Friday, August 5, 2022

Tornado Strikes Smith Island

Fox: Waterspout touches down on small Maryland island, destroying several homes. Hint, it's a tornado, not a waterspout, if its over land. Smith Island counts, albeit barely.

Shocking video captured the moment a waterspout slammed into a small island in Maryland on Thursday, as severe weather wrecked the Old Line State’s shores.

The video shows the tornado swirling over water and heading towards Smith Island off the Chesapeake Bay.

The video, taken by Amy and Daniel Somers, shows debris flying in the air as the waterspout approached land.

Significant damage to structures and properties has been reported on Smith Island, but so far no word on any injuries to residents of the small island.

Photos show many Smith Island houses completely destroyed by the storm, with debris cluttered over lawns.


Another video was taken very close to where a house was being torn apart. and also has some footage from the aftermath:

If, as reported, there were no injuries, it's a very lucky thing, there aren't many basements below ground level on Smith Island.

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