Thursday, August 11, 2022

Thursday DIY Politics

It's Thursday and I have to head out soon, so there's only one way to get this done. The news is still dominated by the raid on President Trump's domicile. A couple of new salient observations, in addition to heaps of speculation and opinion. First, the upper levels of DOJ have started to back away from this thing, with spokespeople saying Garland did not know, or at least did not know when it was scheduled. Second, rumors are floating of a "mole" in Mar-a-Lago who told the FBI where to go and what to look for:

The Mar-a-Lago Raid:

DOJ source calls raid a 'spectacular backfire,' claims AG Garland didn't approve it – HotAir
Ace of Spades HQ DOJ Source Calls Trump Raid a "Spectacular Backfire;" DOJ Distances Itself from Raid, Claiming Merrick Garland Never Signed Off On It
The Biggest Mistake In The History Of The FBI (Ep. 1827) - The Dan Bongino Show
REPORT: FBI 'Informant' Behind Trump Raid, Was Someone in His Orbit – RedState
FBI Had Rat Near Trump That Led to Mar-A-Lago Raid
In The Mailbox: 08.10.22 (Morning Edition) : The Other McCain
Trump Thanks FBI For Kicking Off His 2024 Reelection Campaign | Babylon Bee
‘You Have Martyred Donald Trump’: CNN Guest Rips Mar-A-Lago Raid | The Daily Caller
Trump Shatters All Fundraising Records After Biden's FBI Raids Mar-a-Lago
Vulnerable House Democrats largely silent following FBI raid of Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate | Fox News
If Dems’ DOJ doesn’t have enough to convict, Trump will be back in Oval Office Isn't Michael Goodwin cute? Along with planted, fabricated evidence, they'll have a DC jury pool and Emmett Sullivan on the bench presiding. That should be more than "enough," Michael.
Unprecedented FBI Raid; Trump Calls It ‘Weaponization of the Justice System’ - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
White House Plays Dumb on FBI Raid of Trump's Home, Defends DOJ
Judge Who Signed Trump Warrant Repped Dem Lawmaker Accused of Putting Mistress on Payroll
FBI Quest for Trump Documents Started With Breezy Chats, Tour of a Crowded Closet - WSJ
Biden Has Now Done Where None of His Predecessors Dared Do – PJ Media
Levin: Raid on Trump’s Home is ‘Worst Attack on This Republic in Modern History’ | CNSNews
‘Their Next Move Will Be Assassination,’ Former NYPD Commissioner Alleges After FBI Raids Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Home | The Daily Caller
Althouse: "We have full access to everything. We can go everywhere."
Search Warrant Or Not, Americans Have No Reason To Believe The FBI Raid On Trump Was Justified
‘It Seems Political’: Andrew Yang Condemns FBI Raid On Mar-A-Lago | The Daily Caller
We Have No Reason To Trust The FBI
Ace of Spades HQ NeverTrump Smugly Repeats the Coordinated Message of the Day: Trump Has the Warrant, He Should Release It. Except... Does He Have the Warrant? CLAIM: The FBI "Showed" the Lawyer the Warrant... FROM TEN FEET AWAY
Notes on the Trump raid | Power Line
FBI even searched Melania's wardrobe in Trump raid
Eric Trump Recalls Odd Thing FBI Did During Raid
Eric Trump reveals what REALLY happened in the FBI raid | Daily Mail Online
Bongino | FBI Searched Melania's Wardrobe - Spent Hours Raiding Mar-a-Lago
Details of What FBI Seized at Mar-a-Lago Make FBI Raid Look Downright Scandalous – RedState
FBI Raid Confirms The Security State Picks Americans' Politicians
The Rule Of Law Under Biden Has Become A Farce
Mar-a-Lago should become a byword for government overreach - American Thinker
The Democratic Party of thugs and goons – Behind The Black – Robert Zimmerman
The Mar-a-Lago Raid is a Preview of a Rigged 2024 Election | FrontpageMag
POLL: Mar-a-Lago Raid Backfires Spectacularly on Democrats – PJ Media
The FBI Raids Mar-a-Lago: What We Know
‘Sever All Ties’: Republican Florida State Rep Calls For The Arrest Of FBI Agents | The Daily Caller
Trump Suggests FBI May Have ‘Planted’ Evidence During Mar-a-Lago Raid
Trump seizes on FBI search to fuel backlash - CNNPolitics
For Hillary? ‘No warrant. No raid’: Receipt-field thread shares DAMNING deets about man behind FBI’s raid on Trump’s home –
Why Liberals Had a Chernobyl-Level Freakout Over WaPo's Headline About Trump, the FBI, and Garland
Washington Post Actually Tweets the Truth, Quickly Deletes It – RedState
Trump Punches Back With 'Witch Hunt' Videos, Announcement – PJ Media
Mitch McConnell Refuses to Answer Questions on FBI's Mar-a-Lago Raid
McConnell breaks his silence on Mar-a-Lago raid – HotAir
The White House Response to the Mar-a-Lago Raid Was a Disaster – PJ Media
FBI director makes first public comments since raid on Trump's home | Washington Examiner
12ft | Judge Orders Department of Justice to Respond to Requests to Unseal FBI’s Trump Warrant
Russia's Trump raid tantrum is a spectacle you don't want to miss – HotAir
The cordial exchanges that preceded the Mar-a-Lago raid – HotAir
The FBI raid may be a hinge point in American history – HotAir
Republicans vow ramped up oversight of Biden admin after FBI raid of Trump's Mar-a-Lago | Fox News
Wounded Democrats worry FBI raid ‘strengthens’ GOP fight against ‘corrupt government’ | Washington Examiner
Judicial Watch Urges Court to Unseal Materials on FBI Raid of Trump’s Home
Washington Post deletes tweet accusing Merrick Garland of 'politicizing DOJ'
Trump’s lawyers describe the irregularities of the Mar-A-Lago raid – The New Neo
'Shades of Nixon': Hollywood Celebrities Cheer as FBI Raids Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago
Do Those 87,000 IRS Agents Look a Little Different Now? – PJ Media

Other Jan 6 

Pompeo talks to 1/6 panel, Mastriano cuts own meeting short | The Hill
J6 Committee Primetime Hearings Backfire In The Most Hilarious Way – PJ Media
FBI delivers subpoenas to several Pa. Republican lawmakers: sources say -
FBI Confiscates Cell Phone Of Republican Congressman | The Daily Wire
Nearly 8 In 10 Americans Believe U.S. Has A Two-Tiered Justice System: Survey | The Daily Wire
Georgia Prosecutor Targeting Trump Bases Court Filing On Lies
Here’s how the rule of law applied to a former FBI lawyer who pleaded guilty to forgery –
IRS Seeking To Hire Agents To Carry Firearms And Be Ready To Use Deadly Force - National File
Althouse: "Trump Takes the Fifth Amendment in New York Deposition."
Trump Completely Tears NY Attorney General Apart in New Statement and Video
Three Prosecutors Who Are Investigating Their Political Opponents

Elections and other Politics as Usual

Hot streak: Biden job approval almost back to, uh, 40% – HotAir
Media "comeback" narrative watch: The Hill, Reuters hail Biden bounce of ... two points – HotAir
BREAKING: DoJ indictment shows Iran plotted to kill John Bolton while Biden, EU negotiated for renewed JCPOA – HotAir
Internal Democratic poll shows Lauren Boebert leading challenger Adam Frisch by 7 points | 2022 Election |
A Republican's guide to surviving a vote to impeach Trump – HotAir
Project Veritas EXPOSES Lisa Murkowski’s secret support for ranked voting, which was created to get her reelected – The Right Scoop
Court upholds House panel's request for Trump's tax returns – HotAir

The Stupid Biden Economy Stupid

The real impact of the energy provisions in the "inflation reduction" bill – HotAir
Holy Crapo Amendment! Dems Reject Middle Class Protection from Doubled IRS – PJ Media
After Senate Passage, Democrats Drop Claim of Inflation Reduction Within Inflation Reduction Act - The Last Refuge
Today's question: How many cars qualify for Senate Dems' new subsidies? – HotAir
WH Economic Advisor Dodges Questions About Whether Bloated IRS Will Target Middle Class
Manchin, Sinema, and the Oldest Profession - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
Joe Manchin May Have Just Cooked His Own Goose - American Thinker
Ace of Spades HQ Biden Creates 87,000 New Offices to Swarm and Harass the Citizenry and Eat Them Out of Substance
Nouriel Roubini: Stagflation Is Here and Central Banks Will Be Trapped
Opinion: Why a recession might not mean huge job losses - CNN
Larry Summers Says Inflation Has Him ‘More Worried’ Following July Jobs Report – RedState
Inflation hikes causing delayed care for minorities: poll
Ace of Spades HQ Incompetent Diversity-Hire Gay Mayor Pete Can't Do a Thing About Another Weekend of a Thousand-Plus Flight Cancellations, Nor the Ongoing Pilot Shortage
Klain: 'Historic Decline' in Gas Prices to $3.99 Due to Biden Telling Oil Companies to Lower Price as Oil Prices Declined
‘Outrageous’: EPA Agents Are Flying Helicopters Over Texas Oil Fields To Crack Down On Methane Emissions From Drilling | The Daily Caller
THE COLUMN: 'These Boots Were Made for Walking' | The Pipeline
Is the EIA fudging gasoline demand numbers to lower prices? – Watts Up With That?
Glorious Inflation News, Comrades! You're Getting Poorer Slightly Less Quickly – PJ Media
Consumer prices rose 8.5% in July, less than expected as inflation pressures ease a bit
David Burge on Twitter: "When you lost your last game 91-0 then bounced back to lose your next game 85-0" / Twitter
Food prices rise fastest rate since 1970s | National |
Media cheers: Gas is now only up 62% under Biden! – HotAir
Critical report is expected to show price increases have EASED after hitting 40-year high in June | Daily Mail Online

The Culture War

Former patient calls for closing Scottish gender clinic for kids after detransitioning – HotAir
CNN redefines 'groomer' as anti-LGBTQ slur | The Post Millennial
Proposed Elementary School Curriculum in Wisconsin District Includes Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation
Florida School Board Member Brags About Promoting Woke Ideology ‘From The Inside’ | The Daily Caller
Princeton Introduces ‘Diversity’ Search Filter for University Vendors
How Not To Talk To The Public About Monkeypox
Turley: Time for a "NATO" of red states to combat progressive boycotts – HotAir
Ace of Spades HQ As David Zaslav Goes Straight Savage Cutting and Cancelling Everything #Woke at Warner Discovery, SJWs Start Shrieking About MuhFakeJobs
San Bernardino County Board Approves Measure of Possible Secession on November Ballot - California Globe

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