Thursday, August 4, 2022

A Giant Wad of DIY Politics

It's partly my fault, I shorted the Economy and Culture war the last couple of days. I'm gonna wash the blood off the deck today and start fresh:

Electoral Politics:

BREAKING: Rep. Jackie Walorski, three others dead in car crash – HotAir
Sad News, Indiana Congresswoman Jackie Walorski and Two Staff Killed in Car Accident - The Last Refuge
Washington Post works January 6 into its piece on car crash death of Rep. Jackie Walorski –
Washington Post Sinks to New Lows in Write-Up of Death of Rep. Jackie Walorski – RedStateThere’s no hidin’ slidin’ Joe Biden ahead of 2024
Dem rep: I don't believe Biden's running for reelection – HotAir
Two New York reps join growing list of Democrats who refuse to commit to supporting Biden in 2024 | Fox News
How About Some Positive News About Joe Biden? – PJ Media
Trump has big plans for 2025 – HotAir
Trump tries to topple powerful WI Republican in futile bid to reverse 2020 loss – HotAir
Christina Pushaw predicts ‘liberal media meltdown of the year’ due to imminent announcement from Gov. Ron DeSantis –
Ace of Spades HQ Noted Leftwing Blogger Announces He'll Be Leaving a Right-Leaning Blog
Election victories by Trump allies showcase his grip on the GOP base – HotAir
'Big Night': Trump-Backed Candidates Win Primaries Arizona, Kansas, and Missouri
The Fate of Pro-Impeachment House Republicans - The Bulwark
Six Down, Fantastic Win in Michigan for John Gibbs - The Last Refuge
Kari Lake Pulls Ahead in Arizona, Trump-endorsed Candidates Run the Board - The Last Refuge
For Kari Lake, it was a ‘blowout’ win — or maybe it was suspicious - The Washington Post
What the Media and Never Trump GOP Still Don't Get About Kari Lake in Arizona
How much blame do Democrats deserve for Peter Meijer's primary defeat? – HotAir
Abortion won't flip the midterms, but pro-choice turnout last night was *big* – HotAir
Excellent News, Senator Tim Scott Endorses Senator Lisa Murkowski - The Last Refuge
Michigan GOP Rep. Meijer loses primary to Trump-endorsed challenger Gibbs | Just The News
Kelly's support for massive government spending concerns Arizona voters | Arizona Business Daily
Delaware Allowing Widespread Mail-In Voting Violates Constitution
Anti-Israel Dems Can’t Stop Blaming Their Primary Losses on the Jews
Pennsylvania Dems Are Switching to Republicans by the Thousands
Why is Child of Privilege John Fetterman Running – PJ Media
Meet the Ex-Antifa Activist and Dem Politician Launching a Pro-America Ad Campaign
Biden, Soros spearhead efforts against election integrity ahead of midterms | Just The News
‘A Preview Of What Is To Come’: How A New York Special Election Could Boost GOP’s November Hopes | The Daily Caller
FBI 2020 Election Meddling Takes Center Stage As Director Chris Wray Readies Senate Testimony | The Daily Wire
The FBI Twice Interfered in the 2020 Election to Sabotage Trump. Now What? › American Greatness

Jan. 6 and other Political Violence:

FBI Training Materials Designate Gadsden Flag and Historic American Symbols as Evidence of Militia Violent Extremists - The Last Refuge
FBI lists Ashli Babbitt, Second Amendment and 'Betsy Ross Flag' to terror symbols guide: report | Just The News
FBI Whistleblower LEAKS Bureau’s ‘Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide’ on ‘Militia Violent Extremists’ Citing Ashli Babbitt as MVE Martyr | Project Veritas
‘Just Astounding’: Defense Department Wiped Jan. 6 Text Messages From Key Officials, Watchdog Finds | The Daily Caller
Never Forget the Government's J6 Political Prisoners - American Thinker
SHOCKER: Would-Be Kavanaugh Assassin Has a Secret That the Lefty Media Won't Touch – PJ Media
Vox Editor Imagines Justice Alito's Death with 'Prewritten Obituary'
WATCH: Ted Cruz makes Assistant AG squirm with questions about DOJ ignoring protesters harassing SCOTUS Justices outside their homes –

The Stupid Biden Economy:

Biden's Naked - American Thinker
Saudi Arabia Humiliates Joe Biden With Major Oil Announcement – RedState
Paul Krugman Blames 'Media Failing' for Americans Believing Biden's Economy Is a Dumpster Fire – RedState
In Paul Krugman’s Upper West Side Bubble, All Is Well – Issues & Insights
Paul Krugman fires back at those mocking 2020 prediction by making the ‘Biden Boom’ even MORE boomy –
Althouse: "The problem may be that the Biden economy boomed *too much*, feeding inflation, and that it now needs to cool off, which may involve a recession (but hasn’t yet)."
Ace of Spades HQ Paul Krugman: There Is No Recession and If There Is, It Doesn't Matter. Also, The Economy Is Great and Any Thought to the Contrary Is Just Caused by a Biased Media Out to Get Biden.Even Biden’s Favorite Economist Says Inflation Reduction Act Won’t Reduce Inflation
Biden scrambles to fix inflation problems he helped create | Fox News
Poll: Most Voters Think Dems Ran Economy 'Straight Into the Ground'
Is It A Recession Yet? Services Sector Shrinks Again, Signaling Strong Chance of Third Straight Economic Contraction
Facebook Censors Top Economist For Defining A Recession… | Weasel Zippers
Job Openings Plunge as Employers Pull Back From Hiring
Any Inflation Control Will Be Transitory As Long As Inflationists Are in Control
White House admits Inflation Reduction Act will barely have an impact | The Post Millennial
The Federal Reserve -- Help or Hindrance? - American Thinker
The Democrat Economists in Charge of Deciding 'If' There’s a Recession | FrontpageMag
Instapundit » Blog Archive » EVERYTHING IS GOING SWIMMINGLY: Inflation Is Everywhere—Even in TV Commercials. Plus: SPAM go…
CBO Says Manchin-Schumer Climate and Spending Bill Grows Deficit For First Five Years
Coal Industry Leaders Blast Manchin For Supporting A Bill That Threatens To Kill Industry | The Daily Wire
Ace of Spades HQ The Morning Rant - West Virginia vs Mega Banks’ Anti-Energy Policies: US Bancorp Backs Down; Others Are Spinning and Acting Scared
The Schumer-Manchin tax increase on everyone – HotAir
Manchin admits 'mistake' saying past spending bill wouldn't cause inflation, hopes he isn't wrong again | Fox News
Schumer-Manchin deal raises taxes on earners under $400K: study
Manchin courts Sinema's support on spending deal | Just The News
Joe Manchin's Tone Deaf Victory Lap - Victory Girls Blog
Wisconsin Dem Blames Inflation on ‘Unprecedented Growth’
Sen. Blumenthal: U.S. Economic Contraction Partly Caused by ‘War in Ukraine’ | CNSNews
MCCOTTER: Inflation Is the Real Policy Emergency
Manchin Reconciliation Package Includes Policy He Once Called ‘Ludicrous’
And now we know why Manchin cut a deal on energy bill – HotAir
Breitbart Business Digest: Manchin's Tax Hike Does Not Touch Amazon's Biggest Tax Break
Smooth Operator, Senator Joe Manchin Answers Questions About His Energy Deal with Senator Chuck Schumer - The Last Refuge
Yellen: Manchin deal won't raise taxes unless you're in the top 10 percent. But... – HotAir
Voters Want Sinema to Oppose Manchin’s New Spending Bill | Ricochet
Will Kyrsten Sinema Choose Her Country or Her Party? – PJ Media
Skeptical Sinema cinema: "Taking my time" on reconciliation call – HotAir
GOP, Chamber of Commerce lobby Sinema: Kill the bill, Kyrsten! – HotAir
Climate Bill Is Less Than Meets the Eye | City Journal
‘Inflation Reduction Act’ passage not as simple as it appears for Dems: ‘It ain’t over till it’s over’ | Fox News
‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Will Throw Fuel on the Flames of Stagflation - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
Supporting Tax Hikes Won't Help Vulnerable Dems Win Tight Races
Drug-price controls make Dems' bill the Lifespan Reduction Act
BMW Warns Investors of Lower Production Forecast, Incoming Factory Orders Declining - The Last Refuge
Ukraine sends out first grain shipment by sea – HotAir
Canada's government is now coming for the farmers – HotAir
How the U.S. gave away a breakthrough battery technology to China : NPR

The Culture War:

Woke Teacher Asks Student His Pronouns, and the Exchange Results in Hilarious Confusion – PJ Media
Insanity Wrap: How to Spot a Groomer With This 1 Weird Trick – PJ Media
Parent Group Sues Iowa School District For Allegedly Hiding Children’s Gender Transitions | The Daily Wire
Lia Thomas competitor: I felt "extreme discomfort" sharing locker room with male – HotAir
Tavistock Trans Clinic Gave Puberty Blockers to Kids After One Meeting
San Diego Schools’ Gender Extremism | City Journal
Religious Liberty Group Warns Biden Rule Would Force Trans Surgeries, Abortions. They’re Fighting It In Court. | The Daily Wire
Don't say 'cisheteronormativity'
Ace of Spades HQ San Francisco AIDS Foundation: Even If You Think You Have Monkeypox, Come to the Fetish Festival and Have Sex With Random Pickups Anyway. Just Put a Band-Aid Over Your Sores.
San Francisco holds "kink festival" despite fears it'll become monkeypox superspreader event – HotAir
If Parents Don't Get A Grip On Their Kids' Social Media, Trans Activists Will
Geoff Shullenberger on Twitter: "The parents who are flying the Democratic coop because of school closures/mandates are one of the more interesting and potent organic political forces of our time, which is why the media is currently working overtime to defame them as dupes of “misinformation”/Koch brothers etc." / Twitter
Minnesota School District Pours Millions Into ‘Woke’ Math as Student Scores Plummet
Woke Maine School Board Gets Busted for First Amendment Violation | FrontpageMag
Where to get legal help if you have been blacklisted by today’s control freaks – Behind The Black – Robert Zimmerman
Ace of Spades HQ The "Fact" Checkers Are Busy "Fact" Checking Jokes About Biden

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