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Election Post - Youngkin in the VA Catbird Seat, McAuliffe Struggles

Why the "Catbird Seat"? "The catbird seat" is an idiomatic phrase used to describe an enviable position, often in terms of having the upper hand or greater advantage in any type of dealing among parties. It derives from the secluded perch on which the grey catbird makes mocking calls.

We're still reliving that golden moment when it was shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that the five 'white supremacist misogynists' (including a black dude and butch lesbian) that came to greet the Youngkin bus in Guadalajara, were, in fact, Democrats dirty tricksters, paid for by the "Lincoln Project", which, while nominally composed of Never-Trump Republicans, is in fact funded by the Democrat machine. But trust Eric Swallowell to fall for it, at Breitbart, Rep. Eric Swalwell Falls for Failed Virginia Tiki Torch Hoax. Capt. Ed asks Today's deep question: Just how badly will the tikis torch Terry?. IMHO, Not too much; his voters have mostly voted by mail already, but it may cause a weak Democrats to lose interest and not go to the polls. As Fox reports The Lincoln Project roasted as 'deranged hacks' for orchestrating viral hoax to smear Youngkin. Phil Klein at NR thinks McAuliffe Should Be Held Responsible for Tiki Torch Stunt, Because His Campaign Thinks Candidates Are Responsible for Supporters. That's a mildly amusing take on it, putting it back on Democrats. While as PM notes Reuters falsely claims 'Republicans' were behind tiki torch hoax stunt. But Matthew Foldi has the receipts on the Lincoln Projects deep ideological and financial ties to Democrats in this twitter thread, There's an organized effort to blame a "Republican group," aka the Lincoln Project, for the disgraceful neo-Nazi prank, "The LP is *intimately tied* to Democrats of all levels. I'll show you how." And given the Lincoln Project's previous history of sexual abuse, The Babylon Bee goofs "Youngkin Keeps Lincoln Project Away By Holding Rally Within 500 Feet Of A School" If you don't find that funny, you're not the target of the joke.

At NYPo, Rich Lowry expounds on how A Youngkin victory in Virginia could show the true future of the GOP, winning back the 'burbs, while at Da Wire, Luke Rosiak explains that the McAuliffe Plan Could Lead To 1970s-Style Busing: Giving Parents A ‘Choice’ Leads To ‘Segregation’. Politico attempts to identify The 5 key groups fueling Youngkin’s rise, Independents, Parents, some Biden’s 2020 voters, the Trump base and waning 'Covid' voters. 

From her voice to God's ears, at NYPo, Kamala Harris warns McAuliffe loss could doom Dems in 2022, 2024, and AllahPundit at Haut Hair sobs Harris warns Virginia Dems: What happens in this election may determine what happens in 2022 and 2024

I suppose she had to say this as a matter of basic GOTV tactics. Every election is the most important election ever, right? Lose this one and the dominos fall and it’s the end of America, yadda yadda. When your base is unmotivated, as the Democratic base currently is, you’ll say whatever you have to in order to scare them into voting.

Kamala tried to hype the crowd, nobody was feeling it. But at Ace, Blaster is not optimistic, Virginia Elections 2021 - Nobody Knows Nothing. I worry about the "margin of fraud."

Predicting is hard, especially about the future. This election is even harder, because all of the models are broken. Who is a likely voter? What do the new rules that don't require ID to vote mean? How does running against a guy who is not even in office anywhere or running anywhere work?

At CNN, Dan Merica catches McAuliffe saying Virginia election 'is not about Trump' after making former President central figure in campaign. Why? Because it wasn't working this time. A little late to make much impact, but from the Wa Free Bee, Watchdog Hits McAuliffe With Campaign Finance Complaint Over Foreign Money "McAuliffe took $350,000 donation from a foreign-owned company linked to an overseas money laundering probe" The company may be dirty, but their money was clean! And as NYPo reports Virginia education department boosts critical race theory — despite claim by Terry McAuliffe. I actually have something to say on this. They don't actually teach critical race theory, which, as it is named, is just a theory of education. Worse, they teach the results of what happens when you take critical race theory as a fact, that all whites are white supremacists, (execpt the 'chosen' ones, and all blacks are discriminated against).

At JTN, Republicans hope to flip Virginia House, Dems try to keep control "Democrats hold a 10-seat majority in the chamber going into election day, which means Republicans would need to flip six seats." Isn't that just kind of assumed? At WaEx, 'Great model': Republicans see education issue as winner, no matter outcome in Virginia

At Arc Digital, cited at Haut Hair, Jen Monroe maunders about the Loudoun County high school rape incident, Loudoun County Sexual Assault Story Shows Danger of Media Bias "A right-wing outlet let ideology motivate their reporting, while the mainstream media couldn't be bothered to report on it in the first place." Just admit that the "main stream media" are mostly "left-wing outlets" and we can begin a conversation. And new, from Elle Reynolds at Da Fed Loudoun County Superintendent Ziegler Admitted He Was ‘Incorrect’ To Declare Unlawful Assembly That Led To Parent Arrests, further undercutting NSBA and Merrick Garland's use of this incident to accuse parents of "domestic terrorism."

Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler admitted he was “incorrect” to declare an unlawful assembly at a school board meeting in Loudoun County, Virginia, on June 22, at which Jon Tigges and Scott Smith were subsequently arrested for trespassing and disorderly conduct, respectively.

The revelation, reported by Fox News, comes from transcripts of a September hearing for Tigges, whose trespassing charge was enabled by Ziegler’s declaration of an unlawful assembly.

“Individuals had taken over the boardroom and it was very reminiscent to me of January 6,” Ziegler said in another portion of the hearing, apparently trying to justify his decision to shut down the protests of parents, including Smith, who later alleged that his daughter was sexually assaulted in a bathroom at Stone Bridge High School by a boy in a skirt.

“Were there people that were burning chairs inside the room?” asked Tigges’s attorney Chris Kachouroff, in reference to violent left-wing protests in Portland, Oregon.

“No, but there were people who were moving chairs aggressively, yeah,” Ziegler responded.

Loudoun County parent and Fight for Schools Executive Director Ian Prior emphasized that Ziegler had “no legal authority” to declare an unlawful assembly like he did at the June board meeting.

“The school board tried to silence the opposition; they did so over applause for a speaker. And then the Superintendent declared an unlawful assembly when he had no legal authority to do so,” Prior told Fox News. “There will never be trust in Loudoun County Schools until Superintendent Ziegler is fired.”

NR's Andy McCarthy (cited at Haut Hair), Merrick Garland plays dumb on a DOJ atrocity "Merrick Garland turns out to be a political hack." At Tom Hall, Todd Rokita on Stopping Biden’s Minions From Chilling Parents’ Free Speech 

"Many Americans are understandably stunned by the Biden administration’s plot to deploy FBI agents to muzzle parents from speaking their minds at school board meetings. "
. . .
This episode should remind all Americans of the extreme tactics that far-left socialists are willing to employ in order to control our lives, and it should provoke all Americans to resist such intrusions with staunch determination.

Kevin Drayden at Town Hall thinks Biden's Henchmen Appear As Detached From Reality As Their Hapless Boss. I'm not that kind. 

WaPoo whines that During Jan. 6 riot, Trump attorney told Pence team the vice president’s inaction caused attack on Capitol. That's one way to look at it. Things would certainly have gone differently if Pence had decided to dispute the count. Maybe not better, but differently.  From Da Beast, ADL Urges Fox to Cancel Tucker’s ‘Inflammatory’ Jan. 6 Special. I'm sure they'll get right on that. Fox (and Tucker) respond Tucker Carlson: Censorship is mainstream media's last dying grasp at relevance, "Media is losing their influence, so they're leading the charge against the First Amendment in order to get it back."

From sundance at CTH, Congressman Jim Jordan Gives His Perspective on the J6 Committee. Surprisingly calm and collected.

From Mike Miller at Red State, Let's Just Admit Why Biden Was Elected, America. Lesko, Brandon!
Let’s be honest, Democrats.

Joe Biden was elected — I will not relitigate the “stolen election” debate in this article — for one reason: to get rid of Donald Trump. Period. The Democrat Party could have nominated a blind, intellectually disabled squirrel, and the results of the 2020 election would not have changed.

But let’s be clear: No one loves Joe Biden.

At JTN,  Pennsylvania governor fingered for routing private election grants to Democrat areas, "Report concludes Wolf administration helped only Democratic counties secure $21 million in private grants from Mark Zuckerberg-funded nonprofit ahead of the 2020 election." To be fair, that's what Mark Zuckerberg intended. 

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