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Majority Worry About Biden's Brain, DeSantis Scarier Than Trump

So, I left the "election" bin go an extra day while the Mar-a-Lago raid dominated the news, but I have to use it or lose it, so here goes.

At Haut Hair, Jazz Shaw has a Poll: Majority worried about Joe Biden's mental health. He's both crazy (most politicians are) but also senile. Capt. Ed at Haut Hair has another, Bounceless Biden: ABC/Ipsos poll shows 69% feel economy getting worse. It is. Jim Treacher has the video to show Now Biden Can't Even Dress Himself. "This is fine. There’s nothing to worry about. It’s just the most powerful man in the free world, who doesn’t know where he is or who he is or what’s happening from one moment to the next. Yeah, okay, so he can’t even dress himself anymore. What’s the problem?" 'Bonchie' at Red State thinks Joe Biden May Need a Hard Reset After His Latest Senile Moment. Ctrl-alt-Del. Or just pull the plug. 

At Althouse, "And if Dark Brandon transforms from parody imbued with implicit eye-rolling to enthusiastic exaggeration of the president’s capabilities..."

"... there’s no joke there at all anymore. So, the comedy has turned to tragedy, and if Dark Brandon isn’t dead yet, he probably will be soon. An additional hazard for the hipper, nihilistic early adopters of this trend, assuming everything ironic on the internet does really become genuine: If they’re not careful, maybe they’ll start liking Biden, too."

Writes Molly Roberts in "The Dark Brandon meme can’t escape death" (WaPo).

Also, Ludicrous Washington Post headline uses the word "intruder" to characterize Trump — and Trump is intruding on Biden. ""Biden, trying to tout his policies, faces a familiar intruder: Trump.""

Twitchy, Are we just going to ignore that members of the Biden administration are proudly tweeting out Nazi imagery? [pics]. At TNP, Yes, The White House’s ‘Dark Brandon’ Memes Contain Nazi Imagery With CCP Influences. 

Fox, ABC panelists say Kamala Harris not next in line if Biden doesn't run in 2024. At Am Think, Deanna Chadwell thinks Kamala Speaks the Truth when she admits Democrats don't learn from history.

Althouse, "If you, like me, had been compartmentalizing a Trump 2024 run for mental-health purposes, I’m sorry to break it to you..." ""... but he looks like a man who is definitely running for president in 2024. His CPAC speech this weekend was a rude awakening as to both his intentions and the strength he would bring to that campaign." Writes Tim Miller, in "I’m Sorry, But He’s Running/Trump’s CPAC speech was his 2024 blueprint" (Bulwark). Stephen Kruiser, Dear Dems—Trump 2024 Is Gonna Be Super LIT

Atop Da Hill, Biden’s hot streak fails to quell Democratic doubts. At YaHoo! turncoat Jonah Goldberg swears After the last two weeks, it's the Republicans who are now in disarray. AllahPundit at Haut Hair happily pushes The grimmest poll. NYT, cited by Haut Hair is giddy with excitement that With deal in hand, Dems enter the fall with something new: Hope. Ben Domenech at Spec World speculates Will Dobbs create a blue wave to match the red one? "Inexperienced GOP candidates plus renewed Democratic enthusiasm has some worried." But Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair counters, Democrats losing Black voters over abortion. Rick Moran at PJ Media, As Democrats Celebrate Biden 'Wins,' More Blue House Seats Become Competitive. AllahPundit whines, Wavy: Internal polls show GOP now within striking distance in districts Biden won by 10+ points

Christine Pushaw
AllahPundit, Dem strategist: DeSantis is a "scarier prospect" than Trump "“Scarier” how? “Scarier” as in “more frightening in his political beliefs”? Yeah, I don’t think so. The bar there is high, my dude. . . " He's also butthurt that DeSantis set to campaign for GOP candidates -- including Doug Mastriano and Kari Lake. Tennessee Star, ‘They’re Not Gatekeepers Anymore’: DeSantis Spokeswoman Pushaw Puts Media on the Defense. She's precious. I hope to see her as the President's Press Secretary; I don't even care which one. 

At Da Blaze, Democratic lawmakers urge people to back GOP Rep. Liz Cheney in the Wyoming Republican primary. AllahPundit again (VIP), Two House Dems urge Wyoming Democrats: Change your registration and vote for Liz Cheney. At WJ, Liz Cheney Makes Telling Admission About Working with Democrats Compared to Working with Republicans "“I would much rather serve with Mikie Sherrill and Chrissy Houlahan and Elissa Slotkin than Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert, even though on substance certainly I have big disagreements with the Democratic women I just mentioned,” Cheney told The New York Times." But that's not the proper comparison, take AOC, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley. Tristan Justice at Da Fed discovers Liz Cheney’s Husband Is Partner At Law Firm Representing Hunter Biden. At the top of the pyramid, Washington D.C. is a very small place.

Politico, Welcome to the strangest Senate race in America, "Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) is facing his first real reelection challenge from an ex-Republican endorsed by Democrats who, if elected, would caucus with neither party." Jazz Shaw, People are still trying to make Evan McMullin a thing. McMullet?

Sundance, at CTH, After Taking the Weekend Off, Washington State Should Be Updating Midterm Election Vote Count Tonight. PM notes how WA-3 Candidate Joe Kent Has *HIS OWN BALLOT* Rejected After Wildly Delayed Election Count, "Kent told The National Pulse that he had to go into the offices of the election administrators on Monday, August 8th, in order to verify his own signature – a process that many older voters may be unable to attend to so easily – so that his vote would count." Sabotage? But eventually, Pro-Impeachment Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler Loses To Trump-Backed Primary Challenger (Da Caller) and GOP House member who voted to impeach Trump concedes (WaT).

At Haut Hair, Jazz Shaw again, The never-Trumpers are coming after Herschel Walker hard and KT, Anti-Trump GOP group comes for Herschel Walker with ad using his ex-wife. Why are they racist?

AllahPundit concerned a pro-Trumper might win, Live results: Cliffhanger in Wisconsin. Althouse, It's primary day in Wisconsin. What have the GOP candidates for Governor said about the raid on Mar-a-Lago? "Meade said he will vote for the first candidate who condemns it. Going solely by the candidates' Twitter accounts, we have this from Tim Michels, at 8:29 last night: Tim Michels@michelsforgov, "First 87,000 new IRS agents, now this? The FBI’s raid this afternoon seems more like a political witch hunt than anything else. Republicans in Wisconsin are far too familiar with overzealous prosecutors. Elections have consequences. Vote." WKOW, Kleefisch concedes to Michels as Trump overpowers 'Cheesehead Revolution'

In other seemingly random election news, Republican Brad Finstad Trounces Democrat in Minnesota Special Election for U.S. House. At NYPo, Democrats cower over Carolyn Maloney, Jerry Nadler cage match. It's too bad they both can't lose. From the Wa Free Bee, Colorado Dem Obtains 24-Hour Fishing License To Shoot Campaign Ad, "Multimillionaire Michael Bennet is working to cast himself as an outdoorsman. It may be a hard sell." He could at least afford to pay for a year. Also, Arizona Dem Praised Radical Immigration Group That Harassed Sinema, "Kirsten Engel's support for leftist groups could alienate voters."

Matt Margolis, The MSM Suddenly Decides Elections Can Be Stolen... But Only by Republicans.

Bloomberg sought to find out which states are “most vulnerable to political election interference” and “what it means for elections this fall and in 2024, when the White House will once again be at stake.” I’ll save you all the details because the criteria were ridiculously biased. But, according to the exposé, reporters Ryan Teague Beckwith and Bill Allison looked at all the states, scrutinized election laws, consulted with experts, and while they claim the 2022 vote “should be fine” because election integrity laws in various states have stalled, Beckwith and Allison nevertheless insist that the 2024 vote could potentially be “stolen” should Trump loyalists win gubernatorial elections Arizona, Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin, and possibly Pennsylvania.

Why? Because these Trump loyalists questioned the results of the 2020 election and would probably steal the election for Trump in 2024.

Stephen Kruiser,  Narrative Destroyed on Voter Fraud "The Arizona Democratic Party filed a lawsuit in a failed effort to prevent the audit of 2020 ballots in Maricopa County. Auditors found nearly 50,000 ballots deemed “questionable.” although the recount did not overturn President Joe Biden’s narrow victory in Arizona over former President Donald Trump." Vicky Marshall at Da Fed, Pinal County Election Debacle Shows Election Officials Have Much to Learn Before November

The Wombat has Late Night With Rule 5 Sunday: Kelsea Ballerini and FMJRA 2.0: Alberich ready and waiting at The Other McCain.

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