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Panty Raid Affidavit Redux, Congress to Examine FBI in Laptop Scheme

As you almost certainly know by now, the heavily redacted affidavit used by the FBI to justify the Mar-a-Lago Panty Raid was released at noon yesterday. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 08.26.22, you can read it at the Conspiracy if you want, Heavily Redacted Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant Affidavit Now Available also, at Da Fed Tristan Justic reports the FBI Is So Committed To Transparency Nearly Entire Trump Raid Affidavit Is Redacted From  NYPo, Redacted affidavit behind Trump Mar-a-Lago raid finally released by DOJ. Sundance at CTH, Court Releases Heavily Redacted 38-Page FBI Affidavit Used to Justify Raid on President Trump Home. Althouse Well, I guess we all have to read this thing now. "I was about to eat lunch, but suddenly: The Affadivit!"

Nice Deb at Am Great reports Trump Calls DOJ’s Heavily Redacted Affidavit For Mar-A-Lago Raid a ‘Total Public Relations Subterfuge’. Anxious anxiously gives us the liberal view, Here's what we know and don't know about the Mar-a-Lago inquiry. Raheem Kassam says The Mar-A-Lago Affidavit Really Does Read As If They Were Confiscating Russiagate Evidence.

What really stands out however, is the FBI Special Agent’s claim, in the affidavit, that there may be “Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI)”, “Special Intelligence (SI)”, “HUMINT Control System” information, “Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act or FISA” details, as well as “Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals/Governments/US Citizens” info, or “NOFORN”.

Well, let’s use our brains here. What has been the single largest crossover point for all such types of information, as it has pertained to President Trump, for the past seven years? Yep, that’d be Russiagate. And in case you need a brief reminder, Russiagate is the long-peddled, corporate media conspiracy theory that emanated from the Hillary Clinton campaign, as well as Republican neoconservatives, which was then laundered through the FBI, CIA, British intelligence, Buzzfeed, and more, in order to create the perception that Donald J. Trump was a Russian agent and indeed an illegitimate president.

Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 08.26.22, The The Geller Report echoes Wall Street Journal: The Trump Warrant Had No Legal Basis. Sundance at CTH has A Review of the Big Picture and Stakeholder Interests Within FBI Affidavit Justifying Raid on Trump, "We know now, with direct information from both media and the shape of the DOJ/FBI statements, that the documents held by President Trump in his Mar-a-Lago home are documents showing malfeasance and targeting by the DOJ and FBI surrounding the false accusations of a Trump-Russia collusion case," Institutional Corruption, The Direct Evidence Against the FBI that Congressional Oversight Willfully Ignored and Three Minutes of Pure Sunlight, The Truth and The Constitution are President Trump’s Weapons

One person is unhappy that more redactions weren't used. From Ben Whedon at JTN, Kash Patel denounces DOJ for keeping his name in redacted affidavit made public Friday, ""Brown Lives Matter. These gangsters are on notice," he concluded." This pretty much confirms the records being sought have to do with Russiagate. But, at da Beast, Karl Rove Doesn’t Buy Fox Host’s Spin on Unsealed Mar-a-Lago Affidavit. Also from JTN, Retired FBI boss disassembles Trump search warrant: Feds ‘going to regret this,’ "Retired Assistant Director Kevin Brock says FBI didn't exhaust other means or appear to have established probable cause for search."

Brock noted the affidavit even acknowledged the president had the power to declassify and did not call the documents in dispute classified but rather documents with classified markings.

"From what I can see, that's not established in the probable cause," he said. "And there's an allusion to the argument from the Trump advocates that the former president has was within his authority to declassify and to establish what a presidential record is."

Brock said if the redacted sections of the affidavit don't lay out evidence that Trump's possession of the documents was clearly illegal, then "basically we have a search of the man's residence without cause being stated as to why something illegal happened."

Jumping to the FBI's behavior in the Hunter Biden laptop story, Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 08.26.22,  a reminder from Weasel Zippers of how Mark Zuckerberg Tells Joe Rogan The FBI Told Him To Censor Hunter Biden Story and EBL, Fakebook Zuckerberg Admits FBI Told Them To Quash Hunter Biden Laptop Story.  Breitbrart has a Poll: 79 Percent Say Donald Trump Would Have Won in 2020 if Hunter’s Laptop Was Known to Voters, but no doubt about half of them approve. Fox, FBI blasted after Zuckerberg revealed their warning ahead of the Hunter Biden laptop story: ‘Collusion'. Jerry Dunleavy at WaEx reports that the FBI agents behind controversial Hunter Biden briefing in 2020 ordered to talk, "Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) sent a letter to the two FBI employees on Thursday, alleging the August 2020 briefing was "unnecessary and was only done because of pressure from our Democratic colleagues, including Democratic Leadership, to falsely attack our Biden investigation as advancing Russian disinformation."" At JTN, Grassley, Johnson request top FBI officials explain agency's interference in Hunter Biden probe, "Congressional Republicans are looking into the laptop belonging to President Biden's son, Hunter Biden." At Fox, Bill Maher rails against 'conspiracy' by media, Big Tech, to suppress Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020. "Maher says Dems can't 'pussyfoot' around how Hunter Biden 'was selling the influence of his father.'" Matt Vespa at Town Hall notes a Liberal Writer Aghast That Story About the FBI's Request to Facebook Isn't Blowing UpMatt Taibbi@mtaibbi, "The FBI warning Facebook away from a factually true story is incredibly ominous. The information police are here." More Tuckah! from Sundance, Tucker Carlson Outlines Dramatic Timeline of Political Corruption Within the Federal Bureau of Investigation

John Sexton at Haut Hair, has More on the Ashley Biden diary story. At Am Great, The redoubtable Julie Kelly has thoughts on the Two Men Convicted in Second Whitmer Fednapping Trial. Needless to say, she isn't impressed with its fairness. 

Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 08.26.22, Vox Popoli: Gavin McInnes Arrested,  "My assumption is that this is probably not connected to anything McInnes said or did, but is related to the recent raid on President Trump’s residence in Florida, and the way in which the FBI is attempting to build a case to arrest the president on grounds related to January 6 and the Proud Boys. If they don’t have anything useful on Trump, they’ll need to be putting pressure on people who might be able to give them something they can use to conjure up an indictment."  At PM, Gavin McInnes arrested on-air, "Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes was arrested on Thursday night's live episode of his show Get Off My Lawn." "Comedian Josh Denny, who has a show on Censored.TV, tweeted that the arrest is "not a bit," and that they are working to "get [McInnes] out" from jail. "Gavin was against going to Jan 6. He was against Charlottesville (and told Proud Boys they were out of the club if they went) but he's rotting away in jail because he dared to question authority," Denny said in a tweet." 

Dan Chaitin at WaEx finds Barr unloads on Mueller: 'He made some very serious errors'. That's because Mueller wasn't really in charge. 

"He goes out and hires partisan Democrats to make up his investigative team, which means half the country is going to be suspicious from the very beginning," Barr told Weiss, according to the transcript. "That defeated the whole purpose of naming him. I think it was pretty evident within a few months of his taking the position that there had been no collusion."

"But instead of stopping it at that point and letting the country move on, he took two instances, which clearly on their face were not obstruction and which even his final report doesn’t try to argue were obstruction," and used them to "bootstrap the rest of the two-year investigation," Barr added.
As long as we're on Barr, John Sexton at Haut Hair recounts Bill Barr's explosive meeting with Trump where he offered to resign and his thoughts on who will win in 2024. DeSantis. 

Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 08.26.22,Twitchy: The IRS Is Leaking Information About Conservative Donors AgainJuan Delgado @BurritoHunting, "Oh I guess stolen documents are okay again."

At PJ Media, Rick Moran sees Vulnerable Democrats Already Running Away From Student Debt Fiasco and Chris Queen says Don't Count Out the 'Bad' GOP Senate Candidates (Herschel Walker and Oz). However, at NYPo, Miranda Devine warns that Warning signs for the GOP abound. Dave Drucker at WaEx thinks Warnock would be propelled into presidential contention with win over Walker. Twitchy, Reuters on Mastriano posing in Confederate uniform (SPOILER: It’s different when Democrats do it). Wa Free Bee notes the hypocrisy as Fetterman Opposes School Vouchers for the Poor. He Sends His Kids To One Of PA’s Priciest Prep Schools. From NR, cited at Haut Hair, Is Charlie Crist trying to lose? by telling DeSantis voters not to vote for him. "It’s baffling. Of all the things the Democrats could hit Ron DeSantis for, they’re choosing the biggest asset he has? Somehow — somehow! — Charlie Crist looked around a state of 21 million people, and decided that his best option as a running mate was Randi Weingarten Jr." KT at Haut Hair reports First campaign ads are up for Abbott, Beto in Texas. Abortion! On Demand! At Haut Hair AllahPundit chortles, Left for dead? McConnell's PAC postpones spending Alaska and Arizona, leaving Blake Masters in trouble

Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 08.26.22, Da Tech Guy sees Here comes the Predicted MSM’s “Trump Vaccine” Pivot ( #Unexpectedly of course ) "The Democrats have little to campaign on and their latest debacle at Mar-a-Lago has not ended well for this, so it’s time to pivot on the Vaccine and blame Trump. The Politico piece is the first shot, the sudden pivot on YouTube and the vaccines is the 2nd:"

John Sexton seems to think a New poll shows Gascon recall could have succeeded if it had made it on the ballot, and blames the failure on political contractors. 

Capt. Ed, Axios: Biden and team stunningly unprepared for their trillion-dollar Academia bailout. At RCI, Biden Student Loan Amnesty Specifically Benefits D.C. Staffers. "About one in five of the White House aides required to file a financial disclosure, as Bloomberg News previously noted, reported owing student debt. Collectively, those 30 senior White House staffers owe as much as $4.7 million. Those personal finances are not unusual in the nation’s capital." As Paul Bedard at WaEx notes Over 200 Biden aides could cash in on student loan bailout. ADN America, 'Many Latinos are not celebrating student loan forgiveness', says Libre Initiative, "54% of Latinos said they have never had student loans while 33% said they have already paid them off compared to only 13% who said they still have student debt." Outkick reports Facebook Labels House GOP Post Urging People to Pay Back Loans 'Violation'

Sundance, Jerome Powell Says Fed Effort to Make U.S. Economy Smaller Will Create “Some Pain” for Americans During Biden Transition to Clean Energy "What does “some pain” mean?  It means lower incomes, higher prices, lowered standards of living and more scarce resources.   During this transition to owning nothing and being happy about it, the pain is your wealth being stripped as the economy is intentionally diminished."

Althouse,"Children’s National Hospital has been inundated with threatening emails and phone calls after an influential right-wing Twitter account published a recording..." Star News Reports The Gay-Straight Alliance Network Now Operates in More than 4,000 U.S. Schools. "Under the cover of a “club” that seeks to end “bullying” of LGBTQ youth, the GSA Network advises its adult leaders to keep children’s involvement in the club confidential from parents, working with young people to push the use of pronouns and support trans, queer, nonbinary, and similar projects." Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair, Court: No, you can't force doctors or hospitals to perform "gender transition" surgery. Bailiff, whack his peepee!

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