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Flotsam and Jetsam - Trump Still Indicted

Yeah, there isn't much other news, like, say a well founded allegation of  the sitting President accepting a $5,000,000 bribe to alter US policy during his term as Vice President. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 06.09.23, EBL, $5 MILLION BRIBE TO “BIG GUY” BIDEN BY BURISMA? and TRUMP INDICTED OVER MAR-A-LAGO DOCUMENTS, Am Great, Former President Donald Trump Charged in Classified Documents Probe and FBI Informant: Biden Paid $5 Million by Burisma Executive as Vice President, Dana Loesch: Newest Trump Indictment Unsealed, Don Surber, Trump Indicted – Not Hillary, Hunter, Or Milley, The Geller Report: HIJACKED REPUBLIC: President Trump Indicted (AGAIN) in Mar-a-Lago Classified Documents Hoax, Hogewash, If You Believe This, You May Want to Buy This Bridge I’m Selling, Legal Insurrection,  Trump May Have Handed The Feds What They’ve Spent Seven Years Seeking – A Prosecutable Charge and The Federalist Report: Biden Is Coordinating With ACLU, Other Left-Wing Groups To Interfere In Elections, Time For House GOP To Drop Everything And Target Merrick Garland, New ‘Twitter Files’ Installment Shows The FBI Censoring Journalists For Being Skeptical About Ukraine, and The DOJ’s Election Interference Is Worse Than Anything The Russians Ever Did. Sundance at CTH, Americans Can See What Is Going On.

Elsewhere, PJM's Paula Bolyard, Trump Federal Indictment Unsealed—Read It Here. Lorraine Yuriar, Newest Trump Indictment Unsealed, "It's double-plus ungood for the former President." At Reason, Donald Trump Indicted on More Than 30 Charges in Classified Documents Case. Techno Fog,  Donald Trump: "I have been indicted," "Biden's DOJ attempts to take out the GOP frontrunner" Hat Hair links CNN, Breaking: Trump indictment unsealed; Update: Linked. WSJ cited at Hat Hair, New: Trump valet also indicted by special counsel. Matt Margolis at PJM sees a Coincidence? Trump Indictment Drops Same Day Biden Bribery Docs Revealed. Hat Hair's Capt. Ed cites Turley: "This is an extremely damning indictment" “These are hits below the water line.” At Ace's Quick Hits: We're In the Endgame Now. Meghan McCain at Da Mail, The federal indictment of a president is a shattering and seismic moment - but unlike grave crises that brought us together, this will rip us apart. And it's terrifying. Tom Lifson at Am Think thinks there are 7 reasons to be highly skeptical of the legitimacy of the indictments of Trump. Sundance at CTH says Jeff Clark Gives Solid Take on DOJ Trump Indictment Scheme.  "CSPAN callers respond to President Trump’s indictment." 

Then, Special Prosecutor Jack Smith came out an mouthed some pieties about equal justice for all, speedy trials, etc, etc. Mary Chastain at LI, Trump Indictment: Special Counsel Jack Smith Claims Laws Apply to Everyone, Wants a ‘Speedy Trial.’ "I want to know when the laws will be applied to Hillary, Eric Holder, Joe Biden, and Hunter." Michael Ginsberg at Da Caller, Special Counsel Jack Smith Breaks Silence On Trump Indictment. At PM, Special Counsel Jack Smith says DOJ 'sets the example for the world' as he insists on 'speedy trial' for Donald Trump. Town Hall's Matt Vespa thinks What Special Counsel Jack Smith Said About the Trump Indictment Was Eye-Opening "We have one set of laws in this country, and they apply to everyone,” he said. It’s eye-opening because that’s not what’s happening here. This case is a mess for all involved because while I agree, there’s more of a legal argument here against Trump than Daniels, where’s Joe Biden’s indictment? " 

Ron Wright at Am Think thinks As Trump indicted for questionable crimes, real crimes uncovered by Durham Report remain unprosecuted. PJM's Stephen Kruiser says Trump Is Indicted, But Biden Is the Real Criminal. Town Hall's Spencer Brown notes how Hillary Clinton Brazenly Gloats About Getting Away With Classified Emails on Basement Server. From the Daily Fetched, Rachel Maddow Openly Admits Trump Indictment Is “Solution” to Stop Him Becoming President. Ace, The Regime Has Decided It Will Choose Who Can and Can't Run Against The Regime, "It's the usual blizzard of charges The Regime brings against its enemies and never its friends, bringing separate charges for each part of a single course of action. Betcha they won't charge Hunter with but one charge, which they allow him to plead to with just a fine as his penalty!" Hat Hair's Capt. Ed hears Trump respond: "Election interference at the highest level." Insty,  WHEN YOU’VE LOST CHRIS CUOMO…: "Chris Cuomo and Matt Taibbi scoff and cast doubt on the charges Trump was reportedly indicted over. Cuomo says they appear "at or below a level" anyone would deem "impressive." Taibbi say, "A person who grew up in a third world country, you would recognize this kind of thing… "" At NewsBusters, Cuomo, Taibbi SLAM Trump Indictment: Reminiscent of the ‘Third World’. Red State's Sister Toldja reports Chris Sununu Just Nails Why Trump Indictments Won’t Matter at This Point in Heated Exchange With Jen Psaki "Yeah, but nobody buys that any attack on Trump isn’t anything but political. You’ve created, everybody has, kind of, created this scenario, he’s playing it to the fullest. He is playing the violin strings better than anyone imagined which is why his poll numbers have miraculously, are actually going up." Hat Hair's KT thinks Biden secures the GOP nomination for Trump and Beege Wellborn sees Democracy is dying in darkness.

At Da Caller Dave Bossie says It’s Time For House Republicans To Go On The Offensive. Here’s How. Jim Jordan, linked at Hat Hair, House Judiciary to Merrick Garland: You've got some 'splainin to do "According to reports, the Department will indict President Donald Trump, despite declining to indict former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her mishandling of classified information and failing to indict President Biden for his mishandling of classified information. The indictment creates, at the minimum, a serious appearance of a double standard and a miscarriage of justice—an impression that is only strengthened by allegations that a Biden Justice Department lawyer “inappropriately sought to pressure” a Trump-affiliated lawyer with the prospect of a judgeship." At WaEx, Biden injects partisanship into the National Counterintelligence Center. More partisanship? Capt. Ed replies "One wonders what kind of counterintel operations will get priority under a partisan player like Casey. Maybe he’ll try to refloat the Hunter Biden laptop story into a Russian intel op again." 

Sundance hosts Marjorie Taylor Greene Outlines the FBI Document She Reviewed Highlighting Bribes to Joe Biden and Family – Video and Transcript. Dave Harsanyi at Da Signal says Nothing to See Here but a Credible Whistleblower Accusing the President of Bribery

Vicky Taft at PJM reports Leaked Video Shows D.C. Cops Were 'Rioters' and Instigators at J-6 Protest

A leaked video shows that at least one Washington, D.C., cop—and likely more—acted on January 6 as apparent agent provocateurs, dressing as protesters outside the Capitol Building and urging protesters toward the iconic building. See the video below.

Congressman Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.) says the authenticated GoPro video raises the question of why police officers, who were identified as intelligence officers, were working to stir up the crowd of protesters instead of working to stop an assault on the Capitol.

At one point in the video, the unidentified police officer equipped with the camera said to another that he thought the idea was to get people inside the Capitol Building and trap them inside. The observation by the undercover officer leads one to conclude that there was intelligence about a plan to attack the Capitol, and the apparent response by the police was to let them do it and take pictures.

When another officer on the video saw people climbing the scaffolding, he told the officer with the GoPro, “That’s dangerous. Somebody’s going to get shot.” A third officer said, “They’re not going to shoot anybody.” Yet, they encouraged and participated in the dangerous activity.

As the group of officers worked their way through the crowd and to the scaffolding, they joined in with the protesters’ chants, “Whose house? Our house!”

Loudermilk told the “Just the News, No Noise TV” show, “We know that it is one of their officers and at one point he is encouraging, and it appears he’s encouraging. He’s definitely helping people climb the scaffolding, and he’s telling them ‘go, go, go.'”

PJM's Cathy Salgado is aghast that  CIA and FBI Celebrate Pride Month but Saw Catholics, J6 as Domestic Terrorists.

And off topic and just for the FNJRA, Stacy McCain, Right-Wing Trump Supporter Charged in Murder of Black Transgender Woman

As everyone knows, transphobic racist Republicans are constantly terrorizing LGBTQ people of color in cities like Atlanta:

Atlanta police on high alert after 2 Black trans women shot to death a week apart

April 21, 2023
ATLANTA — Police are working to determine if the murders of two Black transgender metro Atlanta women a week apart are hate crimes. 
Accused murderer Darius Mills, 31

Friends and family shared photos of Koko Williams and Ashley Burton, who were both shot and killed earlier this month.

Williams, 35, was shot to death on MLK on Tuesday night. . . .

Koko’s murder marks the second in just a week involving Black transgender women.

"This guy was clearly a right-wing Republican, just like those guys in MAGA hats who attacked Jussie Smollett in Chicago."

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