Friday, June 2, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Senate Passed Debt Ceiling Bill, New Hunter Pics Posted, The Old Man Takes Another Fall

About 11 PM last night.  Fox, Senate passes bipartisan debt ceiling bill, sends to Biden’s desk "The bill needed 60 to pass and won 63 votes." You can find nays and yeas here. PJM's Paula Bolyard, various Republicans React to House Passing Debt Deal in Late-Night Vote. At Da Fed, Chris Jacobs thinks McCarthy’s Debt Limit Deal Virtually Guarantees Another Omnibus Train Wreck. PJM's Stephen Kruiser says House Kicks $34 Trillion Debt Can Down the Road Under Cover of Night. Divergent views at Am Spec. Dan Flynn Today, Congress Plays Let’s Make a (Debt-Ceiling) Deal, "The partisans of big government needed this deal. The advocates of limited government did not." And Scott McKay says The Debt-Limit Deal Isn’t Actually That Bad "You just had to have a reasonable set of expectations, that’s all." Was it somewhere close to the best deal Republicans could hope to get? Maybe. Optimism at Breitbart? At Liberty and Prosperity, Kevin McCarthy's doubters have less reason to doubt McCarthy. Capt. Ed adds "Gary also says he likes the Freedom Caucus’ efforts to push hard for more fiscal discipline. I agree. No one needs to be made into villains in this episode. This is, as I wrote yesterday, a tactical win with the strategic battle still ahead."  Republican Leaders Detail How Debt Ceiling Will Enable Appropriations Process as a ‘Power Tool’ to Defund Joe Biden’s Agenda, Woke Policies. Also, Dem Rep. Sherman: Some Dems Are Risking a Global Recession to Block a Pipeline. And economic news from Liberty Unyielding, Biden Labor Department Announces Massive Revision To Wage Data, Revealing Big Drop in Wages "In March, the BLS previously reported a fourth-quarter increase of 4.9% for hourly compensation in nonfarm businesses, but updated it to a decrease of 0.7% on Thursday, according to its revised Productivity and Costs report. At the same time hourly wages fell, inflation rose, leading to a 4.7% decline in “real hourly compensation, which takes into account consumer prices,” according to the BLS." From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.01.23, Weasel Zippers, MSNBC Shocked: After 28 Months Of Joe Biden, “Things Are STILL Expensive Across The Board”, Thanks, Brandon!

Speaking of Brandon, the Big Guy took another spill in public yesterday, at the Air Force Graduation ceremony. Hat Hair's Dave Strom, Uh oh: Biden falls on stage at Air Force Academy commencement

Jeff Dunetz at Da Lid, Biden Takes a Big Fall At Air Force Academy Graduation (Video). Ace goes there with Biden Falls Again,  FLASHBACK: Biden Mocked Trump's Ability to Walk, Claimed Biden's Own Walking Ability Was Streets Ahead. Sundance at CTH, Joe Biden Takes a Hard Fall at U.S. Airforce Academy Graduation Ceremony. Matt Vespa wants to know Did You See Newsweek's Headline About Biden's Fall at the Air Force Academy? They seem to have stealth edited it. Both of my parents demises (in their lower 90s) were hastened along by multiple falls. As noted at Ace's:
I'm at that age where every doctor's visit begins with the question, "Have you had any falls recently?" Falling once is an accident. Falling multiple times is a pattern and a pretty significant indication that the end is fast approaching. - Posted by: RebeccaH

At InstyRON HART: “Let’s face it. “Gun to the head” honest, only 5% of the country would let Joe Biden watch their kid for an hour while they ran to the store. He has been the worst president of modern times. Even Jimmy Carter started comparing him to Jimmy Carter.”

Matt Margolis at PJM,  Huge Trove of Photos from Hunter Biden’s Laptop Released. Nick Arama at Red State, Will Biden Lose It Over This? Site Launches With Thousands of Hunter Pics From Laptop

Now there’s a site that has just launched with all the pictures that were on the laptop. It tells the wild tale in living color, with almost 10,000 pictures from 2008-2019. It also includes attachments and messages. Right now, because it just launched and everyone is trying to get on, it’s crashing a lot. But that will likely calm by the end of the day and people will be able to more fully view it.

The man behind the site is Garrett Ziegler, a former Trump White House aide, who also launched the non-profit, Marco Polo.

Ziegler said the photos are an accurate reflection of Hunter Biden’s life and family interaction. He said they were going to show the good and the bad. But they do cover up any genitalia.
. . .
He said they were also taking out any private information like Social Security and credit card numbers, as well as any naked pics of Hallie Biden. They’re also not including things like Candy Crush games.

Capt. Ed at Hat Hair VIP,  Today's deep legal question: Will Bruen save Hunter Biden -- even as his father demonizes it?  "attorneys for the president’s son will argue that New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen makes it impossible to charge Hunter with firearms offenses related to his drug use. Amusingly, the New York Times never even mentions the name of the case in its analysis, and you have to scroll through eleven paragraphs at Politico to find out which precedent they plan to cite." But at Breitbart, ATF Reaffirms No 2A Rights for Drug Users, Bringing Spotlight Back on Hunter Biden’s Purported Gun Crime.

The divine Ms. Devine at NYPo reports ‘Missing’ Biden family corruption probe witness Gal Luft speaks out, living as fugitive in undisclosed location. If even half this story is true. it's damning. "In March 2019, Luft met with four FBI officials and two DOJ prosecutors at the US Embassy in Brussels to provide information that Chinese state-controlled energy company CEFC had paid $100,000 a month to Hunter Biden and $65,000 to his uncle Jim, in exchange for their FBI connections and use of the Biden name to promote China’s Belt and Road Initiative around the world." Margot Cleveland at Da Fed writes Breadcrumbs From A Buried FBI Source May Lead To A Bigger Biden Scandal. Ace, Christopher Wray: Since You Are Now Threatening Criminal Charges Against Me, I'll Allow Two Congressmen, Including Leftwing Firebrand Jamie Raskin, to View a Heavily-Redacted Version of the Bribery Document. How's That? "Fuck you, scumbag criminal." Comer has the document, he just needs to verify that it's the same as the one in the Hoover building. Sundance hosts Senator Chuck Grassley Gives His Perspective on FBI Document Detailing Allegations of Biden Bribery. Jonathan Turley notices that CNN Interviews Comey on Every Alleged Violation of the Rule of Law . . . Except His Own. Virginia Kruta at Da Wire wants you to WATCH: Reporter Leaves John Kirby Speechless With Question About Biden Family Corruption

At Breitbart, Republicans Cry Foul as Biden DOJ Targets West Virginia Governor’s Family and a Report: George Soros’ Son Visited Joe Biden’s White House at Least 17 Times. John Nantz at Front Page is concerned about The Weaponization of the FBI: the Tip of the Iceberg. "Our country is in peril, perhaps like never before." And a weird one at Breitbart, Prosecution Against CIA Agent Accused of Abusing Women Could Collapse Due to Phone Search Execution. One was a personal phone, one a government phone. I would think that the government phone would be available to the government, and not covered. 

At Am Great, the redoubtable Julie Kelly is outraged by J6 Footage Shows Camera Rolling as Pelosi Made Her ‘Insurrection’ Exit. "Unseen footage released today by Just the News founder John Solomon shows a “Hollywood movie set” escape for Pelosi and her filmmaker daughter." Dan Greenfield at Front Page reminds us of J1 – The Anniversary of the BLM Insurrection at the White House, "Before there was J6, there was J1."

 From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.01.23, Twitch, News Site Tries To Gotcha DeSantis, Twitter Rates Them A Rotten Tomato. WaEx notes  Ron DeSantis isn't blind to the media's game. At Da Wire, DeSantis Takes On Biden In Iowa: ‘Deliberately Trying’ To Hurt American Families. NRO editors try to Set the DeSantis Covid Record Straight. News that sends Never-DeSantis Sundance dances in the sun, The Bloom Is Off the Ruse – Post Launch Polling Shows DeSantis Losing Support, Not Gaining. Lawrence Person on Pence and Christy preparing to run, No. And No. "Pence combines the dynamic personal charisma of Jeb Bush with the national electoral chances of Jeb Bush. Christie combines the personal likeability of J. Edgar Hoover with the weight of a second J. Edgar Hoover." At Am Think J.B. Shurk thinks up Five Questions for Prospective Republican Candidates.

 At TNP, WATCH: Maricopa Election Officials Break into Sealed Voting Machines Ahead of Kari Lake Vote. If true (and you can't really know just from the video), this is good evidence of massive voter suppression (of Republicans) in Arizona. The Free Bacon reports on a Democratic Florida Mayor Charged With Voter Fraud. Capt. Ed snarks "Democrats couldn’t find a candidate who lived in the city? Really? Man, that’s pretty lame. As for the mayoral career route, it sounds a bit like Illinois governors." Sundance wants to know Do you live in PA, MI, WI, NV, GA, VA, NJ, NY, WA or AZ?

WaEx reports on at State Dept funded 'Disinformation' tracker paid state-funded university $90,000 for conservative blacklist report. Capt. Ed, "Yes, by all means, let’s have the US government fund secret censorship programs based on data generated by teenagers with extra time on their hands." 'Bonchie' at Red State, Heads Roll at Twitter After The Daily Wire Is Censored, but Elon Musk Stirs New Controversy. How many heads are left at Twitter?  At Twitchy, an (updated) Update on Twitter suppression of Matt Walsh’s ‘What is a Woman?’ Insty, Here’s a link to the Daily Wire’s tweet containing the video, which is free for the next 24 hours. Also at Twitchy, ‘It is DEFINITELY allowed’: Elon Musk responds to Twitter canceling deal with Daily Wire over misgendering and Despite attempt by NBC News to shield AOC from a parody account, she’s not going to date them

WUWT notes an encouraging trend, Media Bombshell: Shocking Outbreak of ‘Climate Disinformation’ in the Media, i.e., Journalists Asking Questions About Net Zero on GB News and Talk TV, before the lights go out.

Jonathan Turley hears  a Michigan Economics Professor say Boycotting Target is “Literal Terrorism” and thinks it's absurd. "Indeed, the company (Transheiser Bush) now appears to be in a death spiral." From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.01.23, Louder With Crowder: #BoycottTarget takes lead on iTunes:  and the Babalu Blog: Who is telling these companies to go woke? Breitbart reports on LGBTQ Radicals who Send Target Bomb Threats After Pride Month Merchandise Pullback,Ace, "Another Company Needing Bud-Lighting:" Parents Complain of Kohl's Selling "Pride" Onesies Sized for Three Month Old Babies, "Grooming grooming grooming..." Lincoln Brown at PJM complains Stores, Stores Everywhere, and Not a Place to Shop

Capt. Ed reports a Second Dodger pitcher balks at honoring anti-Catholic hate group. At Da Signal, Athletic Org Tied to Legendary Dodgers Announcer Condemns Anti-Catholic Move, Vin Scully. Capt. Ed, "It’s a total disgrace, but it’s also not the same team that Scully represented so well and honorably for decades. This is a completely different organization, and one unworthy of any loyalty or respect." Ace, Tornoto Blue Jays Compel Pitcher Who Supported Target, Bud Light Boycotts Into Forced Public Confession and Reeducation Camp "A Toronto Jays pitcher seemingly offered support for the Bud Light and Target boycotts, and a "journalist" immediately demanded he be fired. Weird how these "journalists" speak, think, and act exactly like leftwing activists." Chris Queen at PJM tells A Tale of Two Pitchers and Their Encounters With the Pride Mob

"The Little Mermaid's" Halle Bailey
At Hollywood in Toto, Progressive ‘Little Mermaid’ Not Woke Enough, "HuffPo, NY Times and Vulture demand more from Disney's live-action remake." Tim Young at Am Great observes IMDb Is Rigging Reviews for ‘The Little Mermaid.’ "You can alter the audience scores of a terrible movie, but it’s still a terrible movie."

From Da Caller, ‘Pain And Sorrow’: California Students Stage A Walkout After School Board Won’t Fly The Pride Flag. Suspend them and School District Tells Gym Teachers To Wear Gay Flags, Use Preferred Pronouns To Make Class More ‘Inclusive.’ KT at Hat Hair is amused that A Pride flag was burned in North Hollywood and Gavin Newsom lost his mind, wants it investigated as a hate crime. Also notes a Drag show at Nevada Air Force base cancelled when the Pentagon found out about it. Insty, ONLY PEOPLE WHO HAVEN’T EXPERIENCED REAL VIOLENCE BELIEVE THIS: Misgendering is an ‘act of violence,’ university argues.  Also, GAY AND TRANSGENDER SUICIDE IS SO IMPORTANT THAT WE DON’T GATHER ANY USEFUL DATA ON IT: “So often we hear policy arguments based on the likelihood that transgender people will commit suicide as — as if the number is well known (and as if we also know why they commit suicide).”  From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.01.23,  Louder With Crowder:  Mom dresses like drag queen at school board meeting to make point about what’s appropriate for kids and Behind the Black sees Oregon boys trashing the tampon dispensers in their bathrooms and thinks If the young are beginning to resist the leftist queer agenda, then there is real hope. At Am Think, Olivia Murray sees ‘Menstrual Equity For All Act’ to end ‘period poverty’ brought back before Congress. Tampons in the boys rooms. Dave Strom, Transgender debate has people taking Stock. "Feminist writer Kathleen Stock was invited to speak at the Oxford Union, the famed university’s debating society, and all hell broke loose. The controversy glued Britons to their TVs, with even the Prime Minister getting involved, and it ended with a transgender activist glued to the floor of the famed debating room." Add more glue. Dave Strom outraged by demands that we Worship the pregnant man! Man, in quotes. Don't look. 

At Am Great Optimism from the great VDH? Is the Sleeping Conservative Dragon Finally Waking Up? Carla Benton at Am Spec, thinks that To Win the ‘Culture War,’ We Need Fewer Conservatives and More Counter-Revolutionists "The conservative movement is incapable of fighting, much less winning, an unprecedented revolution against Western civilization." Derek Hunter at Front Page says Forget ‘Pride’ "Is a ‘dignity’ month too much to ask for?" 

Sister Toldja at Red State thinks Tim Scott Gives Hall of Fame Response to Joy Behar's Race-Based Attack as Larger Point Is Made “There’s no doubt a white lady dressing up in blackface giving a black man advice probably doesn’t ring true in anyone’s minds, certainly not my own,”  Dave Strom thinks this is a perfect example, Behold the DEI scam in microcosm. At NYPo Charles Gasparino says Affirmative action SCOTUS case could take down ‘diversity’ industry too. Too good to be true.

The Wombat came through with Late Night With Rule 5 Sunday: Double-Scoop Swimsuit Edition! and FMJRA 2.0: Das Herz Von Groenland.

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