mail-In Ballots Proved Fraudulent, Judge Orders Election Do-Over. WCBI, Notary Arrested, Charged With Voter Fraud In Connection With Aberdeen Alderman Election Democrats will risk jail to cheat in their own primaries, but they would never lower themselves cheat against Republicans, am I right?

Linked at The Daley Gator in More Leftist BS about “threat to Capitol”.

Fish Pic Friday - Cherlyn Arnold

Cheryln Arnold aka slayherlyn

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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Beach Report 3/4/21

A 15 knot NW wind made it much less pleasant today than it was yesterday, but Skye said we had to go, so we did.
A good low tide and lots of shell hash made for decent fossil hunting; lots of small teeth, and a couple good ones.
Broken dreams, 2/3ds of a nice, sharp White Shark tooth, and a broken shark vertebra.
Not a laughing gull, but I think he was laughing at me.

Got the Trump Shot!

Today was our day to get the vaccine, at a CVS up the road in Dunkirk MD, one of the closest sites we could get. The process went about as smooth as you could hope. Upon getting inside the door they were already to check our ID and confirm we were registered, and marched us to the waiting for the shot section; upon which time I decided it was a good time to go pee. By the time I got out, Georgia was already in the booth getting her temperature taken prior to the shot, and I was ushered into the next booth. 

The shot itself (the Moderna vaccine) was relatively painless, a very small volume (0.5 ml), which seemed much less than the annual flu shot. After the shot, we went to the post vaccine waiting area to wait for 15 minutes to be sure we didn't keel over. So far, other than turning orange, no side effects, although I wouldn't be surprised to get a sore arm (or even worse) later today. We were out before our scheduled times. The second shot is already scheduled for early April.

Incidence of coronavirus infection from patients who received placebo vs. vaccine. Via FDA

It's a little hard to see, but it looks like immunity starts to kick in around day 10.

We treated ourselves to a lunch at 5 Guys, eaten in the car, and a trip through to carwash.

I suppose Skye is going to expect a walk regardless. 

UPDATE: Entirely expectedly, somewhere during the afternoon walk, my arm started to get sore, and by night it was hurting. This morning it seems to be calming down. I typically react to flu vaccines this way, but it was not as bad as the second. I would not be shocked to have a reaction like Rick's (see comment below) after the second shot.

Election 2020: March 4 2021

Supposedly the day the QAnon conspirators and their right minded allies attempt to take over the Capitol again. LI, U.S. Capitol Police Obtain Intelligence of ‘Possible Plot’ By a Militia to ‘Breach the Capitol’.  All the news shows were full of it last night, so I expect next to nothing will happen. Insty, THE ARMED CAPITOL HILL INSURRECTION — THAT WASN’T: FBI Official Says No Guns Were Recovered During Capitol Riot Arrests. Worst insurrection ever. FBI Director Wray Refuses To Disclose Brian Sicknick’s Cause Of Death (Da Caller). One suspects to do so would deflate the agenda. From NYPo, FBI Director Christopher Wray didn’t read memo warning of attack before Capitol riot. He was too busy covering up crimes by the FBI regarding Russiagate. 

Wray admitted to senators that he didn’t see the warning — reportedly describing preparation for “war” with “glass breaking, doors being kicked in” — until after the violence that disrupted certification of President Biden’s victory.

Da Caller reports a poll that claims POLL: Americans More Concerned About Violence Over The Summer Than Capitol Riot. Most Americans live closer to a city affected by the BLM insurrection than Washington D.C. We even had a minor incident in Prince Frederick. Only a little tear gas. Also from Da Caller, Here’s How Kayleigh McEnany Reacted During The Capitol Riot. Horrified, but not horrified enough for liberals. 

More on what may be the attempted poisonings of National Guard in Washington. Fox, Michigan National Guard members complain of undercooked, contaminated meals while in DC "National Guard spokesman says 50 members have been treated for 'gastrointestinal complaints'" Natalie Winters at TNP, ‘Metal Shavings & Raw Beef’: Whistleblower Reveals National Guard Troops Sent To Hospital From Meals. I presume they know who made the meals, but nobody seems to be holding them accountable. 

I’m not saying Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao resigned after the January 6 Capitol Hill riot just because she owed the DC team a favor following the post-election meeting between her husband, Mitch McConnell, and Attorney General Bill Barr; who just happened to *not* take up the ethics probe of Chao following the same meeting (noted below left), but….. It sure does look sketchy.

When looked at in the proper light, everything in DC looks sketchy, and they mostly are.

Nick Stehle at Am Spec,  Federal Election ‘Reform’ Threatens Anti-Fraud Efforts Across the Country "Voters’ rights should instead be protected by state-level efforts to shore up election security."

I’m not going to mince my words here. This legislation, the poorly named For the People Act, is an assault on free speech and representative government that could effectively silence half the country and lead us to one-party rule for generations. It would strip power away from the states to run their own election process. By forcing states to take on early voting, no-fault absentee balloting, and wide-sweeping voter registration changes, Congress would be wiping away years of hard work on the local level to ensure every eligible vote is counted and every eligible vote counts.

The other Spectator, HR 1 must be stopped "This Democratic ‘reform’ will undermine democracy far more than anything Donald Trump has done" Stacey Lennox at PJ Media, Voting Rights Are Enhanced—Not Destroyed—by Laws That Make Elections More Secure. Da Signal, Election Integrity Is a National Imperative

NewsMax, Mike Pence Breaks Silence: Dems' Election Bill 'Unconstitutional Power Grab', Sundance, Mike Pence Discovers the Need for Election Integrity, Jumps into MAGA Ship Before it leaves DeceptiCon Dock

Tilting at Windmills, Why The Freakout Over Georgia Voting Bill Is Telling

See, while they argue that voter fraud had no meaningful impact in the 2020 election, they can’t say there was no fraud at all. We’ve seen a number of incidents that raised red flags for a lot of people. Especially here in Georgia.

Yes, Democrats won here, but they did it in a way that cast a pronounced shadow on the election overall.

If Democrats believe they won fair and square, absolutely nothing in the Georgia bill will really stop eligible voters from being able to cast their ballots. What it will do, though, is make things more difficult for fraudsters.

The fact that the left is losing it over this tells us that they don’t actually want secure elections. They want the rules so loose they might as well not exist.

In other words, many of them suspect they only won in Georgia due to voter fraud and they don’t want anything to get in their way if they have to do it again.

 Wa Free Bee, Supreme Court Poised to Reject Democratic Challenge to Arizona Election Laws

The Supreme Court seemed likely to uphold a pair of disputed Arizona election laws on Tuesday, teeing up its biggest decision about race and voting rights since 2013.

At issue are two election rules: one that disqualifies votes cast outside a polling place and another that limits the ability of third parties to turn in ballots for others, a practice known as "ballot harvesting." The Democratic challengers say both laws disproportionately affect minority voters in Arizona, like Native Americans in remote parts of the state who lack reliable mail service and easy access to polling places.

Thursday Tanlines


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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Beach Report 3/3/21

Sunny, mid 40's and not very windy (7 knots SE) at the beach today. A pretty nice day.

Must have been some weird atmospherics going on over the bay, as the Fata Morgana mirage kept coming and going, making the eastern side look like a bridge.
Some detail with the maximum zoom on the camera.
The best of 22 sharks teeth, a 1 5/16ths inch Mako, with some unusual banded coloration. This is the "lingual" side, the side facing the tongue.
And the labial (lips) side.
Almost back to the car!