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Oregon, My Oregon

Post Millennial, ANDY NGO REPORTS: Portland street mob shoots at elderly driver, accidentally kills one of their own

At one of the street racing takeovers on Sunday night near the Expo Center attended by hundreds, an elderly man in a van appeared to be caught in the road before being violently attacked by an armed mob. Video posted on social media shows that as he desperately attempted to reverse and drive away while being attacked, he backed into a car.

A man in the crowd then fires at least 18 rounds at his fleeing van. A follow-up video shows the crowd catching up with the elderly man who had stopped on a patch of grass. He appeared to be in shock and was bleeding heavily.

"There were hundreds of people and cars in the area participating in an apparent illegal street takeover event, making it difficult for officers to respond and investigate the shooting," Portland Police said in a press statement announcing that no arrests were made.

In addition to the elderly man who appeared to be shot, two participants of the takeover were also injured by gunfire, leading to the death of 20-year-old Cameron Taylor. A $20,000 GoFundMe campaign for his funeral says he was "struck by a stray bullet."

On Twitter, Antifa accounts have been promoting the fundraiser. Antifa in Portland have expressed support for street car takeovers as they have become more frequent following the Antifa-BLM riots in 2020. Antifa view it as one of the ways to undermine law and order, and use up police resources.

At this point, Portland deserves what it gets. They voted poorly. 

"My boys (sic) lifelong friend was killed last night at the street takeover," said Portland Antifa account "@burn_itdown_161" in a post promoting a candlelight vigil and GoFundMe for Taylor on Monday.

Thibault Story Continues, DOJ Plans Obstruction Charge

The saga of Timothy Thibault, the FBI agent on the Russiagate team, responsible for the FBI warning Facebook that the Hunter Biden laptop might be Russian disinformation, and was in in the planning of the Mar-a-Lago Panty Raid, and was suddenly escorted from the building on Friday, continues. Stacy McCain, ‘Deep State’ Cracking Up? Top FBI Agent Resigns Amid Political Bias Charges.

Thibault worked hand-in-hand with the same operatives involved in all this anti-Trump activity at the FBI, and the fact that Wray is throwing him under the bus now suggests maybe they don’t trust him to keep their dirty secrets hush-hush. So I’m going to get ahead of the news cycle here and declare: Timothy Thibault did not commit suicide.

Sauron's Eye admits, Top-level FBI agent under fire for role in Hunter Biden investigation resigns. Gabe Kaminsky at Da Caller adds to his resume, FBI Boss Who Quit After Allegedly Blocking Hunter Biden Probe Also Reportedly Pushed To Pad Domestic Terror Data. At Haut Hair, Capt. Ed dares question the "resigned" part of the story, Escorts: Did FBI agent in Hunter probe retire after whistleblower allegations -- or get fired? "There are still a couple of shoes left to drop here, and maybe much more than that. If Republicans manage to take control of the Senate in the midterms, expect all of these figures and more to get subpoenaed, especially in regard to Grassley’s biggest allegation here of the FBI attempting to cross a congressional committee."New Neo, “Two US officials” now saying Thibault wasn’t fired. Ace, Hyperpartisan Democrat Operator and FBI Agent Bizarrely Assigned to Both Crossfire Hurricane and Then the Hunter Biden Laptop Coverup Either "Fired" or "Forced Out". My guess is he'll have resigned (under pressure), keep his pension and get an MSNBC gig. 

Nick Arama at Red State sees Merrick Garland trying to shut down whistleblowers, Smells Like Cover-up: Garland Tries to Shut Down DOJ Employees Talking to Congress. Mike Davis@mrddmia, " Attorney Garland Merrick Garland just sent out a message to everyone at the Justice Department, ordering no one may contact Congress. (My source: Congress.) Why didn’t he order a similar gag on the inappropriate and illegal Justice Department leaks to the media? Coverup." At the BH, Rachael Rollins is being investigated for potential Hatch Act violation, as DOJ restricts political activities, "Collins attended a DNC fundraiser with First Lady Jill Biden in Massachusetts."

NYT (cited at Haut Hair) whines Trump request for special master could open door to delay in Mar-a-Lago probe. Sundance at CTH, DOJ Files Response to Trump Motion for Special Master Review, Supported by Lawfare Crew Filing Amicus Brief to Bolster DOJ Position "Essentially the position of the DOJ boils down to… They have already reviewed the material. Yes, there was attorney-client privilege material seized; but they swear the internal team segregated the legally confidential material and the DOJ investigators & prosecutors didn’t see it – double pinkie swear, yer honor." In the event that doesn't work, ET reports Anti-Trump Academic Floated as Possible Special Master in Trump Records Case. Also from Sundance, Kash Patel Confirms Seized Documents from Mar-a-Lago Raid Were Evidence Showing DOJ and FBI Corruption in Trump-Russia Probe

At NYT (cited at Haut Hair) another DOJ "leak", Photo: The classified documents at Mar-a-Lago "So the DOJ filing with the photo of classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago (pg. 18), shows them next to a box of frames, including a Time Magazine cover with Trump on it." So how do we know Trump didn't declassify the documents? At Am Spec Jed Babbin demands Release the Entire FBI Mar-a-Lago Affidavit.

WaPoo, Justice Dept. says Trump team may have hidden, moved classified papers, "Prosecutors’ filing suggests Trump advisers misled officials trying to recover sensitive papers; photo shows papers marked ‘Top Secret’ spread out on the floor." At Town Hall, Matt Vespa says The Next Chapter of the FBI's Trump Raid Saga Just Dropped. At the Politico Playbook, Trump likely obstructed classified records probe, DOJ says  Vicky Taft at PJ Media, '6 Ways From Sunday' Alert: Yet ANOTHER NEW PROBE Into Trump's Declassified Docs

The Biden Administration took a National Archives dispute with the last president (which happens with all presidents), elevated it to the White House to blow up the previous president’s privileges (which have been enjoyed by all presidents), parlayed that to a grand jury, and got its subpoena ham sandwich. The Feds then waited until its hand-picked anti-Trump magistrate — not a federal judge — was on the bench and Trump wasn’t home and got the okay for a search warrant for presidential records. Then they dispatched the phalanx of 30 gunned-up FBI raiders, who rifled through the family’s personal items for nine hours to get every document Trump ever touched during his four years in office, trying to find something — anything — on the 45th president. With the documents in their possession, the Feds declined to wait for an actual Article III judge to weigh in on a federal special master to go through the items. They went right ahead and culled through them, lateraled them over to their buddy the DNI, and we now have the intelligence community — which is meant to go after terrorists — playing Monday-morning quarterback on the 45th President of the United States. . . . There are no coincidences.

At Breitbart, House Oversight GOP Questions National Archives’ Statement on Its Involvement in FBI Raid on Trump. Lloyd Billingsley at Front Page is unhappy with Bill Barr - All-In With the Mar-a-Lago Raid. Via the Wombats In The Mailbox: 08.30.22, Don Surber: WSJ takes on the FBI. On a lighter note, from Althouse, "When the Monkees launched their inaugural tour in 1967, they played to throngs of screaming teenagers – and at least one FBI informant." No threat to the nation too small. At NR, (cited at Haut Hair), never-Trumper Kevin Williamson encourages (Political) crime and (legal) punishment. AllahPundit at Haut Hair glumly, Ann Coulter on Trump: "He's done. It's over." "Yeah, I don’t know. He doesn’t look done to me."

The redoubtable Julie Kelly takes day off the J6 panel to examine how the Obama-Era ‘Sisters’ Circle Trump, "Will the trio of Susan Rice, Avril Haines, and Lisa Monaco get their target or will their exaggerated sense of self finally catch up with them?"

 KT at Haut Hair points out Biden hires MSNBC pundit who signed letter that Hunter's laptop story was Russian disinformation to the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board. Ace, New Biden Appointee to White House "Intelligence" Board Pushed Deep State Disinformation That Hunter Biden's Laptop Was a Russian Op, "He did exactly what The Big Guy who promised him future employment told him to do." Also, in all caps, italicized, and with a flaming skull being kissed by Joe Biden, JOE BIDEN CHOOSES A HENCHWOMAN OF LOIS LERNER -- WHO DIRECTED THE IRS TO TARGET CONSERVATIVES -- TO LEAD NEW "SURGE" OF 87,000 IRS AGENTS. One of those whose hard drives mysteriously destructed.

Nick Arama at Red State describes how Biden Tells a Mountain of Horrible Lies About Jan. 6 and Republicans in PA. At HE, BREAKING: Biden Warns 'Brave Right-Wing' Americans—'If You Want to Fight Against the Country, You Need an F-15', like the Taliban. At Twitchy, DNC adviser tells MSNBC that the Republican Party should be treated as a domestic terrorist cell. Jack Cashill at Am Think thinks about Reiner, Klobuchar and the Big Lie of January 6.

Margo Cleveland at Da Fed explains why Zuckerberg’s Admission Of FBI Meddling In 2020 Election Is Even Bigger Than It Seems "Zuckerberg’s admission reveals a deeper scandal: It was the FBI and not social media that stole the election from Donald Trump." Both can be true.

ET reports Secret Service Official at Heart of Jan. 6 Hearing Retires "His retirement now poses the question of whether he is still available to testify before the Jan. 6 committee, considering that his name came up when Cassidy Hutchinson, a former top aide to Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows, testified before the committee in late June."

And just to finish, two day worth of election links!

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Some Wednesday Wetness

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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Forget It Jake, It's Baltimore

Natalie Portman
At PM, Drug dealers threaten, extort producers of Natalie Portman project filming in Baltimore. 

Natalie Portman's new Apple TV+ project was filming in Baltimore when some local drug dealers approached the production on Friday and demanded $50,000 from the team or they would be gunned down.

The Baltimore Banner reports that, "The leaders of the production decided to err on the side of caution and reschedule the shoot after they found another location," according to Baltimore Police Department spokesperson James Moses.

The Apple TV+ show "Lady in the Lake" was filming in downtown Baltimore when two local hoodlums claimed that the Hollywood crew were on their turf and needed to pay up. The drug dealers forced the production to shut down around 4 pm but said they could resume working for a fee of $50,000.
Lupita Nyong’o
The pair brandished a firearm and reportedly pointed it at members of the crew. After they delivered their ultimatum, the two left and said they would return a few hours later for the production's response.

Baltimore police confirmed to The Baltimore Banner that the two men who made the threats were local drug dealers and were serious.

According to Deadline, "Lady in the Lake" is a Endeavor Content production starring Natalie Portman and Lupita Nyong’o. It's an adaptation by Laura Lippman's book by the same name.

$50,000 to shoot film in Baltimore. Who do they think they are, the government? 

UPDATE from KT at Haut Hair, Baltimore police arrest street vendor for violent threat against crew of Apple TV+ show.

Today it is being reported that an arrest has been made. The suspect is a street vendor who was angry that the miniseries production was causing him to lose business. He wanted compensation for lost sales.
The Baltimore Police Department confirms to EW that Keith L. Brown, a local street vendor of Pikesville, Md., “was upset that he had not been compensated by the production for lost business, since he could not operate his clothing business while the crew was filming at that location.”

Brown informed detectives that he had spoken with a crew member and a security manager for the miniseries and was awaiting paperwork to receive compensation. Brown was arrested on Monday on a narcotics charge.
It’s unclear if the man is a drug dealer but he was arrested on a narcotics charge. Detectives are interviewing additional individuals. The investigation is open and on-going. As a precaution, production is paused.

The Wombat has Late Night With Rule 5 Sunday: Sydney Sweeney ready for your Labor Day picnic.

Restoration of James, Barren Island Going Forward

 Slowly. Talk of Delmarva, Restoration of Two Chesapeake Bay Islands Moves Forward

A Mid-Chesapeake Bay ecosystem restoration project will move forward, with the signing of a project partnership agreement.

The US Army Corps of Engineers and the Maryland Department of Transportation have outlined their roles, responsibilities and financial obligations regarding restoration of James Island and Barren Island in Dorchester County.

Material dredged from the Port of Baltimore approach channels and the Honga River will be put to use.

That's the first I've heard that they were going to use Honga River sediment. Is that because they have areas in the Honga that need dredging for navigation, is it used to dilute the pollution in the sediments from Baltimore Harbor, or simply because it's close? 

“It’s an honor to sign this agreement signifying ‘all systems go’ for this critically important project that will provide so many environmental benefits for Maryland,” Maryland Transportation Secretary James Ports Jr. said. “Rebuilding James and Barren islands will promote wildlife, restore coastal shorelines, and provide us with a long-term placement site for dredged material from port shipping channels, allowing us to accommodate larger ships bringing more cargo and business to Maryland.”

According to the USACE, the Mid-Bay project includes restoration of 2,072 acres of lost remote island habitat on James Island and 72 acres of remote island habitat on Barren Island. Habitat may include “submerged aquatic vegetation, mudflat, low marsh, high marsh, islands, ponds, channels, and upland areas.”

“With this project, we hope to build upon the success of Poplar Island,” USACE Baltimore District Commander Col. Estee Pinchasin said. “The habitat we restored and created using dredged material is flourishing. We are proud to partner again with the Maryland Department of Transportation’s Port Administration and employ innovative solutions that benefit the Chesapeake Bay’s ecosystem today and will do so for generations to come.”

At the link, they show the current (well, a couple years ago) island, and the proposed restoration. For James Island:

Wow! That's pretty big, and 28-30 years to complete! Next, Barren Island:

A much smaller plan. I may even see this one completed.

Mar-a-Lago Panty Raid, Biden Laptop FBI Guy Out, FBI Seized Privileged Papers

But out how and to where is the question.  NYPo reports Top FBI agent resigns amid claims he shielded Hunter Biden from probe: report

A top FBI agent at the Washington field office reportedly resigned from his post last week after facing intense scrutiny over allegations he helped shield Hunter Biden from criminal investigations into his laptop and business dealings. Timothy Thibault, an FBI assistant special agent in charge, was allegedly forced out after he was accused of political bias in his handling of probes involving President Biden’s son, sources told the Washington Times on Monday. The agent was escorted out of the field office by at least two “headquarters-looking types” last Friday, the sources said.

At LI, Mary Chastain, Top FBI Agent Forced Out After Accusations of Political Bias Concerning Hunter Biden, "Timothy Thibault, who supposedly has left the agency, has been mentioned quite a bit in letters from Sen. Grassley to FBI Director Wray." Ben Whedon at JTN, FBI special agent who opened Trump investigation reportedly escorted out of Bureau. "Grassley confirmed to Just the News prior to the raid that Thibault had been removed from his post and reassigned to an unspecified position." OK, that's weird. He was moved to a different position prior to the raid, but was escorted out of the building on Friday. Ace, Hmmm: Partisan FBI Agent Who Opened Trump Investigation Seen Being Escorted Out of FBI Building By "Headquarters-Looking" Types, Trump Demands a New Election, "Did the highly partisan Democrat operator Thibault just get fired?" Sundance at CTH, Reports, Lead FBI Agent on Hunter Biden Laptop and FBI Trump Targeting Operations, Removed from DC Field Office. Sarah Lee (she makes fine pastries) at Red State, Who is FBI Agent Timothy Thibault?, and 'Bonchie' at Red State rhetorically asks What Does the FBI Removal of Timothy Thibault Say About the Hunter Biden Investigation? That it's been a sham.  "Lastly, given Thibault’s involvement with the Mar-a-Lago raid, there’s also a possibility that the FBI realized it crossed a line it shouldn’t have crossed. This could be a course correction, albeit, it’s not one that should satisfy anyone. There’s more work to be done here, but in an environment that has offered little good news lately, this may be a small, yet welcome glimmer of hope."

From PM, Trump calls suppression of Hunter Biden laptop story 'election interference' and Trump calls on FBI whistleblowers to step forward. "When are the great Agents, and others, in the FBI going to say 'we aren’t going to take it anymore'" Dave Drucker at WaEx reports Grassley vows to pursue Hunter Biden and root out FBI 'political bias'. Ace, American Stasi: The FBI Is Now Lying About What They Told FaceBook About the Laptop. Dan Chaitin at WaEx, Trump spy chief 'surprised' by Zuckerberg's FBI story ""I was actually surprised to hear Mark Zuckerberg say that, because what he related the FBI told him was exactly the opposite of what my conversations with the FBI director himself at the time were about," Ratcliffe said."

Mike Miller at Red State hears it's Confirmed: DOJ Admits FBI Seized ‘Attorney-Client Privileged Information’ in Mar-a-Lago Raid. The so-called 'taint team' found documents that the FBI were not entitled to. Herr Professor Jacobsen at LI, Mar-a-Lago Raid: Feds Seized Privileged Trump Documents, New Court Filing Confirms "Feds: “identified a limited set of materials that potentially contain attorney-client privileged information, completed its review of those materials, and is in the process of following the procedures set forth in paragraph 84 of the search warrant affidavit to address potential privilege disputes.”" Fox, Justice Department tells judge it already reviewed Trump documents, "The DOJ said their team went through the materials before the court called for an independent special master." WaPoo whines Naming of special master could complicate Mar-a-Lago documents case, "Judge Aileen Cannon signaled intent to appoint an outside analyst to review materials" The FBI (and WaPoo et al)  wants us to think it's all OK, their specially selected (but unknown) "taint team" has examined the documents and fairly decided what was fairly seized and what was not. Yah. But I don't trust them, either to select a fair "taint team" or given the FBI's previous gross corruption in matters pertaining to Trump, to make fair judgements. Let the judge order a "special master", preferably one sensitive to the rights of the President, look through all the document again and make an independent judgement, and take it to the judge. Then the judge can decide what to do about any conflicts between the "taint team" and the "special master" including excluding evidence if needed, or declaring the whole panty raid illegal and all evidence seized fruit of the poisonous tree. 

Matt Vespa at Town Hall hears Biden Press Secretary Makes a Stunning Admission About the FBI Trump Raid "Jean-Pierre admitted that no one in the Biden White House, including the president, had been briefed on the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago. . . . I find that hard to believe." At WaEx, White House says Biden 'not involved' in DNI Trump Mar-a-Lago damage assessment. I believe that, because Biden isn't really involved in anything except ice cream. Matt Vespa again, The One Letter That Exposes the FBI's Trump Raid Was Not About Missing Documents. FISA. Breitbart has an Exclusive with Lee Smith: People I Trust Say FBI Raid Was Search for Russiagate Documents at Mar-a-Lago. Yep. Now connect that with the fact that Thibault was also involved in Russiagate.

From the Wombats In The Mailbox: 08.29.22,  Am Power asks The Mar-a-Lago Affidavit: Is That All There Is?. Margot Cleveland at Da Fed details the case that the Redacted Mar-A-Lago Affidavit Confirms Biden’s DOJ Fished For A Crime To Pin On Trump. It seems to have impressed Althouse, "The public (understandably) may wish to sidestep the minutia of the mandates of the Presidential Records Act, but..."

"... three top-line takeaways prove imperative to understanding the scandal of the Mar-a-Lago search. First, the Presidential Records Act is not a criminal statute, and violations of that federal law do not constitute a crime. Second, the Presidential Records Act does not reach broad swathes of documents retained by a former president, including 'official records of an agency,' 'personal records,”' and convenience copies of presidential records. And third, the courts have refused to question a former president’s conclusion that a record constitutes a 'personal record' and not a 'presidential record.'"

'Adam Mill' at Am Great, One Giant Problem with the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago Raid "The FBI would do well to remember it has no constitutional authority except what it borrows from the elected president." JTN, Former Trump adviser Patel: Trump had been working on declassifying docs while in White House. HE, Donald Trump Jr. SHREDS Biden's DOJ over heavily redacted Mar-a-Lago raid affidavit. At NR, Rich Lowery thinks that All Things Considered, It’s Better Not to Be under FBI Investigation. Yes, but Trump never had the choice, having been framed by Hillary's mob even before he was elected, and the FBI has maintained the pressure with different charges ever since. We can't let the FBI behave that way. Chris Bedford at Da Fed marvels over The Short Life (And Amazingly Fast Death) Of The FBI’s Mar-A-Lago Play. Despite Resurrecting the Rosenbergs (Lloyd Billingsley at Front Page), Anxious is anxious a Poll that shows Republican voters rally behind Trump despite Mar-a-Lago search. Twitchy, Peter Strzok’s terrible, horrible, no-good, very BAD existence continues as he’s triggered by both Maggie Haberman AND Cernovich over Trump.

Jerry Dunleavy at WaEx reports Joe Biden picks Hunter laptop denier for presidential intelligence board, for political services rendered. "Jeremy Bash, a former chief of staff at the CIA and Pentagon, was picked by Biden to be part of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board on Friday. Bash, along with roughly 50 other ex-intelligence officials, signed a letter in October 2020 claiming the Hunter Biden laptop saga had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation,” while Bash himself suggested on TV that the laptop story was “Russian disinformation."

Emma Gojkovic as the stripper
At Breitbart, Director Robert Davi: ‘My Son Hunter’ Told Through the Eyes of a Left-Wing Activist’ 

My Son Hunter director Robert Davi (Licensed to Kill, Die Hard, The Goonies) appeared on Rudy Giuliani’s podcast “Common Sense” this week to highlight behind the scenes details about the feature length film about the Biden family’s international web of corruption, saying the movie “is told through the eyes of a 25-year-old left-wing activist, who is working as a stripper to pay for her college loan.”,  Prosecutors Ask for 17-Year Jail Sentence for Vet Who Assaulted a Cop with Marine Corps Flag on Jan. 6. Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair, Latest J6 rioter gets nearly five years for "encountering" Actually caught a glimpse of Chuckie Schumer "Pruitt received very special attention from both the Department of Justice and the press because of his alleged “affiliation” with the Proud Boys. He also holds the distinction of being the only rioter to come within visual distance of a Senator, specifically Chuck Schumer. "

Tuesday Tune - Hold On to That


Wildfire is a sister act:
The best singers draw from experience. And that’s true for young as well as seasoned artists.

Though still in their teens, sisters Kelli and Kayla Iutzwig, a.k.a. Wild Fire, prove this point at show after show, in song after song. They have already achieved considerable success as independent artists in the music industry since forming their duo in 2016.

More than that, they are conveying their stories through music in ways that inspire audiences their age and beyond. Singly and in harmony, they channel the optimism of youth, sprinkle in the spice of early insight into life’s lessons, super-charge it with jolt of pop rock and the sass of country.

No wonder Linda Wilson, President of the Texas Country Music Association, describes them as “one of the best up-and-coming young artist duos out there.” And following their live appearance on “Great Day Houston” in March 2019, KHOU-TV proclaimed, “Wild Fire are setting the music world ablaze.” 

This fire was kindled in Houston, where their parents spotted Kelli’s and Kayla’s talent when they were barely old enough to sing along to Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Bieber and other radio favorites. When each girl was 6 years old she began studying with celebrated vocal coach Pamela Moore. Both also learned to play guitar, with Kelli doubling on piano. They took to songwriting quickly and naturally and learned how to transfer their energy and creativity into numerous live theater and dance productions.

The Wombat has Late Night With Rule 5 Sunday: Sydney Sweeney ready for your Labor Day picnic.


Monday, August 29, 2022

10 Billion Oysters Later

The Chesapeake Bay oyster  population is still in trouble: Eye on Annapolis, Oyster Recovery Partnership Plants 10 Billionth Oyster.

The Oyster Recovery Partnership (ORP), along with Maryland oyster restoration partners and watermen, recently planted the 10 billionth oyster in the Chesapeake Bay, highlighting the environmental and economic value of one of the Bay’s keystone species. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan joined ORP’s leaders and officials from federal and state agencies to watch the planting vessel deploy spat-on-shell on the Hood Reef, a public oyster reef south of Kent Narrows. Hogan led a ceremonial planting to mark the significant 10 billion milestone.
Maryland embraced large-scale oyster plantings as a key component of its Chesapeake Bay restoration strategy, deploying hundreds of millions of juvenile oysters on both sanctuary reefs and public oyster reefs annually. Oysters are beneficial because they filter excess nutrients from the Bay’s waters, provide valuable habitat for other marine species, and boost the state’s commercial seafood industry through annual harvests and oyster aquaculture.

10 Billion (with a "B") sounds like a lot of oysters, but freshly set oyster spat are rather small, and have a very low survival rate in their first year. 

If they really wanted to build up the oyster population, the obvious step is to stop harvesting wild oysters.

Mar-a-Lago Panty Raid a Go-go, Jan. 6ers Being Tortured, MTG Triple SWATted, Red Wave Worries, Fauxcahontas Fears Recession She Voted For

Tristan Justice at Da Fed wants you to know that the FBI Is So Committed To Transparency Nearly Entire Trump Raid Affidavit Is Redacted. "The few sentences made public in the affidavit, however, show the FBI was motivated to comb through Trump’s 128-room living quarters because of a CBS News article that a truck was present at Mar-a-Lago in the final days of his presidency." A moving truck! Arrest him immedieately! Nick Arama at Red State   Damning Info in Trump Affidavit That Raises Even More Questions About FBI/DOJ Action "Then in the affidavit, there’s a letter dated June 8 mentioned, from the DOJ to Trump’s counsel, telling the Trump team that they have to keep the documents in the storage room until further notice." That notice consisted of a 9 hour raid by 30 gun-toting FBI agents who searched everywhere including Melania's underwear. "Sperry also picked up something else that was interesting — that according to the affidavit there were documents that had FISA markings. So, that might lend further credence to the report that the FBI may have been trying to grab Russia probe documents." At ET, Kash Patel Denounces Biden Administration for Keeping Name in Redacted FBI Trump Warrant Affidavit, a cheap shot considering their stated interest in protecting potential witnesses. At Am Think, Brian Joondeph thinks The FBI is A Campaign Arm of the Democrat Party. He's not wrong. And Ron Wright thinks The Raid on Mar-A-Lago: A Desperate Act by the Deep State

Because of its pattern and practice of lying in search warrant affidavits and demonstrated political bias without accountability, the FBI is no longer credible. The FBI lied in the FISA search warrant affidavits to spy on President Trump by knowingly using the Russian Collusion narrative that was false. The FBI knowingly violates the civil rights of citizens under the guise of criminal investigations, ruining them financially -- the January 6 defendants, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, reporter Sheryl Attkisson, and others.

Nick Arama again with Biden DNI Makes Troubling Announcement About Documents Seized During Trump Raid "The director of national intelligence is preparing to review the items recovered during the FBI search of at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate earlier this month, CBS News has learned. In a letter sent to congressional leaders Friday, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines said her office would conduct a “classification review of relevant materials.” Atop Da Hill, Haines says intelligence officials to assess national security risks from Mar-a-Lago documents: I'm sure they'll be quite nonbiased /sarc. From Town Hall Matt Vespa reports Ex-Gorsuch Law Clerk Shreds Reasoning Behind Intelligence Czar's Review of Mar-a-Lago Documents

A pair from Althouse, "The investigation has raised expectations on the left of an event that Trump’s opponents have dreamed of for years: a criminal prosecution..." "Gillers makes some good points, but I have trouble with this visual: "he dumped a lot of stuff into boxes." Who thinks he packed his own boxes?" and "I’ve always maintained that, with Trump, there are no deep, dark secrets: His absolute awfulness always stares you squarely in the face, like a baboon’s backside."
Notice that they both said the word "paranoia," but Stephens referred to the paranoia of Trump supporters — deliberately stoked by Trump — and Collins with the paranoia of Trump antagonists, who are afraid Trump has done something wrong.

Collins's paranoid Trump opponents are inferring that there's something more "sinister" than sloppy handling of documents because of all the other things they've seen — or believe they've seen —Trump do. Stephens' paranoid Trump supporters are inferring that the F.B.I. is sinister because of all the other things they've seen — or believe they've seen — the F.B.I. do.

'Bonchie' at Red State warns Never Trump's Pursuit of Donald Trump Takes a Dark Turn as Adam Kinzinger proposes an ex-post facto law to trap Trump. At Zero Hedge, Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Going To Get Worse "If Trumpist candidates for Congress do well in the midterms, the agony will only intensify. The media’s reaction as the results of that dark day six years ago unfolded was shock and incredulity.  This time, if Republicans take the House and lots of Trumpy types prevail, we will see a different reaction. Liberal elites now know that “it can happen here,” which leads them past incredulity and toward resolve." At Fox, Sen. Graham says if Trump is indicted, there will be 'riots in the street'. Likely a few, but they'll clean up afterwards.

Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair sees the FBI claim No, we would never have told Zuckerberg to bury the Hunter laptop story. They just strongly hinted at something Facebook censors wanted to do anyway. "In the runup to the 2020 election, the FBI was guilty of, at a minimum, gross incompetence, but that’s putting it far too charitably. They did something that they surely knew would result in provocative, accurate information related to the Biden clan being kept from the public and/or falsely described as “Russian misinformation.” That is pretty much the definition of election tampering." At Front Page, Brad Slager asks Did Zuckerberg Prove the FBI Created the ‘Russian Disinfo’ Narrative on Hunter’s Laptop? "The stunning significance of a revelation."

At Am Great, Nice Deb  cites a Lawyer: January 6 Clients Are Being Tortured, "For the first time in U.S. history, the political party in power is hunting down and jailing members of the opposition party for political dissidence, and . . . torturing them in jail." 

At WaEx, Barr says he was called a 'f***ing loser' by Trump at White House

Barr, who has since fallen out with former President Donald Trump, described the encounter as one of the most awkward moments during his tumultuous two-year tenure in the Trump administration. Trump disparaged Barr as a "f***ing loser" while meeting with his underlings to discuss their response to riots gripping the nation following George Floyd's death.

“The president was bellowing at a number of his Cabinet secretaries and especially the military guys, the DoD secretary and chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and calling all of us f***ing losers at the top of his lungs,” he recounted during an interview with former New York Times editor Bari Weiss on her Honestly podcast.

Let me agree with Trump, Barr was a loser who failed in his attempt to reform the DOJ, but then, it may have been an impossible task. 

Liberal bête noire Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green, R-GA, has been SWATted three times recently. PM, Marjorie Taylor Greene swatted for a third time in less than a week.   Paul Bedard at WaEx reports Marjorie Taylor Greene says of swatters, ‘100% they wanted me murdered’. And where is the FBI on this? 

AllahPundit at Haut Hair is pleased as punch to Report Some Republicans now fear House gains could be in the single digits and the NYT, cited at Haut Hair warns Republicans signal worry about Trump and the midterms. At WaEx, Democratic candidates outraise Republicans in key Senate races. Herr Professor Jacobsen at LI, Operation Demoralize Is Back "View the early and notoriously inaccurate polling in this context. View the mainstream media analysis in this context. View Biden’s increasing incitement of conflict between Americans in this context. This is Team Obama 101 stuff.." Stephen Kruiser warns Don't Believe the Democrats' Midterms Homestretch Hype. John Kudla at Am Think thinks Democrats See Unicorns while the Red Wave Rises. The media will try to oversell Democrat gains, don't be frantic, but don't be complacent either.

Matt Margolis at PJ Media, Whoa, Did Biden Admit Elections Have Been Stolen? Well, they do have the best voter fraud system ever created. Rick Moran (also at PJ Media) notes, A Democrat Politician Says 'The U.S. Could Lose the Right To Vote Within Months'. At the Guardian ‘The US could lose the right to vote within months’: top official’s democracy warning. Hyperbole much? At WJ, In Biden's Attempt to Own the Right, He Might Have Just Ended the Careers of 3 Vulnerable Democrats

On Thursday, President Joe Biden spoke in Maryland in support of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wes Moore. In doing so, however, he may have consigned three House Democrats to defeat. That’s because, yet again, Biden told the crowd in Rockville, Maryland, that he wanted to ban so-called “assault weapons.” This was hardly a surprise.

What was a bit of a shocker — one which makes us think the president might have his White House handlers eventually backtracking on his remarks — is that he said any Democrat that opposed the bill didn’t deserve their votes.

'Becca Downs at Town Hall claims DNC Chairman Gaslights the American People on Biden's MessagingRNC Research@RNCResearch."Biden said [in his inaugural address] we should not view each other as adversaries in this country but as does 'semi-fascism' as a label for the Republican Party fit with that?" DNC CHAIR JAIME HARRISON: Biden "has always been consistent"" Consistently incoherent. Victor Davis Hanson at Am Great, The Strangest Thing About ‘Semi-Fascist’ Trump, "Of the last three presidents, Trump was either the most indifferent or the most obstructed when it came to using government agencies for his own partisan political advantages or to neuter his enemies." Projection is a strong feature of liberal attacks. Also from Am Great, Glenn Elmers writes of MAGA and the Memory of America, "If Ron DeSantis runs for president can he learn something essential from Donald Trump? And vice versa? . . . The elites have told the MAGA deplorables, “This country no longer exists for your sake.” But their effort has not succeeded in subduing the American people’s wish to rule themselves, or in destroying the idea of America that still lives within them. So the ruling class has intensified its assault."

Andrea Widburg at Am Think thinks John Fetterman’s musing on murderers may be a gift to Dr. Oz. He better start capitalizing on it soon. Deroy Murdock at Da Caller says Democrats Handed Republicans Two Giant Gifts Ahead Of November. IRS expansion, and voting not to protect lower income taxpayers. 

Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair hears CNN: We're really trying to be less of a Democratic mouthpiece, Not not a Democratic mouthpiece, just a more subtle Democratic mouthpiece.

At JTN, Natalia Mittelstadt reports Wisconsin Republican Assembly speaker withdraws 2020 election subpoenas, pulling plug on probe

Gableman had sought to continue the investigation into CTCL, voting machines, and the alleged voter fraud at the nursing homes.

Investigation of the 2020 presidential election in the state may now be irreversibly ended as the federal requirement to preserve federal election records for 22 months after an election expires on Sept. 3 for the 2020 election.

Victoria Marshall at Da Fed, Ranked-Choice Voting Failed To Make Ballot In Missouri — But Beware, The Left Will Keep Pushing It.  "Democrats — and establishment Republicans, for that matter — see ranked-choice voting as a way to exert more control over elections, using it as a “legal” mechanism to pass over candidates voters want in favor of predetermined, establishment-backed contenders. The push for ranked-choice voting then becomes just another ploy either to thwart the will of voters or turn states blue." Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed, Ranked-Choice Voting Is A Nightmare — And It’s On The Ballot In Nevada

Brian Darling at Town Hall details how The Inflation Reduction Act Radically Increases Energy Prices. Eric Worrel at WUWT, Biden Fail: US North East Winter Energy Rationing? Biden Urges Export Cuts, Increased Production. At Fox, DAY FIVE: White House refuses to say who will pay for Biden $500,000,000,000 student loan handout. Finance it with the rest of the debt, of course. NR never-Trumper Kevin Williamson, cited at Haut Hair has the audacity to complain that Biden's student-loan wipeout sticks it to the poor, but at least there are no mean Tweets, just accusations of semi-fascism. At 
Am Great, Roger Kimball  worries about Biden’s Debt Transference and Enforcement Arm, "Work hard. Save your money. Pay your debts. Then get saddled with someone else’s debts because you didn’t have the foresight to be improvident at the opportune moment." The Victory Girls note Suddenly Elizabeth Warren Is Worried About Recession. "This is rich coming from a woman who is totally on board with our government printing billions to send to Ukraine. It’s also very tone deaf given she voted FOR the Inflation Reduction Act that will do the opposite of reducing inflation, and did a victory lap about it." Why worry? It's already here.

Breitbart reports a WaPo Op-Ed Claims Trans Athletes Will Help Girls Learn to Lose Gracefully

According to Alyssa Rosenberg, the aim of school athletics is not to teach children the art of achieving excellence but rather to build character, and what better way to build character in a teenage girl than having her experience the frustration of losing that championship title to a biological male? Her argument largely hinges on the unicorn of “sports-crazed parents” who will theoretically use transgender athletes in women’s sports as an excuse in the event their daughter loses.

The Monday Morning Stimulus

The Wombat has Late Night With Rule 5 Sunday: Sydney Sweeney ready for your Labor Day picnic.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Bay Hypoxia Back to Normal

MDDNR: Chesapeake Bay Hypoxia Report – July 2022

Data collected by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Old Dominion University show that dissolved oxygen conditions in the Chesapeake Bay mainstem of Maryland and Virginia were mixed in July 2022, with early July hypoxic volumes well below average, and late July near average. The hypoxic water volume — waters with less than 2 mg/l oxygen — was 0.66 and 1.74 cubic miles during early and late July monitoring cruises, compared to historical early and late July averages (1985-2021) of 1.63 and 1.62 cubic miles.


During their respective time periods, early July hypoxic volume ranked as the fourth lowest on record, while late July was near the historical median rank of the past 38 years. Additionally, a small volume of less than 0.1 cubic miles of anoxia (waters with less than 0.2 mg/l oxygen) was observed during early July, and 0.45 cubic miles of anoxia was reported in late July.

Hypoxia in early July was mostly confined to the Maryland portion of the Bay’s center channel, but expanded laterally across the Bay and farther south into Virginia in late July. Freshwater flow, as estimated by the U.S. Geological Survey, was below average in June 2022, which may have accounted for less inflow of hypoxia-inducing nutrients in early July. Estimates for the entire month were not yet available. Bay waters in late July exhibited greater vertical stratification and a broader range of water temperature and salinity — conditions which can prevent oxygen from reaching deeper waters.

See any progress? Me neither. 

Beach Report 8/28/22

Another summer day, low 80s, a bit humid, and with clouds on the distant horizon.
Not having a plumbing emergency today, we got off to an early start, before lunch, and caught the best part of the low tide.
A good day for teeth by recent standards, 26 shark's teeth, a crab claw, a Tilly bone, a Porgy tooth, and some ray material.

Trump to get 'Special Master?'

 Yep, we're still talking about the affidavit. Or as Stacy McCain puts it Affidavit, Laugh-idavit

Trump’s lawyers have pointed out that the affidavit raises more questions than it answers. Everything about this raid stinks of political motivation, and Margot Cleveland is probably pretty close to the target in saying that this was just a “get Trump” fishing expedition.

Teach at Pirate's Cove says DOJ Releases Some With Black Marks Giving Unknown Rational For Mar-O-Lago Raid. Ryan King at WaEx catalogs Six things we still don't know about the Trump raid after redacted FBI affidavit released "What was in those documents? Full context of why the documents were stashed at Mar-a-Lago. Why weren't the classified documents given to the DOJ earlier? Will Trump get charged? Who was the inside source? Did any of the documents relate to nuclear weapons?" Breitbart notes Affidavit: ‘National Security’ NOT Cited by DOJ Among Reasons for Redactions, but then again, 'covering our asses' wasn't listed either, but it was clearly a reason.

It appears that at least one judge is buying Trumps argument that a neutral "Special Master" is needed to sort through the documents, and at least decide which items are really personal, and which should be returned to the government. Fox, Judge announces 'preliminary intent to appoint a special master' to review Trump records seized by FBI. Sundance at CTH, Florida Judge Indicates Intent to Appoint Special Master to Review Material Seized by DOJ in Trump Raid

U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon has issued a two-page order [SEE HERE] indicating her willingness to appoint a special master to review the documents seized by the DOJ in the Mar-a-Lago raid.

Judge Cannon has asked the Justice Department to produce by Tuesday “a more detailed” list of items seized from Trump’s residence on Aug. 8 as well as the status of the government’s ongoing review of those materials, which includes the use of a “filter team” to screen for attorney-client privileged records.

Politico whines Judge signals she's likely to back Trump request for Mar-a-Lago special master. I would hope a truly neutral "Special Master" might quickly see that most of the documents in question were declassified documents relating to the Russiagate, and reflected badly on the DOJ and FBI that Trump was holding for a good reason. PM,  Devin Nunes says FBI was after Russiagate hoax documents. But upon Da Hill, Biden scoffs at Trump claim he declassified Mar-a-Lago documents: ‘Come on’. At HuffPoo, William Barr Rips Trump For 'Pandering To Outrage' Over Mar-A-Lago Search, "It's premature to reach a conclusion about the ex-president's trove of government documents stashed at Mar-a-Lago, his former U.S. attorney general said." Sundance, President Trump Tried to Work Within the System, and goes into painful detail about why it didn't (and can't) work. "The DOJ and FBI will do everything they can to stop the release of documents outlining how the system worked to target candidate and President Trump." Vicky Taft at PJ Media, That Mushroom Cloud You See Is Another Trump Media Narrative Exploding Before Your Eyes. Nuclear secrets. 

At WaPoo, U.S. intel agency to assess security risk of documents found at Mar-a-Lago. Not good on several levels. The intel agencies are packed with Trump haters, and even setting that aside, they are jealous of their "right" to hide their mistakes and corruption behind classification.

Predictably, liberals are pissed, 'Bonchie' at Red State, Judge Hands Trump a Win in Fight Against FBI, Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth Follows

You know you are over the target when the left-wing legal “experts” on the bird site start frothing at the mouth. Someone should ask them what they are so afraid of. How is transparency and accountability in this process a bad thing? Given the disputes over the records, it only makes sense that a hopefully neutral third party would be allowed to arbitrate between the two sides. The NARA is not all-powerful. It does not lord over the executive branch, and just because they say something doesn’t make it true or the law.

Matt Taibbi wonders what happened in The Great Disappearing Raid Story "Excuse me for giving a damn, but what happened to the Trump raid story?"

Nick Grossman at YaHoo! contends If Prosecuting Trump Sets a ‘Dangerous’ Precedent—So Does Letting His Crimes Slide, but of course, the precedent was already set by the FBI/DOJ handling of Hillary. At Da Mail, Trump's ex-lawyer Alan Dershowitz says the DOJ has 'enough evidence to indict' former president, but wont because Hillary Clinton's handling of State Department emails was worse. AllahPundit creamed his jeans, Dershowitz: There's enough evidence in the Mar-a-Lago case to indict Trump "Certainly, Trump should be held to the same standard that Hillary Clinton was when the feds declined to prosecute her in 2016. Which, I suspect, is the reasoning Merrick Garland will use when he ultimately decides not to bring charges here." Dan Chaitin at WaEx cites Andy Weissman, Mueller's 'pit bull': Trump is going to be prosecuted. Isn't that what he said last time. At Da Beast, Brad Mossman, It’s Over: Trump Will Be Indicted. Even Sundance reports Newt Gingrich Predicts DOJ Will Attempt to Indict President Trump Using a DC Grand Jury, “They are Playing for Keeps” 

From the perspective of Mr. Gingrich the institutional system within Washington DC is “playing for keeps” with “no interest in the law,” in their effort to keep Donald Trump from challenging the corrupt system now controlling the U.S. government. Unfortunately, I agree with the prediction.


At PM, Meta lashes back against Zuckerberg over Hunter Biden story suppression "None of this is new," Meta Newsroom wrote in response. "Mark testified before the Senate nearly two years ago that in the lead up to the 2020 election, the FBI warned about the threat of foreign hack and leak operations." 'Bonchie' at Red State, claims the FBI Responds to Its Facebook Scandal by Treating Americans Like They Are Idiots

There was no question at that point that the laptop was not Russian disinformation. Yet, the FBI played it up as that anyway, knowing full well that Facebook and others would run to censor the story. Why? Because those same companies had been under heavy congressional pressure to stop disinformation and misinformation. In other words, whether the FBI actually “directed” Facebook to do anything is irrelevant. What’s relevant is that they set the stage for what happened, knowing that they were misleading the social media companies in doing so. In the ironies of all ironies, the FBI used disinformation to frame something as disinformation in order to harm a political opponent.

Bill Maher flirts with the "red pill" again. Nick Arama at Red State,  Bill Maher Levels Rob Reiner With Priceless Reaction Over Hunter Biden Laptop Conspiracy. Twitchy, Bill Maher tells Rob Reiner why he’s unaware of these details about the Hunter Biden laptop story. It's enough to bring politics out in Ace's tech guru Pixy Misa, Daily Tech News 28 August 2022

Just a few minor points:
  • They warn social media companies - but not the public.
  • They keep this secret.
  • When they say "potential threats" they mean stories they want suppressed.
  • These stories are viewed as threats because they are true.

Ben Whedon at JTN reports Trump campaign turned down Ashley Biden diary, urged suspects to give it to FBI

At Althouse, "Alex Berenson Sued Twitter Over Being Banned and Was Reinstated."

It's a long segment so don't miss the key material near the end, explaining why he settled with Twitter and how he's moved on to publishing documents showing that the federal government pressured Twitter to ban him. Twitter had accepted him, he says, and White House people said they wanted him banned, and, within 6 weeks, he was banned.

That clip should be put alongside this other Joe Rogan clip, from one day earlier. Here's Mark Zuckerberg talking about the FBI's pressuring Facebook to moderate content:

Sundance cryptically comments Lots of FBI Officials Work at Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop "In the latest datapoint assembly, a solid dive by MintPressNews into the number of former FBI officials working at Twitter, shows just how enmeshed the federal police are with the social media platform. The scale is really quite remarkable. [SEE HERE]"

KT at Haut Hair, Nikki Haley after tax forms leak: 'Republicans have been too nice for too long'. But they're hiring 80,000 potential new leakers. But, Ski confidently predicts they'll never be able to hire that many given the current job situation. Sundance, no fan of Haley says Nikki Haley Charter Club Donors Leaked, Wall Street Hedge Funds, Multinationals and Affluent Democrats are Top Donors. So I wonder if the Biden/Garland DOJ will look into the leak?

At JTN, Congress spends nearly $100,000 on meditation app for staffers distressed by Jan. 6 "The normal charge for the app that House staffers are offered for free is $14.99 a month or an annual fee of $69.99." Graft for somebody, I'm sure. 

Matt Vespa at Town Hall, What the Hell Did Joe Biden Just Say? "BIDEN: "If we elect two more senators, we keep the House in Democrats, we're gonna un, get a lot of unfinished business we gonna get done." WaPoo approved, ‘Semi-fascism’: Rhetoric reflects newly aggressive Biden strategy, "With sharp attacks on the GOP and individual Republicans, Biden and the White House signal they will not rely solely on touting the president’s accomplishments during the midterm campaign" KT at Haut Hair, Yikes! Yellen and Jill Biden advised him not to cancel student loan debt, but Joe listened to someone else. "Instead of listening to a couple of people who might actually know a little something about the subject, Joe Biden decided to listen to Kamala Harris. That’s right. Biden acted on Kamala’s advice." From Athena Thorne at PJ Media, WATCH: Sarcastic New Ad Rips Biden's Student Loan Debt 'Bailout for Rich Kids'

"Midterms rarely deliver big political surprises, but recent elections have made Democrats more confident. Still, alumni of huge wave elections in 2010 and 2018 know it isn’t that simple," and Trump ,is turning the midterms from a referendum into a choice  At Spectator World, Pennsylvania’s Senate race to the bottom, "These two are not the prize hogs at the Bloomsburg Fair." Breitbart, Jailbreak John Fetterman: My Top Priority is Ending Life in Prison Without Parole for Convicted Criminals. Newsweek, Doug Mastriano Deemed a 'Traitor' After He's Shown in a Confederate Uniform "Media MELT DOWN that Mastriano apparently once posed as a civil war historical figure for a photo," Jenna Ellis, a lawyer who represented Trump, said in a tweet. "And? He has a Ph.D in HISTORY. The left wants to erase history. @dougmastriano wants us to learn from it."

Stacy McCain wants to know Why Do Democrats Hate Women? "Florida Democrats had a chance to nominate a “progressive” woman for governor, but instead of Nikki Fried, they chose Charlie Crist — and it wasn’t even close. Crist won by almost a 25-point margin, 59.7% to 35.3% for Fried. . . . Meanwhile, in New York . . . Democratic primary voters had a chance to send Carolyn Maloney back to Congress in the 12th District, but instead they chose Jerry Nadler and, again, it wasn’t even close. . . Why? Because Democrats hate women! It’s battered women’s syndrome — they keep going back to the abuser, thinking he’ll change his ways if they just love him enough. "

'Beca Downs at Town Hall thinks Charlie Crist’s Choice of Running Mate Makes It Seem Even More Likely He’s Trying to Lose.  Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, Wait ... Charlie Crist picked who as a running mate? Karla Hernández-Mats the president of United Teachers of Dade.

Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair notes NY Governor tells 5.4 million Republicans to leave the state. Fine, but who will bring the food, power and water?

Wa Ex, Alaska will be counting for weeks thanks to idiotic ranked choice voting. At JTN, Dominion Voting Systems deposes Carlson, Hannity in suit against Fox News, "Dominion brought the $1.6 billion defamation suit after the outlet covered its role in the 2020 presidential election"