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Sinema Blinks, Maloney Blinks Twice, Lake Prevails

At WaEx, Maloney apologizes for doubting Biden 2024: ‘I happen to think you won’t be running’ Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, Maloney backpedals on Biden 2024: "I happen to think you won't be running," but I'll endorse you "Is this a backpedal? Or is this an embarrassing attempt to be nice to a guy before his party hands him a gold watch and applies a boot to his backside?" Sister Toldja at Red State, Dem Leader Told to ‘Blink Twice’ After Weird Hostage-Like Video Apologizing for Crossing Joe Biden. "Looked like she might have been reading from a hastily-written placard someone from the Biden administration – possibly one of Joe Biden’s many overworked handlers – had prepared for her behind the scenes." Ace, In Debate, Democrat Congressman Jerry Nadler Refuses to Say That Biden Should Run For President; Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney Says She Doesn't Believe He Is Running for President. Long time congresswoman Maloney is competing with Jerrold (Fats) Nadler, after New York lost congressional seats in redistricting.

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 08.04.22 (Afternoon Edition) Am Think, Armageddon Looms For The Democrat Party. and in his In The Mailbox: 8.03.22 (Evening Edition), At Am Power, The Dam Breaks: Key Dems Run Away From Biden '24

From Byron York, at the Washington Examiner, "You've seen the polls showing that large majorities of Democratic voters want the party to pick a new nominee for president in 2024, bypassing incumbent President Joe Biden. Now we're seeing the living embodiment of those polls as some important Democratic lawmakers distance themselves from, or outright oppose, a reelection run by the nearly 80-year-old president."

ADN America, Hispanics are turning to GOP because they oppose socialism, say conservatives. and from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 08.04.22 (Afternoon Edition) the Weasel Zipper remind us MSNBC admits  After Supporting Dems By 38 Points In 2016, “Hispanics Are Now Voting Dem By Just 13 Points”…. KT at Haut Hair happily informs us that newly elected Hispanic Republican Freshman Rep. Mayra Flores focuses on border security in first bill introduced in Congress, but the soon-to-be unemployed Debby Downer at Haut Hair AllahPundit is pleased to say Er, don't panic but the generic ballot is now tied "I’m sticking to my story that this is mostly a product of Americans being tuned out of politics during the summer doldrums and that the GOP’s lead will reassert itself this fall. . . . So there’s no need for bedwetting. Still, though. The trends lately aren’t great."

Also from AllahPundit at Haut Hair VIP, It's happening (again): DeSantis within single digits of Trump in national 2024 poll. Rick Moran at PJ Media, Senate Now Rated a Toss-up After Most Primaries Have Been Held. So it's within the margin of fraud?

Chris Queen at PJ Media, Indiana Republicans Have a Complicated Task in Finding a Successor for Walorski, "It’s not Indiana law that’s unclear; it’s the circumstances surrounding Walorski’s death that put a wrinkle in finding her successor. The law stipulates that the district party chair is responsible for naming a successor for the November ballot. That’s Zachery Potts, and he perished in the same accident that killed Walorski."

From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 08.04.22 (Afternoon Edition), Da Tech Guy The #unexpectedly chronicles Yet another of the Left’s Useful Idiot’s Usefulness "Another primary, another never/trump republican bites the dust:" And AllahPundit whines Why did Peter Meijer appear with the MAGA challenger who defeated him?. Jordan Boyd at Da Fed, The Only ‘Principle’ Never Trumpers Care About In Candidates Like Peter Meijer Is Trump Hatred "News of Rep. Peter Meijer’s loss to Trump-endorsed John Gibbs in the battle for the Republican nomination for Michigan’s third district saddened and angered Never Trumpers, the media, and other Democrats." AP whines Jan. 6 witness Rusty Bowers has no regrets in GOP race loss.

But no race has generated as many digits as the race between Trump supported Kari Lake and anti-Trump Karrin Taylor Robson for the Republican nomination for Arizona Governor. The race was initially marred by slow vote counting, and the usual charges of fraud. Sundance at CTH, Arizona Enters Day Three Still Counting Ballots At the Center Square, Pinal County ballot shortage leads to calls for resignation. AZ SunT, Only 5,360 Votes Counted in Arizona Primary Wednesday, Kari Lake Still Leads and Democrat Gubernatorial Nominee Katie Hobbs Slammed for Poor Job as Secretary of State, Tuesday’s Primary Vote Count in Arizona Described as ‘Glacial’.   At WaEx, Pinal County responds to Arizona primary chaos: 'Not really quite clear how that occurred' "During primary night, a number of voters were told their polling station ran out of ballots and were offered the opportunity to wait or come back at a later time after the county printed out more ballots. Officials said they are not sure how many voters were affected by the shortage and emphasized that not all of the roughly 20 precincts that requested additional ballots ran out." Finally, Decision Desk HQ@DecisionDeskHQ, "Decision Desk HQ projects Kari Lake (@KariLake) is the winner of the Republican nomination for Governor in Arizona. Race call: 9:52 eastern." Sundance at CTH, AP Calls Arizona Governor Republican Primary for Kari Lake. Althouse cites WaPoo, "We out-voted the fraud, we didn’t listen to what the fake news had to say. The MAGA movement rose up and voted like their lives depended on it."

Said Kari Lake, quoted in "Kari Lake wins GOP primary for Arizona governor/Her victory adds to the string of 2020 election deniers elevated by Republicans in the state on Tuesday" (WaPo). Of course, WaPo openly rejects the "fake news"/voter fraud characterization. . .

And with that, at the Wombat's  In The Mailbox: 8.03.22 (Evening Edition) Dan Surber reports Trump sweeps Arizona and Geller, Trump-Backed Candidates WIN in U.S. Midterm Primaries. AP whines Trump-aligned challengers ousting GOP legislative incumbents, like they ever supported GOP incumbents. A disconsolate Phil Klein at NR, There’s No Denying Trump’s Enduring Power within the Republican Party. At Town Hall, Cutie Pavlich reports Arizona's Democrat Senator Seems Pretty Nervous After Last Night's Primary.

AllahPundit proudly presents the New Dick Cheney ad for Liz: Trump is a coward and the greatest individual threat to ever face our country. Sundance, DC Dick Begs Wyoming Voters to Support DC Liz. At Town Hall, Matt Vespa warns Liz, Daddy Can't Save You. The Wyoming primary is Aug. 16. 

Does this family not comprehend that their time is over? And no, Donald Trump isn’t the greatest threat our republic ever faced. Is historical illiteracy another affliction impacting the Cheney clan? If Liz ventured back to her state occasionally, she’d know that her voters can’t stand her.

At the Wa Free Bee,  Dark Money Network Boosts Wisconsin Dem Who Wants To End Undisclosed Funding in Politics, "Group backed by Sixteen Thirty Fund to spend $5 million to support Mandela Barnes." Hypocrisy in politics? I'm shocked, shocked. At Am Think, Bert Peterson thinks about What We Must Do to Restore Confidence in Our Elections. "If we are to ensure honest elections, 2023 may be too late.  The time to act is now." From Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media, Sorry Dems, You Can't Monkeypox This Election. But they will try. "As the blooms falls off the COVID-19 rose, the Biden administration’s top health official announced Thursday that he will declare monkeypox a public health emergency (PHE). . . . The Democrats will be reflexively belching the word “monkeypox” from now until the 8th of November. On the 9th, it will miraculously be cured."

Jonathon Turley gives us a heads up, The Art of Scandal Implosion: The Political and Media Elite Prepare To Drop Hunter Biden in a “Controlled Demolition”, doing the least possible damage to Joe and other Democrats. 

The most important thing is to control the blast. By refusing to appoint a special counsel, Merrick Garland has effectively blocked the risk of a report on the extensive influence peddling, including the repeated references to President Biden. the “Big Guy” is discussed in emails as the potential recipient of a 10 percent cut on a deal with a Chinese energy firm as well as other benefits. Emails also refer to Hunter Biden paying portions of his father’s expenses and taxes. Recently, there was additional support showing that “the Big Guy” was indeed Joe Biden.

At Da Caller, Michael Ginsbert notices the FBI Director Admits Hunter Biden Payments Could Be Part Of ‘Malign Foreign Influence’ Campaign. But meanwhile, Jordan Boyd at Da Fed sees that FBI Director Christopher Wray Refuses To Condemn Russia Collusion Hoax. "“I don’t think that’s the terminology I would use,” Wray said."   Of course; he was a participant.

Spencer Brown at Town Hall, 'What Are Y'all Doing?': Cruz Scorches FBI Director for Targeting Patriotic Symbols. At Twitchy, ‘What are y’all doing?’ Sen. Ted Cruz asks FBI director to explain why Gadsden & Betsy Ross flags are ‘indicative of militia violent extremism’. The video cut is classic Cruz cutting a worthless bureaucrat to shreds. Via Wombat's In The Mailbox: 08.04.22 (Afternoon Edition), Weasel Zippers: FBI: Quoting Thomas Jefferson Makes You A Potential Domestic Terrorist,

Twitcy, FBI agent who oversaw the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping case now in charge of office overseeing January 6 investigation, but careful readers will know we knew this quite a while ago. From Ace, Ted Cruz Forces Criminal Wray To Admit the Head of the Office In Charge of the Disgraced, Entrapment-Riddled Whitmer Investigation Was Then Promoted to Take Over the Washington Field Office, Where He Supervises the January 6 "Insurrection" Investigation "Why shouldn't he be promoted? He's delivering the results The Regime demands, and cutting all the corners the way The Regime wants them cut. These are not "oopsies." This is The Plan."

Congressman Andy Biggs at Town Hall, The January 6th Committee Kindly Asks You to Ignore the FBI "The FBI found no evidence President Trump, or his allies coordinated any part of the Capitol riots. The January 6thCommittee would like for you to ignore that." From the Conservative Review, Mark Levin Destroyed the January 6 Committee With This Epic Truth Bomb

Mark Levin took the January 6 Committee to school after reports indicated that the Biden Department of Justice was investigating Donald Trump related to charges of obstructing an official proceeding and seditious conspiracy.

Levin – who is a lawyer by training – explained that the committee and Department of Justice lacked any evidence proving Trump committed a crime telling viewers that there are no texts or emails showing Trump intended for his supporters to enter the Capitol and disrupt Congress certifying the Electoral College results.

“Well, ladies and gentlemen, have you seen any of that? Any of the emails? Any of the texts? Any of the firsthand testimony? Anything on a graphic? Anything on a video? Anything by anybody, anywhere despite the fact that this Committee has free rein? You haven’t seen any,” Levin stated.

Levin also debunked the idea that submitting an alternate slate of electors from states Trump planned to contest constituted a crime as this has happened before in previous elections.

“There has been no conspiracy to defraud the United States. There’s been no obstruction. There’s been no seditious conspiracy. Oh, but what about the so-called fake electors? That is to be resolved by the United States Congress. That is not a crime, either,” Levin added.

Levin added that not everyone would agree with or like the legal theories advanced by Trump and his lawyers to contest the election on January 6.

But making novel, dubious, or even bad legal arguments is not a crime.

Sundance at CTH, Coordination Between J6 Committee and Politically Motivated DOJ is Intended to Break Attorney-Client Firewalls in Trump Targeting Effort "The legislative branch, specifically the J6 committee, is attempting to use their self-created legislative legal authorities, to fracture long established attorney-client privileges, and then send the results to the DOJ for use against the client of the attorney." 

WaPoo still on the case of the "missing" J6 texts Homeland Security watchdog previously accused of misleading investigators, report says.

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 8.03.22 (Evening Edition) At Da Tech Guy, Joe Manchin’s capitulation to the Biden Regime will be catastrophically bad for the economy of the United States. And from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 08.04.22 (Afternoon Edition)  The Lid: “Inflation Reduction Act” Is A Boondoggle Of Corporate Giveaways That Makes Inflation Worse. Insty, IN OTHER WORDS, IT’S NEVER COMING AT ALL: CBO: Over 90 Percent of Promised Deficit Reduction in Manchin–Schumer Would Come after 2026.

All eyes were on Sinema. NR, Will Sinema Be the Senate’s Iron Lady? Capt. Ed, Sanders, Sinema agree: "So-called Inflation Reduction Act" stinks. Ace. Kyrsten Sinema May Not Be On Board with the Schumer-Manchin Build Back Brandon Compromise -- And Bernie Sanders May Not Be, Either "And actually, maybe Jon Tester isn't on board, either. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up. My expectation is that their objections will be compromised out and the Democrats will agree on a bill that will increase our debt, increase spending, and increase inflation." Rick Moran at PJ Media, Sinema Wants Changes to Reconciliation Bill That May Torpedo the Whole Thing. "There are hundreds of billions of dollars available to combat climate change, and Sinema wants a big chunk of that for Arizona. She also has concerns about how the minimum 15% corporate tax will impact Arizona businesses. And she’s opposed to closing the carried interest loophole used largely by hedge fund managers to lower their tax rates." NYT, cited at Haut Hair, Sinema agrees to deal on Build Back Better. Sundance, Senator Kyrsten Sinema Agrees to Senate Green New Deal Spending and Tax Proposal After Negotiating Minor Changes

Meanwhile Reuters reports Fed committed to getting inflation to 2% target, Barkin says. The peacock reluctantly acknowledges that Weekly jobless claims rise to 260,000 ahead of nonfarm payrolls report. so totally not a recession. Da Mail has The map that reveals the American dream is over? Salary needed to buy the median US home is now $76K - and the typical family cannot afford a house in 35 of country's 50 biggest cities, another good reason not to want to live there. At the Center Square, Survey shows college students impacted by inflation. From the Wombat's  In The Mailbox: 8.03.22 (Evening Edition)  the Weasel Zippers: Sadflation: Students Forced To Drop Ritzy White Liberal Social Justice Classes At College Over Costs/Inflation. They voted for it. 

Matt Vespa at Town Hall, One Question From a Fox News Host Shattered the Biden Narrative About High Gas Prices "The war in Ukraine is still raging and prices are coming down. What about this idea that this was Putin’s price hike?" Roberts asked. "Many people say that's a fallacy because the war is still raging and the prices are coming down."

Meanwhile NYPo reminds us Parents continue desperate search for baby formula as crisis continues.

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