Friday, June 9, 2023

Beach Report 6/9/23

Today was moderately warm, in the mid 60s, with overcast most of the time, and even a short rain shower. We hit the low tide just about right, and walked all the way up to where the boulders fell.
Georgia showing off her find of the day/year, a tooth so big it wouldn't go all the way into her tooth jar.
A sadly unfocused shot showing the 1 7/8 inch White Shark tooth she found up on the dry side. Easily the biggest of the year so far, and in great shape, too. She also found a pretty nice Geoduck pearl. Otherwise, a horrible day for fossils, only 4 more teeth. 

A least the focus shows Skye is getting along up the beach.
A little Azure (Spring or Summer?) which stopped on log nearby. 

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