Sunday, October 24, 2021

Morning Election Nonsense

Getting back to Jan. 6, Gleen Grenwalt on Feeding the Liberal Flock: The Real Reasons for the Congressional 1/6 Committee and notes "The Biden DOJ has not charged one 1/6 defendant with insurrection, sedition or plotting to kidnap or kill. Democrats need Adam Schiff and Liz Cheney to satiate liberal anger." From CNN, 'We're getting all kinds of threats': Judge says defiant US Capitol rioters are fueling threats from Trump supporters 

"I know that these types of comments have an impact," Walton added. "As judges, we're getting all kinds of threats and hostile phone calls when we have these (January 6) cases before us, because there are unfortunately other people out there who buy in on this proposition, even though there was no proof, that somehow the election was fraudulent."
As he ordered a Kentucky couple at Capitol riot ordered to pay $10,000  It's not up to him to judge whether or not the election was fraudulent. He has no more information the the defendants, maybe less since he probably only reads WaPoo. 
Though the government recommended a one-month prison sentence for Lori Vinson — and three months of home confinement for her husband — Walton acquiesced to a tearful plea from the defendant, who said that she didn’t know what the disabled adults she cares for would do without her. But, Walton noted that it was hard for him to not give Vinson time behind bars.

Ban them I say, as WaPoo goes Inside Facebook, Jan. 6 violence fueled anger, regret over missed warning signs "A trove of internal documents turned over to the SEC provides new details of the social media platform’s role in fomenting the storming of the U.S. Capitol" I'll make do somehow. 

Henry Litman at LAT, cited as MSN, whines Don't be too sure about the DOJ's 'duty' to indict Bannon, just like their "duty" to indict Eric Holder and Lois Lerner. WaPoo and Democrats (but I redund) finally found voter fraud worthy of indictment, Republican who claimed someone stole dead wife’s ballot is charged with voter fraud. "The charges are the result of an investigation by the Nevada secretary of state’s office, which had been criticized by the Nevada GOP for not doing enough to investigate voter fraud allegations." So they found some Republican they could charge. 

Michael Barone states the obvious, Republicans Gain Big in Blue-Collar Elections But Narrowly in Affluent State Legislative Elections. We'll take narrowly. Charlie Cook at the Political Report is hoping Can Democrats Make the Midterms About Republicans? 

At the PI, Marjorie Taylor Greene Picks A Fight With ‘Never Trumper’ Cheney On The House Floor: ‘You’re a Joke!’. They can both be jokes. Congress is full of them.

KM White at WaEx opines Loudoun County can't stop lying. They're politicians, aren't they? Atop Da Hill, Peter King hopes that The battle over school boards is a disaster for Democrats

We are seeing the phenomenon in Virginia, where school board issues are dominating the governor’s race so much that Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe has had to run an expensive campaign ad assuring parents he did not mean what he said when he said parents should have no say in what their kids are taught.

Speaking of Terry, Rebecca Downs at Town Hall reports  McAuliffe Can't Draw Crowd in Blue Arlington, and Other Cringe Details in the Final Days of Virginia Race

At PI, Chris Barron wonders Will Virginia Be The Canary In The Coal Mine For Biden’s Incompetence? Sister Toldja at Red State reminds us of Insane Summer 2019 Response From Terry McAuliffe on Ralph Northam Blackface Scandal Resurfaces. Althouse catches the Washington Monthly in Do it for Terry.
"McAuliffe Needs Passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill—Now/If House progressives drop their opposition, Biden will sign it quickly. That may save the Virginia governorship for the Democrats"

But do Manchin and Sinema care? From the Peacock, Obama decries GOP's 'meanness' while campaigning for McAuliffe in Va. "The former president criticized Republican gubernatorial hopeful Glenn Youngkin for indulging in 2020 election conspiracies." Meanwhile, McAuliffe is still a 2016 "election truther." At Twitchy, Barack Obama tells Virginians we don’t have time for ‘trumped up culture wars’ and ‘fake outrage’ Meaning shut up and don't protest when your daughters are raped by "transgenders" in the high school bathroom. You deserved it.

At Zero Hedge, 'Tyler Durnden' sums up AG Merrick Garland's testimony, AG Garland Gaffes: Missed Leftist 'Insurrection', Admits Unions Steer Policy, Shrugs Off CRT Conflicts

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