Saturday, June 10, 2023

Hail to Thee, My Alma Mater

 Mike LaChance at LI reports Oregon State U. Allegedly Welcomed Children to Drag Show Featuring ‘Extreme’ Nudity

The Daily Mail reports:

Oregon state university is slammed for hosting children at self-proclaimed ‘illegal’ drag show featuring ‘extreme’ nudity – including performer who used naked breasts to lift WEIGHTS

Oregon State University welcomed children to a drag show involved nudity in which one performer bared her breasts and used them to lift weights.

The performance, which was branded as the ‘Illegal Drag Show’, was held at the LaSells Stewart Center on the University campus in Oregon, Washington, last Friday.

It had been set up LGBTQ+ group Rainbow Continuum and a poster for the event openly encouraged them to ‘Be Gay. Do Crime’ while also advertising it to all ages.

In a footage captured at the show and first reported on by Campus Reform, one biological woman can be seen undressing and exposing her breasts to the audience.

One woman can be heard saying: ‘Cover your eyes’ as the performer begins undressing on the stage and another says: ‘Are you fricking kidding me? Oh my god.’

The unknown performer then starts hanging five lb. weights from her breasts before the crowd and receives a large round of applause for doing so.

After retrieving a barbell weight from behind the curtain, the performer then proceeds to hang that from her breasts – again receiving a round of applause.

In another video, a young child has been brought on the stage by one of the drag queens and interviewed.

Responding to an unintelligible question by the drag queen, the child responds: ‘He’s a full grown man.’

You used to have to spend late nights at Mother's Mattress Factory to see that kind of thing. 

Thank goodness they censored that. 


  1. It hurts me to see this at OSU. It used to be conservative (at least during my time of 80-84. Now...not so much.

  2. I finished my Ph.D. there in 83.

  3. Cool. Got my BS in Poly Sci. Then the Army. Live over here in Woodbridge VA. Been a lurker on your site for a few years.