Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Some DIY Politics

Because I went fishing yesterday, and didn't get through this, and because I've been avoiding the retail politics, the economy and the culture war for a couple of days, I just have to do it this way. Sorry, not sorry.

Mar-a Lago Raid and Jan. 6 

Trump: FBI “Stole” My Passports During Mar-a-Lago Raid
Feds Oppose Unsealing Affidavit Used To Obtain Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant, To Protect Ongoing Investigation and “National Security”
Trump Accused of Lying Over FBI-Seized Passports, Then He Dropped the Receipts – RedState
FBI seizes privileged Trump records during raid; DOJ opposes request for independent review: sources | Fox News
BREAKING: Biden administration tells judge not to unseal affidavit for Mar-a-Lago search | The Post Millennial
BREAKING: Trump says FBI took his passport in Mar-a-Lago raid | The Post Millennial
CBS News claims the FBI does NOT have Trump’s passports, but they aren’t telling the whole story… – The Right Scoop
Trump calls for return of privileged documents reportedly seized at Mar-a-Lago | The Hill
They say they found some classified information in the papers they took from Mar-A-Lago… – The New Neo
Socialist Mop on Twitter: "With the FBI’s raid of Trump’s private residence, I wanted to repost a video that I did back in 2016 showing James Comey of the FBI letting Hillary off the hook for mishandling classified info. Insane hypocrisy! Check out “What Difference Does It Make?” https://t.co/UY19CplmIv" / Twitter
Sunday Talks, Adam Schiff Claims He Has Seen No Evidence That President Trump Declassified Documents, a Ridiculous Lie - The Last Refuge
Opinion | Espionage Isn’t the Strongest Case Against Trump. It’s Simpler Than That. - POLITICOAlthouse: High-level cogitation.
Using Familiar Leaks, the New York Times Frames the Case Against President Trump 4.0 - The Last Refuge
Trump's message to Garland: "The country is on fire. What can I do to reduce the heat?" – HotAir
WSJ: AG Garland deliberated over search warrant for weeks – HotAir
Six Days Later, President Biden Still Has Not Received A Briefing On FBI’s Raid On Trump | The Daily Caller
Armed Trump supporters protest outside FBI office in Phoenix following Mar-a-Lago raid: reports
Raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate questioned by some law professors | The College Fix
Victor Davis Hanson on Mar-a-Lago Raid: “I never thought I would say this… The FBI is beyond redemption”
Trump Critic, Maryland GOP Gov. Hogan Says FBI Raid 'A Win' For Former President | Off The Press
Barack Obama Has Missing Records. When Will the FBI Ransack His House?
Report: Surprising Private Message Trump Sent to Merrick Garland After Mar-a-Lago Raid Revealed – RedState
Ace of Spades HQ Joe Scarborough Brings On the Perfect Pitchman to Vouch for the Integrity of the FBI
THE COLUMN: 'Alea Iacta Est' | The Pipeline
14 FBI whistleblowers have come forward against DOJ following Mar-a-Lago raid, says Jim Jordan
Rep. Mike Turner, top intel panel Republican, says Donald Trump, Merrick Garland 'not above the law' - Washington Times
Republicans want answers on Wray flight ahead of Mar-a-Lago raid | Washington Examiner
BREAKING: DOJ Doesn't Want Americans to Know the Real Reason Why the FBI Raided Trump's Mar-a-Lago Home – PJ Media
Jonathan Turley 'deeply' concerned over Biden DOJ plan to 'circumvent' prior Trump clemency orderBREAKING: Giuliani named target of Georgia grand-jury criminal probe – HotAir
An Analogy Too Far? : The Other McCain
Cleaning house at the FBI and Justice Department - The Spectator World
AG Merrick Garland's raid of Trump's Mar-a-Lago is a farce of law
Victor Davis Hanson: We’re No Longer a Republic, We’re Transitioning to Radical Democracy :: Grabien News
House GOP demands Biden administration 'preserve' all documents related to Mar-a-Lago search | The Post Millennial
Trump Records Negotiator: Former President in ‘Bureaucratic Battle’ Over Classified Documents
Bill Maher: FBI Raid Might Have Saved ‘Martyr’ Trump From Losing To DeSantis In GOP Primary | The Daily Wire
There's no sainthood for Obama, National Archives in Trump FBI raid uproar

Election Relate Politics

Wait, Biden *really is* running for president again? – HotAir
When are Biden Voters Going to Get Angry? - American Thinker
Bolling vs. John Bolton: Why can't you see that we were safer under President Trump? – HotAirDon Surber: What you have to swallow to be a Never Trumper
2024 Election: Trump Hasn't Sealed Nomination | National Review
Trump hasn't clinched anything – HotAir
Is the "DeSantasy" over? – HotAir
The Managing of DeSantis, Five Days in the Bunker and a New Press Secretary - The Last Refuge
'Now, the Gloves Are Off': Christina Pushaw Resigns as DeSantis' Press Secretary – PJ Media
The Democrats’ 2022 death wish | The Hill
Republicans Better Not Wuss Out If They Win Big in November – PJ Media
Jump ball: Fox poll shows Dems tied on generic ballot as women shift left – HotAir
Bellwether? Dems overperformed in another special election this week – HotAir
DATA: Most Americans Support Election Audits Immediately After Polling Day.
So, That's Why Lisa Murkowski Was Reportedly Silent About the New Voting System in Alaska
Dems Boosted an Extreme Republican in a Key Race. Will It Backfire?
Stacey Abrams Commits a Disqualifying Self-Own in Desperate Attack on Brian Kemp – RedStateHispanic Voters Are Normie Voters - by Ruy Teixeira
Texas poll: Democrats' losses among Hispanics are only just beginning | Washington Examiner
Democrats Are Losing Their Edge With Hispanics
Poll: 60% Of Latino Voters Say The Country Is On The Wrong Track… | Weasel Zippers
Beto at rally: Stop laughing at me, "motherf****r" – HotAir
Althouse: NPR's prissy headline: "Weighing the pros and cons of Beto O'Rourke dropping an f-bomb on a heckler."
New Poll Shows Liz Cheney Getting Absolutely Crushed
Liz Cheney's net worth has ballooned by 600 percent while serving in Congress | The Post Millennial
Poll: Hageman up big ahead of Wyoming's GOP primary next week | Wyoming | thecentersquare.com
Two House Democrats Ask Their Voters to Support Liz Cheney in Primary - Tennessee Star
Associated Press: 'Liz Cheney of Wyoming Is Bracing for Defeat'
Report: Democratic Operatives Control Voter Rolls In 31 States
Althouse: "I really don’t think there’s any need to have a discussion. He did a good job last year, kind of got off the rails this year."
How To Tell If Glenn Youngkin Is On The Rise? He's Being Sued | Off The Press
Roy Moore wins defamation case against Democratic PAC, jury awards him $8.2M | Fox News
Arizona’s U.S. Senate seat rated a toss-up by election forecasters | Just The News
Latest Revelation About Liz Cheney Has to Be the Final Stake in Her Political Career
Liz Cheney Just Got the Endorsement She Needs (Try Not to Laugh Too Hard) – RedState
Fetterman 'grateful' as he returns to Pa. Senate race | Ap-top-news | wfmz.com
Pennsylvania Dem John Fetterman Hires Activist That Wants Transgender Surgeries For Children
White House Report Card: Was Biden’s ‘great week’ lousy for the rest of us? | Washington Examiner
Was Al Franken's endorsement of Liz Cheney a joke? – HotAir
Majority of Americans fed up with country's direction under Joe Biden: poll | The Post Millennial
Al Franken tweets Liz Cheney endorsement, jokes it will 'carry weight' with Wyoming Republicans | Fox News
Roy Moore awarded $8.2 million in PAC defamation case | Just The News
Ace of Spades HQ Kemp Up Big, Walker Up Slightly In Georgia, New Poll Finds
Ace of Spades HQ Democrat Candidate for Pennsylvania Senate Returns to Campaign Trail After Hiding For Months Post-Stroke -- And Shows Signs of Cognitive Impairment
Ace of Spades HQ The Morning Rant: About Those Georgia Elections Stacey Abrams – Election DenierDem rep on Biden: "Off the record, he's not running again" – HotAir

The Stupid Economy, Stupid

Backfire: Far more Americans believe Inflation Reduction Act will increase inflation than will reduce it – HotAir
No feuling: PPI inflation drops sharply in July to 9.8%, negative month-on-month – HotAir
WunderMap® | Interactive Weather Map and Radar | Weather Underground
WSJ and Lomborg show just how useless the “Inflation Reduction Act” is at tackling climate – Watts Up With That?
Biden Admin Keeps Contradicting Itself on Targets of the New IRS Audits
IRS Hiring Spree Is Biggest Police State Expansion In U.S. History
A slightly optimistic take on all those new IRS agents - American Thinker
Fact-Checking Team Biden on Who 87,000 New IRS Agents Would Audit
Dems ‘inflation reduction’ plan will have these 3 terrible economic consequences, new analysis finds - Based Politics
Biden Claims “Zero Inflation” Despite 8.5% Rate… | Weasel Zippers
Dem Sen. Ed Markey: No Reason To Pay For Gas — Just Buy An Electric Vehicle… | Weasel Zippers
'Inflation is a tax on all Americans': Latest Consumer Price Index shows increases in largest parts of median household budget | Washington D.C. Business Daily
CBO: Actually, the "Inflation Reduction Act" will cause more audits for working class – HotAir
Progressive pro-tip from Jayapal: Inflation's just a "theoretical word that economists use" – HotAirBiden Lied About IRS Audits | Off The Press
House Democrats Refuse to Support Second Part of Manchin-Schumer Deal for Increased Energy Development and Permitting - The Last Refuge
CBS reports breaking news about the Dems’ ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ (Shocker: ‘They waited to report this until after it passed’) – twitchy.com
ABC’s Jonathan Karl: Isn’t Name Of Inflation Reduction Act “Almost Orwellian” Since It’s “Not Gonna Bring Inflation Down?”
Ladies and gentlemen, your "Lie of the Year" frontrunner – HotAir
Jamie Dimon: Get it through your "thick skulls." We need natural gas – HotAir

The Culture War

GSA Clubs Smuggle Gender Ideology into K-12 Education
Don't Say 'Groomer' Because the MSM Will Call You a Bigot – PJ Media
Ace of Spades HQ Scientists Are Suing the Biden Administration for Censoring Them-- Using the Social Media Monopolies As Their Deputized Agents
Woke elites control the institutions meant to serve us
Crazy People Are Dangerous : The Other McCain
Alex Berenson Says He’s Going to Sue Biden Administration for Pressuring Twitter to Ban Him
Pediatricians who questioned 'gender affirmation' silenced by medical academy | The Post Millennial
FEC OKs Google plan to stop spamming GOP Gmail | Washington Examiner
Tennessee teacher accused of exposing himself at middle school | WTVC
FBI searched Trump’s home to look for nuclear documents and other items, sources say – Blazing Cat Fur
Florida’s crackdown on ‘woke’ professors instills fear | Miami Herald
Union Refuses To Aid Teacher Who Faced Termination for Criticism of Woke Training
Ace of Spades HQ Boston Children's Hospital Now Advertising "Gender-Affirming Hysterectomies" to Young Girls With a Cheerful-Looking Pitchwoman Who Looks Like She Could be a Mouseketeer
Does University of California undercut academic freedom? - CalMatters
Teachers union tells educators to ignore Florida law on not teaching gender identity in schools | The Post Millennial
UK university investigating after PhD student published paper about his own masturbation habits – HotAir
Minneapolis schools will lay off white teachers first, violating the Constitution and Title VII - Liberty Unyielding
It’s happening: “LGB drop the T” keeps trending on Twitter as gay activists turn on transgender activists | Not the Bee
The Atlantic Attacks the ‘Militaristic’ Rosary - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

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