Monday, June 5, 2023

Flotsam and Jetsam - Weekend Leftovers

NewsBusters note the Double Standard: MSNBC Gives 10 Mins Less to Biden Fall vs. Trump on a Ramp, Holding Glass. If it weren't for double standards they'd have none at all. Sarah Arnold at Town Hall catches Biden Lies Several Times While 'Celebrating' a 'Crisis Averted' Situation In Debt Ceiling Deal. He's lied his whole career; why would he stop now? The Free Bacon informs us Biden's State Department Launches Multimillion Dollar Push To Fight Climate Change, Teach Gender Studies in Iraq, like they don't have bigger problems. 

At the Markets Insider, Top economist David Rosenberg says the US economy is a 'dead man walking' – and warns of a 'hard landing' ahead. Also from NewsBusters, Ruhle Blames The Media For Lack Of Confidence In Biden's Economy. I guess the tongue bath isn't wet enough. Sundance at CTH features Sunday Talks, Kevin McCarthy Defends His Budget Ceiling Bill – Focused Heavily on a Return to Regular Budgetary Order. A great idea, but good luck implementing it. At WaEx, Democrats eye moves to scrap debt ceiling as leverage in spending talks.

Hat Hair's KT sees how Trump congratulated Kim Jong-un on WHO appointment as GOP opponents criticize the move. It doesn't bother me. Trump got farther with the Norks using a soft touch than anyone else. I&I wants to know Has Anyone Noticed Trump Sounds Like A Liberal Democrat These Days? A comparison between a NY con and a FL con. Breitbart has a Survey: Donald Trump Leads Every Challenger Head to Head. Paul Gottfried at Am Great asks us to Pardon Me for Taking Sides! "Perhaps we should choose a presidential candidate who can stop airing personal grievances." At WaEx, DeSantis seeks to overtake Trump with key bloc but struggles to find footing on abortion. Sarah Arnold says DeSantis Responds to Heckler In Best Way Possible ""We say gay!" The woman added as the crowd began to boo at the heckler's comments. In response, DeSantis said, "Yeah, well, thank you, thank you. We're not going to let you impose an agenda on our kids. We're going to stand up for our kids. We're going to make sure to do it right."

Stacy McCain, hopefully, asks Is the Left Breaking Apart? Maybe, but I don't see it weakening the danger. At Da Wire, Manchin Refuses To Rule Out 3rd Party Presidential Run: ‘Everything’s On The Table And Nothing Off The Table’. He can't win, but I'm not sure who he would hurt most, Democrats or Republicans. The Frisco Chronic, cited by Hat Hair, Woof: I don't think this anti-Feinstein op-ed makes the point they think it does.

At Am Great, Ned Ryun and Erik Root claim Republicans Need to Play the Same Game as Democrats. "Where we do not have political power, as in most of the battleground states, there should be a realpolitik approach to win the game by the current rules." The only way to get ballot harvesting banned in states where it is currently practiced will be for Republicans to do it better than Democrats.

Da Caller has a great headline, Disgraced Former FBI Director Who Signed Faulty Warrants Claims Trump Will Weaponize The DOJ. Atop Da Hill, Comey: Trump ‘could be wearing an ankle bracelet’ while accepting GOP nomination. 'Bonchie' at Red State thinks James Comey Expresses His Sheer Terror Over a Republican Possibly Winning in 2024. He's afraid they'll do unto him. Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed cites Leading GOP Election Officials: Feds’ ‘Treasonous’ Interference Is A ‘Direct Attack’ On U.S. Elections, say, for example, Comey. Jack Cashill at Am Great has a great Question for Durham: Was It All to Impress A Woman? Lisa Page. "The special counsel’s report never got beyond the shallow end of the deep state. Congress needs to go deeper." No, they were bad actors anyway, but a little sexual chemistry stirred the pot. Hat Hair's Beege Wellborn, "One smug, revolting face I would give money to see in the defense chair at a trial is slimy Peter Strzok. Lord, I want this treacherous, lying pond scum hung out to dry for every last vile, un-American thing he did, instead of feted by CNN and their ilk. And I want that pension back." At Twitchy, MuellerSheWrote makes things worse attempting damage control after MOTHER-LOAD thread exposing her drops. Russiagate warrior has a load of lies revealed.

At PJM, Matt Margolis says Hey Look! Proof Democrats Doctored J6 Evidence. We already knew that; this is just another example. John Solomon at JTN reports Lawmaker probing J6 security failures reveals 'People of interest’ may have withheld critical intel. "Rep. Barry Loudermilk also says he has obtained “scripts” used by Democrat J6 committee to stage-manage last year’s hearings." But never assume evil intent when laziness and stupidity are more likely, at Da Caller, Secret Service Cracks Down On Lax Security After Agents Let Intruder Slip Into Jake Sullivan’s Home

At Da Wire, Another Twitter Executive Out After Attempts To Stop ‘What Is A Woman?’ From Appearing On Platform: Report. Musk is still finding cockroaches in the baseboards. To wit, PJM's Ben Bartee notes 'Free Speech' Platform Twitter STILL Banning Lab Leak Theory despite Musk's personal acceptance of the idea. "In Musk’s defense, it’s unlikely that he went out of his way to personally censor the lab leak theory proffered by the WCWP. As I have written previously, Twitter is besieged on all sides by World Economic Forum and Deep State cutouts. They didn’t magically disappear when he assumed ownership." Sam Boehlke at Da Fed observes DHS Cybersecurity Agency Labels Private Thoughts ‘Critical Infrastructure’ To Justify Censoring You. El Gato Malo at Bad Cattatude, sees the security state turns inward. "this is the devolution to dictatorship." Eric Worral(ski) at WUWT is concerned that in the EU, Climate Deniers are Linked to a Russian and Chinese Disinformation Attack. That's just lazy. Nick Arama at Red State wants you to WATCH: CNN's Kirsten Powers Hilariously Leveled When She Talks About Censoring Republicans. Tom Nichols at Front Page, Junipero Serra Statue Destroyers Get a Pass "A California DA says there’s no such thing as hate crimes against Catholics." At da Wire, Texts Show Teachers Union Working With CDC Director To Keep Schools Closed, despite her denials. 

PJMs Richard Fernandez on being  Surprised by Peril of AI. Meanwhile Hat Hair Jazz Shaw worries about Congressional regulation of AI? Legislate in haste, repent at leisure. 

Stephen Kruiser at PJM feels that Five Days Into Pride Month and the Rainbow Weariness Is Already Bone-Deep.  Now that it's Pride Month, Town Hall's Derek Hunter says Let’s Make Fun Of The Gays. "Why is one group protected from being offended and another isn’t?" At Am Great, JP Riley considers Pride Celebrations and the Law Written on the Heart. "If we don’t stop this false compassion and this outrageous indulgence, it’s only going to get worse." Dave Strom at Hat Hair, My Walmart Pride email came today. Dan Greenfield at Front Page sees the State Dept Pushes LGBTQ ‘Pride’ Everywhere Except Muslim World. "U.S. embassies celebrate "Pride Month" from the Vatican to Jerusalem, but not in Saudi Arabia." Bruce Bawer at NYPo, I fought for gay rights — but trans activists have destroyed the meaning of Pride. Deroy Murdock at Da Caller warns Transgenderism Is The New Homophobia.

At Da Mail The truth about transgender surgery... in numbers: Just 16% of gender dysphoria patients go through with the operation, but up to half suffer life-threatening complications. You'd have to be crazy. From Da Caller, GOP 2024 Candidates Are United On One Thing: Opposing Sex Changes For Minors. It's a good issue. At WaEx, Texas governor signs law banning gender-transition healthcare for minors. Madeline Leesman at Town Hall reports Some Transgender People Are Crowdfunding to Leave the State of Florida. Great, let them pay for each other. 

Insty, WELL, IT’S THE NYT: Dave Strom reports on Man video-recording in women's locker room OK if he is trans. Brittany Sheehan at Red State reports Caught on Tape: LGBTQ Activist Arrested at WeHo Pride Festival on Charges Stemming From Drag Queen Story Hour Protest. At Karlstack, Chris Brunet warns This PhD student at Brown University keeps threatening to murder Matt Walsh. Meanwhile, ‘What Is A Woman?’ Reaches No. 1 For Streaming Movies On Rotten Tomatoes. At BPR a 12-yr-old Massachusetts boy who destroyed school board over ‘two genders’ t-shirt faces legal setback, but at Da Caller, ‘A Resounding Victory’: School Settles With Student, Father Who Spoke Out About Trans Athlete In Locker Room. Cathy Salgado at PJM, Dallas Can Now ‘Terminate’ Employees for ‘Misgendering’: No Sane People Need Apply. Clair Leahman at Reality's Last Stand says Trans Activists Have No Right to Pervert the English Language. "The sinkhole of vagueness Orwell described has now swallowed up the word “woman.” 

The Little Mermaid's Halle Bailey
At NYPo, Ex-Anheuser-Busch exec reveals how lefty investment firms pressure companies to go woke. Also, Ad agency that tapped Dylan Mulvaney for Bud Light in ‘serious panic mode.’ The Victory Girls report Zooey Zephyr Scolded Montana, Now Moves On To Target. TNP reports ‘The Atlantic’ Magazine is Celebrating Art by Pedophiles. Because, of course they are. Also, New York Museum Says Its Plants are ‘All Queer’. That's just stupid. At Am Think, Nadine Gentry thinks about Drag Under Cover. I don't care, as long as it's not in the classroom, or otherwise forced on kids. At Front Page, Bosch Fawstin sees claims that Giving Low Ratings to Disney’s Black Little Mermaid Movie is ‘Ratings Terrorism.’  Kind of lowering the bar for terrorism.

Insty, “WOKE? NEVER HEARD OF IT.” BullshitSquared (blue check) "@xenophonrocks OK, full on push by the left to deny there is such a thing as woke. Apparently woke is on the ropes. They know it. They're trying to figure out how to throw it under the bus without giving it up. Current strategy: pretend it's a Repub delusion." It used to be a term of self congratulation, but we turned it into a slur. Now they deny they ever used it.  Dave Solway at PJM says It's Now or Never. WSJ, ESG Blowback: Exxon, Chevron Investors Reject Climate Measures. "Shareholders’ votes, along with others in Europe, deal a blow to activists" Hollywood in Toto note how Calls for Comedians to Censor Themselves (Indefinitely). "Network lists comedy rules to obey or nonexistent Cancel Culture will strike."

At Campus Reform, Prof: 'Nothing wrong with' murder of Trump supporter from a 'moral perspective' "A Rhode Island professor appeared to defend the murder of a right-wing Portland protester." Back at ya. From Front Page, The Threat to Jewish Students from ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ "The malicious portrayal of Jews as vicious oppressors." The new anti-semitism. 

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