Thursday, August 25, 2022

Thursday DIY Politics

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Electoral Politics

Why Democrats have a good chance of winning the Mar-a-Lago midterms | Fox News
Gulp: Does a special-election loss in NY mean the end of the red wave? – HotAir
Ace of Spades HQ Republicans Lose a Bellwether Race in New York's 19th Congressional District, Indicating the Red Wave May Be Losing Power
Dems flip 2022 on its head – HotAir
Growing evidence against a Republican wave – HotAir
Growing Evidence Against a Republican Wave - The New York Times
Ace of Spades HQ - The Morning Rant It Won't be a Red Wave
Ace of Spades HQGood News: Red Wave in Florida Sweeps Leftist School Boards Out of Power
Voters Moving to the Right Across Almost Every Demographic, Says Massive Poll – PJ Media
Kornacki: The NY special election is the best evidence yet that the red wave has been canceled – HotAir
Democrats are riding the backlash to the end of Roe – HotAir
Here’s how Joe Biden is justifying his outrageously unlawful student debt cancellation, and if this isn’t impeachable, we don’t know what is –
Dooming and Glooming Over the Latest Election Results – RedState
Republicans' Other Dobbs Problem - by Josh Barro
BEA confirms: Stagflation's here, and buying power eroded faster than estimated – HotAir
Former President Trump celebrates 'ALL' endorsement wins in primary: 'Great candidates!' | Fox News
Charlie Crist adopts bold strategies in attempt to defeat Fla. Gov. Ron DeSantis –
Althouse: DeSantis haters are driving more views to this DeSantis ad. They liken it to the Dukakis tank ride...
Never Trumper Plays the Fool After Desperate Attack on Ron DeSantis Backfires Badly – RedState
Grassroots alert: Conservatives -- and DeSantis -- score big in FL school-board elections – HotAir
Crist to DeSantis Supporters: ‘I Don't Want Your Vote . . . You Have Hate in Your Heart' | National Review
Charlie Crist: If you're a Ron DeSantis supporter, I don't want your vote – HotAir
Charlie Crist Has His 'Basket of Deplorables' Moment
The left explains the Trump voter – The New Neo
Ace of Spades HQ Jerry Nadler Defeats Carolyn Maloney to Be Permanent Representative of Upper East/West Side Manhattan Liberals
Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney easily beats lefty Alessandra Biaggi in NY-17
Election Deniers Go Door-to-Door to Confront Voters After Losses
Liz Cheney: the self-appointed moral center of the GOP - The Spectator World

Mar-a-Lago Panty Raid and Jan. 6

How Barack Obama set the legal path for the FBI's Trump raid | Just The News
Trump Tells His Lawyers: Get ‘My’ Top Secret Documents Back – Rolling Stone
Archives asked for records after Trump lawyer agreed they should be returned, email says - The Washington Post
Judge Orders Trump to Provide More Evidence to Support New Motion
Report: Mar-a-Lago docs contained extremely sensitive secrets -- and Trump went through them himself – HotAir
Why didn't Trump give the documents back when the Archives first asked for them last year? – HotAir
Congressman-Elect Deems Trump 'Essentially Traitorous'
Former Rolling Stone Editor Has the Perfect Analogy for the FBI's Raid of Mar-a-Lago
Graham: 'I Don't Trust' DOJ -- Mar-a-Lago Raid Same Playbook as Russia Probe
“FBI Had No Legally Valid Cause” For Mar-a-Lago Raid and Warrant “Had No Legal Basis,” Argue Top Lawyers
Tea Party seeks removal of anti-Trump raid judge | Washington Examiner
Is this the Public Image the FBI Wants? - American Thinker
Mike Pence's FBI Defense Is At Odds With Real 'Law And Order'
EXCLUSIVE: Plurality Of Independents Don't Trust DOJ Or FBI
New Whistleblower Claims FBI Leaders Delayed Key Investigation: Sen. Johnson
What's Ironic About the FBI Brass' Order to Agents on the Hunter Biden Laptop
FBI whistleblowers say senior officials ordered Bureau not to investigate Hunter Biden laptop | Just The News
'You Will Not Look At That Hunter Biden Laptop': Whistleblowers Reveal FBI Rot
'Christian Nationalism' Didn't Cause January 6 - The American Conservative
DOJ Arrests 'B Squad' of Three Percenters in Jan. 6 Attack
FBI Spy Stefan Halper's Aggressive Legal Strategy Might Backfire
Media more untrustworthy, ‘fake news’ fears soar to 82% | Washington Examiner

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