Friday, June 30, 2023

Beach Report 6/30/23

Still smoky here today, but otherwise a pretty nice day, about 75, partly cloudy, and a stiff west wind.

Even though we arrived around high tide, and there was a lot of sand, we did OK on teeth, with 11 between us, including a Cow Shark, with all the cusps, but not lot of root left.

Flotsam and Jetsam - High Court Nixes Affirmative Action

Liberals hurt worst. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.29.23, EBL, Supreme Court Rules Harvard’s Racist Admission Policies Are Unconstitutional, Twitchy, Fauxcahontas takes a swing at SCOTUS & KOs herself instead and Tweeps point and laugh at the soft bigotry of Democrats’ sock accounts, American Power: Supreme Court Strikes Down Race-Based Admissions at Harvard and U.N.C., Glenn Reynolds: Affirmative Action’s Demise & Higher Education, Hogewash, In Re Affirmative Action,Legal Insurrection: Clarence Thomas Reading His Epic Takedown Of KBJ’s Affirmative Action Dissent Left Her “Visibly Angry”, SUNY Buffalo Law School Program Racial Preference For “Students of Color” Challenged By Equal Protection Project and  ‘Tyranny of a Minority’: The Left Freaks Out After Affirmative Action Ruled Unconstitutional, Power Line, Supreme Court Finally Strikes Down Race-Based Admissions, and The time has come today, Volokh Conspiracy: The Unsurprising Affirmative Action Decision in Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard, also, Thoughts on the Supreme Court’s Ruling in the Harvard and UNC Racial Preferences Cases and The Federalist, Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Dissent Is An Argument For Institutional Racism,   Of Course Ketanji Brown Jackson Supports Affirmative Action. It’s The Only Reason She’s A Supreme Court Justice. If that weren't enough, at New Busters, MSNBC MELTS DOWN After Affirmative Action Ruled Unconstitutional. Tom Knighton at Tilting at Windmills says SCOTUS makes the right call on affirmative action. Ace, in all cap, red italic font, with the patented flaming skull, SUPREME COURT STRIKES DOWN AFFIRMATIVE ACTION IN COLLEGE ADMISSIONS CALLING IT A VIOLATION OF THE EQUAL PROTECTION CLAUSE "The decision was 6-3. The breakdown was as you would guess." 

Does this mean that affirmative action is done? Oh no. No no no no no. Schools have been abandoning objective tests of academic potential as well as emphasis of a student's grades precisely because they anticipated that this was coming. They are getting rid of all merit-based measures of a student -- so that they can continue affirmative action admissions without leaving a paper trail behind.

Admissions will be based 100% on student essays, or, let's be honest and call them Student Declarations of Grievance and Disadvantage, because that's all they'll be going forward.

And schools like Harvard will continue to rate Asian students as "lacking personality and interest," because they need to find some excuse for denying the admission of academic standouts.

This will be the next series of court battles -- suing schools for Not-So-Stealth continuation of affirmative action policies, and trying to subpoena applications materials and evaluations of students.

Do not be surprised when colleges and universities -- which we're all paying for through massive taxation -- adopt the FBI's policy of simply never recording critical conversations.

You can't disclose what you never bothered to write down in the first place!

Related: The left will make this the second-biggest election push, after Roe v. Wade, and just in front of transitioning everyone's children.
Insty, HEY, IT WAS A SWEET GRIFT FOR HER: ‘Pow Wow Chow’ author has thoughts on affirmative action. Plus Guy Benson@guypbenson "I’m sorry but it’s f*** hysterical that this white woman falsely claimed to be a person of color for years — using that bogus distinction to her personal & professional advantage — and just this week we discovered she’s actually the descendant of slave owners. Chefs’ kiss" in response to Elizabeth Warren@SenWarren "An extremist Supreme Court has once again reversed decades of settled law, rolled back the march toward racial justice, and narrowed educational opportunity for all. I won't stop fighting for young people with big dreams who deserve an equal chance to pursue their future." 
At PJM, Charlie Martin sees Hunter Biden by Gaslight. Chuck Ross at Da Caller, Deep State of Denial: Ex-Spies and Biden Aides Silent on Hunter Biden Laptop Revelations. Hopefully they'll stay shut up forever, but I doubt they're capable of shame. Scott Johnson at Power Line in Deep state of denial adds " What do Natasha Bertrand (now with CNN) and Politico have to say about their role in disseminating the letter? Even the Washington Post and the Associated Press appear to have passed on it before Politico published it along with Bertrand’s story." From Mediaite, Nicolle Wallace Fails to Ask Biden About His Son Hunter’s Guilty Plea During 20-Minute Interview. At Da Caller, ‘Just A Complainer’: MSNBC Guest Says IRS Whistleblower Isn’t Legitimate. From NYPo, the divine Ms. Devine says Allegations against Biden and his family are too credible to wipe away with ‘father’s love’ sob story

Ace, Hunter and James Biden's Former Business Partner, Tony Bobulinski, Was Ready, Willing, and Able to Testify Before the Sham Grand Jury "Investigating" Hunter. Strangely, He Was Never Called to Give Testimony. "Gee, that's weird, Merrick Garland told me that David Weiss was empowered to investigate all crimes allegedly committed by Hunter Biden." Mary Chastain at LI, ‘Bidens are the Best’: Hunter Demanded $10M From Chinese Energy Company, Bragged About Connections, Hunter demanded $10 million because $5 million “is not acceptable obviously.” Da Wire, Biden Denies Taking Part In Son’s Alleged Shakedown Of Chinese Businessman, but it's possible he just doesn't remember. Michael Ginsberg at Da Caller would like you to Meet The US Attorney Who Allegedly Covered For Hunter Biden. "Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf of Delaware, accused of stonewalling federal agents building a criminal case against Hunter Biden, is a lifelong Democrat who previously worked for a major liberal law firm." Tristan Justice at Da Fed finds a Former Head Of DOJ Tax Division who Urges Federal Judge To ‘Trash’ Hunter Biden Plea Deal. Wouldn't that just be the schitz? At Breitbart Peter Schweizer: Investigations Detonate Two Bombs Under Joe Biden

 At TNP, Trump is Suing E Jean Carroll, in a Manhattan court? I suppose the nuisance value is something.

At YaHoo! Feds Charge Investors in Truth Social Deal With Insider Trading. Lawfare against anyone who shows public support for Trump. Elle Purnell at Da Fed details how the DOJ Rot Goes So Much Deeper Than Merrick Garland

From Breitbart,  Oldest President in American History Placed on Respiratory Device. At the Free Bacon, Biden's Failure To Treat Sleep Apnea May Have Increased Risk of Dementia, Studies Show, 'His brain forgets to breathe during sleep' and forgets to think when he's awake. Rick Moran at PJM, Yes, Joe Biden Using a CPAP Machine to Help Him Sleep Is a Big Deal. Sister Toldja at Red State thinks an Unwell-Looking Joe Biden Tells on Himself in SCOTUS Comments During Trainwreck MSNBC Interview. Dan Flynn at Am Spec, Joe Biden Is Not Senile — He’s Stupid, "Now people chalk up to age what we all knew way back was IQ." Stephen Kruiser at PJM wonders How Many Impaired Democrats Does It Take to Destroy a Republic?

Politico, Biden puts all his chips on the table with a push on ‘Bidenomics,’ "The push to own the economy, by literally branding it with the president’s name, is not without risk." From Da Caller, Biden Brags About Killing Coal Plants As Grid Operators Warn Of Rolling Blackouts. I&I claims Biden Will Be Haunted By The Ghost Of His Campaign Past “I said go back to your old neighborhoods. Ask them how they’re doing, how they’re feeling. They’re in trouble.”  At Am Con, How Does Hunter Affect 2024? "Gavin Newsom couldn’t ask for a better setup to a presidential run." Ace, NBC "News:" For Republican Who "Validated" Biden and Endorsed Him in 2020, The Future Looks Bleak. "Oh no. No. Don't say that. Don't you say that. Unrelated: Is everyone enjoying AllahPundit's now-free column at The Dispatch?"

Althouse, Challenge RFK Jr. to his face — call him an anti-vaxxer — and see what happens. video at link, "I wasn't surprised by the strength of Kennedy's response, because I'd heard him say much the same thing (and more) on the Joe Rogan podcast." Eric Lendrum at Am Great on how Inevitable Suppression Awaits the RFK Jr. Movement.

At the Peacock, Ron DeSantis says he would eliminate four federal agencies if elected president, "Florida's Republican governor said he would seek to abolish the departments of Education, Commerce and Energy, as well as the IRS." A decent start. Mike LaChance at LI, Ron DeSantis Goes For Jugular of Education Establishment, Sues To Halt “Unchecked Power” Of Federal-Enabled College Accreditators “The result is that private accrediting agencies enjoy near limitless power over state institutions,” Complaint asserts, seeks injunction to block Education Department from enforcing accreditation-related provisions of the Higher Education Act." True, but not an issue with a lot of punch. 

Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.29.23, Da Tech Guy thinks The Left Won’t Like this Silver Lining, also, Joe Biden’s latest attempt to steal elections will make Wile E. Coyote proud. Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed Congratulations To America’s Propaganda Press For Discovering Election Oversight. "The Associated Press (AP) and CNN deserve a round of applause. Not for spreading regime-approved propaganda or advancing conspiracies like the Trump-Russia collusion hoax for years, but for finally discovering how election oversight works. Both outlets published separate articles earlier this week warning of the looming threat of Republican-controlled legislatures exercising their constitutional authority to oversee and administer elections in their respective states." Paula Bolyard at PJM, sees the Left in Full Panic Mode as Ohio Constitutional Protection Amendment Would Make It Harder to Subvert Legislature

Ben Bartee at PJM catches Biden's Transgender Czar Threatens Child Suicide If He Can't Trans Them. "Fixed" or "unfixed" trans people have insanely high rates of suicide, because, well, they're crazy. Atop Da Hill, Leor Saper attempts to explain Why Europe and America are going in opposite directions on youth transgender medicine. "If implemented in American clinics, the European approach would effectively deny puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to most adolescents who are receiving these drugs today. Unlike in the U.S., in Europe surgeries are generally off the table before adulthood. . . . The answer is that Europeans are following principles of evidence-based medicine (EBM), while Americans are not." Mike LaChance at LI, sees NBC News Desperately Tries to Spin Trans Activists Chanting ‘We’re Coming for Your Children,’ “The ‘coming for your children’ chant has been used for years at Pride events, according to longtime march attendees and gay rights activists.”

Oli London@OliLondonTV "LGBT Foundation recommends people use the word ‘bonus hole’ instead of ‘vagina’ in order to avoid upsetting trans people." Hat Hair's Dave Strom asks What is a "bonus hole?" "I am reasonably certain that if Gallup did a poll of 100,000 women, not a single one would spontaneously come up with the phrase “bonus hole” to describe that particular body part, especially in the context of a medical procedure. Nor, I suspect, would it inspire confidence in a person to have one’s doctor start describing their procedure for cervical cancer screening by using the term “bonus hole.”" Stick that up your bonus hole and smoke it. 

Ace, Tranheuser-Busch CEO Says We Should Blame Him for the Dylan Mulvaney Fiasco, Not His Poor Employees or Distributors -- But No, Now That You Ask, He's Not Resigning, "I will take all responsibility for this decision. But I also will take no responsibility for this decision." From Behind the Black, Google employees (!) force the company to drop sponsorship of queer event. "It would seem that the growing backlash against the queer agenda — including its eager willingness to go after children — might have gained so much steam that even in leftist havens like Google, it has become unacceptable. If so, this is possibly the best news we have in this culture war in years." Thomas Klocek at Am Think thinks Corporate America Doesn't Hear Anybody

Mark Judge (remember him?) at Wa Ex notes The New York Times wants you to read banned books — just not conservative ones. At Campus Reform Ousted ASU official slams school for caving to 'faculty's illiberal tantrum'.  At the Intercept, TOP NIH OFFICIAL ADVISED COVID SCIENTISTS THAT HE USES PERSONAL EMAIL TO EVADE FOIA "David M. Morens, a high-ranking official at the National Institutes of Health, told prominent scientists discussing Covid’s origins that he would delete emails."

The Wombat has and FMJRA 2.0: No Joy In Philly up on time and under budget at The Other McCain.

Fish Pic Friday - Alesia Halliday

Alesia Halliday@alesiahalliday

Linked at The Right Way in the weekly Rule 5 Saturday LinkOrama. The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Elisabeth Giolito up on time and under budget at The Other McCain.

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Beach Report 6/29/23

The smoke from Canadian wildfires is back, with air quality advisories in the Baltimore Washington area. There was a very faint smoke smell, but not as bad as it was on the last go around. I think this photo exaggerates it . . .
,. . .  and this photo minimizes it. We walk a little late today, and had a pretty decent low tide. Other than the smoke, it was pretty pleasant, in the upper 70s and not windy
We found 22 teeth, and 3 sting ray barbs.  We were just about off the beach, and talking to some visiting fossil hunters when I spotted this Mako tooth right at the surf line. It's pretty beat up, but still a decent find.
A female Hercules Beetle on the beach. Clearly in the wrong place. A male Hercules Beetle would have a large horn on it's nose. They're basically harmless.

Flotsam and Jetsam on a DIY Thursday

 Double stuffed because I was doing something else yesterday.

The Burgeoning Biden Scandals 

CBS Evening News — !!! — Reports About Hunter Biden Influence Scandal Cover-Up : The Other McCain
In The Mailbox: 06.28.23 : The Other McCain
More Evidence Against Hunter Biden Is Coming – PJ Media
Hunter Biden's Attorney Confirms WhatsApp Text Shaking Down Chinese Businessman Is Real
Biden Flees After Brushing Off Hunter Question With One-Word Answer - The Daily Caller
Ace of Spades HQ Ana Navarro: The Hunter Biden/Joe Biden Chinese Shakedown Scandal Is "A Story of a Father's Love"
Hunter Biden’s 7% Solution: Using Addiction to Excuse Accusations - The Messenger
Don't Try Doing What Hunter Biden Did | Frontpage Mag
Althouse: "Ultimately, Hunter Biden will himself be called to testify before the House. Maybe he'll refuse to say anything."
The stuff Hunter Biden didn't get indicted for - Washington Examiner
Ace of Spades HQ Correction: It Was Hunter Biden Who Promised the Chinese Communist Official, "We know the Biden's (sic) are the best I know at doing exactly what the Chairman wants from this partnership."
Hunter Biden plea: Messages invoking 'my father' resulted in millions from CCP-linked company | Washington Examiner
Who let the dogs out? CBS goes after Hunter Biden and Garland – HotAir
John Solomon says he called secret cell phone # in Biden docs (guess who answered) – Twitchy
Hunter Biden set to be deposed for hours under oath TODAY in lawsuit by owner of repair store - Daily Mail Online
Emails Suggest Weiss Misled Congress By Claiming Charging Authority
Ace of Spades HQ Another Whistleblower Comes Forward to Allege Administration Interference and Favoritism in the Hunter Biden Corruption Cover-Up
IRS whistleblower's boss confirms claims - by Tom Knighton
FBI Director Christopher Wray Will Testify Before House Judiciary Committee | The Daily Caller
POSOBIEC: The FBI never opened a counterintelligence investigation in 2020 on Hunter Biden but did on Trump in 2016 - Human Events -
GOP Lawmaker Says Biden Has 'Lawyered Up' Amid Widening Bribery Probe
Are the walls closing in on The Big Guy? – HotAir on Twitter: "Joe Biden just SCREAMED at a reporter for asking if he was involved "in [Hunter Biden's] Chinese shake-down text message."" - Twitter
“Everything about this case is wrong” - Power Line
Media Use Russia ‘Coup’ To Kick Biden Scandal Off Front Page 

Electoral Politics as Usual

In The Mailbox: 06.27.23 : The Other McCain
Ironic Journalism : The Other McCain
How Can the Dems Get Rid of Joe? - American Thinker
Tucker Carlson Makes Chilling Prediction About 2024 – PJ Media
The White House's New Excuse for Biden's Economic Failures Is Something Else
Biden Had One Heckuva Exchange With Reporters on the WH Lawn Wednesday
White House routinely edits transcripts of Biden remarks, for obvious reasons – HotAir
White House Routinely Edits Transcripts Of Biden’s Speeches To Make Him Look Coherent - The Daily Wire
Jill Biden rakes in millions for Joe's re-election campaign, assures donors "nothing" can slow him down – HotAir
Just 36% Agree With Biden That The Economy Is ‘Strong’- I&I/TIPP Poll – Issues & Insights
WATCH: Biden announces $42.5 billion plan to expand high-speed internet to communities with no or slow service - PBS NewsHour
Whether He Meant It or Not, Trump's New Name for Biden Totally Works
NBC News poll: Kamala just notched another historic first! – HotAir
And With Those Remarks, You Can See Why Kamala Harris' Poll Numbers Are Abysmal
Gavin Newsom: The Groomed Leftist Who Expects To Be President
McCarthy isn't sure that Trump is the strongest Republican candidate in 2024 – HotAir
GOP Voters Weary of Trump's 'Airing of the Grievances' – HotAir
‘No Excuses’: DeSantis Rolls Out Plan To Shut Down Illegal Immigration During Border Visit | The Daily Wire
Can President DeSantis or Trump End Birthright Citizenship? – PJ Media
Your ‘Private’ Messages Aren’t Private : The Other McCain
DeSantis campaign makes a stupid mistake in New Hampshire – HotAir
The GOP Needs to Regroup to Face Potential New Challengers - American Greatness
Althouse: "The Elections Clause does not vest exclusive and independent authority in state legislatures to set the rules regarding federal elections."
'Tough Noogies' – Georgia Won't Fix Its Dominion Machines.
SCOTUS kills the "independent state legislature" theory, 6-3 – HotAir
Tester press aide to reporter: "Can the senator’s penis please be off the record?" – HotAir

Misdismal Information

Biden Administration ‘Colluded’ With Big Tech To Censor Americans, House Lawmakers Report Says - The Daily Wire
‘Shockingly Callous’: Fox News Fires Remaining Tucker Staffers In Show’s Final Stroke - The Daily Caller
Hey Leftists: Stop With the Whining About Being 'Unsafe' on Twitter – PJ Media

Trump Troubles and The Deep State

CNN Airs Audio of Trump Allegedly Showing People 'Highly Confidential, Secret' Documents
Trump: "Deranged" special counsel leaked audio that contradicts answer to Baier – HotAir
Donald Trump and the Case of the Audio Evidence
This audio recording doesn't look good for Trump -- at the moment – HotAir
Former Fox News Reporter Guts the Liberal Media's Latest Narrative on Trump IndictmentDistrict Attorney Recuses Her Office From Prosecuting Atlanta Domestic Terrorists – PJ Media

The Great Culture War

Outraged 'Transwoman' Complains About Not Being Able to Find a Gynecologist - MRCTV
WATCH: Women's Rights Activist Attacked By 'Pride' Marchers.
Rachel Levine: Pride month? How about Summer of Pride? – HotAir
The Defense Against Transmania - Will Be a Long and Tough Battle - Frontpage Mag
U. Wyoming Sorority Fights Back Against Members Who Sued Over Trans Member
Court Strikes Down State Law Protecting Minors from Gender Transition Medical Abuse | Frontpage Mag
THE COLUMN: Tent, Meet Camel - The Pipeline
EXCLUSIVE: SOURCE: Top Anheuser-Busch Marketing Executives Behind Boycott Are No Longer Employed - The Daily Caller
Ace of Spades HQ - Bud Light Finally Fires the Two Executives Most Responsible for Transvertising Debacle Except, No They Didn't. They Just Want Conservatives to Think That.
Shovel-ready Brian Krassenstein defends self against @LibsofTikTok by ... digging his grave even deeper – Twitchy
Grade Inflation: A Problem With Two Sides to Blame - The American Spectator - USA News and Politics

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Thursday Tanlines

The Guardian, Ditch the sunscreen, cover yourself in lager, get the best tan ever! Yes, it’s another stupid TikTok craze. A waste of good beer, but you might find a case of Bud Lite at a low cost.

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Elisabeth Giolito up on time and under budget at The Other McCain.

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

I'm Back

Ski, Ben, 11 year old Ben's son Ryan and I met Pete at 4:30 AM so we could be fishing at sunrise at Location X.  Location X was not hot, but we did catch a few fish, including 1 keeper
We crossed the bay to the Little Choptank River, seeking shelter from winds up to 15 kts. Although the action wasn't hot, we managed a pretty steady pick. The trick seemed to be cleaner water, near points and with sea grass.

Looking for a chateau, twenty one rooms but one will do.
The best fish of the day was this 26 inch fish I caught, fresh from the cooler; I was on the bow when I caught it, and had no one to take a fresh picture. We did manage a boat limit of Striped Bass.
Ski, Ben and Ryan.
A typical eastern shore landscape. This was near the mouth of Punch Island Creek at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. Not too many fish here though.
Ryan had fun on the top of the boat. He also caught his first Striped Bass today.
He also got personalized boating training from Pete, who let him steer the boat across the Bay on the way home. It may not actually have been the shortest path.
Osprey nest with Osprey on one of the navigation markers  on the way back into to Solomons.

Gone Fishin'

But not like this:

Back later with fresh lies.

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The Wednesday Wetness

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Elisabeth Giolito up on time and under budget at The Other McCain.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Is Garland Impeachment Coming?

Virginia Kruta at Da Wire reminds us Prosecutor Reportedly Told Six Witnesses He Was Not Permitted To Charge Hunter Biden. "Shapley explained that by not allowing Weiss to file charges in D.C., Graves had effectively barred Weiss from seeking charges on crimes allegedly committed during 2014 and 2015 — including “foreign income from Burisma [Holdings] and a scheme to evade his income taxes through a partnership with a convicted felon … The purposeful exclusion of the 2014 and 2015 years sanitized the most substantive criminal conduct and concealed material facts.”" ET, New Email Contradicts Garland on Hunter Biden Probe as Impeachment Talk Heats Up. Evita-Alfonso Duffy at Da Fed, Whistleblower: FBI Tipped Off ‘People Very Close’ To Joe And Hunter Before IRS Investigative Team’s ‘Day Of Action’ It's good to be a Biden. Herr Professor Jacobsen at LI notes Attorney for IRS Whistleblower Disputes DOJ Denial Of Interference In Prosecution of Hunter Biden. Ace, Hunter Biden's Lawyer: Ignore The Fact that Hunter Invoked Joe Biden's Name as He Threatened a ChiCom Agent into Giving the Bidens Money. Hunter Was So High on Crack He Didn't Know What He Was Saying. "That's what the lawyer actually claims." Yeah, all mostly old stuff, but Matt Margolis at PJM wonders Did The White House Quietly Admit Biden Was Involved With Hunter’s Business Deals? "Did you catch that? We went from being told Biden never spoke with Hunter about his business dealings to Joe Biden is “not in business” with Hunter. There is a world of difference between those two statements, and it seems that the White House is attempting to change the narrative without explicitly admitting that Joe Biden did, at the very least, have conversations with his son about his foreign business deals. Did they really think we wouldn’t notice?" At Da Signal, White House Response to Scandal Allegations: Let Them Eat Cupcakes, "pride" cupcakes. 'Bonchie' at Red State takes note of another Biden gaff, Joe Biden Proclaims That He 'Sold a Lot of State Secrets' During White House Meeting. Libs on Twitter claim it was a joke. Some joke! Ace's Quick Hits Biden: "I Sold a Lot of State Secrets...". Now imagine Trump making such a joke.

John Hinderacker at Power Line makes the case to Impeach Merrick Garland. At The Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.26.23, Eric Lendrum at  Am Great, Speaker Kevin McCarthy Hints at Impeaching AG Merrick Garland. Matt Margolis sees McCarthy Sets Date for Possible Impeachment Hearings Against Merrick Garland. Ben Whedon at JTN notes Trump declines to back Garland impeachment. Capt. Ed at Hat Hair comments "That seems like a strange ‘pass.’ You’d think Trump would cheer for any impeachment of Biden officials at least for the payback value. It’s the smarter political position, though." At NYPo, differing with Jonathan Turley Rep. James Comer slams ‘ridiculous’ appointment of Hunter Biden special counsel. “If you support a special counsel, you support and trust [Attorney General] Merrick Garland to have the sole authority to pick one person who can then take over the investigation and never have to be transparent with the media or Congress until the conclusion of the investigation.” Capt. Ed,  "I wholeheartedly agree. Special counsels are insidious devices no matter how much integrity the appointed individuals have. They become roving prosecutors with opaque processes and nearly no accountability whatsoever — which should be considered antithetical to American jurisprudence. The proper venue now for this investigation is the House of Representatives and its oversight over the Department of Justice." Madeleine Hubbard at JTN, Cruz urges House to investigate impeaching Biden over 'direct evidence' he abused power. At Flopping Ace's Dr. John calls it The biggest political scandal in the history of the country. At Doug Ross. Larwyn’s Linx: Merrick Garland Poisoned the DOJ And Must Be Impeached.

Susie Moore at Red State reports Judge Denies DOJ's Motion for Special Conditions of Release and to Seal Witness List in Trump Classified Docs Case. At the Messenger, Judge Denies Request to Seal Witness List in Trump Case. "“The Government's Motion does not explain why filing the list with the Court is necessary," wrote Judge Aileen Cannon." Capt. Ed, "There are 84 witnesses in the case with whom Trump is barred from contact. His attorneys can certainly depose them, though. The order is perhaps a good way of keeping Trump and his team from running afoul of witness-tampering allegations. The court has not released the list — yet — but it may yet come out." wretchardthecat @wretchardthecat, "Putin is threatening Prigozhin with less for marching with tanks on Moscow than Biden his opponents for mishandling classified.  The difference is less virtue than power; the former hasn't and the latter has."

At The Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.26.23, Twitchy, Kinzinger Enters Desperation Mode After Tweeting About Neo-Nazis At Proud Boys Event Being Feds. PJM's Vicky Taft, Portland Proud Boys Unmask Attackers at Pride Protest – And Well, Well, Well, What Have We Here?. We don't know if they're feds, yet. Also from Twitchy, Whistleblower: FBI threatened agents who questioned whether Jan. 6 rioters were being treated equally. At the Daily Fetched, General Michael Flynn on Durham Report: “House Should Call In Obama to Testify” That would be fun, but it won't happen. AZ Sun Times, First Week of Disbarment Trial of Trump Attorney John Eastman by Judge Who Contributes to Democrats Concludes

Matt Margolis again, Gingrich Warns That Biden’s Campaign Is Stronger Than We Think. Mike Tomasky at the New Rep (cited at Hat Hair), Come on, Dems -- Biden's been a terrific president! Capt. Ed, "It’s hard to measure just how delusional this is. . ." At Town Hall, AMAC has a list of Six Ways Biden’s Presidency Is Exposing the Obama Myth. YaHoo! 2 in 3 concerned about Biden’s mental, physical health. Breaking the Glass Floor, atop Da Hill, a Poll: Kamala Harris sets record low for vice president net favorability. Insty, EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: There are photos: RFK, Jr. is ripped and ready to debate that old man in the White House. "On the other hand, he’s still a nut: RFK Jr. Hosts Convicted Sex Predator on His Podcast To Praise Putin. It’s old home week: “Kennedy’s guest was Scott Ritter, a former United Nations weapons inspector who served jail time in 2011 after exposing himself to a cop posing as a 15-year-old girl.” To be fair, by UN standards that probably counts as chivalry."

Don Surber has Another reason to vote Trump. "No, the real American flag." Capt. Ed, "I don’t think this is an exclusive in the GOP field, but it’s definitely worth discussing. We need to stop the processes of “woke” division and regain the processes of unity. Both Trump and Ron DeSantis are making that a big part of their campaigns, and for that matter so is Tim Scott." ABC, DeSantis says he would seek to end birthright citizenship for children of undocumented immigrants, well, it may not be that easy, but put it in an executive order, and see if it flies. Hat Hair hosts a New DeSantis ad: Winning the war on woke.

Dave Strom at Hat Hair observes the American Library Association schemes to censor conservatives. "We are constantly lectured that attempts to age-restrict books promoting alphabet ideology are “censorship” and must be resisted; but when it comes to Brave Books, a Christian-themed publisher, the ALA is promoting strategies to its members on how to deny permission for events where parents and celebrities gather to read books published by Brave being held in public spaces that libraries provide for meetings." At City Journal, The Left Twists the Meaning of “Book Ban,” "What’s being removed from school libraries is material entirely inappropriate for students. Don’t believe me? Pornographic examples below." Capt. Ed, "I’ve been pointing this out on Twitter for weeks and months, and occasionally here. Library curation is not “book banning.” The United States *did* officially censor books until a few decades ago, but there are no book bans at all now. The law in Florida allows for parental input on school library curation (and notably not public libraries), but curation takes place in every library in the country. No library has a copy of every book ever published, and it would be absurd to expect it."

Eric Worrall at WUWT, Australia Advances Draft “Disinformation” Free Speech Lockdown Laws. At Alpha News, Minnesota Moms for Liberty leader pushes back on ‘hate group’ label. "Despite attacks from the Southern Poverty Law Center, Moms for Liberty Wright County chapter chair Angie Greig said she is seeing a "swell of parents" join the movement."

At ET, Bud Light Will Permanently Lose Nearly a Fourth of Its Business: Analysts. At OutKick, Bud Light Teases Hail Mary Plan To Save Company, the Bud Knight. 

Ace, Fully Naked Men Proudly Show Their Penises to Children at the "Pride" March in Seattle,  "Video here. It's as described." Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈@MrAndyNgo "Children and adults are playing together at a clothing-optional #Pride event water party in Washington Square Park in New York City." From Twitchy, George Takei complains that the Right wants to stifle LGBTQ+ people's need to expose themselves to kids. At Da Mail, University of Wyoming sorority reveals it CHANGED its definition of 'woman' to allow 6ft2, 260lb trans member to join - and slams sisters who sued because she 'stared at them with an erection visible through leggings'. At Da Caller, Notorious Sex Change Provider Targets Underage TikTok Users In Ad Campaign. "Plume Health, an online transgender clinic, is advertising its services to young TikTok users, according to screen recordings posted to Twitter." At Da Blaze, New Jersey files 'emergency' lawsuits against school districts over trans notification policy, claiming 'outing' children to parents could cause 'irreversible harms.' Ace, Perjury Trial of Loudoun County School Spokesman Who Covered Up Transgender Sexual Assault Begins. "The perjury trial of the Loudoun County, Virginia school spokesman who lied to cover up the sexual assault (sodomy, in fact) of a girl by a "gender-fluid" boy in the bathrooms started this week." At Campus Reform, Lia Thomas ineligible for Olympics after new FINA ruling on transgender athletes, "The new standards make it harder for men to transition and compete in women's divisions by prohibiting male athletes to compete as women if they went through male puberty." Must transition by age 12. Fox, Lance Armstrong wonders if one can support trans community and question fairness of trans athletes in sports. "Armstrong teased a conversation with Caitlyn Jenner."

Joy Pullman at Da Fed claims Pride Is The Flag Of American Occupation. "The United States is undergoing an attempted regime change, and the pride flag is its emblem." Capt. Ed, "I’m not sure I’d go quite that far. However, the Pride flag has certainly become the symbol of American cultural colonialism, part of a long line of diplomatic “priorities” that the US exports around the world. And largely by the same people who keep insisting that you can’t export democracy. Be sure to read all of Joy’s argument." Hot Hair's Jazz Shaw thinks Almost everyone hates what's happening. Too few want it to change

Gal Godot
Hollywood in Toto, Gal Gadot Blasts Gender-Swapped Action Heroines "'Heart of Stone' star states the obvious about male, female differences" Thanks! I needed an excuse to include a picture of Gal. Also, ‘Office’ Alum Rainn Wilson: God ‘Freaks People Out’ in Hollywood. "‘Soul Boom’ author shares life as a believer in show business (and its costs)" I really enjoyed seeing the Megalodon eat him in "The Meg." From Bounding into Comics, Marvel’s ‘She-Hulk’ Actress Jameela Jamil Wants To Keep Gendered Acting Awards, Proposes Giving Non-Binary People Their Own Category “Rather Than Open The Door For Hollywood To Completely Shut Out Women”. She's afraid men make better women than women.

Jameela Jamil
Dave Strom, School performance is even worse than you think. At the Free Bacon, Biden Admin Says Its COVID Spending for Schools Will Boost Test Scores. Districts Used the Funds for Staff Bonuses. "With reading and math scores at decade lows, Miguel Cardona touts 'positive results' Jazz Shaw, Public schools used COVID spending for staff bonuses. Jim Fishback at the Freep (cited at Hat Hair) claims The high-school debate moratorium on real debate is worse than first reported. Capt. Ed, "Here’s the operative definition of ‘microaggression’: It’s whatever a member of an aggrieved class says it is. It’s a meaningless standard. The use of arbitrary and capricious complaints like ‘microaggressions’ are silencing techniques, which are made all the more ironic in the context of debate tournaments. Nor is that the only irony Fishback notices. “The irony of the NSDA’s obsession with “safety” is that it actually fuels an atmosphere of fear among students,” he writes, and that is INTENTIONAL. The enforcers of the Left want to intimidate people out of the public square, and institutions like the NSDA are acquiescing when they should be objecting."

Anxious anxiously reports Larry Fink "ashamed" to be part of ESG political debate. Hat Hair's KT sees The Woke come for MLB - demand more black players and John Sexton sees Wokeness is literally the end of real debate, and that's literally the point. 

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Elisabeth Giolito and FMJRA 2.0: No Joy In Philly up on time and under budget at The Other McCain.

Tattoo Tuesday

The Wombat has Rule 5 Sunday: Elisabeth Giolito up on time and under budget at The Other McCain.

Monday, June 26, 2023

Forget It Jake, It's Baltimore

Adult Spotted Lantern Fly
Da Balmer Sun, Invasive spotted lanternfly’s voracious march south expected to hit Baltimore hard this summer

For some vineyards — and residents — in the Baltimore area, this season could be their first true battle with the insects native to eastern Asia, which are spreading south. They are known to feed on over 70 plant species, including black walnut, red maple and tree of heaven. And when they do pierce trunks and stems to sip on sap, they leave behind damage and stunt growth.
Adult, wings spread
But many wineries are cautiously optimistic that preparations for the siege will lessen the blow.

Over the winter, the Maryland Department of Agriculture eliminated over 40,000 lanternfly egg masses close to vineyards, said Jessica Boyles, who coordinates field operations at the state agriculture department. Nearly half of those egg masses came from Baltimore County’s Boordy Vineyards, which adds up to more than 600,000 eradicated insects.


“That was pretty shocking: To know that they were in there in much greater numbers than we really thought,” said Phineas Deford, vice president of the winery in Hydes. “But we all knew that wouldn’t be the end.”

Local residents will likely start seeing adult spotted lanternflies with their telltale colors — the forewings are pinkish tan with black spots, and the hind wings are mainly red with black spots — in July.

Egg masses

But the bugs are already out there in their nymph stage. Small and wingless, the nymphs are initially black with white dots before they molt, and turn red with white specks.

So far this year, the jurisdictions with the most sighting reports are Baltimore City and Baltimore County, followed by Washington County, said Kenton Sumpter, entomologist with the state agriculture department. There have been about 700 reports from around the state. Last year, the tally reached 11,500.

The sighting reports are far from scientific, since they’re submitted voluntarily, but the reports indicate the bugs are likely present.

“The infestation was building in the county last year, and the city had some, but it wasn’t awful,” Sumpter said. “But this year ... they’ve really taken off.”

The guidance is fairly simple: If you see one, smush one. But for the average homeowner, the bugs will be more nuisance than harm. There’s no evidence of them killing trees and plants that populate yards, though they will certainly make themselves at home.

They’ve spread so widely because local predators are unfamiliar with them, but also because the adult bugs are talented hitchhikers, attaching themselves and their eggs to cars, trains and just about anything else they can find. They’ve been detected in states as distant as North Carolina, Ohio and Connecticut.

Scientists have found that praying mantises, birds, spiders and other predators are willing to feed on the lanternfly, and an array of pesticides kill them, though those chemicals also harm good insects, as well. Physical barriers like sticky traps and netting can protect vulnerable plants.

Ideally, as predators and humans attack the lanternfly, their numbers will ebb, similar to the population of invasive brown marmorated stink bugs in the early 2000s, said Mike Raupp, a University of Maryland entomologist who is conducting research on a naturally occurring fungi for use against lanternfly.

“I’m optimistic that Mother Nature has a plan here, as she does with many of these infestations,” Raupp said. “Now, we have the knowledge and the tools. It’s going to be manageable.”

Invasive lanternflies were first spotted in Maryland’s Cecil County in 2018.

Once an invasion like this gets going, there's really no way to stop it. The insects move on their own. You might notice they have wings, and "fly" is part of their common name. The best we can hope for is that some local predator finds them unusually tasty and helps keep them in check. Snakeheads, or Blue Cats, maybe?

But I wonder what dusting them with fentanyl does?