Monday, August 29, 2022

Mar-a-Lago Panty Raid a Go-go, Jan. 6ers Being Tortured, MTG Triple SWATted, Red Wave Worries, Fauxcahontas Fears Recession She Voted For

Tristan Justice at Da Fed wants you to know that the FBI Is So Committed To Transparency Nearly Entire Trump Raid Affidavit Is Redacted. "The few sentences made public in the affidavit, however, show the FBI was motivated to comb through Trump’s 128-room living quarters because of a CBS News article that a truck was present at Mar-a-Lago in the final days of his presidency." A moving truck! Arrest him immedieately! Nick Arama at Red State   Damning Info in Trump Affidavit That Raises Even More Questions About FBI/DOJ Action "Then in the affidavit, there’s a letter dated June 8 mentioned, from the DOJ to Trump’s counsel, telling the Trump team that they have to keep the documents in the storage room until further notice." That notice consisted of a 9 hour raid by 30 gun-toting FBI agents who searched everywhere including Melania's underwear. "Sperry also picked up something else that was interesting — that according to the affidavit there were documents that had FISA markings. So, that might lend further credence to the report that the FBI may have been trying to grab Russia probe documents." At ET, Kash Patel Denounces Biden Administration for Keeping Name in Redacted FBI Trump Warrant Affidavit, a cheap shot considering their stated interest in protecting potential witnesses. At Am Think, Brian Joondeph thinks The FBI is A Campaign Arm of the Democrat Party. He's not wrong. And Ron Wright thinks The Raid on Mar-A-Lago: A Desperate Act by the Deep State

Because of its pattern and practice of lying in search warrant affidavits and demonstrated political bias without accountability, the FBI is no longer credible. The FBI lied in the FISA search warrant affidavits to spy on President Trump by knowingly using the Russian Collusion narrative that was false. The FBI knowingly violates the civil rights of citizens under the guise of criminal investigations, ruining them financially -- the January 6 defendants, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, reporter Sheryl Attkisson, and others.

Nick Arama again with Biden DNI Makes Troubling Announcement About Documents Seized During Trump Raid "The director of national intelligence is preparing to review the items recovered during the FBI search of at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate earlier this month, CBS News has learned. In a letter sent to congressional leaders Friday, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines said her office would conduct a “classification review of relevant materials.” Atop Da Hill, Haines says intelligence officials to assess national security risks from Mar-a-Lago documents: I'm sure they'll be quite nonbiased /sarc. From Town Hall Matt Vespa reports Ex-Gorsuch Law Clerk Shreds Reasoning Behind Intelligence Czar's Review of Mar-a-Lago Documents

A pair from Althouse, "The investigation has raised expectations on the left of an event that Trump’s opponents have dreamed of for years: a criminal prosecution..." "Gillers makes some good points, but I have trouble with this visual: "he dumped a lot of stuff into boxes." Who thinks he packed his own boxes?" and "I’ve always maintained that, with Trump, there are no deep, dark secrets: His absolute awfulness always stares you squarely in the face, like a baboon’s backside."
Notice that they both said the word "paranoia," but Stephens referred to the paranoia of Trump supporters — deliberately stoked by Trump — and Collins with the paranoia of Trump antagonists, who are afraid Trump has done something wrong.

Collins's paranoid Trump opponents are inferring that there's something more "sinister" than sloppy handling of documents because of all the other things they've seen — or believe they've seen —Trump do. Stephens' paranoid Trump supporters are inferring that the F.B.I. is sinister because of all the other things they've seen — or believe they've seen — the F.B.I. do.

'Bonchie' at Red State warns Never Trump's Pursuit of Donald Trump Takes a Dark Turn as Adam Kinzinger proposes an ex-post facto law to trap Trump. At Zero Hedge, Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Going To Get Worse "If Trumpist candidates for Congress do well in the midterms, the agony will only intensify. The media’s reaction as the results of that dark day six years ago unfolded was shock and incredulity.  This time, if Republicans take the House and lots of Trumpy types prevail, we will see a different reaction. Liberal elites now know that “it can happen here,” which leads them past incredulity and toward resolve." At Fox, Sen. Graham says if Trump is indicted, there will be 'riots in the street'. Likely a few, but they'll clean up afterwards.

Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair sees the FBI claim No, we would never have told Zuckerberg to bury the Hunter laptop story. They just strongly hinted at something Facebook censors wanted to do anyway. "In the runup to the 2020 election, the FBI was guilty of, at a minimum, gross incompetence, but that’s putting it far too charitably. They did something that they surely knew would result in provocative, accurate information related to the Biden clan being kept from the public and/or falsely described as “Russian misinformation.” That is pretty much the definition of election tampering." At Front Page, Brad Slager asks Did Zuckerberg Prove the FBI Created the ‘Russian Disinfo’ Narrative on Hunter’s Laptop? "The stunning significance of a revelation."

At Am Great, Nice Deb  cites a Lawyer: January 6 Clients Are Being Tortured, "For the first time in U.S. history, the political party in power is hunting down and jailing members of the opposition party for political dissidence, and . . . torturing them in jail." 

At WaEx, Barr says he was called a 'f***ing loser' by Trump at White House

Barr, who has since fallen out with former President Donald Trump, described the encounter as one of the most awkward moments during his tumultuous two-year tenure in the Trump administration. Trump disparaged Barr as a "f***ing loser" while meeting with his underlings to discuss their response to riots gripping the nation following George Floyd's death.

“The president was bellowing at a number of his Cabinet secretaries and especially the military guys, the DoD secretary and chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and calling all of us f***ing losers at the top of his lungs,” he recounted during an interview with former New York Times editor Bari Weiss on her Honestly podcast.

Let me agree with Trump, Barr was a loser who failed in his attempt to reform the DOJ, but then, it may have been an impossible task. 

Liberal bête noire Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green, R-GA, has been SWATted three times recently. PM, Marjorie Taylor Greene swatted for a third time in less than a week.   Paul Bedard at WaEx reports Marjorie Taylor Greene says of swatters, ‘100% they wanted me murdered’. And where is the FBI on this? 

AllahPundit at Haut Hair is pleased as punch to Report Some Republicans now fear House gains could be in the single digits and the NYT, cited at Haut Hair warns Republicans signal worry about Trump and the midterms. At WaEx, Democratic candidates outraise Republicans in key Senate races. Herr Professor Jacobsen at LI, Operation Demoralize Is Back "View the early and notoriously inaccurate polling in this context. View the mainstream media analysis in this context. View Biden’s increasing incitement of conflict between Americans in this context. This is Team Obama 101 stuff.." Stephen Kruiser warns Don't Believe the Democrats' Midterms Homestretch Hype. John Kudla at Am Think thinks Democrats See Unicorns while the Red Wave Rises. The media will try to oversell Democrat gains, don't be frantic, but don't be complacent either.

Matt Margolis at PJ Media, Whoa, Did Biden Admit Elections Have Been Stolen? Well, they do have the best voter fraud system ever created. Rick Moran (also at PJ Media) notes, A Democrat Politician Says 'The U.S. Could Lose the Right To Vote Within Months'. At the Guardian ‘The US could lose the right to vote within months’: top official’s democracy warning. Hyperbole much? At WJ, In Biden's Attempt to Own the Right, He Might Have Just Ended the Careers of 3 Vulnerable Democrats

On Thursday, President Joe Biden spoke in Maryland in support of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wes Moore. In doing so, however, he may have consigned three House Democrats to defeat. That’s because, yet again, Biden told the crowd in Rockville, Maryland, that he wanted to ban so-called “assault weapons.” This was hardly a surprise.

What was a bit of a shocker — one which makes us think the president might have his White House handlers eventually backtracking on his remarks — is that he said any Democrat that opposed the bill didn’t deserve their votes.

'Becca Downs at Town Hall claims DNC Chairman Gaslights the American People on Biden's MessagingRNC Research@RNCResearch."Biden said [in his inaugural address] we should not view each other as adversaries in this country but as does 'semi-fascism' as a label for the Republican Party fit with that?" DNC CHAIR JAIME HARRISON: Biden "has always been consistent"" Consistently incoherent. Victor Davis Hanson at Am Great, The Strangest Thing About ‘Semi-Fascist’ Trump, "Of the last three presidents, Trump was either the most indifferent or the most obstructed when it came to using government agencies for his own partisan political advantages or to neuter his enemies." Projection is a strong feature of liberal attacks. Also from Am Great, Glenn Elmers writes of MAGA and the Memory of America, "If Ron DeSantis runs for president can he learn something essential from Donald Trump? And vice versa? . . . The elites have told the MAGA deplorables, “This country no longer exists for your sake.” But their effort has not succeeded in subduing the American people’s wish to rule themselves, or in destroying the idea of America that still lives within them. So the ruling class has intensified its assault."

Andrea Widburg at Am Think thinks John Fetterman’s musing on murderers may be a gift to Dr. Oz. He better start capitalizing on it soon. Deroy Murdock at Da Caller says Democrats Handed Republicans Two Giant Gifts Ahead Of November. IRS expansion, and voting not to protect lower income taxpayers. 

Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair hears CNN: We're really trying to be less of a Democratic mouthpiece, Not not a Democratic mouthpiece, just a more subtle Democratic mouthpiece.

At JTN, Natalia Mittelstadt reports Wisconsin Republican Assembly speaker withdraws 2020 election subpoenas, pulling plug on probe

Gableman had sought to continue the investigation into CTCL, voting machines, and the alleged voter fraud at the nursing homes.

Investigation of the 2020 presidential election in the state may now be irreversibly ended as the federal requirement to preserve federal election records for 22 months after an election expires on Sept. 3 for the 2020 election.

Victoria Marshall at Da Fed, Ranked-Choice Voting Failed To Make Ballot In Missouri — But Beware, The Left Will Keep Pushing It.  "Democrats — and establishment Republicans, for that matter — see ranked-choice voting as a way to exert more control over elections, using it as a “legal” mechanism to pass over candidates voters want in favor of predetermined, establishment-backed contenders. The push for ranked-choice voting then becomes just another ploy either to thwart the will of voters or turn states blue." Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed, Ranked-Choice Voting Is A Nightmare — And It’s On The Ballot In Nevada

Brian Darling at Town Hall details how The Inflation Reduction Act Radically Increases Energy Prices. Eric Worrel at WUWT, Biden Fail: US North East Winter Energy Rationing? Biden Urges Export Cuts, Increased Production. At Fox, DAY FIVE: White House refuses to say who will pay for Biden $500,000,000,000 student loan handout. Finance it with the rest of the debt, of course. NR never-Trumper Kevin Williamson, cited at Haut Hair has the audacity to complain that Biden's student-loan wipeout sticks it to the poor, but at least there are no mean Tweets, just accusations of semi-fascism. At 
Am Great, Roger Kimball  worries about Biden’s Debt Transference and Enforcement Arm, "Work hard. Save your money. Pay your debts. Then get saddled with someone else’s debts because you didn’t have the foresight to be improvident at the opportune moment." The Victory Girls note Suddenly Elizabeth Warren Is Worried About Recession. "This is rich coming from a woman who is totally on board with our government printing billions to send to Ukraine. It’s also very tone deaf given she voted FOR the Inflation Reduction Act that will do the opposite of reducing inflation, and did a victory lap about it." Why worry? It's already here.

Breitbart reports a WaPo Op-Ed Claims Trans Athletes Will Help Girls Learn to Lose Gracefully

According to Alyssa Rosenberg, the aim of school athletics is not to teach children the art of achieving excellence but rather to build character, and what better way to build character in a teenage girl than having her experience the frustration of losing that championship title to a biological male? Her argument largely hinges on the unicorn of “sports-crazed parents” who will theoretically use transgender athletes in women’s sports as an excuse in the event their daughter loses.

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