Friday, June 2, 2023

Beach Report 6/2/23

A very summery day, with temperatures around 80,  and a touch of humidity. There was no wind, and the bay was slick calm, except for occasional boat wakes.
A pretty good crowd at the beach, despite a lot of crud (mostly partly chewed up leaf litter) in the shallow water, especially in the lee of the jetty.
Sex on the beach:

MDDNR, Annual Horseshoe Crab Migration Returning to Maryland
There were many schools of "peanut bunker", juvenile Menhaden circling around in the shallows. I didn't see anything chasing them.
A fly-by from one of the small local sea planes.
It wasn't really a great day for fossils, only around 10 teeth, but this ray scute is one of the nicest ones I've found. From the light color, I was afraid it might be fresh, but it seems fossilized. The other little thing is complete ray dental bar. 
I found this little fellow down between the boulders way up the beach. It seemed like an odd, and bad place for a box turtle, he might drown when the tide gets all the way up, and from the clay smear on his carapace it looks like he fell off the top of the cliff. I carried him down the beach, and set him in a suitable looking brush pile,

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