Saturday, August 27, 2022

Rule 5 Saturday - TV Turns Tatania Maslany Green

This Rule 5 post prompted from BIC: ‘She-Hulk Attorney at Law’ Episode 1 Review: A Show That Exposes All The Flaws Of Progressive Screenwriting
Stating that the first episode of She-Hulk is awful doesn’t do anyone the due diligence in explaining the fundamental problem with modern Hollywood writing. Namely, there is a difference between storyline, and dialogue. 

The story is the pillar that holds up the foundation of your creation, while the dialogue acts as the links in the chain that connect them together. A good writer knows great dialogue between strong characters can mean the difference between a show that lasts several seasons, or one that is canceled before it gets started.

This leads us to the latest television show that is a part of the longest cinematic soap opera in history – one too big for just the big screen. Tatiana Maslany plays Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk, who is involved in a car crash that finds Mark Ruffalo’s MCU Hulk character accidentally exchange blood with his cousin, causing her to experience the same Hulk-like abilities as him. The only difference is that Jennifer has a much better handle on her powers than Bruce did at this point.
This is the first problem with the story, a show that only consists of nine episodes. The writers opted not to spend numerous episodes taking Walters on the same route that Bruce Banner did to control his anger. Instead, the show decides to fast forward past this arc by explaining that Jennifer is already great at controlling her anger better than Bruce, because she is a woman who deals with men every day.

Cue the obligatory sigh. 

We enjoyed Tatania Maslany in Orphan Black; it's doubtful we'll watch this.

Minor NSFW.

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