Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Election 2020: The Tuesday Tangle

Quite a mix today. On the issue of election integrity, Todd Shepherd at Front Page belabors the point that Democratic-Leaning Counties Selectively Invited to Apply for Election Grants "“These grants were not about COVID-19 – they were about influencing the outcome of elections.”"

Emails obtained from the Delaware County Council add to mounting evidence that a network of left-wing nonprofits implemented a secretive process for awarding 2020 election grants that primarily benefited Democratic-leaning counties in Pennsylvania.

As Broad + Liberty previously reported, the total funding granted by the Center for Tech and Civic Life, a Chicago non-profit run by a former Obama Foundation fellow, was skewed heavily towards dense, Democratic-leaning counties like Allegheny, Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester.

From Fox, a rant from Mark Levin: Network of liberal dark money groups, billionaires, and Democrats attacking our elections.  AG Pax­ton Announces For­ma­tion of 2021 Texas Elec­tion Integri­ty Unit, wait for the Democrats to wail. AllahPundit at Haut Hair is pleased to Report: 5% of GOPers in Georgia House district say they won't vote in 2022 if state doesn't conduct audit of 2020. At Grabien News, Gov. Hutchinson says Trump’s Comments About ‘Election Fraud’ in 2020 ‘Are Not Constructive’ 

Max Greenwood on Da Hill warns Democrats face grim political reality in midterms, but Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair wonders How real are the Democrats' midterm alarm bells?. Bad enough that, as Capt. Ed at Haut Hair sees a Sinking ship? Two more senior House Dems to retire. "Is this Republican momentum … or much ado about not much?" At WaEx, Texas GOP carves beneficial map for House redistricting. I'll allow whining about gerrymandering right after they fix Maryland.  

Stacy McCain warns Democrats Desperate in Virginia. And desperate Democrats do ugly things. 

Let’s be clear about just who Glenn Youngkin actually is — a Richmond native who attended Rice University on a basketball scholarship (he’s 6-7), majored in engineering and management, and later got an MBA from Harvard. He spent 25 years with the Carlyle Group investment firm. If he is, or ever was, an extremist, nobody has discovered any evidence of this. Youngkin is Mister Clean, a calm and level-headed businessman without scandals in his past, and this is why the only way the McAuliffe campaign can try to attack him is by playing the “Orange Man Bad” card.

John Sexton at Haut Hair, Turley: Kamala Harris' explicit support for Terry McAuliffe appears to violate federal law. Althouse, "Did Kamala Harris Just Violate Federal Law To Boost Terry McAuliffe In Virginia?"

Asks Jonathan Turley, and I was inclined not to be too picky about this. I thought — what? — did she encourage black churchgoers to vote, and we just know that's done with the expectation that they'll vote Democratic? But then I watched the video . . .

Or in News Week Speak, Conservatives Attack Kamala Harris, Jen Psaki Over Virginia Governor's Race 'Violations'. Nick Bell at Da Fed caught McAuliffe stepping in it again, McAuliffe Agrees Public Schools Should Not Tell Parents If Their Child Is ‘Gender Fluid’. At the Truth About Guns, Dan Zimmerman questions  Why is a Richmond Utility Trying to Keep Virginia Gun Owners From Voting in the November 2 Election?. Isn't the answer obvious? BTW, it's Dominion. 

On the mess in Loudon County, Daniel John Sobieski at Con Con says Trump was Right To Oppose Transgender Restrooms Loudon County School Rape Shows. Insty, THIS SHOULD HAPPEN NATIONWIDE: Pennsylvania school board quits over ‘domestic terrorist’ charge.

On the Jan. 6 fallout, atop Da Hill, Schiff says holding Bannon in criminal contempt 'a way of getting people's attention'. So it's not really about what's legal or not? Capt. Ed, Privilege: Trump sues to stop Jan 6 committee subpoenas, and from Shelby Talcott at Da Caller, Trump Sues Jan. 6 Committee, National Archives Amid Capitol Riot Probe

“The Committee’s request amounts to nothing less than a vexatious, illegal fishing expedition openly endorsed by Biden and designed to unconstitutionally investigate President Trump and his administration. Our laws do not permit such an impulsive, egregious action against a former President and his close advisors,” the lawsuit, filed by Trump’s lawyers, reads.

Colton Salaz at JTN has the New video from Jan. 6 shows officers allowing people to enter Capitol, "The surveillance videos show Capitol police officers allowing hundreds of people to enter the government, after being vastly outnumbered. Feds claim it's "unfair" to show video of "insurrectionists" being allowed in peacefully.

The government was obliged to release the footage due to the criminal case pending against Ethan Nordean, who is described as a Proud Boy member and is being accused of participating in riots on Jan 6.

Nordean's lawyers argue that his case is unlawful because the videos clearly show police permitted people to enter the U.S. Capitol.

Federal prosecutors opposed releasing the videos, stating that Nordean was mischaracterizing what the videos depict.

Kylee Zempel at Da Fed asks  Can You Spot The Difference Between These Two Insurrection Photos?" Despite the media's disparate treatment, the most recent 'insurrection' mirrors the January one. Which Democrat is going to call for an Oct. 14 Commission?"

We know why, which brings us back to the two pictures. There is no difference between them. The photos both depict young women, revved up about perceived political injustice, taking things a step too far in going after those they decided to hold responsible.

The only disparity is how they’ll be treated. One was shot, while the other walked away. One was blasted by the press, and one won’t ever make the news. The first led to the media complex berating an entire side of the political aisle for a violent insurrection and to Big Tech censoring swaths of dissidents for deadly misinformation, while the second will just be one of the nameless activists who hosted a sit-in barely worth mentioning.

Meanwhile, John Sexton reports Portland anarchists did $500,000 in damage last week while police did nothing. They voted poorly. 

A late one from Robert Spence at PJ Media, Fasten Your Seat Belt: Trump Files Motion Asking Judge to Force Twitter to Restore His Account, but, at ET, Roger L. Simon claims Trump 2.0 Doesn’t Need Social Media. Which doesn't mean he shouldn't sue to make the point.

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