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Some Music to Greet Trick-or-Treaters By


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Halloween 2021 at the Beach

By the time we were ready for our walk, the mornings sunny skies had given way to mostly clouds, with an occasional rain drop. Its still pretty warm, in the mid 60. The water continues to drain out of the Bay after the high tides two days ago, and they seem almost normal
But when we got to Matoaka, a combination of high water, and erosion of the beach in front of the cliff cut us off from the best places to look for fossils. 
Still, nice flat areas with lots of gravel and shell made for good picking; we managed 39 sharks teeth and a couple crab claws and a ray chevron.
A false sunrise or sunset across the Bay.

Oregon, My Oregon

John Sexton at Haut Hair, Portland travel group says the city is too scary for tourists and not just on Halloween

Travel Portland is the name of group that promotes tourism to the city. It describes itself as “a promoter and steward of this evolving city and its progressive values, which have the power to transform the travelers who visit us.” But Wednesday the group presented a report to the Portland City Council with some bad news. The evolving city and its progressive values have become a big turn off to tourists.
“Here’s the problem,” said Commissioner Mapps. “Around the world, too many people associate Portland with homelessness and homicide.”

“Today, a significant chunk of humanity is afraid of spending time and money in our city,” he continued.

That skepticism surrounding the city is holding back major economic recovery, according to the President and CEO of Travel Portland.

“Continued attacks and breaking glass on buildings throughout the city, but especially downtown, continued to affect this hard to overcome sentiment, “ said Jeff Miller. “Our central city occupancy in September lags every competitive city we tracked.”
One specific problem the city is facing is the cancelation of major conferences. Travel Portland CEO Jeff Miller said, “Portland’s specific issues related to civil unrest and public safety concerns has exasperated the negative occurrences and declining attendances and group cancellations.” In other words, riots and shootings are bad for business. In fact, Travel Portland now has a page on its website devoted to frequently asked questions about safety and protests in the city. Here’s a sample:
In 2020, the death of George Floyd spurred more than 100 continuous days of protests, with most participants acting peacefully. Some individuals used the opportunity to behave unlawfully, and the city experienced some riots.

While the city occasionally sees small groups engage in disruptive behavior, activity is typically contained away from visitor attractions and areas where most visitors stay and explore. Protests have significantly decreased in recent months, in part due to city efforts to address concerns directly.
Portland saying it experienced “some riots” is the equivalent of Death Valley announcing it has experienced some warm weather. Over a period of three months starting in May 2020, Portland police declared 22 unlawful assemblies and 23 riots.

Despite all of that, local media argued the coverage of the riots was overblown. In January of this year, the Oregonian argued that, contrary to claims Portland was a city under siege, everything was fine. That got picked up by a number of people including CNN’s Brian Stelter. . . .

They voted poorly.  

Happy Pumpkin Day!

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Election Post - Youngkin in the VA Catbird Seat, McAuliffe Struggles

Why the "Catbird Seat"? "The catbird seat" is an idiomatic phrase used to describe an enviable position, often in terms of having the upper hand or greater advantage in any type of dealing among parties. It derives from the secluded perch on which the grey catbird makes mocking calls.

We're still reliving that golden moment when it was shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that the five 'white supremacist misogynists' (including a black dude and butch lesbian) that came to greet the Youngkin bus in Guadalajara, were, in fact, Democrats dirty tricksters, paid for by the "Lincoln Project", which, while nominally composed of Never-Trump Republicans, is in fact funded by the Democrat machine. But trust Eric Swallowell to fall for it, at Breitbart, Rep. Eric Swalwell Falls for Failed Virginia Tiki Torch Hoax. Capt. Ed asks Today's deep question: Just how badly will the tikis torch Terry?. IMHO, Not too much; his voters have mostly voted by mail already, but it may cause a weak Democrats to lose interest and not go to the polls. As Fox reports The Lincoln Project roasted as 'deranged hacks' for orchestrating viral hoax to smear Youngkin. Phil Klein at NR thinks McAuliffe Should Be Held Responsible for Tiki Torch Stunt, Because His Campaign Thinks Candidates Are Responsible for Supporters. That's a mildly amusing take on it, putting it back on Democrats. While as PM notes Reuters falsely claims 'Republicans' were behind tiki torch hoax stunt. But Matthew Foldi has the receipts on the Lincoln Projects deep ideological and financial ties to Democrats in this twitter thread, There's an organized effort to blame a "Republican group," aka the Lincoln Project, for the disgraceful neo-Nazi prank, "The LP is *intimately tied* to Democrats of all levels. I'll show you how." And given the Lincoln Project's previous history of sexual abuse, The Babylon Bee goofs "Youngkin Keeps Lincoln Project Away By Holding Rally Within 500 Feet Of A School" If you don't find that funny, you're not the target of the joke.

At NYPo, Rich Lowry expounds on how A Youngkin victory in Virginia could show the true future of the GOP, winning back the 'burbs, while at Da Wire, Luke Rosiak explains that the McAuliffe Plan Could Lead To 1970s-Style Busing: Giving Parents A ‘Choice’ Leads To ‘Segregation’. Politico attempts to identify The 5 key groups fueling Youngkin’s rise, Independents, Parents, some Biden’s 2020 voters, the Trump base and waning 'Covid' voters. 

From her voice to God's ears, at NYPo, Kamala Harris warns McAuliffe loss could doom Dems in 2022, 2024, and AllahPundit at Haut Hair sobs Harris warns Virginia Dems: What happens in this election may determine what happens in 2022 and 2024

I suppose she had to say this as a matter of basic GOTV tactics. Every election is the most important election ever, right? Lose this one and the dominos fall and it’s the end of America, yadda yadda. When your base is unmotivated, as the Democratic base currently is, you’ll say whatever you have to in order to scare them into voting.

Kamala tried to hype the crowd, nobody was feeling it. But at Ace, Blaster is not optimistic, Virginia Elections 2021 - Nobody Knows Nothing. I worry about the "margin of fraud."

Predicting is hard, especially about the future. This election is even harder, because all of the models are broken. Who is a likely voter? What do the new rules that don't require ID to vote mean? How does running against a guy who is not even in office anywhere or running anywhere work?

At CNN, Dan Merica catches McAuliffe saying Virginia election 'is not about Trump' after making former President central figure in campaign. Why? Because it wasn't working this time. A little late to make much impact, but from the Wa Free Bee, Watchdog Hits McAuliffe With Campaign Finance Complaint Over Foreign Money "McAuliffe took $350,000 donation from a foreign-owned company linked to an overseas money laundering probe" The company may be dirty, but their money was clean! And as NYPo reports Virginia education department boosts critical race theory — despite claim by Terry McAuliffe. I actually have something to say on this. They don't actually teach critical race theory, which, as it is named, is just a theory of education. Worse, they teach the results of what happens when you take critical race theory as a fact, that all whites are white supremacists, (execpt the 'chosen' ones, and all blacks are discriminated against).

At JTN, Republicans hope to flip Virginia House, Dems try to keep control "Democrats hold a 10-seat majority in the chamber going into election day, which means Republicans would need to flip six seats." Isn't that just kind of assumed? At WaEx, 'Great model': Republicans see education issue as winner, no matter outcome in Virginia

At Arc Digital, cited at Haut Hair, Jen Monroe maunders about the Loudoun County high school rape incident, Loudoun County Sexual Assault Story Shows Danger of Media Bias "A right-wing outlet let ideology motivate their reporting, while the mainstream media couldn't be bothered to report on it in the first place." Just admit that the "main stream media" are mostly "left-wing outlets" and we can begin a conversation. And new, from Elle Reynolds at Da Fed Loudoun County Superintendent Ziegler Admitted He Was ‘Incorrect’ To Declare Unlawful Assembly That Led To Parent Arrests, further undercutting NSBA and Merrick Garland's use of this incident to accuse parents of "domestic terrorism."

Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler admitted he was “incorrect” to declare an unlawful assembly at a school board meeting in Loudoun County, Virginia, on June 22, at which Jon Tigges and Scott Smith were subsequently arrested for trespassing and disorderly conduct, respectively.

The revelation, reported by Fox News, comes from transcripts of a September hearing for Tigges, whose trespassing charge was enabled by Ziegler’s declaration of an unlawful assembly.

“Individuals had taken over the boardroom and it was very reminiscent to me of January 6,” Ziegler said in another portion of the hearing, apparently trying to justify his decision to shut down the protests of parents, including Smith, who later alleged that his daughter was sexually assaulted in a bathroom at Stone Bridge High School by a boy in a skirt.

“Were there people that were burning chairs inside the room?” asked Tigges’s attorney Chris Kachouroff, in reference to violent left-wing protests in Portland, Oregon.

“No, but there were people who were moving chairs aggressively, yeah,” Ziegler responded.

Loudoun County parent and Fight for Schools Executive Director Ian Prior emphasized that Ziegler had “no legal authority” to declare an unlawful assembly like he did at the June board meeting.

“The school board tried to silence the opposition; they did so over applause for a speaker. And then the Superintendent declared an unlawful assembly when he had no legal authority to do so,” Prior told Fox News. “There will never be trust in Loudoun County Schools until Superintendent Ziegler is fired.”

NR's Andy McCarthy (cited at Haut Hair), Merrick Garland plays dumb on a DOJ atrocity "Merrick Garland turns out to be a political hack." At Tom Hall, Todd Rokita on Stopping Biden’s Minions From Chilling Parents’ Free Speech 

"Many Americans are understandably stunned by the Biden administration’s plot to deploy FBI agents to muzzle parents from speaking their minds at school board meetings. "
. . .
This episode should remind all Americans of the extreme tactics that far-left socialists are willing to employ in order to control our lives, and it should provoke all Americans to resist such intrusions with staunch determination.

Kevin Drayden at Town Hall thinks Biden's Henchmen Appear As Detached From Reality As Their Hapless Boss. I'm not that kind. 

WaPoo whines that During Jan. 6 riot, Trump attorney told Pence team the vice president’s inaction caused attack on Capitol. That's one way to look at it. Things would certainly have gone differently if Pence had decided to dispute the count. Maybe not better, but differently.  From Da Beast, ADL Urges Fox to Cancel Tucker’s ‘Inflammatory’ Jan. 6 Special. I'm sure they'll get right on that. Fox (and Tucker) respond Tucker Carlson: Censorship is mainstream media's last dying grasp at relevance, "Media is losing their influence, so they're leading the charge against the First Amendment in order to get it back."

From sundance at CTH, Congressman Jim Jordan Gives His Perspective on the J6 Committee. Surprisingly calm and collected.

From Mike Miller at Red State, Let's Just Admit Why Biden Was Elected, America. Lesko, Brandon!
Let’s be honest, Democrats.

Joe Biden was elected — I will not relitigate the “stolen election” debate in this article — for one reason: to get rid of Donald Trump. Period. The Democrat Party could have nominated a blind, intellectually disabled squirrel, and the results of the 2020 election would not have changed.

But let’s be clear: No one loves Joe Biden.

At JTN,  Pennsylvania governor fingered for routing private election grants to Democrat areas, "Report concludes Wolf administration helped only Democratic counties secure $21 million in private grants from Mark Zuckerberg-funded nonprofit ahead of the 2020 election." To be fair, that's what Mark Zuckerberg intended. 

Palm Sunday

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Beach Report 10/30/21

At least we have a beach again, after the high tides from yesterday's storm have receded a bit. At their peak last night, the high tides were 2-3 inches over the top of the docks at the marina. The boat, however, is just fine.
You can see the amount of erosion on the dunes. When all is said and done, the beach will be wider, with the addition of sand from the dunes, but slowly, they'll grow back.

We did manage 6 sharks teeth today, despite the paucity of beach.
We couldn't make it around the point of rocks on Calvert Beach yet (the water is lower, but not that much lower), so we walked back through the avenues. These people take Halloween seriously.
As if that weren't enough, they had this in front of their garage.

We may have to drive Gabi over here for Trick-or-Treat.

Election Post - A Dirty Trick in Virginia

The Youngkin v. McAuliffe race for Virginia Gubernator is winding down to the inevitable let down (for someone) on Tuesday. Two new polls show GOP's Glenn Youngkin pulling ahead of Democrat Terry McAuliffe (JTN) "This is the first time since the race began that has Youngkin outside the margin of error," Ace, Fox News Poll Puts Youngkin Up Eight Points Over Clinton Bagman Terry McAulliffe "Plus: NJ Governor's Race Tightens as Murphy's Staffers Admit He Plans to Re-Impose Draconian Lockdowns After The Election. Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 10.29.21 (Evening Edition), The Geller Reports, Poll: Republican Glenn Youngkin Ahead of Democrat Terry McAuliffe by 8 Points in Virginia Governor’s Race. AJ Kaufman, PJ Media, As Pence Visits Battleground Virginia, Youngkin Widens Lead. And even the WaPoo admits, via Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, that its a  Virtual dead heat in McAuliffe-Youngkin race; UPDATE: 42-point swing on education?


“This desperate: earlier today a group of Democrats lined up in front of a Glenn Youngkin bus holding tikis, as part of an effort to tie Youngkin to Donald Trump/Charlottesville/white supremacy. Terry McAuliffe’s Communications Director said the men’s presence was ‘disgusting and disqualifying.’ But no one was fooled, and she later deleted the tweet. . . . The escapade dominated Twitter today. It quickly developed that one of the ‘white supremacists’ was the Financial Director of the Young Virginia Democrats. . . . The McAuliffe campaign is now backpedaling furiously, denying any responsibility. But this incident shows that McAuliffe is desperate. His internal polling must be awful, consistent with publicly-reported polls that show Youngkin pulling away. In his desperation, McAuliffe apparently has resorted to one of the lowest, and least successful, smears on record.”

Very few people were fooled Sunny McSunnyface "@TerryMcAuliffe’s comms hack declaring it disqualifying for Youngkin that Democratic activists are standing outside his bus." TNP, Democrat Operatives Caught Dressing Up As White Supremacists in Desperate Last-Ditch Virginia Election Stunt. Guy Benson at Town Hall, Pathetic Stunt: Dems Pose As White Nationalists 'Supporting' Glenn Youngkin. Sundance at CTH, A Desperate Terry McAuliffe Campaign Deploys Dirty Tricks to Stir Racial Animosity in Virigina Governors Race. Ace, LOL: Democrats and Media Collude to Set Up a Blatantly Obvious Op to Show "Charlotesville Tiki Torcher White Supremacists" Supporting Youngkin

It was such blatantly obvious hoax that Vice admitted We forced the Lincoln Project to admit they were behind the hate hoax (John Sexton, Haut Hair). Matt Margolis at PJ media Now We Know Who Was Behind the Tiki-Torch White Supremacist Stunt in Va. At WaEx, Lincoln Project takes credit for tiki torch stunt McAuliffe campaign passed off as genuine Youngkin supporters. Mediaite, The Lincoln Project Claims Credit for Tiki-Torch Nazi Stunt at Youngkin Campaign Bus. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 10.29.21 (Evening Edition), Twitchy, The Lincoln Project takes credit for the Youngkin tiki torch stunt. PM, BREAKING: McAuliffe campaign condemns tiki torch hoax after spending all day spreading it

Even so, there was some skepticism that the Lincoln Project (a vehicle of ex-Republican virulent anti-Trumpers) would carry this out without some direction from the McAuliffe campaign. Ace, Quick Hits: The Repulsive, Vile Lincoln Project Confesses Guilt for the Racist Terror Hoax Today But... Are They Lying? Althouse, The Lincoln Project inserts itself into the Virginia gubernatorial race by sending 5 demonstrators with tiki torches to a Glenn Youngkin rally.

1. Here's how the Washington Post puts it: "A group of people carrying tiki torches outside Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin’s tour bus in Charlottesville on Friday, which caused a stir on social media and led both political parties to blame the other for the stunt, turned out to be organized by the Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump Republican group."
. . .
7. Klein raises a very basic question that had occurred to me: Is the Lincoln project telling the truth now? The stunt itself was deceptive, so how do we know this isn't a new form of deception — "taking the heat off of somebody else given the stunt epically backfired"? I would note that there are 5 human beings who are easily identifiable, the demonstrators. Why did they do it? How much were they paid? What were they told? Is anyone talking to them?
At NYPo, Republican Youngkin vows Virginia gov vote ‘isn’t gonna be close’ but will it be beyond the margin of fraud? Mediatite whines Here We Go Again: Mark Levin Insists Terry McAuliffe is Plotting to ‘Steal the Election’. If they think they can get away with it. The Virginia Star has  ‘Will Your Daughter be Next?’ Brutal Ad Targets McAuliffe After Alleged Loudoun County Rape Coverup. From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 10.29.21 (Evening Edition), LI,  Thank Parents If Youngkin Defeats McAuliffe In Virginia and Weasel Zippers, Va. Pushes Critical Race Theory Despite McAuliffe’s Repeated Denials. FEE, VA Gov Candidate Terry McAuliffe Gets Caught Lying About Child COVID Hospitalizations, "McAuliffe is cynically calculating that he can scare voters into giving him power." Breitbart, Terry McAuliffe’s Daughter Gives the Middle Finger to Glenn Youngkin Signs. Sure, kids are like that. Via Haut Hair the NYT whines that Glenn Youngkin was a traditional Republican. Then he became a culture warrior.

And in Loudoun County, current fire fight in the culture war, from the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 10.29.21 (Evening Edition), Power Line, Ground Zero In Loudoun County, Da Feds Elle Reynolds,  How These Loudoun County Parents Reacted To Proof The School Board Lied To Themand the Victory Girls: Consent No Longer Important To NYT. At Da Signal, ‘There Is No Rational Debate’: Loudoun County School Board Chair Trashes Parents, while Althouse fall for the liberal view "But this week, during a juvenile court hearing, a fuller picture of Smith’s daughter’s ordeal emerged. She suffered something atrocious." "It had nothing at all to do, however, with trans bathroom policies. Instead, like many women and girls, she was a victim of relationship violence. " And her commenters take her to task. Meanwhile in nearby Fairfax County, via the Wombat's' In The Mailbox: 10.29.21 (Afternoon Edition), a Virginia Mother Says Federal Agents Infiltrated School Board Meeting (Eric Lendrum at Da Fed). She might be mistaken, but she might be right.

From the Wombat's' In The Mailbox: 10.29.21 (Afternoon Edition)Louder With Crowder and Don Surber both note how School Board Member Takes Children on Field Trip Gay Bar, and Eugene Volokh comments on the case of "Speaker Removed from Orange County [Fla.] School Board Meeting for Reading from a Book Found at School Library" "But note that the school board chair opined that the book shouldn't be in the library, either."

From Politico, ‘Almost schizophrenic’: Judge rips DOJ approach to Jan. 6 prosecutions "Chief District Court Judge Beryl Howell criticized “petty offense” plea deals for defendants who she said tarnished America’s reputation in the world." She needs to be removed from the bench for bias. And in the real insurrect, justice delayed as PM reports Portland Antifa member indicted over 2019 Andy Ngo attack.

I am increasingly of the opinion that our friends in the media and the left do in fact understand that the election was rigged and stolen but because they approve of the steal do not acknowledge it.

I think that eventually we will reach the point where the media/left openly boasts of said steal and declares it was in the best interest of the nation.

John Solomon at JTN, has the Narrative of a perfect 2020 election eroding as Wisconsin becomes investigative ground zero, "Evidence grows of election mismanagement, illegal acts and some fraud in several states." Nice Deb at Am Great, Wisconsin Sheriff’s Office Presents Evidence Showing Election Board Committed Felony Election Fraud in 2020 and Kylee Zempel at Da Fed, Wisconsin Elections Commission ‘Shattered’ Laws By Telling Nursing Home Staffers To Illegally Cast Ballots For Residents, all in the name of Covid, of course. At the Virginia Star, an Exclusive: Shock Report Finds ‘Massive Discrepancy’ with Absentee Ballot Records in Virginia, and records destroyed which could prove the votes were legitimate. I wonder why? Then, to keep the possibility of fraud in Michigan alive, Whitmer vetoes GOP-backed voter ID measures

At Da Caller, New Swing State Poll Does Not Bode Well For Joe Biden. Good, but too early to start counting chickens. 

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Rule 5 Saturday - Selita Ebanks Suffered Deprivation for Her Craft

E! Former Victoria's Secret Model Selita Ebanks Says Body Expectations Weren't "Natural"
"Modeling for Victoria's Secret, there's a code you have to follow," Ebanks revealed in an exclusive sneak peek at the special. "There is expectation to maintain the size, and unfortunately, we are going against Mother Nature. It is not something that's natural, it is not something that should happen. It's tough."

Psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser noted she heard that some models "back in the day" only ate an apple every 24 hours to maintain their trim physiques; such were just the beauty standards of the brand.

If somebody tells you they eat only an apple per day (about 78 calories), and they aren't dying of starvation, they're lying.

As Ebanks explained, the goal for every model was to become an Angel. "I've been on many runways, but, to be a part of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, for me, was more than just a job. It was the highlight," Ebanks recalled.

"All of a sudden, people know your name," she continued. "You find out friends that you thought were friends were not necessarily friends. A lot of other models didn't think that I was deserving of this contract, so I had to basically fight my way into their circle."

It's an elite group, what did you expect, a cakewalk? 

"It's really hard for a lot of the Victoria's Secret models to have the kind of self-worth that the rest of us have, because it's all about their appearance," she stated. "No one wants to hear what they have to say."
Maybe that's because most of them have nothing of substance to say.

Lot's of jobs are physically demanding. Maybe those jobs just aren't for you.

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Forgive My Skepticism

Da Mail, RHOBH star Dorit Kemsley is held at gunpoint and robbed of jewelry and handbags during 20-minute home invasion by three men while she was asleep with her kids: Co-stars show up to show support

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley, 45, was held at gunpoint and robbed Wednesday night during an invasion at her Encino Hills home while her children, ages 7 and 5, were in the house.

Three men broke into the residence just before 11 p.m. PT while she was asleep, a source close to Kemsley told

Kemsley had only just returned from a trip to London, where she attended her nephew's wedding on Tuesday night alongside her husband, PK Kemsley.

My first question is why a star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is living in Encino. I've been away from LA for a long time now, but even I remember that Encino is not particularly close to Beverly Hills. 

PK was still abroad at the time of the attack and is now headed back to California to be with his wife, who is said to have been 'traumatized' by the incident.

The source said Kemsley's only focus during the invasion was to protect her children.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley  . . . was held at gunpoint and robbed Wednesday night

The unknown intruders entered the home around 10.50pm by smashing through the children's classroom door.

My next question is whether police questioned the kids. Were they really there when this happened. Or conveniently absent?

Two of the suspects walked into Kemsley's bedroom while she was sleeping. She woke to them standing at the end of her bed.

They grabbed her as as she begged: 'Don’t hurt my babies. Don’t kill me. I'm a mother.'

To which one of the men responded: 'Kill her.'
Obviously, they didn't. 
RHOBH was slated to start filming Thursday

There is now a question mark over whether Kemsley will be moving forward with the production today due to the incident.

So this happened just as the next season was getting ready, and might benefit from some free publicity? Hmmm. 

Beach Report 10/29/21

No beach today. As you may or may not know, or care, the mid-Atlantic is experiencing a significant storm today, bringing rain, high winds, and very high tides across the area. As a result, the Bay was basically up to the bottom of the sand dunes leaving no room to walk. And this was low tide! The good news is this should re-distribute the sharks teeth.
Water crashing over the jetty and eroding the dunes into the harbor. And that's why it needs to be dredged most years.
One reason for the walk was to check on the boat, which is, in fact, just fine. The tide is expected to be almost a foot higher for the highest high, that's expected tonight. It looks like I have plenty of slack to allow the boat to rise the additional foot. But this evening, I'll have to run down and check. The dock will be only slightly under water. . . 

Morning Election Madness - Youngkin Pulls Ahead in Virginia

According to a new Fox New poll, which traditionally skews Democrat for some reason, Glenn Youngkin has now more support than one time (and hoping for more) Gov. Terry McAuliffe. Interestingly, the McAuliffe team has retained the services of a Democrat lawyer well known for contesting election results, by means fair or foul. So hear we go again. Fox News Poll: Youngkin pulls ahead of McAuliffe among Virginia likely voters. NYPo, Virginia shocker: Glenn Youngkin up 8% over Democrat Terry McAuliffe in gov race poll. NR, Youngkin Leads McAuliffe in New Poll of Likely Virginia Voters Less than a Week before Election Day. Insty, DON’T GET COCKY, BUT WOW: 

Holy cow: Youngkin 53, McAuliffe 45 in new Fox News poll. “Just an astounding shift on a key issue in a short period, assuming Fox’s numbers are accurate. I wonder if in hindsight we won’t look back and say that McAuliffe lost the election when he said at that debate last month that parents shouldn’t be telling schools what to teach. That teed up Youngkin for a month of ads about McAuliffe wanting to disempower parents’ authority over their children’s education, apparently to devastating effect.”

 At Da Wire, Biden Crushed Trump In Virginia in 2020, So Why Is McAuliffe Floundering In 2021?. McAuliffe's Kinsley gaffe on education, for sure, but another contributor? Sister Toldja at Red State, Hispanic Voters Respond Accordingly After Terry McAuliffe Says Most Insulting Thing He Possibly Could to Them. "In the video clip below, you see McAuliffe during an apparent campaign stop for Hispanic voters quite bluntly telling them they needed to “get busy … relatively quickly” procreating in order to increase the chances of Democrats winning elections. Watch . . ."

From Stella Morabito at Da Fed,  Virginia Democrats Claim ‘Free And Fair’ Election While Rigging It Again. Mark Tapscott at Insy, DON’T COUNT THOSE VIRGINIA CHICKENS JUST YET. . . . From Sundance at CTH, Virginia Governor Candidate Terry McAuliffe Hires Clinton Lawyer Mark Elias, Likely to Organize and Defend Ballot Harvesting Operations. Elias; where have I heard than name before? Oh yeah, he was one of Clintonites pushing the Alfa Bank hoax on the FBI. Nick Arama at Red State,  McAuliffe Campaign Accidentally Sends Fox an Email Revealing Effort to 'Kill' Their Story. Ooopsies!  Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, McAuliffe campaign to Fox reporter: Let's kill Fox's story on hiring election-challenge lawyer.  "The word gaffe doesn’t do justice to this latest episode from the imploding campaign of Terry McAuliffe." Tyler O'Neal from a new post at Fox, Team McAuliffe emails reveal effort to 'kill this' Fox News story, 'Can we try to kill this,' a spokesperson asked. 

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe's campaign raised eyebrows by spending nearly $60,000 to hire a high-profile attorney known for masterminding election-related legal challenges. When Fox News sent the campaign a request for comment, the McAuliffe campaign scrambled to "kill" the story, according to emails mistakenly sent to Fox News.

Less than a month before Election Day, McAuliffe's campaign spent $53,680 on the services of the Elias Law Group, a firm that Marc Elias started earlier this year, Fox News previously reported.

When Fox News reached out to the McAuliffe campaign for comment, McAuliffe spokesperson Christina Freundlich responded to the email with a message apparently meant for colleagues, not for Fox News.

 Twitchy, WHOOPS! Reporter asked McAuliffe spox for email comment on Jonathan Turley’s take, then it got awkward

George Neumayr at Am Spec calls Terry McAuliffe, a Lying Hack to the End, "His smears against Youngkin grow more desperate." From LI, CNN Frantically Carries Terry McAuliffe’s Water in Final Days of Dead-Heat Virginia Governor’s Race "“A comment McAuliffe made at a debate in September [about parental involvement in their children’s education] has sort of been spun out of control,” CNN reporter Eva McKend proclaimed in a segment on how tight the Virginia governor’s race has become in the closing week." Politico opines on What It Means if Glenn Youngkin Wins "It wouldn’t just send tremors of fear through Democrats nationally, presumably making the party’s agenda that much more difficult to get through Congress; it would point to a viable path ahead for the GOP in swing areas, one that keeps on board the Trump base while regaining lost ground with independents and suburbanites."

Sister Toldja again, Eric Swalwell, Lincoln Project Play the Fools in Train Wreck of a Move in Virginia Governor’s Race. "There’s a word @GlennYoungkin would really like to say to talk about black people, but he knows he can’t, so he codes it with “Critical Race Theory.” Don’t take my word, trust the honorable Republicans who made this ad and know how this ugly strategy works."  At least Youngkin has the right enemies. It's all enough to move Smitty at The Other McCain to poetry, Scold Me Closer, Terry Dancer

Hmm, at Wa Free Bee, Dem Candidates in Virginia Ban Cameras From Public Campaign Events. That can't be good. 

On the Loudoun County high school rape case by a boy in a skirt, which touched off both the school controversy in Virginia, and Merrick Garland letter comparing parents to domestic terrorists, from Twitchy ‘They covered it up IN MAY’! NBC pushing ‘Republicans POUNCE’ angle when FINALLY reporting Loudoun County schools rape story BACKFIRES. At Da Caller, This Is How The New York Times Mentions The Loudoun County Sexual Assault Case For The First Time, “a sexual assault case that revived Republican criticism of gender-inclusive bathroom policies in schools.” At City Journal, Blame Loudoun County Schools, Not Donald Trump. Breitbart, Loudoun County Sheriff Investigating Multiple Incidents of ‘Inappropriate Touching’ in Middle School. Jordan Davidson at Da Fed, Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Rejected School Superintendent’s Insane Plan To Weaponize Police Against Parents

Why are parent upset? At WaEx, Paul Bedard opines, Wrong, Obama: Most say critical race theory, transgender teaching not ‘phony’ issues. At Da Fed, Small-Town Wisconsin Schools Won’t Tell Parents If Their Children Identify As Transgender, Oshkosh Begosh. At Da Caller, Broward School Takes Elementary Students To Gay Bar, and Red State, Florida School Board Member Takes Young Children to Gay Bar on a Field Trip, for some good clean fun and indoctrination. At Not The Bee (banned on Twitter), Watch: Florida school board has parent removed for simply quoting the graphic sex material they are teaching kids. At NYPo, Kentucky principal investigated after getting lap dance at homecoming event and Ace, Kentucky High School Stages a "Man Pageant" Where Boys In Lingerie and Hooters Girl Outfits Give Lap-Dances to Male Teachers and Principal, "Some more of that trumped-up fake culture war that Former President Satan told us just doesn't happen, ever." Red State also reports Texas House Goes On the Offensive by Investigating Inappropriate Books In School Libraries. Campus Reform, 'Take these m-----f-----s out': Rutgers prof rails against white people while defending CRT

At Da Caller, Hot Mic Catches School Board President Saying ‘F*ck You’ To Parent and ‘These Are Not Routine People’: Dick Durbin Compares Parents Shouting Profanities And Ripping Off Masks To Jan. 6 Rioters. At NR, Phil Klein calls it the Revenge of the Parents "Democrats are playing with fire by underestimating the power of parents who are fired up and ready to assert control over their kids’ educations." Commentary from Commentary, Democrats, Pick a Fight with Parents at Your Peril.

"In response to a letter from the left-leaning National School Boards Association, which described those meetings with lurid language but scant evidence of any real threats, Garland ordered the FBI and the Department of Justice into action. There was no justification for Garland’s move, which was political thuggery at its worst. The disorder at these meetings mostly involved people shouting and talking out of turn, with the occasional scuffle.... Said [Senator Josh] Hawley: 'You have weaponized the FBI and the Department of Justice. It is wrong. It is unprecedented to my knowledge in the history of this country.' Garland’s mealy-mouthed reply was that it was merely an offer of assistance, if needed, to local law enforcement.... His letter was in fact unprecedented, and it was clearly intended to intimidate opponents and to support the Democrats’ efforts to characterize all serious political opposition as some sort of security threat."

At Da Fed, House Republicans Probe NSBA For Colluding With White House On Bogus ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Letter Targeting Parents and as of now, Five state school board associations have withdrawn from the NSBA over that letter comparing parents to terrorists (John Sexton, Haut Hair). 

Something rotten is going on in American justice. Vodka Pundit at PJ Media REPENT! Jan. 6 Defendant Denounces Trump, Self...Gets Released

What’s disturbing here is twofold. The first issue is that the judge seems to feel that Sibick has some kind of mental condition necessitating psychiatric care.

OK, fine, that happens.

But the second is that whatever his mental condition is, it’s reflected in his political views. One day, Sibick supports Trump and sings the national anthem — and is too sick to be released. Another day, Sibick recants all that — and is suddenly healthy enough to get out of jail, even if he isn’t exactly free.

If Sibick’s mental condition is his political views, and that with the proper treatment he can be cured of them, then we’re witnessing the Sovietization of American justice.

Julie Kelly reports on The Freak-Out Over Tucker’s January 6 Documentary Begins, "The original narrative about January 6 is not to be disturbed, no matter how many facets of that original narrative have been shattered." According to sundance at CTH, Tucker Carlson Has Triggered The Fourth Branch of Government With His Preview of “The Patriot Purge”, cites ex-Lt. Col. Bear-claw Vindman as an example. Scott McKay at Am Spec, ‘Domestic Terrorism’ and the Bad Faith of the Democrats, "Tucker Carlson knows full well what Jan. 6 has really been about."

In some interesting news a Racine County sheriff alleges Wisconsin election law violations  (Fox6Now). 

The sheriff accuses the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) of breaking the law. The commission is equally divided between Democrats and Republicans. They voted 5-1 during the pandemic – when nursing homes were limiting visitors – that municipalities across the state should not send special voting deputies into nursing homes. In normal years, they are deputized by clerks – pairs of them normally help nursing home residents vote.

"That means the staff at the facility absolutely, positively cannot, by this law. assist in the execution of the vote," Luell said.

But the WEC gave nursing home staff tips on how to help.

"That is the completion of the crime right there. Crimes throughout the state. All 72 counties, every nursing home, resident care facility, right there," Luelle alleged.

Sheriff Schmaling is now asking Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul to investigate statewide.

Sundance, Wisconsin Sheriff Holds Press Conference Outlining 2020 Election and Ballot Fraud in Racine County. At HE, County Sheriff in Wisconsin Reveals Evidence of Election Law Felony Violations. At Old Dominion News, More votes counted than cast in Virginia 2020 General Election, analysis of state voter data shows. At Da Fed, Margot Cleveland asks What To Do When Election Officials Keep Ignoring Voting Laws. Publicly pillorying them, or flogging, or both, ought to get their attention.

David Frum (cited at Haut Hair from the Slantic) fumes that The Trump comeback looms. Be still, my beating heart. Max Greenwood atop Da Hill whines that the Senate GOP lines up behind Trump-backed candidates. Jeffrey Lord at Am Spec offers Two Cheers for the Wall Street Journal in Running Trump Letter

From Da Wire, ‘Texas Isn’t Safe For Anyone’: NAACP Pens Letter Pleading With Pro Athletes Not To Sign With Teams In State Over Abortion And Voting Laws. NAACP was an early example of O'Sullivan's Law. 

At the Wa Free Bee, Poll: Majority of Americans Say Big Tech Censorship of Hunter Laptop Story Interfered With Election. Perhaps not coincidentally, Breitbart notes Facebook Changes Name to ‘Meta’ in Hopes of Reversing Brand Damage

Fish Pic Friday - Oceanic Barbie

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She seems to fish from piers quite a lot, and has caught an astonishing number of different fish. She could afford to eat a couple of them.

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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Ancient Actress Seeks Social Climate Credits

WUWT, Actress Joanna Lumley Calls For Rationing and Social Climate Credits. I had to look her up. It turns out she was in the reborn New Avengers from the UK, as Dianna Riggs apparent replacement.

Joanna Lumley, whose glamorous high flying lifestyle includes long holidays in Bhutan, the Swiss Alps, and at least one trip on the Trans Siberian Railway, wants ordinary people’s leisure activities and travel to be restricted by a climate rationing system.
Joanna Lumley says wartime-style rationing could help solve climate crisis

Actor proposes system under which people would have limited points to spend on holidays and luxury items

Nadia Khomami
Arts and culture correspondent
@nadiakhomamiTue 26 Oct 2021 10.01 AEDT

While I watched the original, I rarely saw the New Avengers, perhaps because I had gone off to college.

Joanna Lumley has suggested that a system of rationing similar to that seen during wartime, under which people would have a limited number of points to spend on holidays or lavish consumer goods, could eventually help to tackle the climate crisis.

The Absolutely Fabulous actor, who has long campaigned against single-use plastic, said legislation could be the only way to curb the amount of waste produced by the public. “These are tough times, and I think there’s got to be legislation,” she told the Radio Times.

“That was how the war was – stuff was rationed – and at some stage I think we might have to go back to some kind of system of rationing, where you’re given a certain number of points and it’s up to you how to spend them, whether it’s buying a bottle of whisky or flying in an aeroplane.”

Lumley, who has been involved in conservation work, said that while many people remained poor, it was largely “the western world that stuffs its face and chucks stuff away”.

“Perhaps people have got to think a bit harder,” she said. “Maybe more of our holidays should be at home or taking trains, and not hopping on a plane to Magaluf for the weekend … Every plastic bottle you don’t buy, every piece of litter you pick up, every piece of meat you don’t eat, every small thing counts.”
…Read more:

Joanna Lumley famously played a dissolute hedonist in the hit series “Absolutely Fabulous“.

I understand Joanna’s call for climate rationing. When someone lives a life as privileged as Joanna Lumley, why would they want ordinary people cluttering up their favourite Swiss ski slope?

I'll start worrying about global warming/climate change when the people who tell us to cut back start acting like it matters to them. Maybe she should take a long vacation under cover in China.

But she was hot back in the day: